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  1. Pumapayam says:

    “CLICK HERE and watch the debut episode of My “Antonia” a week before it airs!”

    Really, is this Antonio in drag?

    Nice gender changing typo.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh my. Hon, don’t you know that all you had to do was come down and find me? Instead you had to sully yourself with these…uh….well you know. Regardless, always wish you the best.

    The Girl in the Red Sweater
    Miami, FL

  3. Tanya says:

    I hope Antoino you find what your looking for ( but it won’t be on this show). Many pretty faces but none of them are sincere. Women will always throw themselves at you, your beautiful…they only want to be seen with someone sexy and get famous for it. If at first sight you didn’t get so nervous that you start talking like an idiot, then you will never find “The One”. It’s all trial and error, take a chance with someone humble not phony beauties that shed a tear for attention or to get you to feel sorry for them and top it off with a I LOVE YOU and I’m Here For You. You have always been surrounded by beautiful women and none has made you happy… Let your mama guide you and if don’t find what you want, look me up
    Tanya (I’ve seen all of your movies)
    New Jersey

  4. Kara says:

    I watched the first episode of “My Antonio”; I only see 2 girls that are real. I am really disappointed in these reality shows. I wish they would put genuine people that aren’t looking for celebrity status from these shows. I don’t know who sellects these women. But most of them are fake on the outside and on the inside too. I think that if the celebrities wants to find true love it isn’t going to happen in a tv show. They should go out and mingle with real people like the rest of us do. I think they would be surprised how they would be treated by average everyday people. Antonio is a beautiful man and seems genuine and honest. If he doesn’t find love with someone on the show I hope he finds someone who will love him for the whole package, not for what he can do for their career,or to save them. If he wasn’t a celeb and I saw him walking on the same street, I would definitely be attracted to him and would flirt too.Hoping he would notice. But that is just a dream…

  5. Jorge A. Granda says:

    One of the girls on the show is a porn star. I don’t remember her name, but she has been in serveral porn movies.

  6. Ri says:

    I have to say that I really wonder about the people who cast this show. All of these women have either fake boobs, fake teeth, fake something. Couldn’t you find some ‘REAL’ women? They all look so plastic, not to mention that from what I’ve seen from the first episode, so damaged emotionally. It’s really sad to me that these women are examples of what is out there. Poor Antonio.

  7. Leona says:

    Is anyone else disgusted by the print ad for My Antonio where he is on a white horse who is being tortured in the mouth and head. The noseband, throat latch, reins, bit, Antonios hands and his brain are all too tight. There is nothing romantic about seeing a jerk who doesn’t care about the horse he’s posing on. Obviously he doesn’t know how to ride. The ad people are clueless as well. Good luck with this guy charming any women!

  8. maggen says:

    damn thats funny sorry antonio but your stupid all those gurls want is money or there spot light of tv if you really want true love take a gurl out on a date not through a show on national tv see how it goes i mean thats stupid i bet if your eago wasnt in the way you could find true love main that money is all those gurls want. Oh and your hott body but reality babe those gurls not true love. If you could leave your eago in the past and go out on the street you might just bump right into your true love damn there is more out there then tv show spot light and money trust me my whole life i had it bad.

  9. SJ David says:

    To those of you who think the girls on this show are fake — actually they are for real, it is Antonio who is acting and following a script. Several of the girls will say (and have said) some silly things, but Antonio won’t — because the only editing requirement is that he look good. Sarah and a couple of the others may have been holding some things back about themselves, but there is no doubt that all of their emotional reactions were real.

    But back to Antonio — Supposedly he is looking for a woman who wants to stay at home and raise kids and is not a party girl. The problem is that this is exactly the sort of woman who would never try out for a reality TV show. Furthermore, if he does not have enough control of the show to get his ex-wife removed quickly, she will be too much of a distraction for him to make any rational decisions. The goals of dramatic TV and personal fulfillment are definitely in conflict here.

    Anyway, with the first elimination, Antonio suggested that he could eliminate any girl, at any time, for any reason. So why is Anju still around? He has already said that she is not his type, so he could have booted her after the volcano climb and should have booted her at the pool party. Why didn’t he? Because he had not reached one of the scripted elimination points yet — and the next elimination was his mother’s call, not his.

    Anju lucked out here, and so did we — now we will get to see her kick butt in some of the acting challenges. Anyone want to bet that she narrowly misses being eliminated a few more times? And that the next show she is on is one more worthy of her talents? I think she could have a great future when more people see what she can do.

  10. Leighan says:

    Of all the reality shows out there, this one seems to be the most real. I love the unscripted nature of this show. After seeing the first episode, I would have to say my instinct is to cheer for Brook. First impression of her is down to earth, honest and really looking for love. The others are way too fake. And hopefully the girl who cries at the sight of Antonio and the girl who is OCD about her clothes will both get the help thay need.

  11. tasmia says:

    love is a great feeling….antonio get ur real love frm here or anywhere in ur life… of luck for that…..

  12. shalon says:

    i have always loved antonio every since he was in that janet jackson video and now to see him in a new show i think i am going to enjoy this show.

  13. Aly says:

    Miranda and Brooke are the classiest women on the show..the rest of the women look like worn out porn stars, drag queens or dogs in heat!

  14. djspike says:

    Oh God damn,you are so cute,but am not sure if you are really going to find a girl among those who will actually give you super love but looking at them Brooke might work 4you,looks arent everything,just get to know them well,coz the decision is yours,i only wish that i would be their coz i know the kind of love you are looking for,and am ready to give it to you and guess what you will never regret that will you find me please?thank God you have the best mother,listen to her boy.

  15. Lady E says:

    I agree with Jorge one of the girls is a porn star .. or at least she was one at one time !!!

