You’re Invited To A Sober House Concert Event!



Shooting of the second season of Celebrity Rehab presents Sober House is now underway, and audience members are needed for a free concert taking place Saturday at the Music Box @ Fonda in Los Angeles. The concert will feature Ace Frehley (Kiss), Kyle Gass (Tenacious D), Steven Adler (Guns n’ Roses), Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), and School of Rock members. Doors are at 7 pm, first band goes on at 8. All attending must be 18+. If you are interested, confirm a seat by emailing

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  2. Tracy C says:

    So i was watching the show but i have not seen any updates on the people that was on the show. Have they stayed in touch with you? Have they stayed sober? What are they doing now? My hope for all of them is that they could stay on truck and stay sober. They all have the power with in them to say no to it all if they chose to.

  3. Diane says:

    Come on Dr. Drew give us the scoop, vacation is over. I need my VH1 Sober House! Thanks

  4. Cindy says:

    Dr. Drew:

    Like many others – how are the patients doing? Is Steven Adler still sober? I was pulling for him. How are the others doing – (Rodney King)?

  5. WP Themes says:

    I over recall the dispatch is decorous and on the point. This brief in point of fact helped me in my %$^~$$`$((!~(_# ignment.

  6. Cassandra says:

    I like the thought that you are bringing to light that celeberties are people too, and that they get caught up in the drug and alcohol scene. I think this is great for people who realize they have a problem and seek help but not many do, as they feel that the do not have a problem. It doesn’t help some of these people when they see thier favorite celeberty acting like a dumb butt. Under the influence of these drugs the celeberties do not understand that they have people that idolize and respect them, and they don’t care. If these celeberties want the help they need not act out on screen. If this is all scripted, it is not wise for people to see actors acting like this because our youth sees this stuff and think well I am a rebel so I am going to act like the Great Rodman or the females acting like Heidi. Please help them understand they are doing this for themselves but there are others watching them go through the withdraws, but to refuse cooperating with the rules of the house show others it is ok for them not to respect rules. Keep up helping these people, but remember there are young ones watching this as well.

  7. Jess says:

    I love the show, watching the first and second series’ of celebrity rehab helped me make the choice to join a 12 step group. I’ve been sober for 15 months and am an active member. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you Dr. Drew, thank you to all the celebs, thank you to Shifty whom I met once at 30 days sober.

    One suggestion for the show, I love love love Jen, fantastic choice for head of house, and maybe some alanon might help detaching from the troubled residents. I hate seeing her comprimising her emotional sobriety.

  8. vh17 says:

    I am a recovering addict and I work in a treatment center and I am disgusted by what goes on in these shows. There is no structur, the patients abuse the staff and get away with it and Dr Drew lets them get away with murder as long as they are polite with him. He foes nothing but make excuses for their behavior and the staff gets so frustrated one of them ended up getting fired. Kari Ann should never have been allowed to stay but its all about Dr Drew’a ego and ratings- as an addict and treatment professional i’m embarrassed

  9. Pat says:

    Take them to a nursing home that has younger residents. People in their 40s and 50s are in homes. Usually from strokes from drugs – crippled forever.

  10. Mary says:

    I didn’t realize Dr. Drew had a sober house. I have this urge to help these celebrities that are addict’s. They have so much to be grateful for. And they let drugs take that all away, or the drugs take them away. Some of us aren’t able to have even close to what they have and their lives change because the drugs and alcohol fill a void or something. I wonder if it’s the money that they have ?
    I would love to be able to shake them up and say “look at what you have… are the drugs worth losing it all ? Enjoy life, breath the fresh air that God gave us. I think it’s such a waste to have a good life with a mansion and anything you ever want and take advantage of that.

  11. Michael Rohrer says:

    so $)_+^_)`~_~++(+! you guys. I would love treatment or the time to do it. I can’t, i have to work a menial job and pay bills. That doesn’t matter for you, you have the resources. $)_+^_)`~_~++(+! you for being so entilted. I truly want to stop, you just want a paycheck! Thanks for nothing, i will die from this and you’ll be forever famous. I want to raise a kid and have a family! You’ve been able to fanagle that cause you have money! Thanks!

