Who Will Win Charm School 3? Sneak Peek the Finale!


Sneak peek the season finale and see what’s on the final 3 girls minds as they ready for their final test. Watch the season finale this Monday night to see who wins!

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  1. Bobby says:

    I hope Ashley wins!

  2. fancy ladie:) says:

    i agree i hope ashley wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)

  3. Kiyonica Heath says:

    I feel that Risky should win due to her noticable transformation. She’s obviously had a horrible childhood and has never had anyone to be there for her or her brother. Throughout the show, I have seen her open up. Ashley views the show as another competition. She only wants to win the money. She has managed to subside her rude comments and that’s about all. True enough, Marcia has stopped drinking but for how long? Perhaps, she should be on Dr. Drew’s show! This is not rehab. I am not downsizing her efforts. I am merely stating that Charm School should go deeper than avoiding a few drinks!

  4. natasha says:

    I hope Risky win she needs it and ashely is 100% hot mess why is she still in the house all she do is lie and stir up mess and the other girl please

  5. Future_0bsession says:

    Risky is playing the game just like the rest of ‘em. That being said, I’d love to see Ashley win because it’d be funny to see her reaction to that. Marcia, in my opinion, should win, though. I think she’s really trying.

  6. ambercrombie101 says:

    i dont agree that marcia should win,i think that ashley really came to charmschool to improve. but on the other hand so has risky she hasn’t had nobody really for her and her brother so i hope that is the finale two…. and ashley could really use the money for her and herr son to get out of the pole stripping buisness and grow up and get a real job,and risky could use it for her family,so i hope risky and ashley are finale..

  7. Quay says:

    I think Risky should win hands dwn. She is the only person I see up there who can be a role model to anyone. Okay Marcia has stopped drinking and Ashely is trying to fool herself that she’s a changes person but she’s not we can clearly see that. If Ricky doesn’t pick Risky I think she’s foolin her daman self; because she can role back them tapes and see that out of all those girls Risky was a good pick from day one. I think her only fault is that she can’t open herself up to people; and can relate to her on that because I hate for people to feel sorry for me like I haven’t been feeling that way for a while. i think it makes you stronger as a person but it can be your downfall in the future because you have so much built up inside of you that it has to come out someday and who knows how that can end up…..Anyway GO RISKY!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Christie says:

    I’m rooting for either Risky or Marcia to win. So long as it’s not Trashley.

  9. mama jamma says:

    is there gonna be a reunion?

  10. britney says:

    GO ABOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ash has got this hands down

  11. tamika says:

    nobody deserves it..this ~#)!*(~+_%(_)%** sucked…Risky still can’t fully open up!

  12. tamika says:

    nobody deserves it..this sucked…Risky still can’t fully open up!