  16. Judy1 says:

    Antonio, you know you are VERY handsome.
    What is going on with the girl that is ALWAYS crying?
    She needs to go. You don’t want to become her father figure.

  17. CHRISTINA LARA says:

    oh Man Antonio I wish I would have new about this reality show, I would have auditioned. LOL I am just watching the show to look at those dimples. Ithink all the girls on the show are ugly they could have picked prettier girls to go on the show…

  18. Jyo T. says:

    I love Hawaii, Antonio Sabato Jr., and LOVE !!!! I wish I could be on the show. I would really be there for HIM ONLY!!!


  19. southjerseygirl says:

    I have to say hands down Miranda is by far the prettiest, classiest and most level headed girl on the show. I think she’s the best one for Antonio. The other girls better step their game up because with Miranda’s looks and poise how could Antonio resist. I’m definitly routing for Miranda to walk away with Antonio’s heart. By the way I think Antonio is super hot!!! Muy Caliente!!!

  20. Paulie says:

    Dearest Antonio,
    I watched you through the years and have seen you grow as an actor,model and person.You have come a long way and as a fan/admirer I am very proud of you.
    I watch your reality show and you are no different then the rest of us single people,we are all looking for true love in our own way.I’m sorry to say but trying to find it on a reality show it is not likely but you have to do as you must.I wish you the best and as for your mother who I think is an amazing woman who also like you is trying to help protect that precious heart of yours.She is the one woman who has been there through all your good,bad and very bad times and she has also seen you grow into this strong,assured and beautiful hearted man.I like when you do take her advice and yet at the same time you share with her that there will be times when you have to find your way but love her for always being there.
    As for your ex-wife Tully,I understand that we all deserve a second chance and that she is making some kind of effort to prove that she’s there for you but please look deep in your heart and tell yourself is it really that worth it.According to your mom she has seen what this woman has done to you and like any mother she will protect you in her own way.All I have to say about that one is be careful but also be aware of all those other beautiful women who would like to show you a whole new world and teach you to move forward and not back.My best to you and Good luck.

  21. claudia says:

    Is this what it’s come down to? Why has Antonio lowered himself with the likes of those other scanky, trampy reality stars?! Why are you doing this to yourself? You don’t know where these “females” have been! Please, get out while you can and leave them to the real lowlife of reality tv.
    I thought you were so much better than this.

  22. kat tea says:

    antonioyouso ho6t would you merry me plesae

  23. michelle says:

    Antonio is Beautiful!!!! His smile is beautiful.

  24. Kenstee says:

    Why any woman would have anything to do with that mama’s boy is a mystery to me. What a wimp he is! Truly embarrassing.

  25. Laura Schone says:

    If you guys have an My Antonio 2, please let me know! THESE GIRLS ARE NOT EVEN THAT CUTE!!!

  26. meremayjohn says:

    I keep watching this show because it is the worst of these dating shows I have ever seen. The whole Tully thing is so staged, ridiculous and fake. Antonio tries too hard and the longer he keeps Tully the faker it gets. Also, it’s fine to respect your parents, but grow up and make up your own mind.

  27. Carmen says:


  28. anon says:

    what is the story with that blonde broad!! is that a tranny or what because im soooo convinced that it is not a woman at all!!!

  29. ginnie manson says:

    This has got to be the worst reality series i have ever tried to watch. The women are plastic freaks of nature and i am not sure he is REALLY looking for a woman!

  30. Cathy Paliotta says:

    Dear Antonio:

    I have watched the first episode today, and am wowed by the women that you have to choose from. I truly hope that you find true happieness. I believe that true happiness starts with being whole within yourself and that a man should compliment you and not complete you. As much as I would like to kick myself in the butt, for not knowing about this show earlier, I would have been a part. I have to say I believe that God says to put your vission before you and all my life I have had a photo of you at work and in my car. I know it is silly but I’ve had a deep desire for an Italian man and one with a love for God. I have found one that actually looks just like you. So crazy but true. I pray for the best for you and believe that you will follow your instinct. Don’t follow your heart, out of it flows issues of life and it can deceive you. Best regards.

  31. BARBARA LABICK says:


  32. jennet says:

    omg if antonio is not the man of your dreams then u must be crazy or maybe u need 2 take ah check up cause their must be something wrong with u omg!!! he is so cute and does dimples are to die for i love him so much i hope he does’nt fall short of what i expect

  33. kathyrn rose says:

    I like to watch the show just to watch the girls make total fools of their self, i can’t beleive women would act like that for a man,yes he is goodlooking,and he knows it,and he is a big mama boy,that’s why he can’t find anyone to have him, to him he is just having fun, so enjoy it girls,cause you will be the ones that will get hurt.look at it like this,if he was so series about this,some of the things he does,like be nude in front of everyone, he looking for lust,not love.anyway goodluck,can’t wait to see who he picks. kat

  34. J says:

    Hey Antonio baby, you need a real woman who knows how to act, not all those fake made up women who don’t have much left of what they were born with. Real cones and real natural beauty is where it’s at. I hope you find what your looking for. However, true beauty is not made from plastic or silica.

  35. Lora Johnson says:

    Antonio has two beautiful children with two different women both of whom are twice as beautiful as these plastic pigs. But guess who he chooses!!!!!!Red, Playmate and guess what not even a job, but all fake. So if he was looking for real love why did he pick this pig and where is her SON? Does she own a race car, have you seen her she is arm candy? are there candy crystal in lips becuse we can buy them too!!!!!
    How long will her date her THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ann says:

    You need to send the X- wife @(_@%_+~!~$!*@&)% ng.Give the other girls more time with you, one on one. Or you will never get to know them. Like the girl who had to go to the hospital.She really needs some tlc….