  12. Bonnie T says:

    I work at a residential/halfway treatment facility (we have men, women and women with children). I think we have to realize that they are editing for television (and commercial breaks!) but to show the REAL stuff would be a tremendous compromise of confidentiality. Check out ADDICTED on TLC, too. One may question why someone knowing they’re being filmed would still act the way they do, but that is addict behavior, at times it is simply an “I don’t care” and that, as Dr Drew has said, is the addiction talking. In terms of Carrie mentioning “hardcore” treatment facilities, I agree that Pasadena Recovery seems a bit “softer” but I’ve learned in my years where I work that there are several methods used by professionals in the field of substance abuse and you have to account for individual personalities – look at the staff that are working as residential techs on those shows – I think they all have different ways of approaching their clients and the situations that arise. I watched this week’s Sober House, with the celebs getting jobs – and believe me, their attitudes are the same as any other addict. For many, it is the first time in YEARS that they are having feelings and the first impulse is ‘poor me.’ Listening to the comments of “I’m not going to let (whoever) talk to me that way” is SOOOOO addict behavior. To feel sorry for them is dangerous because an addict will take that impulse and try to use it to their full advantage. Outside the safety of treatment centers, the bosses, the landlords, the clerk at the grocery store, etc will not let them use their addiction as an excuse for not doing their job or behaving as a productive member of society. I don’t think Keri Ann should have been admitted to Sober House (and judging from the first two episodes, Jen agrees) and I hope that Dr Drew holds to his “this is the last time” attitude with Seth. Because Seth does not want to live a sober life – it is too painful for him now. I have had to do that with someone in my life and it is unimaginable. I would like to see more shows of the people who have been seen on Celeb Rehabs 1, 2 and 3 that are still sober and to document their struggles with everyday life. Seeing Bridget and Rodney on the last Rehab was great. Sometimes I can’t believe I’m watching these shows, because I live it everyday – but that is probably why I watch.

  13. melissa says:

    i just don’t get this whole sober house crap. these patients come and go as they please. they test postive for drugs and they get to stay???? kari ann is just &`!&!!@^#_*#_*_@ ing nuts, how many chances are they really going to give that stupid !!*%(~`^(`)*!^^`$ she really thinks somebody owes her something!!! she punches a camera man and gets kicked out but in the next previews it shows dr drew letting her back in!!! WTF what kind of example is that setting for the other patients???? that girl is way beyond a sober house she seriously needs mental help and dr drew being a doctor he should know that!!!

  14. NEO says:

    had to google kari anne. could not figure out how she supported her lifestyle by being fired as miss teen america so many years ago.
    LO AND BEHOLD…she’s a hooker! love it! i know why she’s such a bitter old crack head.
    she sold her own tape and set up mindy for it.
    love heidi..honest woman. no apologies, when she went down, she went down alone. she took no one with her.

  15. neo says:

    why do you keep introducing kari and a miss teen pagent winner…she’s 25…looks 40 and was fired from that position anyway.

    why don’t you introduce her as the hooker she is…everybody…google this disaster.

    and now…BRING THE HO BACK!!! now i get it the joke.

  16. scott says:

    googled kari ann. trying to figure out how she earns money given she was fired years and years ago as miss teen america and is now 25 and looking 45.
    turns out she’s a hooker. hahahahahaha

    bring her back. now i at least get the joke.

  17. dame tush says:’s one thing to listen to the residents curse, but another to hear it from someone 4 years sober.
    attended a meeting with a friend once and saw a sign that read “i curse to show how well bred i am”

    think about it…you are supposed to be modeling for these people. you may be the only example of sobriety they ever see. you should also be far less involved with the drama than you are. it’s a useless waste of energy.

  18. scott says:

    melissa..calm down. there is no sober house in the country that would allow someone to enter after testing positive. this is a show. can’t wait for the crack head ho kari to come back.

  19. nan says:

    bring the kari ho back. she’s funny. has no idea it’s not ok to take off your top in rehab ’cause she takes off her bottoms for money.
    she is so crazy and demented she’s absolutely hysterical.

  20. cacee says:

    bring back kari ann. love how crazy she is.

