Charm School – Finale – Charmed, I’m Sure



The ending of this installment of Charm School is so sweet, I’m not even going to put up a glib comment by way of introduction. You’re on your own with this one.

With their work in New Orleans complete, the girls are going back to Cali.


Risky interviews that it’s the finale, so you don’t know what’s going to happen at this point. To be fair, I think she’s said that in approximately every episode. Risky’s world must be one of perpetual awe. This show might as well have the expanded title of Charm School: Risky in Wonderland.

Ashley, meanwhile, is surprised to have made it to the Top 3, much less to have lasted a day in the house. Well, aren’t we all?

The girls return…


A nervousness hangs above them as though they are all waiting for the results of a collective pregnancy test.


To cope, Marcia makes up fairy tales that wildly exaggerate VH1′s financial means:



See, I was thinking a more conventional cinematic twist involving seeing dead people or Darth Vader being one of their fathers or being 20 years older than you’re claiming, which is possible thanks to proportionate dwarfism. That’s the kind of turn I want my reality TV to take.

Stryker tells them to change into their uniforms and meet downstairs in 10 minutes. Now they’re really crapping themselves. I hope they wear bloomers under those skirts.


Ricki introduces their final commandment…


Instead of elimination, it’s time for reintroduction. The girls will be reunited from people from their pasts. And it’s gonna feel so good! First up, Risky’s lovely mom:


What’s awesome about this is that Marcia is seriously freaking out in the background as Risky and her mom embrace:


It gets to the point where Ashely dusts off her heart and comforts Marcia with an embrace. Good thing she did, because next through the door are her baby daddy James and her son Al…


Al is inconceivably adorable…


And Ashley is never more endearing than when she’s around children.


It is such a good look for her that she should always have one strapped to her. I know her line of work might complicate things, but she should really try to maneuver it.

Finally, in comes Marcia’s also comely mama…


This is the moment that Marcia has been freaking out for.


“I only get to see her once a year, so I never in a million years thought I would see my mom in Charm School,” says Marcia. Doesn’t she mean that never in 12 months, she thought she would see her mother in Charm School?

Everyone gets cozy with their loved ones…




And then they show them around. At one point, Ashley and James sit on her bed watching Al, who’s decked out in Mardi Gras beads.


Ashley wonders if they’re “like, setting him up to be gay,” since he loves jewelery and pink and purple. “I don’t care if he is. He can be whatever he wants,” she adds. Given the parenting alternative (i.e. gay panic), this is sweet. Even James doesn’t seem bothered at the prospect, though he does point out that Al just likes to look good. Ashley adds that their son also enjoys wearing lip gloss. That doesn’t mean he’s gay; it just means he’ll make a good contestant on Daisy of Love 21.

With reintroductions out of the way, the girls are all called back downstairs, where they find Doc Ali, who helped them confront their fears five episodes ago.


Doc and Ricki are going to talk to each girl with her respective love one(s). An interpreter, Cassandra, will assist Marcia’s Portuguese-speaking mother.


First up are Risky and her mother.


Doc Ali says she’s going to have them do an exercise she calls T.A.G. That’s Truth, Amends and Gratitude. For the first step, she asks Risky if there’s anything that needs to be said to her mom. Risky says that her mom did a great job raising them, regardless of various situations. She has a lot to do with the good things that have happened in all of their lives, and she doesn’t blame her mom for unspecified bad stuff. Her mom says she did hold herself accountable for a lot of mistakes that occurred after she divorced Risky’s dad.

For the next step, Doc Ali asks Risky if there’s anything she needs to apologize for. She does: she blamed her mom for certain things when they weren’t her mom’s fault. Also, the “situation” with her stepfather went on for so long and she’s sorry that she told her mom about it when it was already too late. Risky’s being vague about her situation, but more and more, I feel like I’m hearing her loud and clear. Then again, it’s the finale: who knows what’s going to happen? Her mom says she’s sorry for not knowing Risky’s pain. It’s all very touching and tear-filled.


Finally, it’s time for gratitude. Risky doesn’t know what she would do and where she would be if it weren’t for her mom. Doc Ali sees a change in Risky since her mid-season visit. Indeed, Risky says she could relate to so much that they did, specifically helping out underprivileged kids and the homeless, because she experienced those things at different points. God, Risky’s had it tough. It’s kind of amazing that she’s as pleasant as she is. Doc Ali says it’s Risky’s responsibility to talk to those in those situations. So in addition to being a doctor, she’s an employment counselor, too? Her mom says that Risky has learned patience and that the world doesn’t revolve around her. Yep, that’s a big one.

