More Sober House, Fit Club, Pepa And Chilli On The Way From VH1!



There’s no shortage of VH1 programming coming up in the next year and below is your scoop on returing series like Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Sober House and Celebrity Fit Club, and new shows like The Entertainer and reality vehicles for Salt-N-Pepa‘s Pepa and TLC‘s Chilli. Check the press release below for info on these and many more forthcoming shows…

These programming additions come on the heels of recent announcements about upcoming new original primetime series on VH1 including Jessica Simpson’s new series The Price Of Beauty; a series centered on the family and career of American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino as she refocuses and tries to get her career back on track; The OCD Project, centering on OCD patients living together as they strive to overcome their disorder; and The Aspen Project, focusing on the highs and lows of living and dating in one of the wealthiest communities in the world.

VH1 is also on a roll with its debut of new and returning series year-to-date. The music and pop culture network’s total prime-time viewership was up 12 percent during the second quarter of 2009 compared to the same period the year before. And, the network has launched nine new and returning series averaging at least 1 million total viewers in their premiere episodes. In fact, VH1 has launched five new series year-to-date averaging at least 1 million total viewers – more than any other cable network this year.

“No matter if you’re a Grammy Award winning artist, a film actor or a TV reality star with millions of loyal fans, we all share the same desires of the human experience…to succeed, to love, and to live our lives to their fullest potential,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Original Programming & Production, VH1. “VH1 has generated a lot of buzz over the years by evolving from an outlet that commented on pop culture to a brand that creates it. With these projects, we’re continuing to evolve, building on our core storytelling expertise to delve deeper into personalities and issues that connect with millions of our viewers.”

VH1 has teamed up with Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-N-Pepa and Chilli from TLC – giving each pioneering hip-hop artist her own series revolving around their current lives as single women. The yet-to-be titled Pepa and Chilli series will premiere on VH1 in 2010.

The Entertainer, from the I Love New York 2 and I Love Money shows has also scored his own series called The Entertainer, featuring his parents as well as the infamous basement bachelor pad. VH1 has also renewed two other hit series: Celebrity Fit Club (season 7) and Sober House (season 2).

The untitled Pepa series is a real-life comedy following Sandra “Pepa” Denton of Salt-N-Pepa fame as she emerges from her self-imposed romantic and sexual dormancy of the past four years as she begins her to search for love again. After years of living a celibate life in order to focus on finding “the one,” Pep has realized that giving up sex actually got her nowhere in the relationship world. She didn’t “evolve,” she didn’t land a husband and the only close relationship she formed was with her exercise bike. But she’s not the only one. Her three closest girlfriends are all single and searching too. The four friends will laugh, cry and dish the dirt as they support each other along the way. The “Pepa” series has been picked up for eight half-hour episodes and is set to premiere in 2010. The “Pepa” series is executive produced by Banks Tarver and Ken Druckerman for Left/Right, Inc. Executive Producers for VH1 are Shelly Tatro, Danielle Gelfand, Kari McFarland and Jeff Olde.

Chilli from R&B supergroup TLC, has decided to take the reins of her lackluster romantic situation and launch an all out search for the love of her life in the yet-to-be-titled Chilli Project. Despite huge success as a recording artist and a mother, Chilli has grown tired of striking out on the romantic front, so she has enlisted the help of Brooklyn relationship expert Tionna Smalls. Not one to let people take the easy way out, Tionna has promised to give Chilli the challenging emotional workout she needs in order to get over the hurdles that have kept her from having the long-term serious relationship she craves. The series has been picked up for eight half-hour episodes and is set to premiere in 2010. (The Chilli Project is executive produced by Fremantle Media North America. Larry Barron, Kevin Williams, Bill Diggins and Chilli are executive producers. Executive producers for VH1 are Jim Ackerman, Dave Hamilton and Jeff Olde.)

