Charm School Recap – Episode 9 – Masking Emotions



Who gave Risky a mask? Now she’ll never open up!

The girls are going to New Orleans! Risky says goodbye to their home/school


But whatever, this ain’t America’s Next Top Model (even Tyra would have a hard time spinning N.O., as a “fashion capital). They’ll be back next episode. No need for the dwelling-based sentimentalism. But at least we know Risky has charm to spare…on inanimate objects.

They fly there. Here’s a graphic to prove it:


Brittanya says, “I’ve never been to New Orleans before and I’m so excited to see another state!” Nobody tell her it’s a city — she might not be able to handle the disappointment. On the way to the hotel, they drive by the Superdome. Brittanya doesn’t know what it is. It’s where a lot of people stayed during Hurricane Katrina, explains Risky. I don’t know if that aided Brittanya’s understanding, but you know, at least they tried.

At the hotel, there are people on stilts, per the usual mini-circus that greets Celebreality travelers upon arriving anywhere. There are also drinks, perhaps insensitively called hurricanes…


Marcia asks if they are virgin. Girl, this is VH1. It’s no place for virgins. Dub this incident the first temptation of Marcia, because there are more to follow. Ashley scoops up her drink as well as the one that was intended for Marcia because she’s really that kind and helpful.

Up in their suite, Risky suits up for their location, while Marcia consumes not a virgin but a zygote daiquiri…


…as they read a note from Ricki promising an authentic New Orleans dinner on Bourbon Street that night. In preparation for dinner, Brittanya asks Ashley if she should wear clear heels. Ashley responds…


Uh, does the Pope wear Prada?



Wait, there’s no graphic? WTF? Maybe this is such an obvious truth of this franchise that it goes without saying? Regardless, this is the rule of VH1, and no amount of Charm School could ever diminish its importance. It’d be like trying to diminish the importance of oxygen.

Marcia, meanwhile, worries that the temptation of the bars they’ll be visiting that night will cause her to drink. She weeps as she puts on false eyelashes, perhaps diminishing the importance of lash glue.



The girls find out they’re going to be working with HandsOn New Orleans, a group set on rebuilding the storm-torn town. But first, they’ll enjoy a night on New Orleans. Ashley tells Ricki that this show has taught her about the not-so-nice way she treats people at times. It would seem that if anything, this show merely brought it to her attention and didn’t spur change, per the fact that the saga of Retardedgate continued well into the last episode. Ricki says that Ashley “only vaguely” resembles the mean girl that walked into Charm School. Her eye makeup has been looking nicer, it’s true.

Speaking of looking nicer…


…Marcia has been looking great. But she’s still worried about what she faces on Bourbon Street.


Well, at least it’ll be spared the drunken wrath of Hurricane Marcia.

But not Hurricane Ashley…




Just storming through and getting stuff wet, doing what hurricanes do! Ashley interviews that she’s not going to censor her drinking around the abstinent Marcia. She’s basically shoving it down Marcia’s throat, except not literally because that would be sharing and ew gross: sharing.

We see a shot of Marcia’s hand hovering above a rack of test-tube shots (and you know what a lethal concoction a Rock of Love girl and a test-tube shot can be)…


And it’s scary, you know! Scary that she might put it in her mouth. Scary that she might put it elsewhere. I don’t know if I’m more afraid for Marcia’s sobriety or the test tube, all I know is that I fear. But what ends up happening…


…is really no biggie! She was just getting the thrill of taking a shot without actually taking the shot. Virgin shots, everyone! They’re best taken with others, ironically enough.

So, Marcia goes back to the hotel to preserve her sobriety. Ashley, the yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang to Marcia’s yin, meanwhile, parties it up on a mechanical bull…



Her riding skills, of course, were refreshed last episode. Charm School: is there anything it can’t teach?

On the way home, Ashley screams for a corn dog. Considering that it’s New Orleans, it’s kind of shocking that a guy doesn’t approach her, unzip his fly and attempt to accommodate her. On the way in the hotel, she yells for a Snapple or a piece of pizza. But no cheeseburger? She must be really drunk.

And that’s exactly what her hangover confirms…


Breakfast arrives bright and early along with a note that says to be ready in 30 minutes. “Shut up, I hate everybody in here!” is post-drunk Ashley’s message to the world. How the tides have turned: she only vaguely resembles the former mean girl that Ricki touted last segment.