  21. mia says:

    Bring back kari ann…HOHOHHOHOHOHOHOHO


  22. Rae says:

    I think Jen needs to be replaced. She seems to still have a lot of issues that gets in the way of the residents’ sobriety. She probably thinks she means well, but taking EVERYTHING personally doesn’t help people fresh in recovery – especially arguing and fighting with them.. I didn’t care for her last season and was hoping someone else would be running the house, but….. Dr. Drew, I know you care for the residents… can’t you help them with this too?

  23. rae says:

    yes, give kari anne another chance. she shouldn’t have hit the cameraman, but i don’t think she meant to hurt him. jen jumped at the chance to kick her out.

  24. mia says:

    who cares about giving kari ann a chance? i just like watching her fabricated melt downs and poor me victim nonsense while she’s actually victimizing all around her.
    gotta love a remorseless crack ho who needs the money.

  25. duke wally says:

    jen..why do you gossip so much. know you are part of a 12 step program. gossip and repeating anything you witness and hear is frowned upon. not sober living.
    as soon as something juicy happens, you the supposedly well one run all over the house tattling.
    what’s with you girl?
    can’t wait to hear kari ann ask for juice again…i have a few friends who would love to give her juice first thing in the morning. how much kari?

  26. scott says:

    first kari tried to get drew to do her dirty work. then the cameramen. when that didn’t work, she slugs the guy…love this HO!!!
    then, she sets up mindy knowing she’s about to sell her tape of mccreamy and his wife.
    what a perfect, manipulative little gutter snipe. BRING HER BACK…GOTTA HAVE MORE!

  27. neo says:

    give kari another chance for what? i say YES!..strictly for entertainment purposes only. yo rae…do you really think this skank wants to change anything in her life?
    team kari ann! bring the crazy hooker back…this show sucks without her.

  28. neo says:

    what’s with mike’s change of heart regarding kari? in rehab, he had a crush on her. on sober house, he’s dissing the little prostitute. WTF????
    like he’s a package.
    think they’d make a cute couple…slugging each other and stuff.

  29. jamie says:

    gotta feel sorry for the little brothers kari. these poor kids actually showed their faces on her rehab segment. oh well, whoring is a selfish business.

  30. SEEMORE says:


  31. VIENNA says:


  32. JAN says:


  33. neo says: suck. you kicked off poor kari the ho just for hitting a cameraman and testing positive. what part of the is a comedy don’t you get.
    by the way, if you keep telling the residents one by one to “get the f–k out” you’ll be out of a job and drew might have to do some real work that does not include exploiting his patients.
    c’mon, cut the crap jen…and go to more meetings…can’t tell the difference between you and the other crazies.

  34. LD says:

    I’ve been watching and I am sadden to see that Heidi cannot move on. It’s been 5 years, Heidi, you are keeping yourself as the victim. You cannot move forward or get over your addiction by holding on to the past. It’s done and nothing can make it go away. Like Bob said forgiveness is the best tool we have for healing, for yourself. The way you attack people is sad, sad to see you going after them like a pit bull. It is doing no one any good, it vile. I am praying for you and Tom, let it go. I am also praying for Kari Ann, yes she has a lot of issues… she doesn’t see herself clearly, she thinks the world is against her…but clearly you were the only one doing all teh talking and attacking on this weeks program. Does it make you feel good to talk to people like that? The way to spoke to Tom on graduation day, really? Heidi take a look in the mirror…a hard look….it’s not pretty. And I’m not talking physical, I’m talking inner self…I have a son who has struggled with addiction, and I tell you, I understand, but I also know what God can do if you let Him in and start that healing process…God be with you all.

  35. Debbie says:

    what an absolute joke! there is something so wrong with this show, you have to leave, you can come back, and I use to have so much respect for Dr. Drew but anymore – I think he has jumped on the LOOK AT ME band wagaon…….most of his reasoning just make not sense…use some common sense because apparently what you have been schooled and taught isn’t working-IS IT! If this is help … lord help us all!

  36. karen muise says:

    I am a fan of the show but I have to say that regarding Mike, your camera crew came into his room and woke him up to give him meds that could have waited until he woke up on his own. Seth was with him. I know this is a reality show that needs ratings but honestly, I thought you were skilled enough to know when to back off. Let him sleep it off when he can. I am glad you let him back in but I feel that this episode is an exploitation of him. You make him feel guilty, when it was your crew and soberhouse manager that actually disturbed him. He held it together until you barged in to give him meds when he was resting and being comforted by Seth.
    Shame on your crew. I am rooting for Mike and Seth. #&@+#$&@&^_~~&+# the ratings, cuz you will lose my support if you continue to use these people for ratings!!!

