Tool Academy 2 – Meet The Tools



In this post is your first look at the men who’ll subject themselves to tool-rehab come the Sunday, Aug. 30 premiere of the second season of Tool Academy. But first, here’s some info on what to expect this time around (via the press release):

Man panties? Testosterone filled fights? Surprise appearances by secret girlfriends? That can only mean one thing…the “tools” are back! A new set of tools are getting schooled as VH1’s Tool Academy comes back for a second season. That’s right, an all new class of nine unsuspecting men will be put to the test as they undergo a 10-week relationship boot camp, when the new season premieres Sunday, August 30 at 9/8c.

The first season of Tool Academy chronicled the journey of nine men who at first believed they were sent to a competition in search of “Mr. Awesome.” But almost immediately, the guys were surprised by their girlfriends and told they were really enrolled at the Tool Academy for some relationship 911. Each week the tools were schooled on proper boyfriend behavior on topics such as communication, honesty, and fidelity, with the one who showed the least progress for the week being dismissed. Once that tool was given the boot, he pled his case to his girlfriend, who decided to keep him…or not.

Returning to hosting duties is Jordan Murphy. As host, Jordan will help these bad boys turn into better men by overseeing all the challenges. Also aiding the tools is returning relationship counselor, Trina Dolenz. She will be there for the tools and their girlfriends as they undergo weekly therapy sessions to rebuild their relationships. In the end, it is Trina who has the last say on which tool stays and which one leaves the academy.

Below are up-close shots of all 12 tools, as well as some group action. Get ready to salivate…









John L.


Jon S.














Check out the new season’s promo…

…and here’s some more of the guys being predictably toolish (and Trina and Jordan, who aren’t toolish at all):

View Photo Gallery

Remember, Tool Academy 2 premieres Monday, August 31 at 10:30/9:30c.

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  1. PEYTON says:

    god they ugly

  2. Luv2punishTooLs says:

    I cannont wait to see the new Tool Academy. I absolutely love to see these guys make changes and actually realize what they do to their poor girlfriends.

  3. jewsus says:

    damn Jon S is the only hot one. How sad

  4. ms.puddy says:

    Why would any women want these “men” EWWWW

  5. Wendy says:

    they r ugly this sucks i actually wanted to c the season but they are all _))*(^@~)(&+)%~# en ugly

  6. sk says:

    Someone needs to back away from the Bedazzler, STAT!

  7. Snowangel says:

    Who’s the big ugly orange d-bag bench pressing the little guy??? Ewwwwww!!!!!!

  8. HayBayBay says:

    these guys are NOT CUTE!

  9. tatortot200 says:

    i cant wait for this season!
    last season was hilarious XD

  10. FAT*LEW says:


  11. emy69 says:

    charm is sexy
    hes a model for ed hardy
    this is gonna be a good show

  12. lilmama24 says:


  13. brownsugar says:

    Andre is the hottest thang on the show. Where is he from? He is a hottee.

  14. Hel's_Bell's says:

    John L. is “the orange d-bag bench pressing the little guy”…He’s an ex’s best friend…My ex used to tell me stories from when they younger so I hope he lives up to the hype!!

  15. friskmebaby says:

    that guy in the bottom right in the top pic is SEXY!!!!

  16. FAT*LEW says:


  17. CJ says:


  18. Julie Northrop says:

    Well I see we have Shawn’s little brother Josh and Matsuflex’s brother Mike. Dear GOD can these guys be any more hideous?

  19. kelly says:

    john l. goes to my gym hahaha.

  20. Shene' says:

    Yo Terry is cutest one!!!!
    :::wink wink::: Terry
    he was bestfriends w/my baby sis

  21. Future_0bsession says:

    I love Tyler’s tattoo that says “Punisher.” These guys are look ‘tool-y’. Josh reminds me of “Tiny Tool”.

  22. megan says:

    dan is the only good looking one. he is sure to stand out on the show, i cant wait!