The girls prepare and they meet this woman, who’s going to be showing them around the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans before they get to work:


They tour in a partially covered school bus. Even four years after Katrina, the devastation is apparent…


It’s so insane that conditions are still like this. And what’s worse is that Mary Beth says they have at least 10 years of more work ahead of them before the city is rebuilt entirely. I’m at a loss, but then it feels almost privileged to say that, considering all that was taken from the people of New Orleans.

But the girls are giving back! Ricki informs us that the ninth commandment is Thou Shall Put It To Good Use. We’ll just let her think that. Meanwhile, we know the real commandment of the week.



They meet with Kellie Bentz, an executive director of HandsOn New Orleans, who’ll supervise their work today. Their first task will be to build flower boxes and paint various basketball, hopscotch and four square lines at a playground.


Risky references their unsuccessful turn building a playground earlier in the season, and wonders if they really want the Charm School girls building anything. It’s at least comforting that she recognizes that for the disaster that it was. At the time, they seemed way eager to pat themselves on the back for their failure.

There’s still more failing, namely when it comes to Brittanya using a hammer…


She’s so bad at using it, you’d think it was common sense cast in iron. But, as she interviews, she’s not a handywoman. “I don’t ever want to build stuff. That’s a man’s job,” she adds. Sometimes I feel like we’ve traveled back in the ’50s, and then I just realize that a world exists outside of New York that’s full of such gleeful embracing of gender roles and my mind is blown far more than it would be by time travel.

Risky paints a hopscotch…uh, court? Is that what it’s called?


Then the girls rest and eat lunch…


…but not Marcia! (You can see her sawing or something in the background of the screen shot above.) Brittanya thinks Marcia is being fake, and if this weren’t a challenge, she wouldn’t be working through lunch. If this weren’t a challenge, no one would be working, period. I think it’s fair to say that all charity on this show is relative, you know?

The girls are told that they’re going to vote on whom they think worked the hardest, and that person will get to go back to the hotel to rest instead of progressing on to the next challenge. Marcia has been picking up “everything.” She thinks she’s worked the hardest. Look at her fingers!



Anyway, the other girls agree. Brittanya even votes for Marcia, although she then interviews that she just didn’t want Marcia to be around her anymore. See? Relative charity.

Ashley says, “Marcia’s back at home doing whatever annoying people do and we have to go to the next challenge,” which is a wonderfully put segue to their next stop, the New Orleans Mission. Here, they will be providing and serving meals for about 150 homeless people. New Orleans’ homeless population is at about 4 percent, which is among the highest rates in the nation. Put that in your pipe and hoard it.

They meet a woman named Miss Loretta, who tells them they’ll be serving turkey, pasta salad and Jello with pears, she believes. Given the menu, Ashley says…


Miss Loretta (which just happens to be the name of my mom’s cat, who’s shaped much like the human Miss Loretta we see here) says that’s good because they’re going to be eating some of this food, as well. “They look like they don’t eat that much!” she adds.


I don’t know, these girls are ample enough to look like they eat plenty. They just don’t look like they overeat. I guess “much” is in the mouth of the be-muncher?

Ricki arrives and lets the girls know that she’s watching and that there’s one more two-person task after this, so they’re going to get to vote again on who did the most work.


This doesn’t seem to be amazing incentive or anything. Just service as usual…



Brittanya does seem particularly sweet to the people she’s serving orange stuff (which from what we can tell is not Sunny D).

Before they deliberate on the hardest worker, Miss Loretta bids them goodbye with: “I wish you the best of luck in what you are endeavoring to do.” That’s an extremely diplomatic way to express confusion in the wake of these ladies and their “education.”

Ricki sits the girls down to determine who’s going back to the room.


Risky announces that she’s going to keep going and do the next task whether she’s voted the hardest worker or not. Well, she isn’t, so that’s a moot point, but hey, at least she got to look self-sacrificing for 15 seconds. Impressed? Anyway, the distinction goes to Brittanya, who gladly goes back to the hotel. Don’t go looking for strategy from Brittanya. That’s what that means.

Ashley and Risky perform their final task at the HandsOn warehouse. Here, they unload a truck.


