Meet Brooke Hogan’s New Puppy!


Brooke and Ashley find an adorable little puppy strolling the beach all alone and Hulk steps in to take care of the it when the gang goes away for the weekend. See the sneak peek of Sunday’s all-new episode.

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  1. Brookiebaby0506 says:

    ok, even THE HILLS is more “reality” than this! I mean really?? REALLY??? We are supposed to believe this is reality? This is sooooo staged – the dog growling, doing tricks, the apartments don’t allow dogs, the photo shoot – I mean come on VH1! I get that this is supposed to be entertainment, but don’t try and tell me this is reality. What a joke!

  2. highonyourmemory says:

    I love how someone down there on a Saturday afternoon deletes my opinionated comments. Truth must hurts. This show is tanking!

  3. wendy says:

    brooke needs to grow up it’s none of her business who her parents date and the fact that she thinks she’s being so MATURE is a joke. she a spoiled brat who is treating her mom like crap. she thinks she’s something she’s not. she kisses a girl, and kisses every guy she meets on the first date like a $%@!+$@#!`@~!^(&& but she’s MATURE! GROW UP BRAT

  4. highonyourmemory says:

    I think she looks like a MAN!

  5. R3DL!N3D says:

    ok i saw this episode an to be honest yea it looks staged an not reality. im not hating on nobody but to be honest i have never found a dog that will do all thoes tricks right away never found a dog that does to a stranger. plus during the episode at one point in time when they that were heading down to key west(as statedby the cast), the were shooting when the cast was coming from key west when they stated that they were headid to key west. the dialogue is all messed up to be honest. i know this for a fact because i live in south florida an i have lived here for 17 years sn im pretty sure i know the difference between southbound and northbound on a bridge that is 5 minutes away from my front door. im sorrry but this show is boring an staged and plus ive read many posts on this website disssin the show and brooke and they all make sense the shows `*)($!`&_^“!^! le is an oxymoron.

  6. BrookeFan says:

    It makes more sense that the show was staged. I mean the dog did know a lot of tricks, but the thing that made me think this is that when the woman came to pick up the dog I swear I saw her slip the dog a treat when he ran to her. I rewinded and still saw his nose grab something out of her closed hand. They said they would return the dog to a nice family, but she didn’t seem all that nice…”His name is Lucas. Say it! Lu-cas!”.

  7. dorin says:

    i think that being raised with a siliver spoon and get evey thing you want i think you shoud donat money to cancr victioms and animals that are in need of help and you need to look around to see what you have. a good dad and half good mom and brother. I wish i could have a dance contest with ya but i cant sing im not in to it cant wait to see next show