Chat with Brooke Hogan BFF Glenn Thursday Night!



VH1 Mobile is letting you get up close and personal with the stars of Brooke Knows Best 2! Chat with Brooke Hogan BFF and choreographer Glenn Packard this Thursday, July 23rd at 8:30 pm ET. Find out about his amazing and inspiring life story, his video production work and living with Brooke. Selected comments will be posted on-air!

If you’ve got a question for Glenn, join the Thursday night. Users can download the app on their phone (AT&T phones, Sprint phones, BlackBerries from the BlackBerry App World store and iPhones from the iTunes App Store), then text in questions. You can also text TALK to 44686 and we’ll send you a download link. It will be a half hour moderated chat.

Keep an eye out for VH1 Mobile chats with the other stars of Brooke Knows Best 2 in the future.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Glenn, How hard was it for you for Daniel to come to your hometown and meet your parents?

  2. Michael says:

    Um, oh yeah, i think UR smokin’ hot, anyways, I’ve only told my closest friends I’m Bi…. not my parents.. should I bother to tell them… last time we had a BBQ and they were all talkin’ about how much they hate gays and bis… and I was all *gasp* :0 …. Should I tell them?

  3. michael san diego says:

    hey whats up with u guys!michael here from san diego ..i love ur show specially glenn and daniel.keep that good and healthy relationship to each other and may god bless u both..:)

  4. babygirl says:


    I enjoy watching you on the show. I would like to see an episode with you at work.

    I want to ask a question. I do not know all of the particulars about the Hogan’s divorce. I do know that Terry “Hulk” was accused of infidelity. I do not understand why Brooke is so upset with her mom about her mom’s boyfriend, when her dad’s girlfriend is just as young, and this is the girl that he allegedly had an affair with on Linda that caused the whole divorce.
    Why is she not upset with him, but is upset with her mom? I know that there must be more that I either missed or do not know.

  5. Mickayla says:

    whats your favorite movie?? (:

  6. Dylan says:

    Hey Glenn, I just wanted to say that im really proud of you I no that had to be really hard for you,my parents found out I was gay from a really good friend of mine that wasnt supposed to say anything. And i come from a small town and we dont use the gay word there either. But im really proud that you were able to be open with it. I look up to you now because i couldnt have done that. And awesome speech. Your really amazing!

  7. Jeanette says:

    I think u gyes are awesome.Congrats for the show!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Darci says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Just wanted to say after watching last week’s show how amazing you were with your ex fiancee and your whole home town. Your speech was amazing and I had tears in my eyes for you when your father told you how proud he was of you. You have amazing parents!! Keep going on!

  9. gothica meranda xD' says:

    how weird did it feel dating a women agian what was the expieriencee hows everyone?

  10. Toottie~25~SC says:

    Omg Glenn! I think u are the sweetest, most adorable thing that ever lived! As we speak, I am watching the episode where u went on the date w/ that girl, and that goodnight kiss was super hot! But I must say, I’m a little jealous! LOL I cant get enuff of YOU! love u Glenn! (((wink)))

  11. Toottie~25~SC says:


  12. Angelique says:

    Glenn i live did u haveto do farm work wen u were little wen u lived in Michigan

  13. Nicholas says:

    was it the hard to come out to ur parents wat did u think was going to happen after you told them

  14. Big Mac says:

    hey Glenn…how should i tell most of my friends that im bisexual, without gettin nerves or scared?

  15. sasha says:

    hey glen just wanted to know are you still with your boyfriend the one your parents met when he went to the ranch ?????

  16. Diana says:

    I think you are not gay. Please do not waste your beautiful life with something like this! You are such a wonderful person, it’s a shame that girls like me do not get to have husbands like you.

  17. Marley says:

    Hey Glenn,

    You are suck a Good Friend to Brooke and Ashley Im super Jealous.:) want to be mine too? :)

  18. Lauren says:

    Glen you shouldnt be gay

  19. Monique says:

    Did your boyfriend freak out when he met your parents for the first time?

  20. Lauren says:

    you shouldn’t be gay

  21. Eric says:

    glen, was it realy hard for you to tell your parents that you were gay?

  22. GLorY says:

    hey glen
    how is it to be friends with broke ans ash!

