Please, Sinister, Don’t Hurt ‘Em



How’s this for random: Daisy of Love‘s Sinister and Chi Chi were spotted sharing the stage with everyone’s favorite parachute-pants-wearing ’90s rapper Hammer at the Chicago Sport and Social Club’s annual event at Volleywood. Photographer/journalist Cindy Barrymore (her Facebook profile is here) shares her account of the unlikely match:

Near the end of his set, Hammer went into the audience to dance with them. After he came up on stage, he a did maybe a song or two after that then invited members of the audience onto the stage…I recognized Branden “Chi Chi” first, but I was there to photo Hammer. I wasn’t even thinking that Derrick “Sinister” was the guy in black popping and locking with Hammer (maybe because Sinister had glasses on). But he was jamming. With all those tattoos — and my being a journalist I’m the least judgmental of anyone because I’ve covered rap and rock —his dance steps surprised me.He must have surprised Hammer, too, because he started trading moves with Sinister and then finally let him sing on the microphone.

Somehow, sharing the stage with Hammer seems like a perfectly logical step after appearing on reality TV.

Check out more shots of the Chinese-typewritering boys below. [All photos by Cindy Barrymore]

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