The Celebreality Interview – London


Since London/Joshua Lee/a real f***ing person lives in the New York area, we had him in the office for a video interview. In the clip above, he talks about whether he’s still together with Daisy and dealing with a reality TV relationship after reality TV.

The next clip is all about his leaving and returning to the show (fun fact: all told, he was only gone for a week)…

(BTW, here’s a link to the original interview with London as referenced in the clip above.)

In the following segment, he talks about dealing with the other guys: what it was like to be targeted to them and how he felt about Flex calling him a “faggot.”

Rumor alert! Below, London talks homelessness, “dating” someone else in the time between leaving and returning to Daisy of Love and whether or not he’s addicted to sex and/or drugs.

And finally, London talks about his band, The Party Death, and whether he thinks it will last with Daisy.

Keep up with London via his MySpace.

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