The Entertainer will star Frank “The Entertainer” Moresca and the ever watchful eyes of his parents. Frank is best known as the guy who still lives in his parents’ basement from the VH1 shows I Love New York and I Love Money. Meanwhile, his parents have grown ever weary of their 32-year-old slacker son’s current living arrangements – their basement. In a last ditch effort to help Frank get out from under his parents thumb VH1 is giving him the opportunity to find love from a bevy of naïve hopefuls and the incentive he needs to move out of the basement and on his own. The Entertainer has been picked up for ten one-hour episodes and is set to premiere sometime in 2010. (The Entertainer is executive produced by Cris Abrego, Mark Cronin and Ben Samek for 51 Minds. Executive producing for VH1 are Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly and Jeff Olde.)

The battle of the bulge will continue as VH1 is bringing back one of their most popular series, Celebrity Fit Club for a seventh season. As in the previous edition, this season will also use a grueling boot-camp style regimen prescribed by CFC taskmaster and former USMC Drill Instructor Harvey Walden. His mission is to take eight out-of-shape celebs and help transform them back to the camera-friendly bodies they used to have. Harvey accepts no excuses as the challenges will be brutal, but the results will be amazing. Also returning to the show will be nutrition and diet expert Dr. Ian Smith. The series has been picked up for 8 one-hour episodes and a 90 minute finale. The show has yet to be cast and will premiere sometime in 2010. (Celebrity Fit Club is produced by ITV Studios, Inc. Executive producers are Jonas Larsen for ITV Studios and Jim Ackerman, Christian McLaughlin and Jeff Olde for VH1.)

Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House is also returning for its sophomore season. The series chronicles the dramatic experiences of a group of celebrities with addiction issues as they make the transition back into the real world full of the people and temptations that once led them into a life of addiction. Throughout the course of their stay in the Sober House, participants will have the opportunity to meet with Dr. Drew in both one-on-one and group sessions in an effort to understand and advance their experience to its fullest potential in this crucial and difficult transitional period. Also, returning to the series will be house manager, Jennifer Gimenez, counselor Bob Forrest and resident technician Will Smith. The series has been picked up for eight one-hour episodes and will premiere after the third season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew ends its run in 2010. (Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House is executive produced by John Irwin, Bruce Toms and Damian Sullivan for Irwin Entertainment. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Howard Lapides are also executive producing. Jill Holmes, Noah Pollack and Jeff Olde, are executive producers for VH1.)

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  1. Nakia says:

    I want to know why there has not been a Flavor of Love for a big girl yet! Yes, I said it. I’m so tired of seeing all the same people try to fall in love and in the end it doesn’t work out. If you want to see something get accomplished, get a big girl and watch how she makes the right choices and gets rid of the ones that really need to be gone. No b/sing around on keeping people around but eliminating the ones that you know should be gone. F what they look like, F the fake stuff, but if you want REAL reality television, I’m telling you, get a big chick…hook her up with 20 men and watch how she does what’s real. Think about it, Mo’nique did the awards and now late talk and Sheri is on the view. I’m telling you if you get the right one, it will be the bomb. And I’m not going to lie, I would definitely like to have that chance, but if you find a big chick better for the job….I’m watching the show!!!

  2. daniel says:

    ok this is cool
    but when is antonio sabatos show comming out?
    you guys had a blog almost a year ago saying he was having a show and then everywhere it says the show has finished production in feb. but no info about it Ughh!

  3. Danielle says:

    I would like to know when cel-rehab will be coming back on, is there anyone that can tell me and give me the date? I really enjoyed watching Dr.Dew..

  4. Rodney says:

    That’s cool, I’m glad that there are going to renewed Celebrity Fit Club for a seventh season.

  5. saaphyri says:

    i voted find a real job

  6. Rodney says:

    I know that the third season of Celebrity Rehab is being renewed for a third season. Does that mean that this is going to be the last season of this show (Celebrity Rehab)?.

  7. Weigi says:

    Nakia, ARE U @+((!(*)+*%*`+%% ING KIDDING?! Who would want to see a fat @+((!(*)+*%*`+%% star in a OF LOVE show?! I mean come on!! First off she would be TOO BUSY Eating everything in the house SINCE it would be there for free for her while shes on the show she wouldve give a damn about the guys till after shes done eating and by the time she snaps all the man will run off n quit the show! Remember alot of the men that come on the show dont know who they r there for, Stop pitching a show for yourself it just sounds fat ugly and ditry its bad enough that NEW YORK is on TV we dont need another fat @+((!(*)+*%*`+%% on!!!