  37. Ann says:

    You need to send your X-wife !)%%@%(&@`$+^&@`% ng, along with the little girl Autum. In order to find love, you need to give each lady time with you ,and you alone. Rather then your X always pushing her way in on everyone’s everything. I like the show. The fact that you have your mother there to help you along this path, makes the show even better.

  38. lolita says:

    I will really like to know what happened with lynette??

  39. goodadvi says:

    You should get back with your X. She is hot

  40. Bernice says:

    VH1 what the heck! Your show FROZE UP! It’s like someone hit the pause button, right at the end, when we were gona see who got booted! It has been frozen for over 25 minutes now! NOT HAPPY.
    I think he should choose Tully, his ex, to stay with him forever. She is there and it is for real.

  41. Bernice says:

    VH1 what the heck! Your show FROZE UP! It’s like someone hit the pause button, right at the end, when we were gona see who got booted! It has been frozen for over 25 minutes now! NOT HAPPY.
    I think he should choose Tully, his ex, to stay with him forever. She is there and it is for real.
    Thank you.

  42. pamela munger says:

    i think brooke is clearly the best choice at least she is a real person!She’s all brooke no plastic boobs!!!! lots of love antonio, pam from TX

  43. Linda says:

    I think he should be with tally. the rest of them are stupid Bit—- And his mother needs to stop making him ma mas boy and go away. Christi should be gone NOW, I cant stand her and her fake boob job. Tally was young when they got married and now I believe she has grown and learned.

  44. IRMA says:


  45. nina says:

    i think tally should win. they oveously dont know what they are talking about. i feel that they have a problem with peopel. tally may seem she’s not there for antonio but she is. i think christiy should leave because she has lots of problems and she’s fake like her boobs,her lips,her face, and last but least her personality. im 10 but antonio is not he should know what to do and who to pick. antonio’s mother is very something…

  46. Karina Ramos says:

    I love Antonio, daria mi vida por el.GOD blesses you.

  47. james says:

    this show is fake…i mean who looks for love and the girl of their dreams and tolerates their ex wife interjecting into their life,,,,over and over,,,,antonio is not looking for love just show ratings!!! *!$__(&#&#%~*`$ on be realistic that tully thing is just ridiculous!!!!!

  48. olga says:

    i have to be honest, the show is gonna get worse, and the girls are being robed by tully. Since she has come in the house they lost Antonio, and no matter what they say she will kick all of them out because she has a history and its a total waste of time for the other girls who do care, and are falling for him. Antonio needs to get with Tully and let the other girls go if he wont give them the time of day. He is so selfish and needs to give the other girls some time and more room because they cannot compete with history.

  49. carole says:

    Get rid of Tully. She is a whinnie, crying, sniviling retch of a woman. She thinks she is better than the rest of the women in the house. And she’s not. Brooke would fit in your life. She appears to be fun and adventitious. You seem to like that. But you have to watch out for the sneakie ones and you seem to be aware. But you have a blind eye when it comes to Tully. She is conniving, also. Every one is telling you about Tully. LISTEN

  50. BRENDA says:



  51. Desari says:

    I “love” Tully! I’m hoping she gets her man who just so happens to be her “ex” in the end. The rest of those girls are there for something other than love.

  52. kasey says:

    i really think he should be with tully. i mean come on they were married.. i know that if that were me i would be the same way… they love each other..

  53. maura says:

    Hi Antonio,
    Not sure if you will get this, but for you to ask the women to walk across hot coals for you is very wrong. Why would you endanger a person for prove of love or devotion, there are more normal ways. For you to ask a person to burn their feet for you is self righteous and egocentric. Up until this point, i thought you were perfect, but now I see you in a differant light. Basically, you should never want to hurt the one you love for prove of love, that’s just crazy!

  54. crystal says:

    Get rid of that playboy red headed girl! Shes got issues..I’d go for Brooke or Tully..Brooke seems normal and tully really seems to be sincere about her and antonio..

  55. anna goolsby says:

    I love Tully too! I think that all marriages deserve second chances.

  56. sandy says:

    I liked antonio sabato until I saw this show. He is like many men in 2009. They expect for women to chase after them and act like fools to “prove their love.” Having women run over coals… you are really full of yourself, huh antonio? I applaud the women who were bold enough to stand up to his antics. Good looking or not, you are going to have to face facts that you are no longer 20 years old with many options. You and your 40+ year old buddies. Better get a good woman before it’s too late.

    And you and VH1 aren’t fooling anyone, by the way, by putting 3 token minorities on the show and quickly disposing of them. It’s pretty obvious that you didn’t want any of those girls, no matter how much your personalities would have “clicked.” I’m done watching the rest of this season–it’s pretty obvious that he will either pick tully or brooke. The red head will keep making a fool of herself for you, not realizing that you’re only keeping her around for chance at a romp in the sack.

    Thank goodness for all of the other great reality shows on TV right now!

  57. christian says:

    Man this episode where they walk through coals is SOOOOO FAKE!!! There were NO COALS IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT WALK WAY!!! You could Tell! I really thought maybe just maybe you were real!!….. But first Talli comes , then the crazy girl, come on now this!!!!! TOOOO FAKE!! ITS SAD!!!

  58. Amy says:

    I think tully and antonio are MEANT to be she’s really there for him and realize that she still love him and regret whatever she did wrong to him before, nobody’s ferfect we do all make mistake inlife and Antonio 2nd time around is the best. It happened to me 23 yrs ago i was 18 yrs old when we got married and divorce for 8 months got back together got married again for 2nd time now we are still married for 24 yrs now.