Next up is Ashley and James.


First of all, when I saw James, I was like…


damn, baby. If James is your type, you’re probably swooning now.

Ashley interviews that their relationship has never been about sharing feelings, so therapy will be a new thing for them. O…K? I don’t even want to hanker a guess as to what they’re sharing if not feelings. For the truth part of their T.A.G., Ashley says she loves him and she always did but he’s cheated on her a lot. The swooning ceases. Ashley comes close to crying, so that’s new. It’s hard for her to forgive him, but she doesn’t want to be without him, especially for the sake of their son. Is James committed? Yes, the past is the past. He says that he loves her as much as she loves him. Until I see “Ashley” tattooed above his breast, I’m not believing it. Ashley apologizes for all the times she was cold and mean. She also says that she needs more respect than that which can be gleaned from a cheater. Ricki thinks Ashley’s learned to love herself. I’m not so sure — Ashley’s never struck me as anything but smitten with Ashley.

Finally, Marcia and her mom. Marcia is reluctant to tell her mom about her drinking problem.


She finally does, though.


She apologizes and says she’s changing that. She’s going to make her mom proud. Her mom understands and she’s not angry. Ricki notes that Marcia has come far not just by quitting drinking, but by avoiding arguments with the girls. Marcia thinks she is strong because of her abusive stepfather; Ricki thinks that stepfather is what drove her to drink. It’s really neither here nor there because Marcia isn’t going to open up about the pain caused by her abusive stepfather. She’s afraid her mother will take it to heart and she would rather protect her mother’s feelings than reveal anything. Despite the best efforts of Ricki and Doc Ali, Marcia does not talk to her mom about her stepfather.

The loved ones depart.


Upstairs, Marcia tearfully tells Ashley and Risky that she doesn’t want her mom to think she was a bad parent because Marcia drinks.


Ashley interviews, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m really feeling bad for Marcia right now.” If Ashley’s heart grows any more sizes, her chest is going to burst. Actually, given the state of her chest, I guess that’s a constant threat, anyway.

The girls eat. Ricki comes in and tells them their final assignment, which should be no surprise if you’ve followed this franchise: they have to write speeches on how Charm School affected them and why they deserve to win over their classmates. I guess the trick is to figure out how to do that charmingly? Marcia interviews that she’s worried because she used to get boys to write her “spiches” in school. Thankfully, she doesn’t go into detail as to how she actually worked that out.

Additionally, Ricki tells them, “We have beautiful gowns upstairs for you in your locker.” After that description, I imagine post-prom crumpling.


But instead, what they get is strictly pre-prom.

Writing begins.


Ashley spells “Ricki” wrong. That’s a highlight. Exciting episode this week, huh, kids?

And then, it is time for the final elimination ceremony.



Ricki looks pleasantly shocked at how the girls have cleaned up.


She tells them that as of right now, her mind is literally not made up. The spiches begin. Ashley’s up first.


When she first came to Charm School, she thought it was a continuation of the Rock of Love Bus party. To be fair, those early episodes were wild. Ah, the good old days. Ashley didn’t come to change, but the fear lesson proved pivotal. Ashley faced her biggest fear: saying out loud that she didn’t want her son to grow up and not be proud of his stripper mom. That made her feel bad for the way she was living her life. She was not proud of herself wanted to change. New Orleans made her proud of doing something for someone else for the first time. Ashley admits that she was being mean to make up for lack of self-esteem. I know she said it, but I’m still having a hard time buying it. She’s leaving with self respect, committed to making better life for her and her son. Cute.

Next up is Risky.


Risky says the whole experience has been awesome. She’s learned not to keep feelings bottled up and worry what people think of her. She immediately applies this lesson when she references the fact that her brother is in jail for doing something violent to the dude that molested her when she was younger. You know, hearing this stuff doesn’t ever get easier, despite (or maybe because of) how many girls reveal it. If Risky were to win, she’d start a charity for girls with incarcerated parents. She says she’ll carry the Charm School name with honor. I guess that means she’ll be wearing her Miss Charm School sash even to the grocery store.


