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Check out the latest full episodes from all your favorite VH1 shows at our Full Episodes channel. Now that London is back the rest of the boys are feeling pretty insecure and when their x’s show up things get even more tense. See who ends up going home on the latest Daisy of Love. Meanwhile in Hogan-land, Hulk arranges a special astronaut-themed family-bonding getaway with Brooke and the gang. See what happens when the Hogans go to space in a brand new Brooke Knows Best 2.

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  1. Ahlanna says:

    I think that she made a good choice w/ the guyz she picked

  2. nancy says:

    daisy open your eyes for a change..i dont think you were being fair to the other guys when you let london back in the house..he left you once and he will do it again.. he is in it for the exposure he gets on the show..i think flex is the guy for you he is truly genuin in his for you i think you would be a much prettier girl if you stop the botox and dress like a lady then you wouldnt attrack all the losers in your life….speaking as a mom here..

  3. sierra says:

    open ur eyes daisy 12pack/Dave is so much better for u then London and flex!!

  4. sierra says:

    open ur eyes daisy 12pack/Dave is so much better for u then London and flex!! ;)

  5. raiderette832001 says:

    Does anyone recognize Natasha from Paris Hilton’s My New BFF? Her and London are fame-s**** and aren’t real with Daisy! They just want camera exposure and will say anything to win over Daisy, but is all a LIE!

    Don’t be fooled girl, you deserve someone like 12-pak or Flex. You are a fascinatingly beautiful girl and deserve the best of the best!

  6. Kayla says:

    OMG, I thought Natasha looked familiar!! She is from Paris Hilton’s my new BFF!!! London is full of ^#&$@^&~+)^(~+&) Flex is flipping HOTTT & 12 pack just wants more TV time! :)

  7. dalton says:

    Dave/12 pack is so much better for u flex is full of drama and that is to much for u….and london i wanted him to win at first but after he left daisy i was mad.. so i wanted dave to win.and now that london is back i think chi chi should of done the same thing that the other guys did.Daisy open ur eyes and get rid of london and pick dave…and i love ur show.

  8. de says:

    Just want to say that I think london and daisy have really strong connection with each other.

  9. jc says:

    does it really matter? it’s just a show, like rock of love….they aren’t looking for love, just a paycheck. no haterade here. u go girl. get that money. geez.

  10. Alex says:

    I think VH1 should give 12 Pack/Dave and Flex their own show. I dont think VH1 should have given Megan a show though. She’s worthless. I’ve enjoyed watching Daisy of Love..I wish her the best but if it doesn’t work out, there’s always Daisy of Love 2!

  11. ACGC says:

    I am just watching this episode wondering when will Ricky get his own show?
    His comments are hillarious and he has far more common sense than anyone on the show. But in the end is as he says, he give Daisy his opinion (which is usually right on the money) but she ultimatedly does whatever the hell she wants!

  12. Heather A. says:

    I honestly just think Flex is so sexy. He can come by my house anyday….. Daisy should pick him but if she doesn’t. Flex you can come be my rockstar

  13. Heather A. says:

    like u said flex hunny…. you are so sexy. daisy you need you pick or 12 pack cuz both r good guys. london is a peice of crap

  14. Olga says:

    London is a tool! I hate Natasha! I agree! they want exposure and gee whiz is she UGLY!
    Sinister isn’t amazingly hot but he’s alright. I think he deserves his own LOVE show! I’d love to watch that. He’s so sweet! Who can blame his temper tantrums… I mean he’s done everything for Daisy and shes jockin London! I’d be smashin _&)**+@+_%*)@@%$ too!

  15. nicole Aschenbrener says:

    daisy please dont pick london he will break your heart you can see it in his eyes. I think you should pick flex he is so hotttt. Dont pick london you will regreat it

  16. Future_0bsession says:

    I absolutely adores Sinister, but he’ll find another girl. Daisy, I’d want you to pick Flex. He seems genuine enough. I think 12 Pack/Dave will do anything to make it seem like he wants you and London left once and has someone he’s banging back home. He can instantly form an attraction with that girl and leave you.

    Why am I speaking im present tense? The show is done filming!

  17. Becky says:

    how could daisy let london come back into the house? i mean how much more unfair could that get?

    if she does end up picking london, then she will probably get her heart broken. what if he decides to “leave” again? i really hope she picks flex!

  18. Rickys Girl says:

    I don’t understand why your even famous. Your an idiot. Your uncle looks so much better in a dress. I can’t tell if your really smiling, your botox is a mess. Those three idiots you chose are perfect for you. GOOD LUCK W/ FINDING LOVE(IN WHAT? A MONTH) Oh yeah nice exposure on your crappy music. You’ll have better exposure telling people that Oscar de La Hoya is your uncle. Loser!

  19. rickys girl says:

    Why are you famous?

  20. catherine says:


  21. catherine says:

    ok , so london, you are deff. not my type of guy that i would be attracted to , but i like you. Every since that first day you were wasted i wanted you to win. And its crazy how your now done to the final 3.

    you can obv. tell daisy likes you alot. and you evidently you like her too . hopefully she isnt that stupid and pick 12 pack, he loooks gay &#@*!^)!)~`$^+@ ^%#**^)~+~+)($@( he looks like shrek as a human!

    get it together daisyy ! London is the best for you.
    If it wasnt meant to happen he wouldnt have come back .