Risky is impressed by how hard Ashley’s working. She refrains from complaining, figuring they had just a 16-hour day. Her mom does it all the time, so why can’t she? Risky is clearly gunning for sainthood here. Baby, I can see your halo.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Marcia and Brittanya sup:


Brittanya is shaking from hammering today. Manipulating a tool can be quite chilling. Marcia says she loves Risky, but she doesn’t think Ashley will change. Besides, since Vegas strippers make $240,000 a year, what incentive does she have to change? Marcia then seemingly out of nowhere tells Brittanya, “Stop being follower, dude.” If you only read her words and didn’t watch her say them, you might confuse Marcia with Michelle from Full House. Brittanya thinks Marcia is wrong. Marcia thinks that Ashley would do anything for her son, and Brittanya needs to remember her son next time she gets into an argument because mommy’s going to be in jail. Seriously, that’s what she says. You got it, dude.

Brittanya tells her to, “Shut up, bitch!” but it’s so abrupt and at a weird volume that it sounds dubbed. Maybe Brittanya’s been practicing throwing her voice in her spare time? The argument ends with her storming off.

Also, Marcia’s got “bubbles” on her fingers.


Aw, I miss Bubbles.

The next day, they return to the playground to finish their work.


Here, Marcia finds it within her soul/willingness to look good for the judges to tell Lala that she doesn’t think Brittanya’s here to make things better for her son, because if she were, she wouldn’t have tried to get in a fight with Marcia last night.


This does not at all line up with what we saw, which was Marcia antagonizing Brittanya and then Brittanya telling her calmly that she needs to stop talking. Even with the clearly dubbed in “bitch,” that Brittanya said to close the argument, she still seemed like the more reasonable party. Lala confronts her…


Brittanya wanted to beat up Marcia for just mentioning her son’s name, but she restrained herself. Would she have if this show weren’t one big challenge? Hard to say (except, no it isn’t).

Anyway, the job is done. The playground now looks moderately nicer and a hell of a lot more balloon-filled…



The kids who’ll reap the recreation of this fine playground come out to thank the girls…


Ashley says that meeting the kids made it worth it. We don’t see any crestfallen reaction shots, so we can assume that the appreciation is mutual.



Stryker polls the girls about their thoughts on winning Charm School. Risky feels like she’d be a good person to win because people already look up to her. Winning would give little girls a better reason to look up to her, not just because she was a finalist on Real Chance of Love, as much of a distinction as that is. Ricki can tell that Risky is getting emotional, so she tells her to open up. Risky doesn’t want to because she doesn’t know what’s coming. Here’s a hint: the season finale.

Stryker asks Marcia about whether she’ll drink after the show. She’s never going to say never, but she wants to be able to control it. That’s uncommonly honest. Stryker mentions Ashley’s night out on Bourbon Street, which elicits this response:


It’s nice to know that as much as Ashley is “changing” and as “vaguely” as she resembles her former self, her sense of shame is eternally nonexistent.

Anyway, she had a really good time on Bourbon Street. Ricki recognizes Ashley as a “work in progress” with “a long way to go.” Too bad there’s just one episode left! Stryker asks what Ashley’s plan is if she wins the money. She’ll go back to school. If she loses, she has no choice but to go back to stripping. No matter what they take from her, they can’t take away her dignity. And by dignity, I mean:


Finally, on the subject of Brittanya, Stryker says he doesn’t see any dedication there. Brittanya says she would be in jail or dead were it not for her son. Winning would allow her to “pay a lawyer to stay out of jail.” And a book would give her a better understanding of the way the legal system works, but I somehow doubt her stop after Charm School was the library.

And now it’s time to send a girl home. Ricki calls down Marcia:


Ricki’s crying. She’s proud of Marcia’s work in abstaining from alcohol, but she has to look at who’s going to best represent Charm School. I guess she’s thinking ahead to future grants. Anyway, this set-up sounds like she’s kicking Marcia off, but she’s not: Marcia is in the Top 3!

Next, Brittanya is called down:


Ricki thinks Brittanya has come far, and she believes that she’s a good mom for her son (even though Brittanya indicated otherwise in those words just one episode ago). But Brittanya has not come far enough. She is leaving. Ricki cries as she lets her go but she interviews somewhat curtly that this show was just about the money to Brittanya. OK, then. If she says it, it must be. Ricki Lakey wouldn’t lie to us.


Brittanya interviews that she’s a hustler, and that she’ll get the money somehow. “I guess I’ll always be a G!” she chirps. Too bad she didn’t make the transition to a gent. Oh wait, wrong show. Wait, what? All of a sudden, I’m feeling a little bit not too smart.



