Nakedly New York



New York recently posed for the paparazzi and revealed a little bit more than she intended to. I’m talkin’ about downtown! Maybe? It’s sometimes hard to tell what’s intentional with her (and certainly, she’s a master at the art of getting attention). It’s also kind of hard to make out what’s going on in New York’s nether region. Panties might be going on? Whatever. Hit up Crunk + Disorderly to see the full shots, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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  1. NewYorkLoverNo1 says:

    do ya´ll think she is dat dumb and put on a dress dat has the size of a towel and then put no panties on ?? nawwwwww i dont think it was her p****y i think it is jus a black pantie nuthin else in my opinion

  2. razzle says:

    Do your thing New York… Make that money…

  3. Blanket's Mom says:

    She sucks, VH1 we are over New York.

  4. Hoodmama says:

    They need to find something better to spend their money on then “New York ~ Tiffany”. I couldn’t stand her on Flavor of Love and I still can’t stand her. She thinks she’s all that where would she have been if she never mad it to Flavor of Love? …. Get Real, Get a Life and LOSE THE ATTITUDE …. YOU ARE NOT ANY BETTER THEN ME ….

  5. Future_0bsession says:

    No offense, but her hair looks like a poodle in that pic.

    Are the ILNY3 rumors true or not? Is she coming back? You know, the poll thing that was mentioned on the NYGTW finale episode.

  6. azianp3rsuasi0n says:

    Love The Hair Girl, Keep Doin Your Thing

  7. Pinkandblack80 says:

    I don’t care what razzle and azianp3rsuasi0n says. New York gets on everybody’s nerves already and she is just played out for now. People are getting tired of looking at her all the time so she needs to sit down somewhere.

  8. michael says:

    newyork your the best dam hottest girl in the got dam world and i love the way you kicked boustons **&`~)!!*)$&)_+

  9. damiansheats says:

    i love new york

  10. pierrebuie2nd says:

    awesome new york forget those bad comments you recived your as fine as they come good job out there I think you should take a vacation you earned it girl.

  11. dariana says:

    new york you is a *_!^%_#)!!#@$~(@* because you was acting crazy when you went on the jobs so if you keep this up i will +^@@@~)%+(@#`()_ you up okay

  12. dariana says:

    new york you is a +~*_+~!^_++@@$_!@ because you was acting crazy when you went on the jobs so if you keep this up i will %@!&`*&%)+*#!#_^ you up okay

  13. robertwillett says:

    meet you newyork /newyork

  14. misguided ny says:

    New York why are you teasing the press? GOOD GIRL GONE BAD. WHY ARE you so misguided into thinking this is ok, it is not ok. Your fan clubs are worried , about you now. CAN YOU CATCH YOURSELF? BECAUSE YOU ARE FALLING down, and it does not look good. GET UP GIRL, AND MAKE YOUR FAMILY PROUD, NOT SAD.

  15. gmoney says:

    new york keep doing you cause we all know that there is no limit!!

  16. Anthony says:

    I bumped into Tiffany aka, “New York” the other day here in Utica, and we got to talking.. There has ALWAYS been a attraction between Tiff and myself, and like a fool, I never acted on it… She tells me she got the OK for a I LOVE NEW YORK 3, which makes me real happy for her.! I would really like a opportunity to see if I acually have a chance with her,, and I think I can bring some real chemistry to her… GODBLESS TIFF, and best of luck girl… Hope to see you soon…!

  17. qbn10dr says:

    I am sorry her and Flavor FLav belong together both ugly and dumb as hell. He is ugly as ever and she look like a man. I find it so funny that that )@()*%+^^*+^*_“! don’t have a job. Pathetic that she is on tv being stupid and her voice sound like a sick donkey. Here is new york..Really born a man..Forgot to cover up the Adam’s apple. Very funny
    I sucks always and forever. Your mom looks like the Flavor Flav as a female.Haha Get a day Job )@()*%+^^*+^*_“! if they let men work as females. I really do not like her stupid a**

  18. 4PlayLovers_619 says:

    new york your the ^`+%!&(%%*_+*^_` your a beautifull woman your INDEPENDIT your sweet when the right time comes around…i love your relationship you got with your mom i have the same wit my mom…the ponit is `@!~~!)^*_~#*+`( WHAT EVERY HATERS GOT TO SAY…..just like they all say….HATERS ONLY MAKE ME FAMUSE…



  19. shakinah says:

    she got uglier since new york goes to work

  20. mskaylove says:

    I love you girl they need to put you back on vh1. These show suck bad think about it please!!!!