Finally, Marcia:


Marcia admits to alcohol addiction and references her pledge to not drink and that she stuck to it. The hardest thing to do, however, was to tell her mom that she’s an alcoholic. It wasn’t her mother’s fault – it was Marcia’s fault, though. She’s happy she got to learn about herself, and she knows she will not disappoint her mom. She still feels like a winner even if she doesn’t win. Well good. Hold on to that feeling, Marcia.

Ricki interviews that Marcia is a “Charm School success story.” A rare breed, indeed. Stryker says they all did an amazing job and is glad he doesn’t have to be the one deciding today. Forget the big-time celebs and authors; these girls are Lala’s heroes.


Lala is not unlike the young girls who look up to Risky for being a Real Chance of Love finalist. Well, at least now there’s prestige involved.

Ricki feels that they all deserve to win, but unfortunately, there’s no twist. Not even ribbons to hide the scars. Ricki says it came down to the speeches. Risky is, like, trembling in anticipation…


But she need tremble no more because Ricki connected most with her speech. Risky wins it!


Risky is so appreciative that you just know that Ricki made the right choice.


She even gets low to show you just how down-to-earth she is…


On other VH1 shows, she’d be in this position because she dropped it like it’s hot. Here, she’s dropping it like she’s grateful. Ah, progress.

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  1. 225 says:

    I’m so happy Risky won! She deserved it to the fullest, and i’m so happy for her. SMH @ the people who thought ashley was gonna win. Are u serious?? HaHaHa, oh well Risky won, and that’s that! I hear u risky, mad love for ya!

  2. bebe says:

    that’s so sad that risky’s brother is in jail for that. or that it happened in the first place. :(

    there is already a charity that helps inmates get to spend time with their kids taking care of them. maybe instead of starting her own thing risky could find something like that and volunteer as I think they have to have people to make this happen.

  3. G says:

    Ashley’s son must be so ashamed to have her as a mother. He is probably too young to understand, but when he gets older and watches reruns of RoL and CS, he will see what a horrible person she was (and probably will continue to be). That kid is gonna have a lot of problems in life; I feel bad for him.

  4. Rain says:

    You are realy roll modal for young woman all over .You are definately my idol .

  5. Sunshine says:

    Risky am so happy that you won. you definately deserved it. I trully believe that people will look up to you. And you are so strong. Congratulation.

    I would like to say all the best to the other girls cause I think that they were also great.

    Best of luck to All

  6. sr says:

    i’m really glad that risky won. i think that she is the best person out of all. I don’t think that marcia can really stop being an alcoholic and ashlee i’m sure will continue to be a `~(@_$^)`!%$&~(@# I can’t see these two girls really ever change!!
    Congrats risky!!!

  7. tyonna says:

    i am happy for Risky becauae she win (go gril)i love u Risky that u win.

  8. Keisha says:

    i think that Ricky made a good deciscion as well. Risky is a very good person, and she’s always willing to help. i aslo think that she is a very good ro-model for young girls such as myself.

  9. wuyyy says:

    Thats good she won but out of all the girls that were there I think Bay Bay Bay deserve to win she was more generous and spoke her mind,she was true to herself and her heart and she even gave up her spot when nobody would have done it Risky in other words just wanted the money for a boob job I dont know if it was all an act of her cuz she showed no emotions thru out the show she was melow and I dont get what she changed about herself
    Ricky Lake did a bad job aint charm school suppose to be about change and becoming a better person why she let all the good people go… I hope this show dont continue dont get a soft spoken person next time you need someone like Simon to host your show he will be honest…………

  10. risky says:

    good job risky ilove you

  11. Laurie says:

    why the hell would risky win? there was no thing wrong with her in the first place. really think about it?what was her main problem there?………. ummm no thing!! she sucks and doesn’t deserve to win.

  12. Acappellla says:

    I am glad they picked the person who pretty much represented class instead of trash the entire time on the show. I don’t think Ashley changed enough to even use the word “changed” and her name in same sentence. She would have still said the same horrible things to Bubbles if she ever got the chance. I could never vote for someone like her becuz of that alone! As for Marcia, well I feel if she would have won she would have definitely had a drink to celebrate! lol.

  13. daygo813 says:

    Risky really has no issues. She can’t open up her feeling? Wow big problem. I like her but you all know she had to think of something to make her look like she had a “problem”.

  14. dblunt says:

    I think she was the right one to win, she had the most obstacle to over come and with her brother in jail. That got to be a hard thing to live with. god bless you. keep moving to better things forget the past. And take care of your brother because he did take care of you.