  37. Tony says:

    Mike and shifty me and my friends are all pulling for you. I hope you can do it this time shifty.

  38. Renee says:

    This all seems to be scripted to me! I have to agree with a lot of the other comments on this site. I mean come on…you break curfew and you have to give up your phone and write a 350 words on paper!!! Give me a break! To me these would be actors/actresses are doing just that…acting! And what happened to “Monroe”, Tom Sizemore’s “girlfriend”? Supposedly she signed in to rehab and what…because she not a “star” that she wasn’t filmed too? Makes for “good” t.v. I think that in the real world, if residents had done (or said) some of the things that these folks did, they would have gone! Just my opinion.

  39. Vince R. says:

    I am a Dr. Drew fan and recovered alcoholic with 7 yrs sober. I like to see anything that addresses addiction on TV, but the way some of the folks are on the latest season is far away from anything I think remotely relates to recovering. Maybe if they considered going to a meeting, reading a little recovery literature, helping others, or working on being better people, it would help their recovery. Maybe they do, but it doesn’t come across on the show. I know its entertainment, but c’mon…I wish them good luck.

  40. Nadine says:

    Hi Dr. Drew,
    First, I love your show(s)I have a few questions? Why arent the fans able to see your show two times a week instead of once? It’s just too long to wait for the next showing.;)
    Also, Why aren’t the residents going to any outside meetings? The residents have no structure and are really are driving each other crazy.I feel Jen is getting a bum rap from the viewers. She really needs some support with these folks. Yes, Will is always there when she calls him.But,I really think there should be another sober person helping with the residents.
    I am happy that Tom Sizemore is really hanging in there.Tom tried addressing Mikes’self-centered behavior towards everyone in the house. Tom started out ok. He was having a meeting with the house (whether he knew was another thing)only his anger got the best of him.
    They really need someone to help direct them towards some stability.
    Good Luck to all. I hope to see everyone with a strong support system,

  41. Dian Sommers says:

    What another great show with Dr. Drew! If Sober House doesn’t keep you entertained nothing will. There is so much action and the patients do have so many issues. I root for Heidi and Dennis and my husband supports Tom. The cast is GREAT! I do want to see more of Dr. Drew in this series.

  42. richard madrid says:

    drew & crew I am 5 years sober after relapsing after 15 years continuious soberity I am dissappointed with
    the latitude afforded the sober house residents! I reccommend a much firmer position in regards to attitudes, many of these people were never famous to begin with , from my point of view, Perhaps the kid gloves should be removed. let them take a few lumps,
    I had to and it made me get the lessons of life that I needed! being spoon fed recoverywill not be of value
    recovery must be earnednot gift wrapped. I do not mean to be in sensetive, just practical My bottom line is
    you either earn your soberity or you die from your
    yours in recovery
    Richard Taco Madrid

  43. tunafish says:

    My wife bamboozled me into watching a few minutes of this pathetic program. It’s difficult to imagine a less sympathetic bunch–well-heeled whiners without the character or discipline to fend for themselves.

  44. Patricia says:

    Dr Drew, I was a witness to domestic violence as a child. I wish you would call in a domestic violence expert to talk to Heidi about her actions towards Tom and whether this is really an appropriate way to deal with a man who battered her in the past.

    It’s a good thing for the world when a batterer can change. But Heidi doesn’t seem to want him to change. She’s always calling him “a man who hits women” instead of “the man who hit me.”

    That makes it sound like he did it to more than just her, that he’s still doing it and he could do it again any minute.

    That sounds like she doesn’t want him to change, like she’s still holding on to the Tom who beat her.

    It’s not good. I’m worried where this is going, I’m worried where Heidi is going to take it.

  45. Dave says:

    I have been to treatment and I will Tell Dr Drew right now The ladie he has in charge of the sober house is the cause of most of all the problems!! She enjoys being a @$!*@(+(**%+)^_~^ and likes seeing the people struggle!! She is such a @$!*@(+(**%+)^_~^ I hate her!!!

