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We often see people attempting to give up their vice on VH1, but rarely without the help of Dr. Drew. Marcia did just that, though, when she successfully gave up alcohol on Charm School. Below, the runner-up talks about going cold turkey, whether she started drinking again after the show and her many altercations with her fellow Charm School students.

How was your time on the show?

It was great. I loved it. It was a good experience. It was tough, though, because I wanted to drink.

What gave you the inspiration to give up alcohol?

I think that anyone can do whatever that they put in their mind, so I just wanted to not only prove it to everyone, but to prove to myself that I could. I can do whatever I want. It sounds like some music, huh? “I can do whatever I want!”

Did you go to Charm School knowing you wanted to give up alcohol?

Well, at the beginning I got really, really drunk. But I went to Charm School for a reason, and it was to change. And the only thing I really needed to change was to stop drinking. Other than that, I’m perfect. (Laughs)

Going cold turkey seems like a particularly difficult way of giving up alcohol.

This was even worse than rehab because there were girls drinking all over, you know, splashing their vodka and their tequila right in my face. It was really hard.

Were you really offended when K.O offered you the alcohol?

It was just disappointing because she came to the house and she said all those things and everybody felt sorry for her. She was like the last person I thought would do that.

And where are you now with alcohol? Did the quitting stick?

Well, I mean I drink. I’m not saying that I quit. I drink with moderation. I don’t drink everyday. I don’t drink like ten shots.

How long did you go without a drink after Charm School?

A month.

A full month after, or a full month in total?

A full month after.

When was the last time you’ve gone that long without drinking?

Well, counting with Charm School and with that month, I’ve never done that long. Not since before I came to America.

How was seeing your mom? It seemed really emotional for you.

Oh, my mom is my everything. I love her to death. She is my best friend. Even though she lives in another country, I talk to her like every other day, and if I don’t talk to her for like three or four days, she freaks out. She wants to know what’s going on. So it was amazing; it was awesome to see my mom. The only thing is that it was the situation of me telling my mom, that was the hardest thing on Charm School.

Telling her about the drinking or about your stepfather or what?

The drinking. The drinking was the worst. I moved over here and I do well, so my mom knows, and it’s just like for me to actually say, “Hey, I’m not perfect like you think I am. I actually have a problem.”

Do you agree with Ricki’s assessment that your stepfather drove you to drink?

Absolutely not. By him being a jerk and him being the way he was, I think I turned out to be a strong woman. Drinking? I don’t think so. I drink for fun. I don’t drink because I’m so depressed. I’m not a person that is depressed.

Is your mom still with your stepfather?

Oh my God! She left him! Thank God.

I don’t suppose Rock of Love airs in Brazil. Did your mom have any idea what it was?

She has no idea. Brazil is very different from America. When she was here, she saw one episode of Rock of Love, and the girls were both kissing each other, and she’s like, “Turn it off!”

Was giving up drinking strategy?

It was $100,000. I’m not going to say there wasn’t a strategy, but at the same time it could also have just been a change, a change for good. Like, “Hey, let’s try something new.”

What do you think about Risky winning?

If I were to lose for anybody, I was OK with losing to Risky. She’s a very sweet, genuine person, and deserved it. Hello, she needs her boobs! I got mine. I got some real ones, so I’m good!

Where do you stand with Ashley? You seemed to go back and forth with her.

I actually liked Ashley at the beginning. It just sucked when I was watching the show and saw her talking s*** about me behind my back. Don’t come to me and act like my friend, and then be talking s*** about me behind my back. And I was very disappointed when she called Bubbles “retarded.” That was it. I was just done. Who makes fun of Bubbles? I think Ashley and I have such strong personalities that we clash. But I do think Ashley is very real. She would say how it is, and I appreciate that.

What about Brittanya? You got into it with her at the end.

Good lord, she’s just lame. She has no personality. My chihuahua has more personality than she does. It’s like hello! Is anyone there? And not only that, she kept saying, “Ashley is my best friend. I love Ashley.” And then all of a sudden, when it’s the four of us at the end, she comes in the bathroom and I’m taking a bath after I won a challenge, and she tries to throw Ashley under the bus. She was like, “You know, Marcia, Ashley keeps telling me that she wants to go home and doesn’t want to be here. It’s not fair for her to stay here.” So I was like, “Why don’t you tell her?” And she goes, “I think I’m just going to go tell Ricki that.” And I was like, “Why, when you can just confront her and be like, ‘Hey Ashley, you’re my girl, but you don’t want to be here. I want to be here more than you. Why can’t you just pack your s*** and go?’” And then, later on, we all were talking about that, and Ashley said that she never said she wanted to go home. Ashley didn’t want to go home! Are you kidding me? She’s a stripper, she wants money! Do you think she’s going to give up $100,000? She’s not dumb.