  15. marie says:

    I cannot believe Risky is getting implants with the money…WTF? and Ricki knew that? why do these women torture themselves? i thought this show was suppose to instill self confidence??

  16. millie says:

    Risky you did it just stay the way you are dont change anything you are a beautfulblack woman just keep loking forward and you deserve it

  17. S.R says:

    One can truly see the progress she has made.
    She won with class,personality and ambition.
    That’s it girl!

  18. S.R says:

    One can truly see the progress she has made.
    She won with class,personality and ambition.
    That’s it girl!

    Keep trusting in the Lord girl and He will direct your paths.

  19. Future_0bsession says:

    I don’t think reruns of Rol and CS will be around in 10 years, but she better not be that mean with her son around (referencing Ashley).

    Congratulations Risky! You deserved it.

    I wish the best for all the girls.

  20. sarah says:

    risky should not have won everybody knew she was gonna win from the begging bcuz she didnt need to change at all
    she %+%%##&%~@&`%+`# ed up the show with her
    boring $~(@^`!(+%^#$@) ss. she brought no change
    marcia should have won rickies just a dumb ~&$#&_%**$)`%!+&%

  21. steph says:

    Risky,congratulations you deserved to be the winner. love you girl

  22. Em says:

    Whew! I was concerned for a while when people were being kicked off the show for not needing Charm School and Ashley made it through to the final three. It was a relief that someone who really deserved to win was chosen in the end. Go Risky!!

  23. lou says:

    I think ashely should have won. I always thought ashely should get her own show i dont know what she would do because she is not single but we only watched charm school in hopes ashely would win. Im glad megan got her own show we will be watching.

  24. Amari says:

    Risky you have really touched my heart. I just want to congratulate you as wellas thank you for being real. I am a mother of two. my 10 year old daughter and I love you and have been rooting for you all along. Stay strong and hopefully we can meet

  25. shae515 says:

    i think that risky deserved to win.Just because she was off to herself most of the time,doesnt mean nothing was wrong with her. Its hard to open up when whole world would know your secret, she couldnt even tell her mom while her “situation” was going on so,what makes you think she could tell outsiders in so sort length of time? stop and alcoholic,a stripper, or a tederheart women to win?where would u want the money to go?

  26. swazy says:

    ahaha I loved the ending of this post. “On other VH1 shows, she’d be in this position because she dropped it like it’s hot. Here, she’s dropping it like she’s grateful. Ah, progress.”
    nice. and i agree the finale was not all that and kind of bland and boring. nevertheless. i still think Brittanya should have won, if not bubbles.

    but if i had to choose out of the final 3 then i would pick Ashley, because even though she was fake as hell on the show lol (she said so on her exit interview) she fought her way to the top and hard work deserves good rewards lOl.

  27. Kendra says:

    Im so happy that Risky(Ebony)won. She deserved it in the end. Me and her have been through some of the same sistuations.I get to the point where i don’t open up because i am afraid people i love may judge me for my past.She has opened up a new world for me. I admire her for what she did.I also hopes she keeps her word and Risky is no more and open that charity girl…there are many more like you and me…. DO YO THUG DIZZLE

  28. iwantit says:

    No reunion show?! What?!

  29. jasmine says:

    i cant believe risky won i new she was but i also thought marcia was good job risky

  30. missred says:

    i am so happy that risky won she was the only won that really changed well no i take that back b-cuz marcia changed to it woulda b nice if marcia and risky coulda win. I have real mad love for risky and i felt every word, tear, emotions and all the above for risky.

  31. Shannon says:

    To all those people who said Ashley should have won: You are full of it. She was just there to party and drink (watch the Bonus Clip when they were in New Orleans). She had no plans on changing. However, she did finally admit on the final show that the reason why she is so mean is because she has low self-esteem. She doesn’t like herself, because her boyfriend was always stepping out on her (getting a lip job, boob job, and wearing fake hair all points to self-esteem issues). In order to accommodate for her low self-esteem, she had to pick on others like Bubbles to make herself look good. Calling Bubbles stupid, when she herself was stupid (high school drop out and couldn’t even open salad dressing or a package of hot dogs). Marcia was probably molested by her stepfather, but would not admit it to her mother. That is why she drank all the time to cover the pain. Risky did have problems. Her problem was she could not trust anyone or be true to herself, because she was afraid people would judge her by her past. Also, she was fighting mad all the time, but learned how to have compassion and care about other people rather than just herself. She really did deserve to win over Ashley and Marcia, because like someone said Marcia will probably return to drinking. And we all know Ashley will keep on being Ashley, because she doesn’t like herself and has to put others down to make herself feel good.

