The T.O. Show: Preview Terrell Owens New Reality Series!


Get ready because NFL super-star and self proclaimed “8th Wonder of The World” Terrell Owens is letting you inside his personal life on the new reality series, The T. O. Show, premiering Monday, July 20 at 10/9c on VH1! Watch a special super-trailer for the series and see T.O. get sacked, get busy, get picked up again and get serious!

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  1. Amy says:

    Come on VH1 why him? he almost gave us Philly people a bad name before Andy Reid kicked him out are you serious?

  2. Linda says:

    I will DEFINITELY be watching this show. I am a fan of TO’s. I read his autobiography and ever since then, I have been interested in TO (not the arrogant TO). So I can’t wait to see this show, I will definitely tell ALL my friends to watch it. But he does need a sistah in his life! But I’m taken lol….so it wouldn’t work. Smh!

  3. T.O. baby! says:

    Now that’s what’s up!!!

  4. rum and cake says:

    I *WILL* be watching…I love TO and want him to get it together. Philly and Dallas’ loss is Buffalo and VH1′s gain…oh and mine too! Definitely appointment tv.

  5. Mellennium says:

    Wow! interesting, im a check it out! go TO!

  6. stephanie says:

    this will be a great show because you actually see T.O. for what he really is and put all the media view of him.. Who’s right? Is he a bad boy or good?

  7. Jordan says:

    This looks like it will be good. I really don’t know this guy, but I like that this show seems to have more than one good storyline going on in it. I am amazed at the shape this guy is in. His body is rock solid!!!! He has this “we gon win” type of energy. Well I hope his WHOLE team has this attitude and determination this guy has. They would be winners!

  8. Derrick says:

    VH1 On July 20th T.O is going to make the ratings go up for ya

  9. Lovely says:

    Welcome to Buffalo, Terrell! I am so happy to see you there. I was born and raised in Ruff Buff, and we could use some help in the football area before they take our team to Canada.

    I have always admired your strong attitude and felt like you got a raw deal for saying what you feel.

    Just be nice to my city and the football team.

    I can not wait for your show.

  10. Queen N_O says:

    T. Owens a great guy my husband met him in L.A and he’s very HUMBLE and he even gave my husband a ride to the airport!!! :)

  11. Mayo says:

    Lets Go Buffalo, T.O. Is welcome here! I’m behind him and his dreams 100%

  12. jessica says:

    it actually looks like a good show, but i’m more excited to watch the Bills make it to the playoffs this year. either way t.o., welcome to the b-lo. just remember: it’s not l.a., but we call it home.

    and p.s. that key to the city comes with some stipulations!

  13. Ernestine says:

    So Sorry!! (Which I’m not) I will not and I repeat myself I would not be watching the show. After seeing the previews on vh1 and seen what I seen no African-American women in his bed I’m through with him all the way Bye!Bye! T.O. maybe next season if it be one lol

  14. ernestine says:

    Sorry! i would not be watching the show after what I seen on the previews T.O. is not worthy of my time maybe next season if their be one

  15. maria says:

    Love Him!!!!!!! Thank you VH1 for giving him a show.. I can’t wait till it starts it looks good and he is so yummy..

  16. Nayya says:

    I think this show will be worth watching and so will T.O.’s body!!

  17. MSKITTY says:

    this guy is sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. J says:

    I’ll watch shoot! As a Cowboys fan I was disappointed when they released him. He really wasn’t the problem here.

  19. Jessica says:

    His TWO best friends are awesome! lol.. this ^*$_*+_~+$_“$+$ is gonna be funny. and Felicia is beautiful

  20. Michelle says:

    I LOVE me some T.O.!!!! The man is blessed with talent, beauty and skills. I’m going to watch it, period!

    I could care less who he sleeps with, heck I want to be on that list! I’m now a Buffalo Bills fan, I could care less about San Fran, Philly or Dallas, T.O. wasn’t THE problem, just THE easy scapegoat.

  21. Eric says:

    I’ll be watching. Yeah he’s arrogant and ##$+%__&+@(!)~+` y but he works hard and has the right to be that. I dont know if you couldve picked a better NFL star to have their own show. We’re living in a time where everybody is trying to be politically correct and proper so I’m glad he stands out and brings even more entertainment to the game of football.

  22. adele_a says:

    Money maker for VH1- definitely I will be WATCHN’.CAN’T WAIT!!!

  23. samsthewon says:

    T.O.’s my dude but I’m sure that he know’s at this point in his life…the women are mainly after..1His money…2His money…3Then his height and build!I just hope that he’ll one day learn to be a team player…their’s still no “I”in team!!! Then maybe he’ll get that elusive championship!

