Brooke Hogan is Becoming an Astronaut?


Sneak peek Sunday’s new episode of Brooke Knows Best 2 an see what happens when The Hulkster lines up a special getaway and astronaut training for Brooke and the gang!

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  1. bellahella says:

    That is so not true

  2. bailey timmer says:

    i think “brook knows best” is a very entertaining show and i love the gay guy but he seems to have changed and i think that you need something new to happen it is starting to get kind of borring but don’t take this prsonally I love brook and ashley but you shood look into it.

    p.s don’tmind spe,lling errors!…sorry.thanks so much i apriciate this site!

  3. just me says:

    This was fun to watch, it was watching a family. I’ve watched other episodes and they were very sad. I hope this family finds some peace and common ground to heal their challenges. Life is really short and you could loose someone in a blink. I know you need drama to have a show but it was good to see the show at least mix it up, simple kindness and fun. the show with brooke’s mom was to hard to watch. Remember parents love their kids and parents problems are their load to bare. You can’t live life without living through it.

  4. Ann says:

    If “Brooke Knows” comes on, I immediately change the channel; I REFUSE to watch a show where the family supports irresponsible, reckless, endagering, foolish, life threatening behavior behind the wheel of car; then, when something bad does happen, they buy their way out.