  23. kelly says:

    Hello glen i think you guys are so cool and i would love to have friends like you. My dad lives in tampa i just left there he gave me a house in tampa.I am from hartford ct and i would love to move there my kids would love it there. I am going to south carolina tomorrow to conway and the beach my ant lives there. have a great night.
    we send our love to all of you.god bless you guys. kelly

  24. kornykkidd says:

    do you think you finally found the “one”?

  25. kelly says:

    Hello glen i think you guys are so cool and i would love to have friends like you. i would love to meet all of you. when i was a kid hogan was my fav i love him so much i had his dolls and i am a chic. i have alot of gay friends and a cousin thats cool your parents are cool with you being gay. good luck and we send our love to you guys.
    god bless you

  26. kornykidd says:

    do you think you finally found the “one”?

  27. kellyperez46 says:

    hey glenn whats up. i really think you guys are so cool and i would love to be friends with all of you. when i was a kid i love hogan i even had his dolls and i am a chic now i have 2 kids and my older son willie has the hogan doll now but he is still in his case.
    we love you guys love kelly

  28. Chuck says:

    How long have you guys been best friend with brooke?

  29. Angel_xOxO_7 says:

    hey glenn…i was wondering if you are still goin wit daniel

  30. vicki says:

    I juist saw the show about you and your mother and father . your mother and father are very cool. You give me courage to move on in my life . you do not let anyone stop you . I have ms is a sickness that has me with little movement. god bless and iam a big fan of the show . Say hello to brooke and everyone. i hope you see this letter. vicki

  31. kristin says:

    hey i was wondering wat made u laugh while brooke was dating a girl ???

  32. caitie says:

    hey how did u feel when u told ur parents that u were gay

  33. GLENN says:

    dana – HI back at yeah!

    Rachel-it was a bit of a scary situation but it was time for me, I have been wanting by two world to come together for so long because my daniel and family are SO IMPORTANT TO ME!! Daniel was sacred too, but since we went home with the WHOLE FAMILY on 4th of JULY and he meet everyone…AUNTS,GRANDMA,COUSINS< it was amazing!

    Michael-thanks for the HOT comment! lol You should do it when YOU are ready, when u truly feel comfortable with who you are, because it might take some time but remember everyone is different and everyone reaches a different way, dont judge them, because remember lead by exsample…u dont want to be judged!:) and the BBQ thing that happen would happen all the time with me, when my family didnt know, now they watch what they say…all the time!:)

    Michael from sandeigo- thanks alot FROM D&G!!

    Babygirl- you do need to do some research on that, because your wrong in some of ur facts! But that is a very personal situation with the hogan divorce and I like to stay out of that and love them both.

    Mickayla- favorite movie…PARENTHOOD …i think it will always be! i heard they r doing a tv series out of it!! cant wait. I have a big family it reminds me of that and I want a family!! oh but I also LOVE HORROR FILMS!

    Dylan- thanks so much, i knew it was important thats why I did it, we need to make sure people in the smaller states and town know that they are okay and safe and loved…no matter what people around them are saying.

    Jeanette- thanks U ROCK!

    Darci- I know it reminded me of the cartoon TARZAN, my dad & I have that kind of relationship. It took some time..but he is my #1 fan! Im lucky to have such amazing parents.

    Gothica- It was very uncomfortable LOL but it was a great experiment, I got my roomie to kiss girls!! lol we are all great THANKS!

    Toottie- well if we ever cross paths IM saving a Kiss just for u!

    Angelique- I did!! my dad started me working on the farm at 13!! it was HARD WORK in the COLD in the HEAT!!! Its a hard life being a farmer! But its a beautiful and simple life too

    NIcholas- it was really hard, but I knew who I was so no matter what was said to me, i stay true to me. There was alot of fighting and tears but they eventually came around, they still have a problem with it but its okay I love them. They even had a doctor see me when I first told them, he asked me lots of questions! and he brought my parents in the room, and said…”roger & paulette ur son is GAY!” and that was a family friend doctor!

    BIG MAC-tell the ones that are your true friends, if they r your friends then they will stay ur friends, be ready for some to open there mouth, so be ready to B U!

    sasha- Yes daniel & I are still together…going on 9 months!

    Diana- im sorry you feel that way, Im much more concerned about my eternality, thats why I am living this beautiful life with LOVE and god knows how much of a living person I am!

    Marley- I’ll be your GBFF anytime!