  24. Jay Friedman says:

    Lets go Buffalo!

  25. ieisha says:

    he is not cute you women r just seeing $ signs look at him.. his body is the only thing thats nice about him maybe i didnt get a good look.. but i will be watching the show… i wonder if he likes black women

  26. caffinegrl says:

    I am not a fan of TO however he has a nice body.. Besides I am a fan of reality TV…

  27. BRANDY MOSATE says:

    hey ,,,wel i think vh1,,,,,ist the best website so far it keeds us updated,,,,,i love it

  28. UTC says:

    So will the show take us back to his roots at the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga, which is where T.O. went to college and a school he apparently seems to be ashamed of b/c he doesn’t admit it? Hope so.
    GO MOCS.
    Remember, Terrell, without UTC, you would not be where you are today.

  29. Kickflip says:

    Hopefully this show will show TO,my city, and my team in a positive light.

    Go Bills

  30. joel david says:

    i think that TO is doing a great job
    and hopefully this show will show
    his good side.

  31. Jonathan says:

    Well I guess you guys well be getting the drama you crave in reality TV…you now have the drama king of sports. You will get the happy T.O., the detached T.O., the angry T.O., and from time to time, the crybaby T.O. Bottom line I see enough of this child on Sports Center.

  32. neisha says:

    i can’t wait intil the t.o. show comes on.i will have my popcorn and kool aid ready.

  33. Alan says:

    It Looks Like Its More About Those Two Girls ((Dont Know Who They Are)) But There In There More Then T.O

  34. Brandy says:

    OMG Vh1….I, LOVE, T.O.!!!! I am so extra excited about this new show and I can’t wait until it comes on. T.O. is the “8th wonder of the world” and all haters need to fall back!

  35. Marilyn J. says:

    Finally a show I can watch on VH1! My favorite player in the NFL will finally prove them wrong this year starting with this reality show. Now we will see there’s more to T.O. than what the media (tries) to portray. I say you go boy!! Finally a southern man that can do it right!

  36. Ren says:

    I definately want to watch this show!

  37. Claudia says:

    First of all I am a huge fan of The COwboys. When they released T.O from the team I was so dissapointed because I’ve always thought T.O is a good guy. Whatever the media wants to make him out to be is cool but you cannot take the talent he has for football away from him! I wish him lots of success with his show and his career and I hope Dallas can bring it without him!

  38. DL THUG says:

    Can’t wait, bigtime Terrell Owens fans will tell all my peeps 2 check it out also T.O. is da Baddest in Football!

  39. Jake says:

    Get your POPCORN!!!!

  40. D' Mor says:

    The Two ladies on the show is kinda cute. The one not getting married need to give me a holla. T.O. I know it wasn’t your fault in Big D. But Still go Cowboys!!!!

    Cowboys and Buffalo rematch in superbowl. CB 27-13 BB

    Psss. I wanna holla at your friend. LOL!

  41. dallas fan says:

    Icant wait to see your show and I will miss seeing u with the Cowboys

  42. T O has to go says:

    Amy’s right! Love ya VH1…. but why him!!!! Good luck buffalo!! You’ll need it.

  43. T O has to go says:

    Amy’s right! Love ya VH1…. but why him!!!! Good luck buffalo!! You’ll need it

  44. T O has to go says:

    Amy’s right! Love ya VH1…. but why him!!!! Are you serious? Good luck buffalo!! You’ll need it

  45. Sadie says:

    Following a string of comments of a friend on facebook and they had a lot to say about this new show. Of course i googled to see what the hype about! I saw, I heard, and now i’ll be watching.

  46. nita says:

    T.O. I really enjoyed your show. I hope you walk into all of the blessing that God have for you. In reference to women. I really how that you get with Kita. The two of you have a special chemistry. Plus you understand each other. Sometimes the very thing that we are looking for is right in front of you. I think that both kita and Mo are cool. However, before Kita gets with you she need to understand that Jesus is the truth the way and the light. I sure she was joking when she said that we need to pray to blah, blah, and blah. Nevertheless I wish the two of you luck. Take my advice.