  32. nikki says:

    risky is a good person she im happy she won Marcia is a strong girl Ashily is a nice girl she was proble mad at her self she stared being mean to bubbles

  33. Lachal Carothers says:

    Ashley I think your a B**** regardless of what you’ve done on the show. But I do understand you a little, cause I’m da type of person that speaks my mind but you have no place to say some of the things you said you just have no heart you low life B****!!!!!!:-)

  34. ABC says:

    Ricki quit being a softy DAMN! Get a backbone!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ABC says:

    Ricki quit being so weak get a F***** BACKBONE S***!

  36. geeseling11 says:

    I think that this is one of the best Charm School, Rick Lake should always be the one to host this show because of her compassion. I really enjoyed watching the different episodes and watch the last three girls evolve, it was very exciting and emotional to see. I also think that Rick Lake chose the right person to win. Watching Risky reveal her unfortunate experience was very emotional for me, I could not believe I cried so much in this particular Charm School very touching! And I am also rooting for all three of the girls much success in their lives.


    I so glad risky won hell yes!!!!


    WHY? NO REnuions Too Damn I am Mad as hell!!!

  39. amanda says:

    Does anyone actually know WHY there will be no reunion for Charm School OR Daisy of Love? That’s jacked up. I looooooooove the reunion shows!!!! It’s one of the best parts.

  40. DeraFizz says:

    OK 1st of all…ya’ll that think EBONI (not Risky) shoulda won dont kno what she’s been thru and ya’ll r sum haters. Eboni is my hero cuz after all she’s been thru she still came strong. Ashley didn’t change at all. I feel sorry for her. Honestly, Brittanya should have been better in her place (not that she woulda won either. lol).im proud that Marcia didnt drink but to be honest, we all kno that after the show, she’s gonna start again. She probably woulda won if she told her mom about her stepdad tho. Eboni is a role model for everybody and don;t u haters forget it.

  41. DeraFizz says:

    ABC needs to get a life and stop hating on a sista. Risky… u do bomb!!

  42. kerry says:

    I was sooo very happy that Risky won this!!! I was so very happy…But, i really hope that the other girls keep going… however, I really don’t believe ashley for a second!!!

  43. candii girl says:

    Im so glad Risky won! she deserved it the most..Ricki made the right decision..
    Congrats Risky!!!

  44. Hotmom says:

    She desreve to win it because she was the only true person in the house.

  45. Divaleeshis says:

    I think that Risky is the right example for charm school because she let out everything that she had been holding in. It’s okay to let go of your feels when you know that it will help you in the long run. Risky keep up the good work.!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Tamara says:

    hey does anyone know what type of weave risky had on charm school?

  47. Didnotknow says:

    I didn’t know who won Charm School 3 – I quit watching the show early on – especially after they let Bay, Bay leave. None of the Charm Schools have been as good as the first season with Monique. Monique really let the girls know how the way they act on these quasi-reality shows makes them look bad. I think she taught them a lot about self-respect. The other charm schools have been romper rooms full of clowns.

    Anyway, I am glad to find out that Risky won – I liked her from the beginning.

    This show is really screwy! You have to prove that you have improved to win the money (you now have class and charm), but if you show improvement early on, you get canned right away. Huh??

  48. Jordyn says:

    I think marcia should have won, she was after all the one that truly did change. Get real people the only reason that risky even told her story at the last minute(since she didnt open at all DURING the show) was to make the judges feel sorry for her. And of course just like she had planned it worked…it is a sad story(if its true) but seriously at the finale you want to explain that?!

  49. gabby says:

    why didnt they have a runnion

  50. yamomsz says:

    i was soo happy o4 risky when she won;
    i alomost started o2 cry wifv her.
    ha story isz soo sadd.
    &+ i applaud ha for taking steps to get past it_*

  51. Nanaliz09 says:

    DO A REUNION!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. fawn says:

    i have searched and search for a reuion show and of course i couldnt find one why exactly was there not one i watched 2 shows this past year that didnt have a reuion show !!!!!!!!!!

  53. enrique` says:


  54. latia thomas says:

    i think ricki lane made a right decision because i like risky she is a cool gurl and when i hear her story it made me cry