  23. Stacey says:

    Charm is UGLY!

  24. lolz says:

    What, no 12 Pack? Flipper? Tool Box? Brooklyn? Sheesh VH1, you’re slipping!

  25. foxie says:

    Are you kidding??? no hot guys? have you not seen T~Shaw?? Talk about a super HOTTTTT tool!!!! My Gawd I cant wait for tool academy to start

  26. foxie says:

    What?!?!?! no sexy guys? Have you not seen T~Shaw??? He has to be The Hottttttest tool ever!!!

  27. heyU says:

    they all look like drug addicts yuck!

  28. cesar says:

    yeah lil pun cant wait till the show starts homie o’side fo life. let them know were we from and how we do it.

  29. cesar says:

    yeah lil pun show them whats up in oside cant wait till the show starts homie.

  30. jerseygirl says:

    Got some ugly guys in this tool academy wonder what there g/f look like

  31. Kayla says:

    Andre is sooo (#@$+*^!$(%%^#)+ ing SEXY in the first pix.. In the second one he looks high as (#@$+*^!$(%%^#)+

  32. Snowangel says:

    Raeosun….good job sticking up for your buddy. Clever comment….bwha ha ha ha!

  33. d says:

    I wonder if john l;s ‘ probation officer knows he left the state

  34. Plymouth Mass says:

    I can’t wait for this show! i know John L, he’s from my town. He’s a good guy but definitely a tool!Can’t wait to see this! I wonder if Joel Mchale from the Soup will have fun making fun of him? haha!

  35. janice dickerson says:


  36. SigNuSwthrt says:

    Everyone needs to stop hating on the guys. You are just jealous that you didn’t make it on the show. I can’t wait for the new season to start.

  37. PR1NCESS says:

    Hey this is The Princess and I love Johny L!!! Stop hating on him because he is the greatest guy I ever met so all u people saying stupid crap need to have a nice cup of STFU!!!! (shut the f up) O he also saved my life before and is officially my beach boy babe!!! I LOVE YOU JOHNY!!! Your amazing and people are just hating cuz they missed out on your awesomeness <3

  38. AP_rox_MY_sox says:

    johnny L is a GOD! i want to be like him when i grow up!! hahaha :]

  39. PR1NCESS says:

    O and John L’s girlfriend is gorgeous too!!! End of story John L is the greatest guy alive and you will all think so after you see the first episode I’m sure! Love you guys!

  40. Billy Bob says:

    This show is AMAZING!!!!!!

    I LOVE JOHN, he makes the show!!!

  41. PR1NCESS says:

    Billy Bob obviously John L makes the show amazing… Like duh!!! He is the bestest!!!!

  42. Vince says:

    ToolAcademy is the sh*t! Great Promo’s. John L is HUGE!

  43. Meesh says:

    wow, I’ve known Frank forever but haven’t seen him in a long time.. he is a pretty big tool though hahaha.

  44. meatbag says:

    ive known john l for over 20 years, he’s the funniest, nicest guy i know,,, well until you piss him off, i feel bad for the guys on the show lol…. ive seen him in more fights at bars and parties than i can count.. i can only imagine what he does on the show,,, and i know his girlfriend sarah, she’s a the female version of him, ha ha ha i cant wait!!!!!

  45. PR1NCESS says:

    Yay!!! Johny L is awesome!! He is soo the star of the comercial!

  46. Shauna says:

    My cuz Tyler… He’s awesome! =o)

  47. sexylady says:

    Andre is the finest guy on the show……sucks he’s a tool. He can fix me up ne day

  48. Adam says:

    I think this is a good reality show. I would like to see VH1 do a female version of this, I know my woman definately needs it. Women can be tools too ya know, lol.

  49. needlez says:

    Jon S gets !!(%+(%~*$)!&%*_% es!!! I party with this fool (tool) all the time.

  50. 702 ruffryder says:

    Shout out to Lil-pun!!!!! from 702 ruffryder’s “liked by few, Hated by many, respected by all,

  51. Vh1access says:

    Can’t wait for this!