  46. Lady C says:

    I just want to say GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU, AND HOPEFULLY ALL OF YALL OVER COME YALL ADDICTIONS because my father, sisters, and brothers are all ADDICTED to some kind of DRUGS! My dad and sister drug of choice is “CRACK” and my other sister and brother drug of choice is “WEED” and I jsut thank GOD that he BLESSED me with a SOUND MIND and BODY an that he kept me from experimenting with drugs or alcohol… sO GOD BLESS YALL and the people that’s willing to land a hand in yall time of needs… Sincerely Lady C….

  47. Alwayscrwd says:

    Come on Dr.Drew can u do us all a favor and have Less Close ups for Heidi…

  48. Lindy says:

    My experience is that a “sober house” wherein there is a manager and an %_*_^`&@$(~&#)# t. manager worked out best for all of us. The house manager always had weekends off and left the sober house.

    So proud of Starr…peeps who have not kicked years of methadone use have no idea what they are talking about as far as how “long” it takes to not feel sick…as for me, after a decade of methadone use, I was still the color gray for 4 months, and over a year to get my legs (literally) back to walk…it’s been 7+ years off all opiates and methadone…after kicking methadone I have no desire to pick-up any opiate…

  49. gregg says:

    sober houses manager has a tough job. she not only has to make sure the house is destroyed by these out of control, babied “stars”, but she has to try and help them through their addiction. And most of the time she seems to be there without any help. That is a bad idea since she is recovering herself. The people in this sober house are sick, not from their drug use, but from their stardom. They need to get over themselves to start the healing. Keep your chin up jennifer and if they continue to bring you down….walk away. your life is worth more than that.

  50. SamIam says:

    Dennis, Dennis, Dennis! You are in such serious denial about your problems with alcohol. The fact that you couldn’t even watch yourself when with Dr. Drew had some old footage of you partying, shows the extent of your denial. It’s causing serious brain damange, liver damage, damage to all of your relationships. WAKE UP! It’s good that you’re getting help but you still don’t believe you have a problem. That’s part of your illness. Watch the videos, participate, accept and own your problems.

    It’s sad that these athletes and former stars, when faced with day to day reality, fall apart and turn to drugs, etc. That tells you how much of a fantasy world they’ve been living in. The rest of us have to deal with life. Learn to live it!

  51. diva says:

    Dr. Drew,

    I am disappointed in you allowing all of those people to be so disrespectful, to each other but especially the staff. I think whether chose to behave like they do as spoiled children, the consequence should be removal from the house, immediately. No disrespect should be tolerated, just as you set rules for how the staff behaves those ungrateful kids should be held to the same standard. That’s what’s wrong with them anyway…they have been allowed to do and act in any manner they have wanted and now they feel entitled. They would not get away with their behavior on the street. Hold them more responsible for their actions. It’s about time.

  52. Twila says:

    Doesn’t the doc see that Rodman is trying actually to set boundaries. The reason he talks to people that way that go up in his room at 3 or 4 in the morning, is an attempt at setting personal boundaries without having to let go of the “fun company”. I know, I was a drunk and user for over 20 yrs. This recovery process is a long and hard battle; but God it is worht it.

  53. todd says:

    Dr. Drew, I have been hearing news of Lindsey Lohan lately. It sounds as if she is still fighting her addiction. Have you tried to get her on celebrity rehab? If she did agree to come do you think she would do well in that situation? It would be nice to see her overcome her addiction and carry on with her career.

  54. Lancy Lough says:

    I was saved by your show. It actually saved my life. I am 487 years old and have been addicted to pain meds and smack for over 20 years.My first interduction to Opiate’s was in 89 when I