  22. Melinda says:

    Ok.. Here the reality of things Daisy. Flex is an self centered jerk. He gets mad and jealous when things don’t seem “fair” Face it , life isn’t fair Flex!! 12 Pack (uggh Dave) is just a smooth player. He is boasting so bad when he isn’t around you of ” how there isn’t no way he isn’t gonna win your love: Win? Excuse me?? How does one “win” love? Leave 12 Pack/Dave where he belongs Daisy..on more TV shows. As for London… Yes, He broke your heart leaving. Yes, he got upset with Flex many times..but Flex didn’t shut up either. Flex want to make London get mad and explode just as he done and/or tried to do with everyone else in the house. Look at Gage for example. London came back Daisy. As it is said, “if you love someone , set them free..they will return if its mean to be..” London came back. Daisy, listen to the cards and see fate in things around you..You belong with London and London belongs with you. Yes, 12 pack/Dave is hot but he is there to finally “win” something and/or someone on a show. Flex and his Ex-Girlfriend will get back together as 12 pack/Dave said, “They was basically making out”

  23. pauoagurl says:

    I think you should go with flex,even though he sometimes
    act like a jerk,by saying he can kick everybodys +_*~#)()_%~)*#% But in reality, he is the first,to be seen on t.v.. Not
    like Dave/12pack,seems like if he doesn’t win, he’ll be
    back on t.v. again.Until he becomes a winner for show. Sorry Dave/12Pack.

  24. pauoagurl says:

    I think you should go with flex,even though he sometimes
    act like a jerk,by saying he can kick everybodys &&%@#(+&+_&@**# But in reality, he is the first,to be seen on t.v.. Not
    like Dave/12pack,seems like if he doesn’t win, he’ll be
    back on t.v. again.Until he becomes a winner for show. Sorry Dave/12Pack.

  25. carlos says:

    hi i think 12 packs going to to win but i go for london

  26. bo housewright says:

    I think Daisy is so ((++@&&@$`%_#*+% in ugly and stupid…

  27. Darci.A says:

    FLEX!! he is sooooo sexy.. if she dont pick him then he needs to come to me..grrr..haha

  28. Amanda says:

    i love daisy. pick FLEX!! he is hot and genuine and real and he is willing to go thru so much @(+_$@~_!!)!&~%( to win ur heart. london just flip flopped and dave ehh he is ok.

  29. kkz says:

    Hey all ~
    Daisy is wearing an adorable jacket w/ cross patches & a BIG skull on the back. Any ifo? Anyone?
    She is too good!!!

  30. jane says:

    daisy,im am so glad you followed your heart, thats the one thing, that so many people do not do.i loved the look on ricky,s face ,priceless,i can see that ricky loves you in his own way,life can be so tragic that,its really best to follow your heart,you are a good example to others,to those who put you down ,they are wrong,i wanted brett michaels to pick you,i was hurt when he didn,t,maybe he should have followed his heart the way you did.are you in love with him?it kinda shows.i don,t know how?he did you wrong,anyways,i think you are a beautifull person inside and out.good luck on love,don,t feel bad i also have bad luck when it comes to relationships.see ya daisy-jane,…..

  31. jane says:

    flying me back to memphis got to find my daisy-jane.,thanks for choosing your heart,it gave me an answer to a question,your a true friend of man.

  32. Nataly says:

    I realythink that you made a bad disicion on piching Lendon. I think that you should have picked David(12 pach)because he really showed it more than anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. zairria says:

    i think you should choose flex because you both like the same stuff you do……..And he won’t live you like the other one did did the 1st time on the show and plus you can put up with flex…But you can’t put up with you would of broke up with him so…..GOOD LUCK DAISY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Amanda says:

    DAISY!!!! why did you pick London and you 12 pack would have been a better couple and he seemed to be a great guy and he would be able to treat your right. London seems like a low life. 12 pacl i want you lol

  35. breanna says:

    this isnt to daisy but i could not find some where to put this lol…I think VH1 should give 12 pack/Dave his own show!!!! He has had his heart broken a lot and i mean they gave megan a show why not him he actually deserves it!! Anyways Daisy i think you should have picked flex or dave ugh not london but at least your happy i guess

  36. breanna says:

    this is not to daisy but i could not put it anywhere else lol…i think 12 pack/Dave should get his own show!!!i mean he got his heart broken so many times!!and they gave megan her own show and he actually deserves it so please VH1 GIVE HIM A SHOW!!!!! and daisy i think you made the wrong choice dave and flex actually treated you right and london )$!%$&`+$^((~))_ ed you over maybe you like being treated like crap if thats the case you made the right choice but at least your happy!!!

  37. trish says:

    I think that that dave is so much better than london, and dave is so nice, he actually cried at the end for you, man i wish he was my guy

  38. trish says:

    I think that that dave is so much better than london, and dave is so nice, he actually cried at the end for you, man i wish he was my guy
    are you going to have a reunion?

  39. madison says:

    right now i dont care because no one can change the fact that daisy picked london over flex…..even though i know she picked badly because london is an `@*#`&+~)%_!^&) and flex was better…..oh come on,even dave was better……daisy maybe jus thinks that londons cute and theyll look good together……..watever

  40. stacy says:

    does anyone know who makes the fur jacket daisy wore with the pink skull and crossbones on the back? i have been looking for it and cant seem to find who makes it!