  59. Rosalinda says:

    I love Tully. I believe she really cares for Antonio. No one else seems very genuine. Tell mama to back off and let Tully win back her man.

  60. Chris says:

    I agree that this is fake because he doesn’t really seem too attracted or even invested in any of the women on this show but it is bothering me that he’s eliminated everyone with a tan (nature not spray). Anyone black, latina, indian or asian is no longer on the show. I also found it odd when The Nasa researcher who happened to be African American won a date with him and all of a sudden he says he wants to bring the red-headed chick along.

    I just don’t understand why these dating shows tend to be discriminatory when they say they are looking for love. Fake or not, love is love and it knows no color.

    I always liked Antonio Sabato not only because he was gorgeous but because he seemed to be a lot more intelligent than the average hollywood personality/actor. One would think he would be more free thinking in the matter if he says hes looking for someone to spend his life with no matter what nationality or ethnicity she was.

    He definitely loses a lot of cool points with me for being a sell-out and down low bigot.

  61. Mimi says:

    I don’t know what Antonio is looking for, but these girls have been treated so unfairly especially Tully. He is so full of himself. He kept Brooke after she made fun of his career. Tania was right he is not taking the time to know these girls. He’s only been spending time with 3 women. Brooke, Christy and Tully. I thought they were going to stay on the island for 24 hours and he went to get them. I thought if the women walked across hot coals they were going to stay, but he still sent Tania home.

  62. Elizabeth says:

    Marry Tully again! Get rid of the red head she’s major drama. I love Miranda too, but i think you should give it another try with Tully!

  63. Bobbi says:

    Get rid of the red head! She is NUTS!

  64. Paige says:

    Hot Coals?!?!? Hopefully all the girls got a pedicure after that dumb request. I would walk over hot coals for my fiance’ or husband, but not for someone that could easily dismiss me at any dinner gathering. Oh, sorry – can’t call it “dinner” – Antonio seems to always want to skip dinner! I like Brooke and she has every right to know his future agenda. Come on – is the guy going to be modeling into his 60′s? Brooke wants security – just about all women do! So don’t go and get all offended, Antonio – it was a legit question. And tell your mom to stop rolling her eyes. So annoying! Tully seems to be growing on me…we’ll see!

  65. Lanie says:

    Who got booted on Sunday, I couldn’t watch the show!

  66. liz says:

    i love you Antonio and i love your show but get rid of the red head… she is a liar and a `@~$~#(@%%%&`~&)@

  67. Adriana says:

    Brooke or Tully. Brooke very bright & beautiful. Tully, Watching the episodes learning that Antonio still have feelings for the her. Brooke will be your best choice Antonio darling. The red hair gotta go.. she irritate me. Chisty dear thinks she gotta all…plssss It’s not about the looks and fake boobs..It’s all about TRUST and whatz in your heart. The man is to good for you fake %@+(%~_!^(**#`$ Peace and Good luck!

  68. kristy says:

    i he should be with brooke

  69. empress says:

    tully is the perfect woman for you noone else

  70. Deborah says:

    Are you out of your freaking mind? Walk on coals? You want a woman that can think on her feet and take care of herself? Knowing what to do in a dangerous situation on the street, saving her family if the house starts on fire?

    Yeah all that makes sense. Walking on coals for you? I don’t think so! There isn’t anyone in the world that is worthy of that. Your producer’s are idiots!

  71. Mona Lisa says:

    I admit I’m one of those people that didn’t even know who Antonio Sabato was. As an Italian American female myself, of course I’m intriqued to watch this whole thing play out, knowing first hand how these men are trained since birth, which is to be the center of the universe with no regard for their womanizing ways. His Mama is typical of this culture and something I am familiar with, so you can’t blame her; once her son is happy with a deserving women she will be happy. I don’t blame her for her dislike of Tully as the older woman who broker her Son’s heart. I do, however, think she should seek understanding of what her son may have done to contribute to the downfall of the marriage. I don’t think Tulley is the one for him for the same reason most of us don’t repeat failed relationships. Why see a bad movie more than once? A reason, a season, yes, but move on. I like Brooke the most from the show but think she needs to meet a Doctor at work she is too materialistic for Antonio and I don’t see her as the Motherly type for his son. Antonio is surprisingly balanced, normal, in tune with himself emotionally for such an Italian Stallion. He seeks a life love and passion, high value on family, tradition, etc, I don’t think he will find it with any of these girls they just don’t cut it. Mi dispiace Antonio ma non ti vedo con nessuno di questi donne.

  72. samantha says:

    I think he should get rid of that old bat tully didnt she hurt him enough…. try a new cookie brooke!!!!!

  73. Ginger says:

    I agree this show has totally turned me off of watching any longer. I really liked him until this point. His excuses for eliminating these woman are lame and the whole walk on coals thing was a joke. You know he is going to end up with Tally in the end. It’s all a scam to make money.

    The whole race thing – please give it a break. Why does everything have to turn into a race issue. This is why racism still exist. Not everyone in this world is a racist.

  74. Tina says:

    Noone is mentioning the parallel between Cristy and Antonio’s mother. Both appear to be manipulative, controlling, fans of plastic surgery and meddling women.

    Cristy drinks and her personality changes and I hope Antonio gets to view this footage of them when they are in their house. It’s very telling and essential he see how she behaves when he is not around. She has issues and her grammar is awful and she is silly with those puffed up lips and boobs. geez louise.

    I think that Brook is the most normal and grounded and would be the best for his children. Her concerns about his profession are accurate and threw him for a loop which was funny because he may need to be put in his place from time to time.
    He is a loving and sensitive man and I believe a very sincere person.
    I think Tully has regrets and is sincere and it would be nice to see them wind up together. Unfortunately she will have to deal with his mother who I feel is being very unfair to her. She seems jealous of her.
    I like Miranda she seems very real I am not quite sure if she is for him.

