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  1. kaylee says:

    i think that london shoud be voted of on the next eposode daisy i u r very prettty and u dont need him breaking your heart u should know that by now
    and i think cincster,flex ,12pack/dave, should be only people in the house please show this on your show and read it to the guys hug and kisses daisy,flex,dave/12pack,mike cinster,oooooooooohhhhhhhhh and london messsage me back love kayleee grace kisss kisssss peace out

  2. Angie says:

    Hey Daisy! We want you to find true love! You’re a beautiful woman and you deserve a good man to love and respect you! That being said, we hope you chose Derrick AKA SINISTER! We really know he’s your ROCKSTAR! Love and peace XOXO

  3. angie says:

    What is 12 pack doing on this show? He’s been on 30 shows already! Isn’t his 15 minutes of fame over already? He looks like a sleazy GUIDO FROM JERSEY! C’mon Daisy! You can do better than that! You’re a beautiful woman! Derrick AKA SINISTER seems like the guy for you! He ROCKS!!

  4. Traci says:

    Daisy, i know you have feelings for London but, more than likely if he walked out on you and broke your heart once he will do it again. So i think he should be voted off.

  5. mjh1972 says:

    Daisy marry the host ricky he loves you!!!!

  6. robert says:

    Daisy your good looking but you act like a 14 year old and you need a guy to stand beside you to tell you who you should be with. When I was 34 my parent’s did the same thing after my devorce and I haven’t seen or talk to them for over 11 year’s. Anyway I wouldn’t go out or go to bed with Daisy but New York she’s looking better everytime I watch her new show, I’d go out with her any day, and bedtime play every night with strawberries and whip cream.
    Have fun all.

  7. Chey says:

    daisy i think ur too good for Dave/12 pack.
    he really dont deserve u.
    london might have broke ur heart and left but i see a good guy underneath the eyeliner.
    and Flex is a good guy and hott but it should be between flex and london for the final 2.

  8. Steffie says:

    I love love loved how London didn’t say one convincing thing to have Daisy take him back! She is borderline `#`#))($^*_`(^~@$# ed. He seriously stood there and said “I’m not going to make any promises” and his biggest proof for wanting to be there for her was something a long the lines of “all these other guys are gonna be mean to me, and that wont be fun”. He didn’t even bring flowers or shower from the looks of it. he looks like for the past 5 episodes he’s been wandering outside…ewww. All these other guys have been in the house this whole time doing all these silly things for her… but I guess Riki has a point; If London hurts her again she can see who is really there for her and maybe her feelings will become stronger for one of the guys that actually give a crap about her *cough*Sinister*cough*. Or… London can win, have wasted everyone’s time, and then Flex can come chill with me! I’d console him…

  9. Brooke knows best says:

    Brooke knows best Rocks!!!!!! Daisy of love totally, totally SUCKS!…..Kudos for renewing Brooke knows best……fire the people that came up with Daisy of love.

  10. james says:

    i voted for find a real job

  11. Danielle says:

    I think 12 pack is the beat for Daisy. I have really seen him change since I Love New York. And i See every Episodes and I think he would be the best pick. I think that Flex is to younger for her and I think that sinster dont think much of daisy when we can act like a baby. I for London well he walk out once and trust me will do it again. So go Daisy and I know that you will make the best choice.

  12. sadie says:

    Daisy is sooo beautifull!!! i wish she was my sister. her and dave/ 12 pack should soo be together. the last episode was soo great. some of the guys keep on hurting daisy. Fox is a man @^_~$##!+))@~!$+)

  13. sadie says:

    Daisy is soooo beautifull!!!!! i wish she was my sister. i think her and Dave/ 12- pack should soo be together. the other guys like stupid fox kept on hurting her. This is to Daniel/ Fox:f*ck You man &#%&(#`~%%_+_(%`*

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