  52. mickey says:


  53. HBIC says:

    tyler=washdowned version of matsuflex!

  54. caliPretty says:

    Well, i haven’t watched this show and don’t know what tools are, but i agree with sexylady…Andre is DEFINITELY the finest looking. and O Yes! he can fix me up ANYTIME.

  55. Jordan Murphy says:

    Hey gang,
    It’s your host here, Jordan Murphy. Check out my twitter page @JordanDMurphy and follow me on this journey called ‘Tool Academy 2′ where I will write daily reminders until the show starts, with hints of what’s to come and comments on how things went down after each episode airs. You can also ask me questions on it too. So go to Twitter and I’m at JordanDMurphy and make sure to watch the show! More tools than ever before. You wanted it, here they are! With help from Trina and myself at the Academy, there is hope for you ladies out there who seem to love tools. I don’t get it, but it is what it is.

  56. TylerDurdan says:

    I can’t believe Jon S. and Tracy are on this show! Correction . . . I can’t believe they stayed together for five years to be on this show! Pretty sure that the two of them will be the biggest drunks on the show. I can’t wait to see her drunk on TV upset because he was drinking – that will cure me right up from being homesick!

    Rainbow Thunder Away!

  57. TylerDurdan says:

    I can’t believe Jon S. and Tracy are on this show! Correction . . . I can’t believe they stayed together for five years to be on this show! Pretty sure that the two of them will be the biggest drunks on the show. I can’t wait to see her drunk on TV upset because he was drinking – that will cure me right up from being homesick!

    And how is Jon going to pass these test without copying off of me?

  58. SEXYA##989 says:


  59. me says:

    do they give the guys a Bedazzler? WTF is with them making their outfits look so queer?

  60. put my girl on season 3 says:

    Hey guys for better pics and stuff of my man Mike A go to

  61. kiana says:

    ahhhh…..tool academy-where d-bags meet to compete

  62. brittany says:

    wow they all look wierd i have not seen the show but just the pitures of them i dont want to even watch it
    i watched he first season and it was kind of cool but i am not even into this show


  63. Sara says:

    This season doesnt look even a quarter as good as last season! There should atleast be a few attractive men on this show, thats what keeps people watching. Not their charming personalitys. L-A-M-E

  64. QueenBee says:

    JON S. is most definitely a tool, if for no other reason than he is in his 30′s and didn’t walk away when he found out what show he was on.

  65. MS.BiiZZDaD0NDiVa says:

    aHHHH MaH H0MiiE Dre LMAO

  66. Bear says:

    ummm mike aleali is my ex boyfriend and PROPOSED to me. hahaha i’m glad to see that law degree has gotten him on tool academy now- if the shoe fits… good luck Pouya :-P

  67. Kim says:

    I’m so excited for Tool Academy 2! The guys deserve what they have coming :)

  68. Sassy says:

    MmmM That Frank Guy looks like the Hottie from Twilight…NICE…

  69. John L. says:

    Hi I’m John L. from Plymouth, Mass. and I am a HUGE TOOL!!!!

  70. wow says:

    wow john L. wow.what a cool guy

  71. S says:

    John S….You’ve known him for 2 minutes! Don’t talk trash about something you know NOTHING about!!

  72. Jon S says:

    Hey S if you haven’t figured it out yet, were on a blog, all kinds of people are writing trash about people they have never even meet, if you want a privet conversation just send a email and I’ll be sure not to butt in. =0)

  73. LC says:

    Tool academy! Yay! lol loOOoooove it. The first show was awesome too. Except that tyler dude looks like one of the guys from “Is She Really Going Out With Him” on MTV 0_0. Lol come to think of it…the guys from that show NEED tool academy.

  74. red says:

    These girls are either ignorant or just plain stupid.