    Antonio please do not fall for the puffed up lips and breasts and for someone who you will have to for time in the mirror for. Choose someone grounded and loving and pretty for your kids.

  75. Marybell says:

    As a southern belle myself….i do NOT trust Brooke. Something about her constant perkiness lacks sincerity. As for “worrying” about the stability of his paychecks, give me a break!! I think he has proven that his career is pretty secure. Sounds like she is just looking to be taken care of financially. Cornering his mother on the sail boat was just annoying and saying what she liked most about Antonio was his sensitivity was total horse sh*t…puh-leez!!! She hasn’t known him long enough to know that….go for Tully!!! She’s the only one that really loves him!!

  76. francis says:

    that is really true i dont know wat is antonio thinking tully knows him better than the other girls….just get rid of christy shes fake shes i hate her………..

  77. Rufty says:

    If this is suppose to be a reality show,tully is the real person who is not faking her feelings,and i really think if he send her home he will regrate it because every body makes mistakes, *BUT THEY LEARN* and look how she is puting her self down for Antonio.

  78. Rufty says:

    If this is suppose to be a reality show,tully is the real person who is not faking her feelings,and i really think if he send her home he will regrate it because every body makes mistakes, *BUT THEY LEARN* and look how she is puting her self down for Antonio. I WANT HIM TO BE WITH *TULLY*!

  79. charlotte bowes says:

    Ivc been watching the show Antonio, and i have so many questions for you . 1. If you do not like or love drama in REAL life, then why keep some woman still around? And 2. If your really looking for true love, .. personal opinion of course, you wont find it on camera, in front of millions of viewers. Just some things are not meant to be in the spotlight. Especially for a true connection… wouldnt you want that special connection off camera?? And only you hold there secrets? vice verse. ? I sit back sometimes and ask myself. How can i get ahold of antonio myself, ,, naturally, .. I have no idea. But I havent found one woman yet that shows true love… its just not THERE… they are still looking for him to say jump…. THEN ….they jump…
    He will find the right one that is just THERE for him , through thick and thin, and know what love is really about. I own my own business in florida. You have to level up to that type of loving man, and never put him on the back burner. Hope He finds true love… charlotte B.

  80. siham says:

    Hello antonio u are so hot i wish i was is this show just to be with .u but I guees I lost my trun. i think the right one is for u is your ex wife and if is not i be there. i love this show

  81. bid says:

    I keep watching this show, kinda like a trainwreck…I can’t believe that women want this Momma’s boy. I am rooting for Tully because she really looks like she still loves him in spite of the dragon of a mother in law always getting in the way. I don’t find him attractive at all, but not because of his looks but because of his weakness. Antonio, stand up to your mother (respectively of course) and tell her to back off.

  82. Rose says:

    This show is like a train wreck…you don’t want to watch but you just can’t help yourself. Antonio is a Momma’s boy, not a man. Why women like him, I just don’t understand…I do agree that Tully is honest in her feelings and I would like to see her get him back, despite the horrible mother in law and the weakling of a man that she’s trying to win back

  83. Rose says:

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t get Antonio as someone all these gals would want. I do believe that Tully truly loves him and I hope she ends up with him, despite the evil mother in law. He’s a momma’s boy for sure but needs to stand up to his mother (with respect tho) and stand up for Tully. I think it’s a planned show and that the script calls for Tully to be the winner.

  84. Beth says:

    I think that tully will be the same this time as she was the first time they were married. She is way to emtional. I think Brooke is the only one that is the real thing and not someone just looking for a movie star to marry. Brooke questioning his career was pefectly normal. When we meet men one of the first thing that women want to know is what they do for a living and can they support their family. Antonio marry brooke!

  85. tami says:

    Listen, Tully is the one for Antonio, hands down. She was with him before. She knows him inside and out and what his dreams were at the age of 18. She’s compassionated and sincere. I think Brooke is not meant for him. She’s nice, pretty, and smart. I just see how he looks at Tully and that look tells me he wants to make all the wrongs of their past right. As far as the other ladies, move on. They are so needy, attention seeking and neurotic. Antonio if you read this, know that it’s very apparent, to me and my family, that Tully is your soulmate. If you love something, let it go. And if it returns , it was meant to be…. Get it!!

  86. Stacy says:

    TEAM TULLY!!!! All the way!! Yvonne needs to forgive and move on let her son find hapiness again WITH Tully!

  87. Casey says:

    Antonio is one thing; his mother is quite another! Why is a man of 38 years relying on his obviously manipulative mother after all these years. She chose Christy out of the group right away, spotting her to have a character like her own (a lot more innocent and intending to please, though), and set her up to spy primarily on (and hopefully get rid of, which Christy even inadvertently did by her horse issues that resulted in Tully’s helping her and becoming injured) Antonio’s ex-wife for HER. Of course, this is Christy’s death warrant, as she uses it to expose her to to Antonio at the “wedding” she deliberately staged when Tully wasn’t present, because it would have made her (mother) have a coronary just to see Tully and Antonio in their wedding garb. Sooo now mommy doesn’t really have anyone left that will play her games – excepting toe-to-toe with her – for the remaining women are all equipped to deal with Antonio’s nasty mom. The question is, will Antonio be able to untie himself from his mommy’s apron strings enough to be able to make the best decision for himSELF? Clearly, the most vulnerable and easiest to manipulate (by mom) will be Tully – because she’s a known entity already, which mom has already shown herself a master at out-manipulating. Will mom in the end realize that Tully is the only one she will be able to use to stay in son’s good graces – the only one who will try to please her even if they get married, because of her fears of the past?? We’ll see!