    Lauren- if I had a dollar for everytime I heard that! lol

    Eric- read above answer!:)

    Glory- they are like family to me!! we have a special bond with everything we have done together!:)

    Kelly-thanks for your message, and FLORIDA ROCKS!! enjoy it with your kids!:)

    kornykidd-I used to jump into a realtionship thinking that, this one im taking it slow. (but im hoping he is…LOL)

    kellyperez-Daniel had the HOGAN finger puppet LOL thanks for enjoying the show, i love doing it!

    Chuck-Brooke and ashley since they were 5 they went to school together, brooke and I when she was 13 I started training her in dance and her performance, and Ashley & I when we started filming just over a year ago

    ANgel X0X0-we are going STRONG!

    vicki- never give up!! stay strong! and enjoy ur moments!!! Always look at the good in things! thats what I do :)BIG SMILE at YEAH!!

    Kristin- do you not see all the shows….lol…..thats all I do is LAUGH!! it keeps me young!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa

    caitie-check answers above!!

    thanks for ur COMMENTS!
    keep it REAL!
    glenn XOXOX

  34. mason merritt says:

    hey hulk i was meaning to ask u a ?

  35. Felix says:

    i just wanted2 say that i realy like ur show it has some realy good times and u know how 2 enjoy life i like that..and i realy, i mean i realy like ur roomate ashley i think she is beautiful including urself brroke. but i would like 2 meet ur roomate or chat with her if u wouldn’t mind. other then that keep it up with ur show couse it rock’s sweety.mmuuaaa

  36. Felix says:

    i just wanted2 say that i realy like ur show it has some realy good times and u know how 2 enjoy life i like that..and i realy, i mean i realy like ur roomate ashley i think she is beautiful including urself brroke. but i would like 2 meet ur roomate or chat with her if u wouldn’t mind. other then that keep it up with ur show couse it rock’s sweety.

  37. Gisell says:

    Hi Brook!!!
    iLOVE YOUR SHOW! I have a question have you ever thought of sky diveing! I think that would be soooooooo cool for allthree of yougus doing that!!!
    Oh and one more thing

  38. savannah says:

    hello glenn…you are an awesome…hot…guy…too bad you are too old for me…i really like the relationship you,brooke,and ashely have…for you to be gay do you think hogan likes the fact that a gay guy is living with his daughter…hit me up sexxy

  39. young killer says:

    hey brooke
    u are so hott i just want holla on u someday cuase i watch brookeknows best..i relaly like it i want kiss u somedya babe
    holla on em

  40. LAMIINE says:

    hiiii it s an honer to post a comment because iam a big fun so how is life going with you ???

  41. patti says:

    being the mother of a gay son, i want you to know that any mother who really loves her child and pays close attention to them always knows that they are gay. kudos to your mon for being so in tune with the son she so obviously loves.

  42. ROYER says:

    hola glenn
    soy mexicano y hace algunos dias que veo el programa de broke y me parece muy bueno ya que es sensacional ver como se desenvuelve la vida de todos sin que esto se dramatice ni se vea grotesco la vida que reprecentan cada uno me parece sensacional, tu forma de ser me agrada pues no caes en el esexo pero espero el programa del dia23 para saver mas de ti muchos saludos a todos y dile a brooke que es muy veya al igual que la otra chica y tu eres todo un men chido por ti adios.

  43. yonattan says:

    it is first of all congratulate brooke so cute on that show and to congratulate Glenn for having the courage to speak in front of his school, thanks to the forces I had some way to tell my parents, and is very happy with daniel are super cute I admire them both and glenn are very nice and I’m your fan n º 1 cuidate kiss kiss

  44. miguel says:


    hi Glenn, my name is Miguel, ammmmmmmm i dont speak inlghis soy Mexicano me has motivado para salir del closet aunque au tengo miedo gracias por todo me gustaria platicar con tigo

  45. Miguel says:

    Hi Glenn

    My name is Miguel, im from Mexico ammmmmm idont speak inglish jejeje la verdad me has servido de inspiracion para salir del closet aunque aun me cuesta mucho me gustaria platicar con tigo gracias por ser como eres

  46. amy says:


  47. morgan says:

    hey, i love the show ur one of my favorites :)

  48. cassie says:

    hey u guys r awsome!!!!!!!!!

  49. Tiffany says:

    Hey, I don’t watch the show much anymore but I thought I’d ask how was it getting used to living in Miami with Brooke and Ashley?

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