  75. NOWAY says:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT AN ABUSIVE JERK WENT HOME FIRST!!! I really think VH1 should save his girlfriend from that crazy mind-control situation she got herself in. I felt so bad she left with him! He refuses to leave the show lol?? As soon as he sees his girlfriend he tries to blame her, like she is embarrassing him and treats her like she has no mental capacity “you know I’m smart just listen to me” “you need to just listen to me” “just get in the car and you have to tell me you love me the whole time while were leaving” whispering “say you love me” “say you love me” as they’re driving. WOW I’m stunned.

  76. jlz776 says:

    wow! there is a bunch of candidates for the “future wife beaters of America” and some real winners for the “battered wives of orange county” series. At least some girls have personality. Rebecca is lame, so is Mike. wonder if anyone knows about their day jobs……

  77. stevie oakley says:

    the 1st episode of tool academy was disturbing, VH1 SHOULD provide counsiling 4 these contestants leaving, however, as ‘megan wants a millionaire’ has shown, VH1 is more concernd w-ratings then the contestants. this is a sad way to try to fill the gap in their line up.

  78. stevey says:

    unfortunate VH1 wants shock value. maybe the dumbasses in editing this last year didnt realize the 1st episode would be disturbing in light of ‘meagan..’ scandal..

  79. stevey says:

    everyone does realize these shows r taped a year in advance right? i love money3 was already taped when the freakshow did his murder, this was taped before that! VH1 has lost their fall series so of course theyre gonna let this 1 go.. maybe ppl should email vh1 about their ethics..

  80. Amused says:

    This show is so funny. These guys either don’t work or they have crappy jobs and they all think they’re the greatest thing to women. The first episode was hilarious because the first guy voted off was such a baby that he tried to walk out of another exit because he didn’t want to look bad. These guys are delusional. I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  81. Dee says:

    I just don’t understand the woman on these shows esp. this one. They allow all these men to treat them like *)_+`_@*~`((#_)^ It seem the guys are only just trying to get the money,do you actually think any of these guys will change ok once the show is over it will be back to the same ole drama. I think if you have to take a guy on a show for change just means they are not going to change. You can’t change a bad guy the women are just stupid as hell to think change is going to happen, move on like strong women,their are other fish in the sea.You waste a lot of energy on absolutely nothings!

  82. Concerned Teacher says:

    After reading your emails I am more than ever concerned about the state of education in the USA. Can none of you write a single coherent sentence? Bloody hell, people, who were your English teachers?

  83. Trevor says:

    Was watching first show and remembered Charm back at Fresno State, was just wondering if that was really my boy. We waz cool. He waz a good friend, helped me though alot that year at Fresno State.

  84. Dee says:

    Man I Hella went to school with josh…. Thats crazy to see someone u know on this ish

  85. Chirpbird says:

    Don’t you just love it when people slamming you for your typo(s) make just as many grammatical mistakes in their post?

    BTW, “ConcernedTeacher,” if you’re going to start your sentence with a prepositional phrase, you need a comma before you launch into the real meat of your thought.

  86. valerie valdes says:

    stew iz so seckzi~<3

  87. John L lover says:

    i wish john L could rip is pants…and underwear…

  88. SpunkiMonki says:

    To all the people who are commenting about the show being unethical,I just have one question for you.Why are you watching? Besides that wh is everyone blaming vh1 for that terrible tragedy.It’s not their fault the guy snapped.It’s not like they can ask every single person they interveiw if they are murderer’s or if they plan on it in the future. Don’t forget most searial killers were usally always the guy next store,or the quiet nice guy.

  89. sexylove says:

    all these guys are idiots and don’t know how to treat a girl right….and these girls need to know that there are way better guys than these butt heads.

  90. Cecile says:

    wow, just watched the first episode, josh is such an A-hole. I feel so sorry for Jaime. its so sad and i hope one day she finds the strength and love of self to leave that idiot

  91. Manda says:

    I like John L he seems like the only guy on there who actually loves his girlfriend and did not cheat on her. If he could get past his whole “I’m the man, I’m in charge.” thing he’d be a good guy.