  88. Lisa says:

    Goodness he’s hot! He has to be the most perfect man alive.

  89. victoria says:

    ok to start i think antonio is a little Gay. soo many beautiful women in the show and he aks like if he dosent like female women. he thinks his the best thing ever and honey your NOT, his to much into himself and he should really look at the gorgeous red hair babe he let go because of a stupid comment that his mother made of her, he needs to stop acting like a female and put some real pants on and man up! your a big boy come on make your own decision, you like men or what? just letting antonio know how i feel.

  90. victoria says:

    ok to start i think antonio is a little Gay. soo many beautiful women in the show and he aks like if he dosent like female women. he thinks his the best thing ever and honey your NOT, his to much into himself and he should really look at the gorgeous red hair babe he let go because of a stupid comment that his mother made of her, he needs to stop acting like a female and put some real pants on and man up! your a big boy come on make your own decision, you like men or what?

  91. Nancy says:

    Antonio is beautiful, but what a mama’s boy. It’s disgusting. No matter how handsome and successful he is, I would never marry such a spineless, mama’s boy. He and his mom need to just live happily ever after with one another because no one will be good enough for him in his mommy’s eyes and that seems to be what they are both looking for…their relationship is creepy!

  92. kathy johns says:

    I hope that Antonia gets back togerher with Tully. I truly believe that she is sincere. Time has a way of changing people. She is truly in love with him, and he is in love with her.

  93. cassandra says:

    i think tully should win!!
    i totally think that marriafe deserves another chance fer sure!!

  94. Andrea says:

    i love antonio i wish to be on his show one day in fact i would love if i colud get a chance am 28

  95. alexandra says:

    Brook should win my antonio

  96. Angelina says:

    I am sorry but NO MAN is worth dealing with such a vindictive and heartless mother-in-law. From the eye-rolling, rude comments, and glee she receives from seeing others humiliated, this woman is a piece of work. I don’t know how she is Antonio’s mother, as he not only looks nothing like her, but thankfully has not inherited her horrible attitude. You marry the family when you marry the man, and I don’t care how good looking and sweet successful Antonio maybe–but his momma ain’t worth it! No wonder he hasn’t been married in years. Take a hint ladies and don’t waste your time unless you want to live under her miserable cold stare for the rest of your life!

  97. cyndy says:

    Tully is the only woman who is genuine and still loves Antonio. And, it is obvious the way he looks at her that he still loves her as well. I really hope he sees through Brooke..who is so fake and insincere. She is so calculating and manipulative. And the make-up artist is so beneath him..

    Tully and he need a second chance. They have both matured and seem to still love each other…shame on his mother for not allowing him to do what is best for him. His mother has her own agenda and is far too manipulative.

  98. INDIA says:

    I luuvvv tully. Dnt let her go untill u no ur over her. I think no i no u still luv her way deep down in ur heart. If u do dont let ur mom ruin it for u i no u can get threw it. I no ur 1st marriage wit her didnt go so great but if u didnt luv her u wudnt have gave her a 2nd chance. Tully luvz u and u luv her i no it will work out. I saw the luk u got wen she came,cryed,was made,and inthe hospital. Antonio i hope u make the rite decision.

  99. VICTORIA says:

    Antonio please, please you need to pick Tully. She is the only real one that loves you. I truly think that she will make a good wife and you will be happy with her this time around. This is a show and we out there can see what you can not see. DO NOT PICK ANY OF THIS GIRLS BUT TULLY SHE IS NOT FAKE.

  100. ARELLIZ says:

    soy de costa rica me gusta mucho su programa.
    los felicito.

  101. ingrid says:

    hi antonio i really love ur show babie boy ur so cute i love too much .i just want to tell u dat u dont no me but i really want to get to no u ok so email me back please.

  102. lisa says:

    I Love Sexy, handsome and Italian Antonio. I think you should pick Brooke. Tully is ten years older than you and it already did not work the first time. Move on. She seems to have a lot of issues. The other African American women were not your type at all. I dont think you should pick them just because they’re African American. I’n full Italian, and I am always on the lookout for another Italian…..

  103. TT135i says:

    I was watching an episode tonight, the one with the fake wedding vows.

    I know these shows are “produced” and not really reality, but there is just something that really strikes me as odd with Antonio and his mom. I’m sure most of you see this, that women MANIPULATES more than any contestant on that show. She is very typical of the “no woman is good enough for my son, because no woman is ME.”

    It’s like the Oedipus complex in reverse. For those that don’t know what that is, please look it up. It’s an odd Freudian theory.

    She manipulated the Christie to feed her information from Antonio’s ex-wife. Then, she busts out with “I object” saying that Christie can’t be trusted because she accepted Antonio’s mom’s wish that she spy on his ex-wife. What the F!?
    His mom hates his ex-wife, so she finds one of the women/contestants, Christie, to befriend and spy on his ex-wife because his mom just has to know or find anything on his ex-wife to justify and continue hating the woman who took her baby.
    She is a manipulative and hateful person. Sorry Antonio, but you need surgery to have your mom removed from your back.

    I know she is your mother and you love her and you want to respect her, but at your age you’re grown )^^+$$)+##`~^#* man and you need to make YOUR own decisions even if your mama doesn’t accept.

    Christie may have been wrong for stating that she was upset that you just up and left her to go see your ex-wife in the hospital, but that’s women man.
    She was hurt. Sure, she should have waited for a better time to bring that up to you, but what she said is NOTHING compared to how your mom manipulated both Christie and you ex-wife for your mom’s own selfish reasons.