Get more information on what HandsOn New Orleans does and how you can help at the organization’s official website.

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  1. AndUKnowIt says:

    Risky’s pictures are all so cute! Risky’s the Best!

  2. Lindsey says:

    WTF?! Marcia is a little *&@&#^($)*(~^*!!% y winy piece of @&~)@$*((+#@_*)+ She got Brit kicked out, now my girl is going to have some more issues outside of this! If Ricki was the beasty *&@&#^($)*(~^*!!% she said she was she would at least give Britt some money too pay off what she needs to pay off! Risky don’t need to be on this show, really she shouldn’t have needed help in the first place, she just needed to go to a physciatrist! Ashley my girl is really gotta step her game up, I love her but she needs to Calm. The. )$_+!&*+~`()*+#% Down.
    P.S. Marcia and go drink vodka out of a hobo’s toilet bucket! She deserves it for feeding Lala that BS!

  3. maidenUSA says:

    I hope the final two are risky and marcia, ashely does not deserve to win, she barely changed and is still a bitter drunken stripper w/ issues. Once again ricki is a moron to believe that ashley is showing progress.

  4. Lauren says:

    Marcia was such a ^_@%_&%`*#(!(_$%_ for antagonizing Brittanya! I really wanted it to be Risky and Brittanya @ the end because neither Ashley nor Marcia deserve to win!

  5. Lauren says:

    Marcia was such a (&#)`!*!*_!$%(*)` for antagonizing Brittanya! I really wanted it to be Risky and Brittanya @ the end because neither Ashley nor Marcia deserve to win!

  6. shonteika says:

    i think risky should win you go grl dont let those females put you down but she also needs to come out of her shell i would say byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  7. Kevin Y says:

    Thanks for the plug at the end for HandsOn New Orleans. It’s so sad that after five years the city is still so devastated, and it sucks that it’ll still take 10 more years to fully recover.

    Everybody, if there’s anything you can donate to the city and recovery efforts, please consider doing so.

  8. darreiyonae johnson says:

    i thik dat risky should win because she is a helping grl n wen dey had to clean up she said she dnt wnt to dut we it come down to children she will be there n even doe she was tired she wnt to stay n help n wen they went to the mission she got on her job n help those who wre homeless n there 4 she dezerve da money

  9. darreiyonae johnson says:

    ashley u dnt need to win cuz u havnt change throught the whole show u just started have way at the end

  10. Lauren says:

    awww Brittanya is gonna go to jail now.

  11. john says:

    wtf Britannya didnt come far enough!? that’s bull crap!! Risky hasn’t changed at all, she still hasn’t opened up about anything! at least britannya can now resist kicking butt

  12. L0V3RLY says:

    The judges on Charm School are so blinded to everything in the house. I am so cinfused as to why Ashley is still in the house. Marcia gets to ride on the whole “I gave up alcohol” thing for waaaay too long. Britt has a collected swagga that does not play well for the drama the show needs to put on. The only one who has done any real growth is Risky. I love the fact that she didn’t become so open over night. This show wants to direct the girls for 5 mins then have a lifetime of behavior turned around by the end of the show. Ricki is full of bull and the dude acts like he so knowing and able to spot fake yet he can’t see the bull on the pannel decisions. Lala just doesn’t listen and misses the point everytime she confronts a girl. Bottom line the winner usually is the person who makes enough progress to get to the next episode but not enough to be deemed “cured”. Ricki does not know what the hell she doing, the majority of her decisions have been crap. And she needs to stop crying, it’s not real.

  13. melanie says:

    They sent the wrong person home, it should’ve been MARCIA!!!! Karma’s a @(^$^))_$$`(($$+` and Marcia will get hers…

  14. Future_0bsession says:

    Tahnks for posting the link to the website.

    Ricki is taking this show WAY too seriously.

  15. Spencer Niemetz says:

    Marcia should have gone home, simple. Brittanya didn’t start that argument. If you have a kid and someone tells you that you are a bad parent, are you expected to just sit back and nod your head?

    Brittanya’s personality reflects her at-home life and environment but overall she made a lot of progress from the Brittanya that was swinging at Heather.

    Marcia’s only change was the alcohol. She still acts like a ^_~!_)+#&^*&#%%+% she’s still rude, she’s still whiny and obnoxious. She’s really making Ashley look like a saint.

