Sneak Peek the Daisy of Love Finale!


Who will it be? London, 12 Pack or Flex? Sneak peek the season finale and tune in Sunday night to see who wins Daisy’s heart.

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  1. anna says:

    umm.. I think it will be londen but if londen.

  2. rebecca says:

    omg i love flex and 12 pac they are the hottiest guys there daisy i think flex is the one for you girl trust me but 12 pac might be the one for you to!!!

  3. Ms Bacon says:

    Forget who Daisy picks! Lets see the bromance between Daveslash12 and Flex blossom. It would be great if they walked off the finale and chose each other. HA!

  4. vanna2 says:

    hey daisy i love your show and i hope you find the perfect guy for you im from indianapolis indiana so hit me up later. bye

  5. MZB says:

    been watching u since Bret and wished u would have won, but now ur on 2 better things holding championship rings so cut the strings in the seams and be on to better things…..U ROCK…. SO, do what ever floats ur boat…..u bad a** chic :)

  6. erica says:

    I think flex will when. she was all over him in the limo and i think they have more chemistry!

  7. alyssa says:

    hey daisy i hope you find the right one you need a real man right now:)hope you find the one:):):) so you go girl im out hit me up down here in miammmmi you know:):):):)

  8. alyssa says:

    hey it’s me:) i just wonted to tell you daisy you did a good job by doing your own show so… i hope you fine the right one:) so im out i will ttyl. im from miami:)

  9. madeline says:

    flexx babyyy
    if not ill take him haha
    maybe in a couple of years
    but still he is sooo sexxxyyyy haha

  10. Jerry T. Walker says:

    Where did they get all those ignorant REDNECKS, i seen it for the first time this morning, and i see why, there is not one intellegent guy in the bunch.

  11. gina says:

    noo i dont think london the one for you daisy , i think outta 12pack and flex , for 12pack 30percent and 4 flex 70 percent.. so im wit flex you should be with

  12. sara says:

    ummm…I only have one question what was your motive to inviting london back was your connection that strong if you had any??? Any way if i were to tell you the guy i think is right for you that wouldn’t really count so i say go with the guy that makes you feel good and makes you feel like a queen….

  13. Future_0bsession says:

    What I think the elimination order should be like:
    12 Pack

    What I know will happen (based on speculation):
    12 Pack

  14. Violet says:

    Yeah! Flex, he’s cute. but Londonnnn… I love LOOONDOONNNNN. sh….He’s really hot. LONDON CALLING

  15. Lisa caddy says:

    hey daisy i think you’re pretty cool and awsome and i would like to be fri?ends. But my opinion for you is london and 12 pack/dave. They really do like you and thats what you are there for right? well i hope you make a good decision and i hope that we can be friends because i am one of your fans. you’re my favorite tv show so i don’t ever miss one at all.

  16. Lisa caddy says:

    12 pack/dave. you guys really like each other and i hope we can be friends my name is lisa caddy. you’re pretty cool ansd i think you’re awsome.

  17. anita says:

    daisy is likable. i don’t know who she should pick. but it is apparent now that back at the end of I love Money I, daisy was pursuing 12-pack (if only to get him on her show). so heather was telling the truth about daisy going after her guy…the time for heather to have a show is overdue. I also thought the swedish triplets that were on at the beginning were hilarious…be great if they showed up on I love Money 3

  18. shelly says:

    I think Daisy should pick Flex. He is hot and seems really true about his feelings. London is a perv. Don’t waste your time. 12Pack – Dave is ok, but seems to be stuck on himself. FLEX IS THE BEST

  19. Leo says:

    VH1, is there going to be reunion shows for both “Daisy of Love” and “Charm School with Ricki Lake” because I can see in next week’s schedule that there isn’t any for both shows. Can you tell me why?

  20. jessica says:

    i love flex

  21. jessica says:

    i want flex to win

  22. laura says:

    flex is hot… if she dont pick flex ill take him

  23. CHRIS POOLE says:


  24. Steph says:

    Daisy is a dumbass for not choosing flex, I hope she finds out that London has another girl pregnant or something like that. She’s really dumb, they’re good for one another, since he can’t read.

  25. Mama Tee says:

    WTF!!! Daisy he is just going to BREAK UR HEART AGAIN!!!! Flex and Dave were both better for you!! I think they each had a stronger love for you than London. He just wanted to win. He doesn’t care. He needs a place and some cash.

  26. ginger says:

    Sorry to see she picked the wrong guy. Typical dumb blonde who wants to hook up with the rock star type. She even admitted that Flex would have been the best guy she ever dated, yet in the end she picks the homeless, unstable, guy who had she probably not picked him, would have went back to the girl he was seeing at home. Maybe in 20 or so years when Daisy is still single after picking the same type of guy over and over again, she will realize that she should have listened to Ricki!!!!

  27. alyssa says:

    you know what daisy ^(_@+*~%)^*~@+)% you are an ugly #%^%*+@*!#`^`!& girl and i hope you die you eliminate 12 pack you must be on crack and you will pick london cause he is stupid to… just like her perect match dnhh dnhh

  28. diana says:

    does anyone know what brand sunglasses Daisy where’s in the season finale? the black pair?

  29. Jerika says:

    OK,i just saw 12 pack walk away, and you know what i’m PISS OFF, daisy, i though you were cool and everything but now i understand when they say that blondes are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.you just make the worst MISTAKE of you BLONDE life, first london is an @&#^(&@_(!*%^#) if he left once he will again in the wrost moment and you will get hurt to bad that you deserve it,i wish and i hope that you pick FLEX for the better and not pick loser london that cant support you in anything. ok BLONDIE make your choice but i still hate you for letting 12 pack go and i will never forgive you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. angel st angela says:

    i cannot believe she fricken picked london. what an idiot. flex was way better for her. what was the point of ricky being there if she was never going to listen to him and choose who was best? stupid girls…