    I’m rooting for him!

  92. Buster Hymen says:

    The women that are with these guys all have one thing in common, they’re a bunch of dopes. I refuse to feel sorry for any girl/woman that allows herself to be treated the way these guys treat them. I know plenty of women that wasted their youth on guys just like the ones on this show. Now they’re in their late 30′s, early 40′s with a divorce or two under their belt, a kid or two and ex’s that have long sense moved along to the next dummy. This is great comedy and I’m glad there are girls as dumb as them to hook up with a**holes who’ll treat them worse then dogs, all for our comedic enjoyment!

  93. dude says:

    okay okay okay…this is simply a athletic show about athletes and drama and challenges///the dudes cheat and these dumb little girls still wanna make it work///they wanna change the cheater into loving them…hey if you cheat you do not love your partner//period//all this fornication///with these LITTLE kids//no wonder why they are so screwed up//GET MARRIED AND BE A MAN !!!none of them have MY respect///and AT THE END OF FOOL ACADEMY they all lose//// but ONE DUDE//just a BAD concept and a BAD show//lastly//IN real life//people do not have to run the fastest //jump the highest//or whatever else//to prove they love another person///IT IS CALLED COMMITMENT AND BEING SOULMATES//not called///YO YO YO//I THE MAN//I AM THE BOMB//LOOK AT ME ME ME//MEEEEEE!!!!HEY DORK DUDES//you only get what you give!!!///IF YOU ARE A SELF CENTERED PRICK//CHANCES ARE YOUR WOMAN ALREADY HAS A FEW OTHER OFFERS AND ALREADY HAS BEEN WITH THEM TOO!!!STUPID SHOW!!!NOT REAL LIFE!!!

  94. Melidy says:

    Jordan was the tool at elimination. When he was yelling at the guy who was just expelled he was totally over the top and was just making the situation worse. They had the other producers taking care of the situation with the “tool” (who was a nut job), and Jordan was just trying to make the situation more dramatic. It really did not need more drama it was disturbing enough to watch.

  95. DJB says:

    I feel that Jordan the host should be the one expelled
    he has an anger ploblem too. Also the relationship counselor, Trina Dolenz Should go after the remark she made last season on the finale about the winner being a little quick on premature ejacuation. Both shows lousy professionalism. To be hosting a show

  96. Lee says:

    I think Josh was strung out at that time, that’s why he was acting all weird. LOL

  97. kat says:

    No one is married: why the eff are they even together? Bunch of low self esteem chicks and loser dudes

  98. Jewlina says:

    when’s next casting???? does it work for girls! lol

  99. Bryan says:

    Wow, you truly screwed up a good show and all in the last 5 minutes of the opening episode of second season.

    I’m just writing to let you know that I loved the first season, but the way the male host, security and producer handled the first eviction from the house in the opening of the second season was disgusting.

    You would have been better off letting him get his stuff, walk away (don’t give him the car), don’t get in his way (unless he’s hurting the equipment or people) and film it like National Geographic – Hands Off. We could have seen the girls true reaction versus her going to his rescue because the host and security ganged up on him. I think it would have been a much better story. You screwed up a good thing trying to get the all important ending shot and the stupid moment the couples are on the podium.

    I can believe you filmed the host cussing at a evicted guest and then aired it. The host looked like a raging idiot. I saw no reason for him to act that way, totally unwarranted. I’m now of the opinion that the real tool is the host.

    The security guard being filmed was unnecessary, the guy wasn’t violent just uncooperative. Overall, bad call and bad taste by the producer.

  100. Rick Martin says:

    Dumb )(~&`&!`^~)+*%~ ~&@`_~_*#^$^!+~%@ es!!!!!!!These stupid women deserve everything they are getting from these low- life morons. This show will set the women’s movement back a century along with a host of other reality shows that condone this type of treatment and lack of respect for women and relationships in general. And what’s also obvious is that are entire system of moral charcater has completely eroded in America to possibly the point of no return. Why else would anyone finance this garbage.These women deserve everything that’s happening to them. What a bunch of stupid ~&@`_~_*#^$^!+~%@ s and the fact that this stupidity is becoming the norm. I don’t feel bad for any of these stupid dumb )@^(%&&)`#%&@^@+) s!