What about dealing with the Real Chance girls? You got into it with So Hood. Did you call her “So Ho” on purpose?

No. I swear to God. I didn’t realize until I watched it on TV what “So Ho” means! I was like, “Holy sha-moley!” I get confused all the time with names. That’s why I call everybody “honey,” and say, “Hey baby.” I never call people by their names, I always get in trouble.

And what about your relationship with Big Rig? He says you’re a handful.

I am a handful, but he’s so patient though. Oh my god! He’s really sweet. I really love him. Honestly, I don’t think I could handle myself. I don’t think I could date myself. I really don’t think so.

Why? Because you’re wild or you have a temper? Why are you a handful?

It’s a mix of everything. But, I do have great sex.

So it’s a balance. So do you feel like you improved after the show? Do you feel like you got something out of it?

Well, I’m not drinking as much. Um…but I mean that’s pretty much it. I mean I’ve always been a good person, as long as you don’t step on my toe.

Keep up with Marcia via her MySpace and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. trinib says:

    So basically she kinda stopped drinking… Risky was definitely the better choice.

  2. trinib says:

    why my comments are not accepted… is it because i spell all my words correctly? or because I don’t post racist, hating or nonsensical comments? why rich ?

  3. xxx says:

    Marcia you’re a cool girl. Just checked out your twitter. Do me a favor! Please don’t hang out with trash like Arian Mayer. She’s a GROSS. PATHETIC. WANNA BE girl. Those are all things you are not. It’s ok to be a little selective.

  4. xxx says:

    Checked out the twitter. Drinking with the town pumps in las vegas is not cool. tsk tsk

  5. xxx says:

    Honestly, post my comment. It will help Marcia to know that the people she keeps company with have a huge reflection on her as a person.

  6. britemiles says:

    ok i am glad that riskey won, but why did ashely lie on one of the shows and said that her little boy was black, or maybe my tv is not working right

  7. futurerealityproducer says:

    i love marcia and big rig. a match made in heaven!! and rich missed a swear word! lol

  8. TRUTH! says:

    Marcia you did good too, i can’t knock that, but i’m sorry boo, the BEST person won and that was Ebony! U even said “i can’t promise that i won’t stop drinking.” But anyway if u still not drinking to this day, keep up the good work. I can’t beleive the expression ashely had on face at the eliminations, like she was go be the winner. Girl Please! Oh well the BEST person won and that was Ebony!

    Always the TRUTH!

  9. Rachell says:

    Trinib, you have to write misspelled jibberish with a smattering of profanity to get posted right away! :)

    I was initially pulling for Marcia to win, but after last night, I was really glad that Risky won. Marcia seems like a wonderful woman and I’m so happy she acknowledged her problem with alcohol and took steps to correct it.

  10. rach says:

    WTF… she thinks Ashley is so awful for calling Bubbles $#_`_)_)`)_#$%&%~_ ed but she did the exact same thing in an interview segment that aired! Why are you (Rich) and the editing department ignoring that, given that it became such a focal point in the Ashley-hasn’t-changed-look-how-mean-she-is issue???

  11. Rich Juzwiak says:

    I didn’t ignore it — I didn’t remember Marcia saying that.

  12. Kelly says:

    I think Marcia should have won. She is a down to earth girl and seems pretty truthful. So what if she drinks occasionally, at least she is not doing it all the time like she was. The least noticable person to me was Risky, she didn’t have very many problems, in my opinion.

  13. Whitney says:

    you’re awesome marcia!

  14. Wendy says:

    Marcia should have won this! Risky was to nice to begin with and didn’t change much to me at all but Marcia did. Plus spend that money on breast implants? Dumb move! I wish mine were that small. She should do something good with that money.

    Maria I’m very proud of. She gave up drinking and took a huge step in the right direction talking to her mother.

  15. Shayla says:

    My opinion of Marcia has really changed with Charm School. I just thought that she was the plucky, foreign character, but she showed me that she was extremely strong, deep, and mature. I thought she deserved to win right up until Risky’s speech.

    However, I am disappointed to learn that she is drinking again. Good things will not come out of that.

  16. MC says:


  17. Col says:

    Marcia is aiight but I dont know why she hates on Brittanya, you cant hate on Brittanya she is to sexy to hate on.

  18. 61djpi says:

    Big Rig is one lucky dude ! Brazilian women may be a handful, but they are so worth it because they are so kind hearted and sexy !

  19. corinne says:

    britesmiles, ashley never said her son was black. she said he was half white. he’s white & hispanic (mexican).