    Ashley never needed Charm School mostly because she doesn’t want to change in the first place. She’s become famous enough and with the money she makes between stripping and these shows, her son is gonna be very proud of her. I live in Las Vegas and believe me, strippers don’t really live difficult lives if they abstain from drugs. They put her on the show for drama, but really she’s not changed and if she’s gonna continue in VH1 shows, she’d be wise not to.

    Risky’s gonna win. After this episode, she’s got it in the bag unless Ricki Lake REALLY screws up even more and picks Marcia. Since the cast was announced, it’s kind of been apparent Risky would at least make the final 4. She hasn’t changed too much but she’s exactly the right amount of “charmed” without coming off that way to the judges for them to say she’s made too much progress (i.e. “Not needing it as much as everyone else”).

    “Ricky Lakey” is the blindest headmistress ever. Sharon and Monique did the VH1 motions but they added their own no-nonsense attitudes and at least had a vague idea of what’s going on. I think they’re either feeding Ricki Lake lines or the producers are just informing her of what’s going on. Lala and Stryker are the same way. Lala has her head on a little straighter, but she’s really just as bad, and Stryker has just been there for comedic value and empty threats.

    I see Risky winning. And hopefully Ashley will do ILM3, even though I heard she’s not gonna be on it after all.

    Damn it VH1.

  16. noneofurz says:

    I think that Risky should win. If I was Brittanya would have snapped on Marcia too. Marcia don’t have no kids so she has no right to make a judgment on anybody. Ricki lake is not suitable to be a Charm School Host. I thought if you do bad you get sent home but she sending home all the good people what the heck…….

  17. Halo Kitty says:

    risky needs to stop acting the way she is and just open up becuz she was mean to K.O. and that wasnt fare

  18. Amanda says:

    Ashley being in the final three is awfully similar to Lacey being in the final three last season…

  19. scifiwritir says:

    Why does Marcia fall into judgmental mode so often? She’s got to learn to keep her opinions to herself. (And I don’t even like Brittanya!)

    Hey, Rich, no picking on Miss Loretta. Cat resemblance or no. Some of us in TV-land are kinda shaped like Miss Loretta. Great post as usual. -C

  20. heather says:

    It’s about time brittanya went home. She has done nothing the whole show, accept talk about how she needs to change. She basically stared at walls and threaten to beat girls )_*#)^)#~*@_#$# es the entire time. She’s just trash. She needs to grow up, sexy women don’t get in fights.
    Ashli dresses trashy, and has tattoos, but at least she’s funny enough to keep on the show, and she at least tries to bull #^~~#$(+^`&~)!!# rikki.
    Does risky even need to be there?
    Marcia… I think it’s badd )_*#)^)#~*@_#$# she quit drinking. That’s really hard when you’re in her condition. But if Vh1 really cared, they would send her to rehab.

  21. Wonder Woman says:

    I think Risky should win because she has grown and changed so much since the show started. Ashley has not changed that much to still be running around calling Bubbles @~@&*+`#)*~&(!&+*% ed and she did it twice. Marcia has improved and I hope she continues to leave alcohol alone and maybe just learn to drink in moderation.

  22. Kiki Aka Showt!ime says:

    I thnk it shud b Risky, Marcia, and Brittanya. Risky and Marcia have a better chance at winning, Ashely isn’t changing point blank. She coo but she still act like a b****. I want Risky to win cuz she da best choice and on top of dat she coo i wud love to meet her, even though she hasn’t opened up much da last time she said anything was @ K.O.’s elimination so i want to see something from her…

  23. bizzle says:

    If Ashley wins I will refuse to watch any more seasons of Charm School. I want Risky (with her sexiness)or Marcia (with her no-more-drunkeness)for the win.

  24. Em says:

    I like Marcia, but what she did in this episode wasn’t cool. She picked a fight with Brittanya (it was really low to bring Brittanya’s son into the discussion) and then ran and told LaLa that Brittanya was trying to fight with her.

    My money’s on Risky to take it all. She rocks!

  25. whatever says:

    i officially hate my life.

  26. Julian says:

    I love risky, do your thing baby!!!! Hotttttt

  27. Julian says:

    I live for risky…wow people always hate the sexy one’s…Do your thing baby..

