Daisy of Love: See Serious Boy Drama!



For a bunch of hard-scrabble tattooed rockers and MMA fighters the Daisy of Love boys sure are some drama queens but maybe that’s what she’s looking for in a man. From unexpected exits to full-blown temper tantrums, review the best moments of boy drama from the season so far and get ready for the season finale July 26th!

CLICK HERE to watch Daisy of Love: Boy Drama Best of List!

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  1. jackie says:

    0mg dasiy g0t her %$^~^(%((()^&~$ handed to her by heather haha and thats wat she deserved! l0l she cant fight f0r her life

  2. ML says:

    diasy is ugly as #~*~@+*~~(*@+~_# and looks like a #~*~@+*~~(*@+~_# in horse

  3. spicey says:

    girl daisy… i hope you find your man good luck

  4. Hazzardous21 says:

    Did anyone notice that Brooklyn was also on Is She Really Going Out With Him on MTV? What a D-Bag!!! btw all you haters leave Daisy alone she is pretty!

  5. snickerdootle says:

    Daisy I think you r so pretty. London is HOT girl. Not to mention I bet he is good in bed lol. I mean sheesh if u don’t pick him u should at least tap that lol why not guys do it ;) love ya girl, good luck!

  6. DEB says:

    This show is Brainless and so Worthless i cant believe they show trash like this on tv! this show is for people with low IQS and trashy people its horrible

  7. Jessica says:

    All of you people need to shut your mouths. Daisy is an awesome woman. And she deserves better than what she’s been through with Brett and god only knows who else.

    I hope she picks Flex. He seems like a nice guy. But Idk about London. He left her those other times.. and he might be a sex addict. Haha.. and 12 Pack is well.. a pretty boy. So Idk who she’ll pick.. when’s the next episode come on anyway?

  8. K@$$!3 says:

    I Think Flex should WIN!!!! He’s more compatible with Daisy…

  9. ada says:

    I think she should pick “London”…she wants to…. she’ll always wonder…then if VH1 is smart they will spin-off the show and hook up “12 pack” and “flex” the # of female viewers for that would be WELL worth it…by then if it hasn’t worked out with London she can come on an episode and try and get one of those guys back…DRAMA…excellent ratings

  10. 4 barrel says:

    daisy is a &`%%~#)^_@!$^%$(* any guy out there gonna tell me that they would actually marry this trash? she’s not wife material, she is sex material. i just can’t see taking her seriously. she say’s she is looking for love? look at how she is dressed. and the guy’s she has chosen. her make up makes her look like a street hooker. she’s going to pick 12 pack, c’mon bet me she won’t. she got what she deserved on rock of love. she really didn’t know that bret was a &`%%~#)^_@!$^%$(* dog. give me a break. she’s a white trash ho and she got her 30 min’s of fame, now go away.

  11. serenity says:

    okay my first opinion to daisy i wouldnt settle for any of these guys they are not good for you anyway why settle for whats right in front of you at the moment its not even worth it go out into the world and find a dude by yourself

  12. Future_0bsession says:

    I hope she finds who she’s looking for. And might I say I lover that ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ tattoo she’s sporting there.

  13. hotter than dasiy! says:

    plze com on … daisy u look like a washed up street lama the guys on ur show say ur pretty when your not ur terrible looking , unfortunate and if i were u i would dress better ur boobs may be big but THERE FAKE !!! every man i met says fake boobs are hard and not forth even having ur u have to pound make up on to look normal… and belive me no one likes a fluzzy get better clothes and a better face and get cleaned up and wash ur wig!!!!

  14. M- says:

    Flex is too good for Daisy

    12 Pack is gay

    London the homeless dude…good match, maybe they can go live with Charles Daisy’s sometimes ex….

  15. alexis says:

    why do they always play carnival music around chichi????
    btw i think you might have to fight flex for 12 pack,lol

  16. Nikki says:

    Daisy! You have 12 Pack aka Dave, Flex, and loser London. notice the order? come on now, i have watched you throw out garbage all season long and you have brought back something freakin ugly, not to mention that didn’t care if you packed his bags yourself! Dave has not got into a fight on the show, Flex is hot don’t get me wrong and sweet, but i don’t see the chemistry with Flex as i do with you and Dave. He is soooo damn hot and you too look perfect together! I will love you forever if you actually read this and freaking say Alhoa which means goodbye to Flex and London! Dave is tired of getting his heart broken so together mend!!! :) Love you Daisy and Dave! :)

  17. Dugan says:

    Daisy – don’t chose London…he’s only taking a 2nd chance cuz it’s there! (How many of the other dudes got a 2nd chance?) He bailed once, he’ll do it again.

    My choice? Flex – he’s a bit hot tempered, but only against injustice….plus he’s built, and pretty attractive. Mostly, he’s pretty easy going, intelligent, and caring – for you. (and I don’t see the attraction to London.)

    Dave/12Pack, calm, but mostly a horn-dog. (Has he NOT ever hooked up with a chick on a reality show he’s been on?) He may not let it get to his head, but there’s less upstairs than with Flex, and I think you will need someone who stimulates you intellectually, as well as physically in the end.

    My two cents.

  18. Jacquie says:

    I feel like Sinister got the short end of the stick and was realy played. I so wanna see him and Chi chi have their own show. That would be really sick.

  19. Jacquie says:

    I really think Sinister got the short end of the stick and Daisy played him which was cruel on her part. Poor guy. I would so love to see him and Chi chi have a show of their own to try to find ‘love’ or at least so I can see more of him.

  20. Tracy Troya says:

    i think you did a hugee mistake getting rid of chichi and sinister however you spell it.goodluck

  21. donni says:

    Daisy doesn’t look like a horse…she looks like a DUDE that had “the change”. I really thought that would be a story line in Rock of Love. DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY!!!

  22. MUAH :) says:

    I think that Daisy should so pick London, they are super cute together. Then I would be happy to take Flex and 12 pack off her hands lol. Yummy!

  23. highme says:

    get ridd of that sleeze dir bag $(%@!((`!$&`@_!@ head mohog +(!@`!#_$#!)~$_ london”….he is full of it…

  24. marvellousm says:

    I’m convinced that 12pack cares alot about daisy but he’s not in love with her. I’m not feeling them when they’re together.

  25. alyssa says:

    hey daisy good idea doin your own show you needed it:) so keep going and pick the right one (12 pack or flex)lol.. so bye do right:) bye from miami

  26. millioaire!!money says:

    12pack and you know it @!#$ london he is fake for reall

  27. millionaire!! 96 says:

    12 pack str8 up dood.. daisy he is reall so dont choose london he is a fake $%& #@%^*

  28. Pippa says:

    Daisy you go girl! Luv London…the ultimate underdog. Sometimes a little risk is good! He’s not perfect, and never pretended to be. His flaws makes him beautifully human and that’s what makes him a great choice for you!

    It’s da ones who promise you prefection you have to watch out for…I mean 12 pack, come on! u’re in luv with da girl and can’t even say it. When you are in love, and I mean truly like he claimed to be, you can do anything and certainly something as simple as telling someone how you feel about them, openly! Take a lesson from MR. Tom Cruise! He jumped up and down on a sofa like a nut! Now that’s love a baby!.

    Flex was hot but I think he wasn’t as in love as his mouth said he was…..and deep down Daisy obviouly realized that.

    All the happiness in the girl world girl! Congrats to both of you. London Rock on baby!!

  29. kelly says:

    why didnt you pick dave