The Beatles Invade VH1 Classic


UPDATE: The Beatles Shop is here! Pre-order ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ and buy the entire digitally re-mastered Beatles CD catalogue one month before the worldwide release! CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING!

The Fab Four sparked the British Invasion when they hit American shores in 1964 and nearly half a century later they’re taking over VH1 Classic in “The Beatles Shop On VH1 Classic,” set to air August 9 at 9PM EST and August 10 at 3AM and 5PM EST.

This on-air extravaganza will allow fans to pre-order what will surely be two of the year’s most coveted releases in music and gaming, including The Beatles: Rock Band and the entire digitally re-mastered Beatles CD catalogue. Both items will be released on Sept. 9 and will most likely fly off of store shelves.

Watch the trailer for the new Rock Band to find out why it’s being called “revolutionary,” become a fan of The Beatles: Rock Band on Facebook, follow The Beatles: Rock Band on Twitter, and read a list of all Beatles-related goodies that will be available for purchase after the jump.

For Sale on August 9:

The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition
Xbox 360

The Beatles: Rock Band
Xbox 360

The Beatles: Rock Band (software only)
Xbox 360

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Abbey Road
The Beatles (White Album)
Rubber Soul
Magical Mystery Tour
Let It Be
Hard Day’s Night
Past Masters 1 & 2
Yellow Submarine
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
Beatles For Sale

Beatles-STEREO Studio Album Box Set-All 13 Studio Re-Masters plus PastMasters (1) plus ‘making of’ DVD total 15 discs
1996 Beatles 23kt gold Cards
Beatles 1964 Vintage Card & Stamp Collection
Beatles Trivial Pursuit
Beatles Monopoly
Beatles Square Large Tin Tote
Beatles Sgt. Peppers Dome Tin Tote
Beatles Yellow Submarine Dome Tin Tote
Beatles Yellow Submarine Large Tin Tote
Beatles The Beatles Large Tin Tote
Beatles Yellow Submarine Jeweled Box
Beatles Hard Day’s Night Large Wall Clock
Beatles Revolver Glass Wall Clock
Beatles Yellow Submarine Glass Wall Clock
Beatles Yellow Submarine S/4 Baseballs
Beatles Yellow Submarine Lobby Cards
Beatles Choice of 6 T-Shirts
Beatles Yellow Submarine Goebel Figurines
Beatles Woven Throw
Beatles Gallery Wrap
The Beatles / Help! (2 DVD – Deluxe Boxed Set Edition)

Choice of Single Commemorative Cards BONUS
Beatles Anthology 1 Puzzle (online only)
Beatles Anthology 2 Puzzle (online only)
Beatles Revolver Puzzle (online only)
Beatles White Album Puzzle (online only)
Beatles Action Figure Boxed Set

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  1. Ann says:

    Will the program Behind the Music be aired regularly on VH1 or VH1 Classic in the near future? I am interested in the episode about Badfinger. If this episode is not scheduled to be aired, is there any way I could purchase it?
    Thank you for your help.

  2. andy schwertman says:

    I love The BEATLES because they’re music kicks serious BUTT

  3. Mary says:


  4. Brianna says:

    The beatles are the most amazing band everr! I love Vh1 now for doing this!!! CANT WAIT TIL 9-9-09! and only 9 days before my birthday…Happy birthday to mee((:

  5. newton says:

    All I can Happy Birthday to everyone. All ages love the Beatles.

  6. COLIN says:

    i saw some of the beatles:rock band videos and they looked very good.the beatles likenesses in those clips were very good.however i wonder just what exactly is going to be so different about the upcoming re-release of all the beatles albums on cd as opposed to when all the original studio albums plus past masters in 1987-1988?you see i own all the beatles albums on cd(except for the original yellow submarine soundtrack,the 1998 yellow submarine songtrack is far superior).i also own 2003′s let it be naked and i have to say with the exception of 3 tracks(across the universe,let it be and the long and winding road)there really wasn’t much that was diffrerent from the original 1970 album.also the idiots who put out this album decide to take out one of the things that gave the original album its charm,the chatter in between songs.i always get a laugh when i hear john’s introductory comment to “two of us”on the original album,as well as his “intro” to “let it be”.no these people decide “let’s put all the studio chatter on its own seperate disk and totally ruin the charm of the original album”as i said earlier i own just about all the beatles original albums plus past masters 1 and 2 and beatles at the bbc,so why would i want to buy albums that i already own.maybe if these re-releases have bonus tracks like demos,alternate takes or un-released tracks i’d maybe think about buying them.oh that’s right they already put out cd’s with demos,alternate takes and un-released tracks,they were called beatles anthology 1,2,and 3

  7. Beatles Fan says:

    Why does all of this Beatle Shop & related shows have to air only on VH1 Classic ?! We don’t have VH1 Classic in our area only VH1. Comcast our cable company is too greedy to let us have VH1 Classic included in our Basic Plus service without an expensive extra charge so, as a result none of us in Arlington, Va. get that channel. Let’s see it on both VH1 and VH1 Classic, guys !

  8. That Guy In The Corner says:

    Beatles Fan, VH1 Classic is a channel which focuses on a subgenre of a genre. The genre is music, the subgenre is 70′s, 80′s, and 90′s music. Therefore, Comcast believes that you can live without it. I have Comcast, I don’t get it, and I’m OK. However, I’m on vacation, and Time Warner Cable does offer VH1 Classic on the Extended tier. So, I’ll be watching it.

  9. branden says:

    why isn’t it 4 ps2 too?

  10. john says:

    can anyone tell me what the second song in the beatles rockband commercial is?

  11. john says:

    can anyone tell me what the first song in the beatles rockband commercial is?

  12. reginald says:

    Awesome!! This channel could use more Beatles. Way to go! Keep up the good work!!

  13. Bob says:

    I am so glad this is happning around this time, Tho msom eelse should be hosting instend of Mark Goodman, after listening to him with the Elvis/MJ thing Kings of Rock/Pop this seems funny how the Beatles are still the Biggest Money earner’s Pauls worth is in the Billions. Goodman praise Elvis Jailhouse Rock as the first Video, It was a clip from the Movie. It was The Beatles who saw this forum as it is intended today, as a promotion plan to get new Music heard. It was Paperback Writer/Rain that was Film as a Promotion video and debated on the Ed Sullivan Show. People really need to do the research and tell the truth and give credit where it’s due. The Beatles truly change the course of Music,and should get the proper respect. Mr. Goodman.

  14. violet says:

    OMG!!!!! I was sooo xcited when I saw the comercial on VH1 I grew up listening to the beatles my dad loved them and I love to play Rock Band w my husband and kids im xcited

  15. Madeline says:

    Thank You VH1 for doing this for all of us!!

  16. Doug says:

    A Beatles fan and collector from the beginning. Would love to see VH1 Classic start airing the Beatles Movies and concerts.

  17. Doug says:

    Been a fan and collector from the beginning. Would love to see VH1 Classic start airing Beatles movies and concerts.

  18. George says:

    John says “can anyone tell me what the second song in the Beatles Rockband commercial is?”

    “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” followed by

  19. Dennis Beatleboy says:

    Thank God for the Beatles. The current music scene is in sad shape.

  20. Danny says:

    The first true music videos I know of was Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields around 1966. Special effects in Strawberry Fields was ahead of it’s time as John Lennon was.

  21. Memaw says:

    Hats off to VH1 Classic, finally after all of these years, The Beatles get a reprise. Their movies, music and videos. I have waited YEARS to see this happen. Thank you SO VERY MUCH VH1! It would be great to see the young generations pick up on these FAB guys!!!