    BTW, Christie is one great looker. :)
    She’s never had someone reject her?
    Well, welcome to the real world of the rest of us.
    I’m sure you’ll do well anyway.

  104. Barbara says:

    I just finished watching the episode where antonio lets Tully go. I just cried.(Im a 53 yr old woman) My ex and I were apart for many years and got back together 4 years ago. it has been the happiest time of our lives. I think hes making a terrible mistake as I feel (my opnion) that the other 2 girls are star struck. Tully was there before he was a star. she truly loved him and I belive he should continue to see her and only her to make a decision in his life. Shes still young enough to have another child too. A part of me doesnt even want to watch now with Tully gone. I hope she is doing ok.

  105. dare2dream767 says:

    Dearest Antonio. my heart is hurt that you let go of tully I believe that tully came back 4 u truly 2 love u .why did u feel that she was there 2 bring u back 2 when u where young and not as new souls i respect Tully 4 following her heart and please tully feel know shame 4 following your heart my ANTONIO PLEASE GO DEEPER IN 2U AND YOU”LL YOU WILL SEE NEITHER BROOK OR MIRANDA ARE 4 U PEACEFULLY ELAINE

  106. Pam says:

    I have a question; Does anyone think he will stand up to his mother or not for having christi spy? I knew she would pull this, did anyone else?
    I can’t believe he said nothing to her for her behavior.
    He was smart for moving on, but it’s good to have communication with Tully to a point.
    Wondering: was this only because of what mommy said??

  107. carrie says:

    I can’t beleive you let the love of your life go. No woman will ever love you the way Tully did. One day you will regreat it. Second chances don’t come around often you should know that. As for your mother she was soooooo mean to Tully, she never gave her a chance. Why didn’t you address that with your mother?

  108. carrie says:

    who one earth would want this man and his loco mother in their lives?

  109. Mary says:

    I wss so sad to see Antonio send Tully home. Brooke is always has a problem with your lifestyle. She is beautiful yes, but not for you. If you choose her, I give it 6 weeks tops. Mirada only agrees with what Antonio wants. She is sweet, completely out of her element. Antonio needs a little challenge and someone that will stand up to him. When you are famous, you don’t want someone that agrees with you every minute. I am hoping you realize you made a mistake and fix it. Let Mom know she needs to treat Tully with respect. I am hoping you will still go after Tully. It is going to be boring watching the 2 left now. Neither one has much depth to them.

  110. vedo says:

    antanio is really crazy to listen to his mom.i mean tully loves him why he let her go.

  111. Heather says:

    Ay, this poor man… All I can say about his mother is she is loca… He let a good woman go, and his mother is laughing because she knows that Tully was the only real threat to her sick relationship with her son. I don’t quite understand all the hype about Antonio Sabato Jr… He’s not all that great!!

  112. Megan says:

    Bring Tully back!

  113. Amber Figueroa says:

    Your mother has raised such a gentlemen and I give my respect to her. You are amazingly gorgeous in every way and you have the hearts of women “everywhere” on your sleeve. I did watch the latest episode where you told tully goodbye. I believe for a FACT that you have made a HUGE mistake. I never cry over anything, in fact, I do well by hiding my feeling and sheltering them all together, but I could not help but cry for you that night. The two girls you have with you, ARE NOT a sure thing AT ALL! I cannot believe that those two women are the last two however, I can see how you might want a chance at a NEW life with someone else. I, However, do not think that chance will stretch for long. When it is right in front of you, you can never ignore it, never push it away, you’ll only hurt yourself in the end. And you feeling like your emotions are all messed up, it’s not always a bad sign. None of those other girls made you feel like that. You know it is said that love is when a person can make you feel the happiest than the saddiest, than the most angry all at one time. It’s normal… no it’s not supposed to be easy, but if you saw what I now see, Your wasting your time on two blonde twits, when you could’ve settled for a WIFE! You know tully loves you, you don’t know the ohter girls do. LOVE IS JUST LOVE! It’s a feeling within time!… it’s “like” turns into “respect” and “respect” turn into “trust” and “trust” turns into “adore” and “adore” turns into love!
    I am with my first crush lol… the crush I had IN 2nd grade… YES 2nd through 7th grade, I never forgot him EVER it was almost 2 years ago when we saw each other after 9 years…AND we just knew…. I knew he liked me and he loved me but I wasn’t sure that he was IN love with me…. It was a little over a 8 months ago when he got laid off from work. He didn’t think anyone could love him or be with him if he lost all of his income which is over 80,000 a year. BUt you know what I did…. I picked up double shift at the restuarant I worked at and I paid the bills and I told him “no worries when your with me”…. I picked him up and at that moment when he told me he loved me… I believed him. All the stuff you went through with tully…. you went through for a reason… and now your giving a 2nd chance…. and you blew it…. I can’t believe you were so blind??? I hope you are able to live with it now…. I really do…. I wish you the best!
    amber figueroa
    always a pleasure!

  114. Tonya Gorszczyk says:

    i watched the show this past sunday and i think he will regret letting go of tully! he still loves her its in his eyes and shes the one he needs to be with!

  115. india says:

    U bimbo why wud u ever consider letting go of tully. Wat da ##`()*~_^&#~$$! waz goin on in ur mind dude.uU sud let brooke and miranda go and go find tully. U stupid, wat up wit u wit ur great abs,body,and sexy dimpplez.

  116. kenzie says:

    why did you let Tully go?! oh my goodness, she loved you so much!! that is the worst mistake ever!

  117. Courtney says:

    So sad you didnt pick Tully :( I could tell that you still love her very much and I hope you dont regret sending her home.. I really believe that she was the best for you!