  8. laura says:


  9. Shelie says:

    I can’t wait to see more Dr. Drew!!

  10. Carla says:

    Thank You VH1 for bringing back Celebrity Rehab and Sober House for another season! I was so worried that would not be the case. Really looking forward to seeing Jennifer Giminez again as the house manager on Sober House. Would also like to have updates on previous celebs recovery progress and what they are up to these days (Jeff Conaway, Seth Binzer, Tawny Kitaen, Amber Smith, Mary Carey, Steven Adler, Gary Busey and all the rest). No news in the case of recovering addicts is usually not a good sign.

  11. adam says:

    Im ready Jumana kidd is back on my tv screen? im watching this one. Hope its not some i love NY BS. dont go out like that joumana were getting married one day. lets go!

  12. ADAM says:

    Joumana kidd is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine as hell. bring it VH1 now you got me watching Im a real fan

  13. Jerome says:

    What is the hell is this?? VH1 was known as Video Hits 1!! Why not change your name to the Fox Reality Channel? This is total crap!!!

  14. monika says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! i caint wait for da CHILLI show to come only 11 but i kno every thing about TLC!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ReDDnGA says:

    I am enjoying watching the premiere. I am moved by the thick women in this season who are searching for a better way to deal with their weight. These women actually have high weight numbers instead of being 130 lbs and complaining of being big…Hats off to this season.

  16. sodger says:

    Dr. Drew, how can you justify kicking someone out of sober house thats in the process of kicking a serious drug habit and in the throws of withdrawl over someone that is using a drug that doesn’t have near the withdrawl effect or even someone thats trying to break a $%_($)&#@(*~)~+& sucking habit. Sucking $%_($)&#@(*~)~+& doesn’t kill anyone.
    Opiates kill all. I’m speaking from a 34 year habit and what I’ve witnessed on your show solidifies my position of not even trying to kick an opiate habit. I myself would rather die.

  17. brandi says:

    i really feel for the sober cast it is hard to kick drugs but that is no excuses seth has a kid an he is missing out on the wonderful and i am pretty sure that the sex addicted chicks have kids to if not then they are missing out on a wonderful thing that life can offer and for dennies u are missing out to on ur beautiful kids and once u miss out u can never get those precious moments back they will grow up and not need u any more so stop complaining get sober and cherish the moment that u have for ur kids before they grow up and not need u as for tom and hitte get ur act together get sober mister and misses right are out there but nobody wants a druggy so clean up ur act look at me i have been clean for 4 yr off of meth with no help and i have done drugs all my life and i am 29 ys old and have a beautiful child that i cherish every day and do miss out on any moments

  18. Sammi says:

    I want to start by saying I have over 15 yrs of sobriety, I did sober living myself back in the day, but the woman running this house is beyond anything Ive ever seen! First off she is NOT their sponsor, NOT their mother, and has NO right to treat them like children and take their cell phones as “punishment”. These are adults, they have lives, families, careers and their phones are an integral part of their lives. Who does she think she is? I’m all for helping addicts and alcoholics maintain their sobriety but this woman is over the top, NOT to mention the completely disrespectable and vulgar language she uses when dealing with these individuals, as is displayed on this show. This just sickens me! What she is doing seems to me as though she is deliberatly setting these people up for relapse so early in their sobriety.Dr. Drew, what you need to do, is FIRE your house manager (because thats all she really is) and hire a new one. This woman has no business running a sober living!