  101. stacie says:

    Get ready to salivate??! does throwing-up in my mouth a little count as salivating?

  102. Frechetta is Betta says:

    John L is one of my friends from way back i hope him and Sarah make it Good Luck Yall

  103. Jordan is a jerk says:

    What’s up with the host, Jordan Murphy? When Josh wouldn’t leave, Jordan acted like a big tool, cursing, screaming, swinging his arms around. Why isn’t he a contestant? Clean up your mouth Jordan, you sound just like the punks on the show

  104. jsthawk says:

    Wow! Did you see that bling Harley Davidson Sportster? That is the coolest motorcycle I have ever seen.

  105. dannie says:

    i think this show is very smart cause what better way to get your boyfriend to tell the truth i was wondering how can i get my boyfriend on this show i always watch ur show

  106. lisa says:

    I dont understand why any women will like to go out with this guys, you deserve better, is pretty much the women faults.

  107. maria says:

    this women have no respect for there selfs, or self steam. get a life, and the guys are a joke,

  108. Tyler Davis says:

    This is to Charm. I just dont want you to worry about them other tools because they are just mad because you are sexier. Dont give into there plan of getting you elminated by hitting them just stay strong. You are there biggest competition!! Just keep being you. Much love to you

  109. ashley says:

    im addicted to the tool academy! i watched 1st and im watching the 2nd session!! i like so far…tyler,terry,andre,frank,mike oh and dan lol as long as one of them win ill be happy lol but its a great show… cant wait till next week!!!

  110. Chris says:

    Wow a show about douchebag guys. Freakin hilarious.

  111. Kristina Morris says:

    I just have to get off my chest I thought before i watched this show that i had dated a tool or 2,but these guys take the cake just as the previous seasons cast…..I have a problem with I forgot her name ,but she is the stripper who’s boyfriend did not! get kicked off as of 9/23 beets /mirror challenge …..One of the other girls simply made a comment of her opinion of how it bothered her that strippers do what they do w/out a thought to women at home ,I do believe the guy goes to the strip club so it is his fault ,but this girl(stripper) got all violent and talking like trash on TV threatening and even bumping up against the girl who had a comment ,the stripper went on to say “yo no for real man …she opens her mouth again and I will beat her a** look in the mirror yourself ..How lady like! ,not! she needs tool academy herself!!!!!

  112. Kristina Morris says:

    OH and girls, you have all stayed way too long …..will not judge,but you all to be with men like this ….really need counseling and i am not being smart! I have been there ,(not through as much as u put up with ),but I do not judge as i said so please get a therapist…I have one because i finally found the most amazing man who would never do 1/10th of what these guys do,please i beg u think of yourselves more you can do better …..unfortunately My fiance suddenly passed away, no reason other than a guess of medicine interaction (ambien,fyi,so careful)God saw fit to take him 13 days before our wedding and i am devastated,but know now what is out there and u do not have to be treated like this!!!!!love is amazing with a good person!!if u have trouble meeting good guys re-evaluate where u have found these!!!!

  113. kel says:

    has anyone noticed that andre’s girlfriend was on paris hiltons new bff but used a different name

  114. Josh R says:

    This show is ridiculous in the best ways, this coming Sunday these guys look like they flip out on the producers when the girlfriends are set up with male models, kind of tough competition apparently. The women are just as hopeless as these guys.

  115. ryan says:

    charms a d-bag, he thinks hes soo hot but hes an ugly $!%!)+#%+`~)*_%) head

  116. Lizzy says:

    I love this show. Men always think of themselves, they never think of their girlfriends and how they would feel. But when S**** hits the fan ooh watch out they don’t know what to do. They really love their girlfriends but instead of being real men and admitting it they want to be boys and think that they can get better. Ladies it’s you that can do better. I love the latest when the girls went out on a date. Wow what reactions! There are enough tools in the world we need more men. I dated a tool and now he is history.