  118. Marie says:

    Antonio, What do you have to offer these two women? You seem self centered and just 2 into your own self. You do not have anything most women haven’t had before. Meranda has liget phobia’s and you and Brooke seem to be getting off on her illness. I am so shocked Brooke as a nurse has so little feelings. Just remember little boy what goes around comes around. Kismit!!

  119. Team Tully says:

    He should have kept Tully, and picked her in the end. There’s no love like the first love, I hope he realizes what a big mistake he made. I cried for Tully, I felt really bad. Antonio needs to buck up and tell his loca mother to zip her trap!!!!!!!!

  120. Elizabeth says:

    Isn’t it time Antonio grows up and stops letting his mother make major decisions, like whom to love, for him? Antonio let TRUE love go when he dismissed Tully. It was one of the saddest moments to see both Antonio and Tully’s hearts breaking as they said goodby. Tully humbled and humiliated herself, like no woman ever has, to reconcile with this man (and I use the word ‘man’ loosely here) she loves so much. It was concurrently disgusting to see his mother smirking in the background with the remaining two women. I hope and pray that Tully will find a wonderful MAN to love her and treat her so well that she’ll only laugh when she remembers how hard she tried to win back that narcissistic momma’s boy, and how close she came to being captured in that sick dynamic with him and his mother again. Tully has a lot of heart and she is a beautiful woman. She is way too good for Antonio, and she should be rejoicing that she has escaped him and his childish attachment to his mommy with her wicked interference! If I could say something to Tully, it would be this: Tully, respect yourself and be glad that you did not win Antonio, the narcissistic mommy’s boy, back. You deserve to be loved and protected by a real man. You deserve true love without having to be totally humilitad or having to work so hard at it.

  121. Sam says:

    I think you did the right thing by letting Tully go. You were young and you have grown so much and I feel that Tully only cares for herself. AS THEY SAY MOTHER KNOWS BEST……. GOOD JOB ANTONIO.

  122. Brenda says:

    Tully was very sincere and I was very sad to see her go. I hope Miranda will be picked over Brooke.

  123. Joyce says:

    Well, I hope Antonio will be happy with a controlling person in his life. We won’t be seeing him on any shows in the future because she told him early on that she wouldn’t allow him to be an actor.

    OR… will we be seeing My Antonio 2 in the near future. For someone who wants the ring on her finger from him, she isn’t will to say anything more than she “likes” him!!

    I thought more of you Antonio, you dissappoint me. And I only watched the show because of the preview where he told them he couldn’t choose either of them. I actually thought he came to his senses and realized the mistake he made in sending Tully home early.

  124. Dana Girard says:

    I have to say that Miranda you go girl. I am terrified of flying. And you did so well. Brooke you are an ^&`!~#^&_`^@$@#

  125. Irma says:

    Antotio I think you shoud of pick the wrong girl!! And that is my opippin okay.

  126. April Swartz says:

    The show is over. I found it to be an interesting observation in human nature under pressure. Antonio, I found you to be a man who cares about honesty, a gentleman, a man who has a big heart, a man who is able to open up. God blessed you with a smile that melts our hearts. I think you are terrific. People are angry with the actions of your mom but you asked your mom to be there to help you; she was on a mission and I think we have to remember that. You are accused of being a mama’s boy but you did not do what she wanted most; to get rid of Tully , until almost the end. When you did let Tully go, you did it with the utmost care and gave Tully as much dignity as possible and Tully handled it with amazing class. For pete sake, you cried (I cried too). Only you can know who is right for you; we may have our favorites but it is your decision. I am half Italian and realize generally that Italian families are more involved with each other than US families. We need to understand this when judging your mom, Antonio.
    I’m glad that this process of competition of the heart is not a part of our culture; sadly it does not work as we have heard right after the show. I hope you do find that special woman,it will probably happen when you least expect it.
    You have captured my interest Antonio and I wish you the very best.

  127. cruz says:

    I love your show and you. You are so fine and nice looking, you sound like a very good guy.
    I just love the way you are!

  128. india says:

    Im so excited dat antonio and brooke didnt work out. im bored and dnt no wat 2 do so i hope derz a my antonio 2. i want antonio 2 find sum1 who noz wat she wantz and wantz hym 2 be happy also and getz along wit hiz kidz. wish u da best follow ur heart.

  129. Tony says:

    These women are trash, this show is trash and everyone in the biz knows Antonio is gay.

  130. Sarah says:

    I’ve been reading everyone’s comments regarding Tully and I have to say, I disagree. Yes, Tully loves Antonio and yes, second chances don’t come around very often, but what was the reason they split in the first place? When you’re in a marriage you don’t just divorce because you feel like it, something causes that disconnection between two people. I feel horrible for Tully because I know what it’s like to love someone that much and them not want you back, it hurts terribly, but she’s a beautiful woman and deserves to be with someone who will love her just as much. I feel Antonio made the right decision by letting her go, it’s time for a fresh start for the both of them…for Antonio AND for Tully.

  131. babydoll says:

    Hi Anntonio if ure reading his i want you to know that… no girl is ur time to cry over about because you have a nice life and don’t let no one ruin you.. But u want love i understand but love comes naturely, when you know you feel good, and happy with that person. just dont try to make love and let it come naturely. and yes always be yourself never change. you have a great personalty and your smile can cheer up anyone that comes your way. I just want to say is take care of yourslf beacuse you are your own person and you need to think about yourself first before yo put other people in your life. I hope you are happy i wish you all the luck in the world.

    p.s you really went through a lot on your show.. i just hope you are happy :) good luck

  132. 3751774 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3751774! SCK was here

  133. 1897256 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1897256! SCK was here