  19. Jon says:

    Seriously..I’m all about people getting sober but most of these people’s problems are a lot bigger than drugs and alcohol…I think the drugs and booze are actually just a bi-product of these disillusioned celebrities.
    It’s really sad actually….seeing them complain and cry having to do the simplist of tasks like they’re above it all. Billions of people throughout the world do tougher jobs every single day and provide for their families while millions more wish they had a job. These guys clean a toilet or do some laundry and they complain like spoiled children. I don’t understand how anyone can think that celebrities are somehow superior in any way… you’d think that the people who actually work everyday for a living would turn to drugs to get through the day but guess what…we don’t. These guys are living in a different world…it’s owning and destroying them because it’s so cool to party and be a rock star. No ones impressed…no one thinks it’s cool and while you’re all jumping around the spotlight like jesters and ruining your lives the rest of world is tuning in for a half hour to look at the train wreck that is your lives. You’re all better than that…just somewhere along the line you threw it all away…it’s just sad.

  20. Becky says:


    Im an addict, Meth, Pills… you name it. I had my arm broken by a Sheriffs Dept when I did nothing but call for help to get clean. I have fought to maintain just knowing I can fight another day. I was molested from the time I was 18 months-6 yrs. I was adopted and never fit in. I have a list of crap that I thought entitled me to act a certain way, drink and drug. I was treated in an outpatient rehab that kept me clean 5 yrs. I relapsed and now have been clean 4 yrs. In no way was I in Recovery. Im not sure if I even am now, but I like Tom Sizemore said am in a fight for my %#^@+@$#*`+)%#@& ing life. I just spent 10 mins with the pharmacy figuring out how to make sure I dont get addicted to my current pain meds for knee surgery. I actually am SO EXCITED TO SEE TOM SIZEMORE CLEAN!!!
    I just got done watching an episode of Sober House where he finally stands up to MIke about his behavior and screamed out loud in my apt!! GO TOM!! Being dope sick, an addict or just anyone in this adventure we all life entitles you to treat people the way he does. I wish like hell I had the counseling you are all receiving. Maybe then I could get past the !(_##@*#(^)`^#~$ in my life…. There are addicts who want the help and would treat the people offering it like gold…. It is a fight for your soul, a life you never dreamed possible and above all worth the pot of gold you see every day when you look in the mirror. Mike needs the attitude adjustment! People deserve respect. Tom can’t wait to see you doing movies again!!!! Dont forget you have a ton of people praying for you ALL!

  21. tracy griffith says:

    I am from Atlanta. I actually danced with Chili a long time ago at The Point in Lil 5 Pts. I watched the preview tonight and as much as I hate it, she would be perfect for my ex-husband, who I still love and am still close with family but he is a musician and I hate the skanks that try to get with him and can’t deal with that life style, if I could pick, her wishes in a man, is what he is naturally. He performs in Atlanta with his band and is a local celebrity and Nationally with Big Bill Morganfield. Chili should check Larry Griffith Band at Doc’s in Marietta or Beluga and 2Urban Licks in Midtown. He is wonderful and I hate us being apart but I want the best for him and they seem perfect. He meets all her requirements and mine too but its too hard with my simple life, I cant deal with the fans! Sincerely, Trace Griffith.

  22. Smooth says:

    Chili is famous …. but she’s a GROUPIE …. LOL!

    the worst part is she likes dudes who are in shape with ugly grills

    Usher .. ugly. Mayweather … BUTT UGLY. Granted they are in great shape but no one is calling them good looking above the neck.

    She can’t have her man be better looking than her. Chili needs to stop being an insecure princess.

    Dolvett .. better looking then Chili but wasn’t famous. That was his flaw.

  23. Yvonne says:

    ok girlfriend, Floyd is not the business @ your age you should see them coming, I think you should have giving the guy you went on the second date a chance. Whats wrong with a man talking a little sexy to the woman he’s taking out on a date. You wouldn’t even give him a chance, he could have everything you’re looking for. Some times we keep searching when it’s right there all the time. I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of Floyd’s in your life time, he is not the one, he didn’t show up because someone else was more important. Again, at your age you should be looking for things you didn’t look for in your 20, just keep your rador up for those DOWN LOW BROTHERS in the ATL girlfriend, Great job in Vegas

  24. Ryan says:

    stop turning my disorder into television ratings its insensitive and extremely offensive A&E tried this same _^)$^#*(_$(_(@&~ with OCD and I yelled at them too. you’re exploiting people for your own money cut the _^)$^#*(_$(_(@&~

  25. 1906870 says:

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