  47. Yvette Major says:

    First let me say, that I love T.O., and was very excited to watch the T.O. Show. But where in the heck did they get those two ghetto, loud, inexperienced publicists that act more like an overprotective, nagging mother, than a friend or publicist. I know they are his friends, but they don’t seem qualified to be his publicists. So they got him to go to LA. He thought it was for fun, but they were saying it’s for image building. If that’s the case, then what events did they book him for to build his image. Nothing that I could see. They were just following him around, kicking it, and all in his business and inappropriately so. Then to top everything off, the previews for the next upcoming episode had a clip on one of the GP’s (ghetto publicists), looking for her biological mom or something. Okay, with all due respect, who gives a hoot (and I chose that word carefully), about her…It’s the T.O. Show, not the Mo Kita or whatever their names are show. That’s horrible. Keep the focus on T.O. and the show will be fine. Lose the losers……

  48. Melissa says:

    I think the whole show should have been Terrell working out in the pool. No need for the meddling sidekicks.

  49. TO What! says:

    Well here we go another TV station to put on ignore. VH1 I thought you had better taste then to put this piece of crap on TV.

  50. greg b says:

    i just want to know, Where can i find that realator he had in L.A

  51. myabutterfly says:

    I really enjoyed the show. It shows Terrel in a different light, than what we see/hear in the media. It seems to be a fun guy to be arounnd, I was expecting to see drama and just a hot mess.
    As for his love life, Why don’t he and Kita date? They would make a cute couple. I think she is secretly in love with Terrel that’s why she is so protective of him. You see how she is about women being all over him. Maybe no woamn is good enough for him because she adores and loves him in a romantic sense. I think they are both in denial about their feelings.

  52. DS says:

    What’s up with his publicists acting like they’re his wives. They need to back off and let him digest where his life if going..

  53. Karen Jones says:

    I love this show. It is so refreshing to see friendships that are genuine. I did not know T.O. was from Alabama. Roll Tide! Anyway good luck on the show and good luck on the new team even though I am a Steeler’s fan :)

  54. j says:

    whats the theme song for that show???

  55. angie styles says:

    wow…i love T O….i loved his $*%*`~&@~!(“(*% y attitude on the field…and to know that he is funny and fun…off the field…makes me love him even more…but whats up with all those white girls he talk to….that is to much…he is black as hell…and he needs a black woman… i hate that…the be falling all over our celeb men…if he was broke you wouldn’t see one of them…thats an insult to black woman….honey ain’t nothin like a black woman…wake up t o ..and the rest of you sell outs…like they dont want yo money

  56. Brittany says:

    T.O. could quite possibly be the most self absorbed, egotistical african american next to Pres. Obama and P diddy .. how about this T.O… maybe you should stop making fun of the service industry workers and focus more on attempting to not be a cry baby with the Bills this season… a word of advise.. throwing yourself on a reality T.V. show doesn’t make you anything worth talking about … like they say .. “Talk is cheap” .. once you do something besides throw a fit, sleep with hookers, and make a fool of yourself multiple times on national television we can talk about what you’re really worth to a team. Perhaps a little team work this season will help.. its not the T.O. Show anymore.

  57. Tish says:

    of all the reality shows i was most interested in watching this this one. im a fan of basketball and football and at some point i didnt like Terrell and judged him by his attitude,(which is very bad) but he seems to be a nice guy.

  58. Margo Saylor says:

    Kita makes the rest of the ‘ladies’ that work in PR/Media and Pro Sports look SO horrible. In a million years I would never book a room for just me and a client. I also work hard to protect my client while getting him ‘in touch’ with his fans and public who love them. If she needs a date, go online chick but LEAVE YOUR CLIENT ALONE. The basic rules are they are ‘off limits’. End of story. T.O. if you’re reading this-I’m not being mean to your girl-it just needs to be said. You have worked hard to get where you’re at-don’t let her make you look stupid or unprofessional. You are not an amateur sir.

  59. Nita in VA says:

    Kita…..why would walk around in Jeans when TO is working around in a sport coat and getting a key to the city. You need to step up your game and be more professional.

  60. Dimples says:

    I have always been a fan of T.O. But after watching his show with his family I am in love with Terrell. It just goes to show that people often judge a bbok by its cover without understanding its content.

    Luve U T.O. :-)

  61. Gensis says:

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I am now a huge fan of T.O. The media and many others really have no idea who the real T.O. is. I am happy to see this side of this man. I truely admire you. Continue to be you T.O.

  62. P.T.Johnson says:

    Who gives a s… what T.O. has to say, just catch the ball and shut up about everything else.

  63. kecia says:


  64. Kathleen says:

    He has je’ne c’est quai! Terrell is for real. Thank you Terrell! You have respect and understanding for/of your grandmother, mother, and your father. I will always remember this as I watch you play. God bless you!