  20. Future_0bsession says:

    Good luck Marcia! And I agree w/the person who said don’t hang out w/Arian Mayer. Trash at its finest.

  21. Adrianna says:

    I think Marcia clicked with the wrong group on the show but she is a real person. She was honest to people and se took a big step to change by stop drinking. That is the hardest thing to do expecially when there are a bunch of party girls drinking around you. I am so happy that Risky won but I was pulling for either Risky or Marcia because they did change there ways and it was genuine as for Ashley it was fake and everyone saw that. You go Marcia girl.. good for you! Congrats to Risky.

  22. LEM says:

    hahaha, I love Marcia – she always keeps it real

  23. j says:

    she never stopped srinking , she was at a club and a ho stole 800 bucks from her!

  24. eve says:

    She looked so much better when she stopped drinking. I mean I get that she just stopped drinking to prove a point on the show. The thing is she finally realized she had a problem. Now, it is time to do something about it.

    Anyway, I wish her good luck.

  25. bebe says:

    when marcia first called so hood “soho” I was thinking of the PLACE. then I thought it over when so hood got so mad! I could see that marcia was confused. I guess that’s why so hood decided to let it go.

    even a vacation from drinking probably did marcia some good! :)

  26. Grace says:

    Ummm, Marcia, remember those people who followed you around 24/7, pointing these cameras at you, holding these boom mikes at you? Remember in New Orleans when you and Brittanya got to return to the hotel early, while the other ladies continued to do charity work? YOU were the one who said Ashley had no real incentive to ever change, because as a stripper in Vegas, she could pull down $240K/yr, so the $100k Charm School prize was small potatoes. See, Marcia, That’s actually documented and aired, as opposed to this bath you mention(we call that hearsay). Which, BTW, you were so weirdly antagonistic toward Brittanya at that dinner, and then lied to Lala the next day, saying Brittanya started it, I’m half convinced that you raided the mini bar at the hotel before Brittanya got back, and you acted the way you did later to cover your own ~#((^$+)*@)!%)#

  27. Christie says:

    brite, Ashley never said her child was black. She said he wasn’t white. And he’s not. He’s half hispanic.

  28. GJ says:

    britemiles: Ashley never said her baby was black, she said he was mixed. Which he is, the baby’s father is Spanish.

    Also, if any of you check out ANY of the Vh1 stars’ myspaces (literally, any, from Rock of Love, Tool Academy, etc), you’ll see a ton of pics of Marcia partying. I don’t believe for a minute that she’s really cut down all that much on drinking.

  29. Always says:

    Everybody keeps saying Risky didn’t make any changes. She did!!! She learned how to be compassionate towards others; she provided encouragement for Marcia with her drinking (something Ashley NEVER did). I’m glad Marcia pointed out that Brittanya was just a follower; she was being lead around by Ashley and whomever else she could follow. If Risky hadn’t won, then Marcia should have, because not drinking (knowing she loves it) is really hard when everyone else is still doing it around you. Ashley can’t talk about anyone being a drunk, when she is a drunk herself. Besides, she thinks being a b**** is okay, when it is not. You can say what’s on your mind without being cruel to people. If you ask me, Ashley is +*^@@`(@!**#!`!~(+ ed herself (can’t open salad dressing or a package of hot dogs???—maybe she was drunk when she tried–ha!!) Anyway, Risky learned how to open up and was compassionate and helpful with Marcia’s drinking problem.

  30. Shannon says:

    Marcia, your a winner for trying to quit drinking!!! I’m glad Risky help you with your addiction!!! Risky your the right woman to win, so congraulations!!! And Trashley Ashley, I’m glad your big bird looking a** lost, I couldn’t stand the sight of you and have the nerve to judge Marcia’s drinking and Bubbles IQ when your )!++*$+`$+!!&** can’t even open no damn salad dressing and them hot dogs just like the previous comment said, that hit the nail on the head!!! I didn’t know what James see in your damn a** no wonder he cheated on your a** b**ch!!!


    Marcia u should’ve not to drinking to much
    So proud u & risky touched my heart to speak a hole story

  32. caca says:

    marcia is real unlike sum of da other gurls

  33. ashley says:

    i thought that marcia should had won ..i felt that risky didn’t do anything to wan …

  34. marcia fan says:

    i love u marcia… ur the $$`+(#@~`^$^~$&@ in bomb… ur so funny on the show.. ur my favorite…

  35. shay says:

    I think Marcia should have won and that risky was just wanting people to feel sorry for her. glad Marcia got her a hot man!

  36. fangirl says:

    I think you should have one girl keep up the not drinking i think the is great luv ya

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