See New York’s Worst Jobs and Funniest Moments!



See the irascible Ms. Tiffany Pollard AKA New York grease bare bottoms, wrestle pigs and other unpleasant tasks in this collection of hilarious clips from New York Goes to Work.

CLICK HERE to watch New York Goes to Work: Worst Jobs and Funniest Moments

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  1. Vick $w@gger says:

    I think its bout time VH1 have a show about the studs finding love!! I’m a stud and its hard out here wit us 2! LoL! So maybe if more people see this and comment about people will notice…Studs need love 2! And why not start with sum1 like ME! LOL!

  2. 12hateon78 says:

    I wish yall would take her nasty ^&`+!@$~+&!+^$# of the tv. Nobody wants to see her crazy fake it to make anymore.She’s
    like a thorn in the ^&`+!@$~+&!+^$# of tv!!!!!!!!

  3. iJ3rK *DUVAL COUNTY* says:

    SHE iS A DAYUM FAKE %@~^(+^#`+%)@&@ %~&_@(^(&&&*&~((+ SMH SHE LOOK LiKE A DRAG QUEEN

  4. nay nay243 says:

    new york you are so ugly it is about time you found a real job

  5. Jack says:

    all of you are jealous of new york shes so pretty and educated so get a life and stop talking crap about people you dont even really know!! I LOVE NEW YORK!!!

  6. tizzy says:


  7. Blanket's Mom says:

    Show sucked. I think we are over New York now. VH1 move on please.

  8. Blanket's Mom says:

    NY sucks, VH1 this show sucks and we are over New York already..

  9. lisa says:

    she is not pretty, she is fake, she is trush, i can believe people like her have there on show. is sick.