  65. Kathleen says:

    J’ne c’est quai is what Terrell has. Obviously he’s a hard worker, but this show shines such a another light on him. His love/understanding/respect for his grandmother, mother, and father has really endeared me to him. God bless! I am a NE Patriot fan to the core, but will always root for T.O. Russell’s accomplishments.

  66. Victoria says:

    I really enjoy the show. I have always been a T.O. fan and always find myself defending him lol. This show really shows people that terrell is a human being, with feelings and a big heart..makes me love him even more!! You’ve always done your thing T.O. Keep doing what your doing!! Good luck with the show. Much love.

  67. putney says:

    I want to see Terrell with Felisha, she is beautiful and I beleived she still loves him and he her. She plays on the soap Days of our lives.(love her charater)Get it together T.O. and get her back,I would like to see her again on the show.Hopefully back together with him or trying to work it out with him. My vote is for Felisha,don’t let her get away!!!!!!!!!!!! Good women are hard to find!!!!!

  68. ThatBKChick says:

    I think Britt- NAY is a slight a kkk robe short of a racist. You could had compared T.O.’s attitude in relation to several non-African American profiled people, not to mention tht you are ignorant and need to get some culture and education. Black men cannot win for nothing still in this country, when a very intelligent, articulate, bright and caring Black man that beat all the odds to become the President of this Nation. Yes Britt-NAY, I guess you are right, President Obama is egotistical, for being a bi-racial political prodigy who beat out 7 seasoned wealthy white men and one woman who all ran for President, who came from a single parent household and paid back his student loans, raised a family and wife (not a welfare baby momma). He married a beautiful African American, smart and beautiful mother to his children. I get so sick of backward azz people on these blogs that are a kkk hood short of being called out for what they really ARE….BIGGOTS!

  69. missbeach says:

    you are goreous,why waste that on a white woman,i wish our black men would please stop it.there are some beautiful black women out here that are waiting to get a good black man,what is the problem.please think about it.

  70. Social Butterfly says:

    Here we go again! Another black male that is an athlete that only dates white girls. Yes Iam a black women and to be honest with you I really do like the show. I think his friends/publisit are so funny. Why is that black gets money he has to be have a white girl? I really dont care about people dating outside there race. Seriously but come on! Is this the new thing to do like buying a custom made designer outfit that everybody is purchasing.

  71. dyl says:

    Im sick to my stomach of black men, there are so many black women that are gorgeous smart funny and loving. i’ve heard foreigners say…, God gave the black man big nose… big lips… an a magic stick, and that they are some of the dumbest men on earth this is how some other races view black men and I’m starting to agree. I like Mo and the publicist, I felt very insulted when he complained about his publicist wearing a headwrap to bed. I’m surprise he is allowing two black women to guide him. He wants to run behind a white girl she needs to get her college tuition paid find a black woman pay her college tuition. Real chance of love also i will not be watching. He giving Mo an ultimatum its either she stay or Go. good she staying she ain’t gone mess up her money. Looking forward to how his future end up.

  72. yourstruely says:

    I think TO should stick to playing football..I was in love with him before this show. Now I wish the show would go off the air.. He is a beautiful black man.. I think we black woman deserve a chance. He doesn’t seem to like black women.. Maybe we are better off without him.. When the white women use you up.. Dont come running back to your heritage.. just keep going to the next white chick.

  73. E.A. says:

    T.O.I think you need a lady that can understand why you is taking thing slow,because i think you need a lady that has understanding about why you is taking your time before you commit.You have a lot going on right now,so good luck with the Bills.Take care and may god bless you

  74. JR says:

    I saw the wedding episode, Mo taken the time tom apologize to Kita she’s a true friend, I would not have come back not because I’m not a true friend but because you asked her not to come I think that Mo is jelouse of Kita and that beautiful necklace that her man gave her, I also think that Mo wants Terrel or they already have had something going on in the past it is very obvious, Mo realize what a true friend is and then start acting (being) one to Kita God Bless you all

  75. niecy says:


    I am skeptic when watching reality shows,because most of them are scripted. After viewing the first show(The T.O. Show),I and my sister got hooked! Honestly,I think your show is the best reality show so far. The cast is doing their thang! Sometimes the show gets a little toooo personal,exspecially the last two episodes with Mo and Kita. Mo forgot to call Pablo up when she ask you and Kita to come up,why? I would like to see a second season. Oh yeah,let God bless you with a virtous woman who can provide you with true and spiritual love!

    Miss ya in DALLAS! :>)

  76. Ray says:

    What is the name of the song on the first season and episode of the Terrell Owens show when he is in the pool working out?