  55. Lancy Lough says:

    I was saved by your show. It actually saved my life. I am 487 years old and have been addicted to pain meds and smack for over 20 years.My first interduction to Opiate’s was in 89 when I was in a motorcycle wreck that crippled my right leg resulting in post tramatic arthritus .The answer to my problem acording to my doctor was pain meds .I had several problems legal because of my free life style ,”I have been a Tattoo Artist ,” for 30 years and because of who else I was I had to leave the country ,I moved to Mexico where my habit continued .I came back to America in 93 with a bigger habit .after many years of continually using and drinking I was diagnosed with Alcoholic pancreantitus .A very painful and life threatening disease I have full custody of my two daughters ,then ages 4 and 5 .I had owned several sucsessfull businesses ,making upwards to $4000 a day and a ever growing habit .I walked away from all of it to raise my daughters ,thinking that a change would change everything .I went to collage thinking that I would be able to support us on my artwork and to a certain degree did ,I also had a monster to feed ,my addiction .To make a very long story short I was perscribed 180 methedone ,90 dilaudide k4′s ,45 oxi 40′s,percocete 10′s ,valium 10′s ,marinol and 3 morphine shots a week at the emergancy room at my disposal .I started watching your show and saw that I wasn’t alone .I thought to myself if these can do this I can so I went cold turkey. After 5 days I went and told my doctor what I was doing she wanted to level me out afraid I was going to die if they didn’t .No suboxin or anything like that .just my percocetes and some oxi 10s and some dilaudid .It was a have to siuation.I started cutting down right away ,but still staying on the meds just enough to keep me from dieing .I felt like someone had hit me with a baseball bat from head to toe .I am proud to say I have now been clean for 16 days .Your show was my NA meeting when I couldn’t get to one because I was to sick to leave my home .I just wanted to personally thank your show ,because if I hadn’t accidently tiurned to your show and started watching it I wouldn’t have made it .Your show stirred up something in me that I can’t put into words .I think you should do a show about how many lives you’ve saved just by people tuning in .Peace

  56. Jessica says:

    I cant understand how this works….I am a recovering addict and I learned something when I frist came into recovery We are all 5s no one is no better or any less.. And trying to recover from the same disease Heidi should be ashamed of her self not only did she treat kari ann badly she keeps bringing up the whole he beat me thing WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS???? She will not stay sober she is by far the sickest addict i have ever seen

  57. kathleen wilcox says:

    I am a stay at home mother, 43 years old and never had a drug or alcohol addiction problem, but I am addicted to this show. I just watched the finally and wanted to say great job. It is a great show, with real great people. I hope they all stay sober and happy as they are now. Great work Dr. Drew and all the staff and crew, and to VH1 as well.

  58. Gloria Hernandez says:

    God bless u all! May u all stay sober U r all in my prayers. Love Seth

  59. Rob Berrie says:

    Hi Dr.Drew.I have allways thought you do great work,i’v listened to love line on and off for years.I have been sober for 19 out of the last 21 years.I had one 3 year relaps and it nearly killed me.I havent watched all of the shows(rehab and sober house)but from what i have seen i think you may need to do some alanon meetings if you arn’t all ready.I beleave Rodmans bed could of been used for somone that wanted to get sober.I think you underminded the house manager(talking to a patient like that would be grounds for dismisal)they wern’t patients they were roommates and the manager wasn’t your staff!I beleave you gave a wrong inpresion of what a sober living house is.The house managers i know wouldn’t of put up with the crap she had to put up with because of your manipulation.If the “patients” had seen that they couldn’t act like jackholes(Jimmy and Addam referance)maybe they would of started to act better.You are a cool guy with a good heart but i think you need to be more of a hard #%*~$!(#(_^$)@! If someone dosn’t get with the program kick them out and bring in someone that’s ready. R.B.

  60. dean says:

    Please please please dear god stop covering or showing anything with Jennifer in it. she is not compelling, interesting or an any manner entertaining at all. stick with the celebs and please please please i beg you guys no more Jennifer!!! im a long time watcher of the show and recently i have been turned off the more you show if Jenifer>>>>>>who cares about her!!!!!

  61. Ang says:

    HI Dr. Drew

    I really enjoy your show and hope the best for all the celebs that have been on the show.

    My boyfriend currently fighting addition and I have been with him for 13 years and he has been through a number of rehabs which he has benefited from all but still has not been able to kick the habit. Most recently he has hit his rock bottom (I hope) and was living on the street in a large city. I am unable to help him any longer and he is in another city but keeps in touch so I know he is alive. Currently he is doing well and really likes where he is and has a good job. I recently said to him I hope he is does well cause that is all I want for him and if it is with out me I am ok with as long as he is alive and well.

    Again, wish all the celeb rehabers all the best and to keep up the good fight… :)n

  62. Pat says:

    Why don’t you answer e-mail?? I sit because you know that you have no idea of what to say??