  28. Julian says:

    risky risky risky yes yes yes

  29. wizzle says:

    come on now everybody who thinkin know that marcia was testin brittanya even thoe it was lo to bring her son in it. and riskies only problem is that she need to open up and ashley khow that she a b**** and she still aint do nothin about it and she went ova bored with her drinkin so go risky u rock im only 9 and i know risky a beast so ricki make risky win

  30. wizzle says:

    if risky or marcia dont win then ricky is not the person to host charm school

  31. Marissa says:

    hi :)

    i love your gifs and i was wondering if you had one of marcia saying i loev tequila and she like doing the littl ehorns

    i tried going through your old post but i couldnt find it.

  32. JUST WONDERING says:


  33. william says:

    Dear guys, come here to see me!! *******Cougar******** a place to date Sexy women and rich men will bring you fun and happiness ! If you are over 2 2 years old, you will have more chance to be the focus of others because of your Maturity !!!

  34. trina capers says:

    i hope risky win because i really do want her 2 she has change and she really would no what 2 send the money on

  35. flexy633 says:

    Based on the comments from all of the girls in their interviews, you people still think this show is real? Do you have any idea how edited that conversation w/ Marcia and Britt was? I’m sure Marcia didn’t just, out of the blue, bring up Britt’s son. She told her to stop being a follower and how can do so much more. Britt does follow Ashley too much and isn’t a leader as she seems to think. Marcia was giving her good advice. Go Marcia and Risky!!!

  36. Lisa Lopez says:

    What the hell is up with La La’s eyes? Does take dope? She looked &*##)&*#&%^+($() ed up in New Orlean’s. Girls eyes weren’t always like that.

  37. silkyj says:

    i’m sick of risky playin like she was da one who needed da most help and she cant even explain wat she went threw in life she just a ghetto follow da leader old wig wearin dumb scarey a** fake 2 timen loser, she never has her own ideas when some one gets mad at some one else she gets mad 2 risky stop borrowing other peoples thoughts

    p.s get a life bi***

    Signed T.K.B peace out

  38. silkyj says:

    i’m sick of risky playin like she was da one who needed da most help and she cant even explain wat she went threw in life she just a ghetto follow da leader old wig wearin dumb scarey a** fake 2 timen loser, she never has her own ideas when some one gets mad at some one else she gets mad 2 risky stop borrowing other peoples thoughts

    p.s get a life bi*** hahaha

    Signed T.K.B peace out

  39. LOVE67 says:

    This message is directed to Britanya:Ok first of all, I’m sick of all this hater Bull****!!! I’m not going to say you’re an ugly person because this is obvious, as far as you representing all us MEXICANS< WOMAN PLEASE. You are the reason why I’m ashamed of being Mexican. You seem like you’re never there for your son so I can see how the heck you would consider yourself a good mother. I’m a mother and MY SON comes first before anything and I actually mean that. come on girl you came from “ROCK OF LOVE BUS” hello!!! You’re a ghetto person and an embarrassment to MEXICANS! Put all that hardness aside and really think about your son don’t just say that. What the heck are you talking about you’re a “hustler” you sound sooo stupid. You’re a woman for god sakes! You really need to go back to school and get an education at least do it for you kid, I get that he was not on your mind when; you committed your crime, were trying hook up BRET YUK!or when you’re away? I think not. You are on selfish person and you don’t deserve the gift of being a mother!! Take this how you want to take it, you and all these other people that claim were all haters which is what you are going to say because that’s the only thing you can say. Just stop making your self look like a moron. Looking good could only take you so far.This is what is true. Marcia did nothing wrong,what can I say the truth hurts!All these air heads are seriously just trying to make you feel better.But it is what it is!!

  40. Kristy says:

    The judges makes the stupidest decisions and sends the wrong person home. I think that Brittanya should have stayed and lasted into the top 3.. it should have been her Risky and Marcia. Ashley doesn’t even need to be there.. all she is is a stripper and what else? There’s nothing else wrong with that girl. Honestly.. I also think that Ricki Lake is so stupid to have kick the girls that really need to change off and let the girls that are so stupid and doesn’t change at all stay in the house. I meant at this point of they don’t change then they should be going home already! Ashley is still a !~#)$)~$@***#)!!` and so is Marcia. This show is really stupid. Actually the way they do the elimination is stupid. On one episode they said that the reason why they send the girl home was because she didn’t change at all and there’s no more time for her to do that.. then on another one they said that the reason why they decided to eliminate another girl was because she doesn’t or hasn’t change at all and that is just the stupidest reason.. because it doesn’t make sense.