  117. Jestyne says:

    Gosh i love this show and I hope Andre + Leah win. :)

  118. David C says:

    This guys are all a bunch of douch bags and act like fools and I think if these girls had any self respect they would dump these loosers

  119. Natahsa says:

    How do you sign up for this show? It would be the best thing that could ever happen to me right now.. anybody?

  120. Ladilicious says:

    i believe that Andre should have never gotten expelled for tool acadamey 2. Charm is the one who is being fake, he dnt want to change all he wants to do is to get popular

  121. Renee Hargrave says:

    WHEEEEEEEEN!!!!!! CASTING CALL FOR TOOL ACADEMY 3??????????????????????????????????????????

  122. Ana L says:

    seriously….i need to know when casting for tool academy 3 is starting….my boyfriend and i are having major problems after 6 years! I need help!!! he is driving me crazy!!!!

  123. samantha says:

    how do i go about signing my boyfriend to tool academy.
    We got kids together and he is a really !#_&+!!+!`_@)*_ hole to me.

  124. samantha says:

    how do i go about signing my boyfriend to tool academy.
    We got kids together and he is a really *^&!&!(&~_%(%(( hole to me.

  125. Delilah T says:

    ok…well first of all, i just want to say that the show is totally awesome, and i think that all the guys are awesome!!…but i would like to say that what ya’ll do to you girlfriends is not right!!…what about cheating on your girlfriend is ok?…nothing!..your just hurting your girlfriend, the people around you, and yourself!!!…i watch the show everyday, and i must say that i hope all of ya’ll learned from this. I just wnat to wish you the best, and i hope that everything works out with your girlfriends!!…and i want to say this to the girlfriends, im sorry about how your boyfriend treated you. you didn’t deserve it. but i hope to;; academy helped your boyfriends be more respectful, and learned to aprreciate what they have in front of them! :)

  126. Riley says:

    why didnt u pick Tyler.he is way better then said that u couldnt even trust him.y would you make a girl face a relashionship with a boy that you didnt even trust in the finally(or how you spell it).you pik the wrong choice.Even if Tyler didnt win i hope him and Shae stay together.Lucks to Tyler and Shae!!!!!!!!

  127. Emily says:

    Hi i was wondering if you were going to do a new season and what all needs to be done to sign up?…. My boyfriend and i have been through alot.. We need to communicate better and he needs to find patience and the willingness to try… Let me know how to get on the show and see if it helps…

    Thank You,

  128. scotto says:

    Tool is the right )$!`))!)!#!(+`% le, what a bunch of pole smokin losers, I couldn’t change the channel fast enough. how pathetic and sad has society become that anyone would watch these idiots. I guess it is to be expected, what kind of (+&`%`##`~^!)*+_`^ would sign up for a show called tool!!!!!

  129. julissa Ramos says:

    hello y name is julissa and i recently heard about the show and would like some changes for my husband as probably he does for me …to me he is verbally abusive doen’t take me out ..especially for valentines day he didn’t take me out..right now our relationship is going down hill and i wish someone else would tell him he is wrong at what he does at times …if you would like to talk to one of us and have us come in to be in the show please contact me….

  130. DDEXTER says:

    I’ve really grown fond of this show and like alot of the cast, I know my husband Scott&I would benefit from this show.I thank VH1 for this show because it’s the 1st reality show that’s not out to sell the “Bad” side of life.It appears to be a reality show that exposes the real skeletons some couples hide that are the TRUE ROOT to the dysfuntioning in the relationship.IF MY HUSBAND WOULD BE WILLING…I’d Love to audition or BE ON THIS SHOW.Please contact me with information on getting on this show.

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    How do you sign your boyfriend up for this!!

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