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Just to help fill in some details for the two people visiting this blog who don’t know what’s going on: Ryan Jenkins of Megan Wants a Millionaire has been charged with killing his ex-wife Jasmine Fiore, whom he met earlier this year, after he filmed Millionaire. Ryan’s whereabouts are unknown at this time, although it is suspected that he fled to his home country of Canada. There is a manhunt currently underway.

VH1 released a statement on the matter Wednesday. 51 Minds, the company that produces Megan Wants a Millionaire, also released a statement. They told TMZ:

51Minds was not aware of Ryan Jenkins’ record when it cast him on Megan Wants a Millionaire. Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show.

The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on its shows. Clearly, the process did not work properly in this case.

Although up till now we have remained silent regarding this matter besides the official statement, we will do our best to report developments going forward. The enormity of this tragedy barely can be expressed, so please bear with us. As we said before, our thoughts go out to Jasmine Fiore’s family, and more so with every saddening development we receive. There are plenty of places you can look for more details and speculation and speculative details. Here’s the A.P.’s latest take.

Clearly, our comments box is overflowing and there are very few questions that we’re able to answer at this point. Regardless of what other sources say (including websites maintained by on-air talent), no announcement has been made about the fate of any future programming, besides Megan Wants a Millionaire, which currently is postponed (as is its VH1.com online coverage). We will update you officially if and when anything changes. Some people also seemed confused regarding Megan Hauserman’s well-being. Rest assured that Megan is healthy and safe.

More when we can…

Update: We’re sad to announce that both Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3 officially have been canceled.

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  1. Stuart says:

    I hope he is found and put in jail soon. I also hope Megan Wants A Millionaire returns to the airways soon if at all.

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks for addressing this, guys. I had to google when I saw the original post.
    Also, I know I and other fans don’t hold you responsible for this mess.
    I hope the jerk gets caught.

  3. xBenji65 says:

    I hope he’s innocent but it’s definitely not looking good for him.

  4. Vicente says:

    I’m so mad that they have stopped Megan Wants A Millionaire. Like, they start a show and then they get you hooked and the they stop it. I have be waiting for this show ever since January, when they first announced that they where casting it. And I just read on Lacy Conners Myspace Blog that they casted that jerk on I Love Money 3! Will they ever that show. They say that he won! Vh1 must be loosing Millions of dollars because of these. This is really screwed up! And you what the worst thing about these is? We may never se Lacy on I Love Money Three! I can only pray that some how Vh1 will come out for all the fans and continue airing Megan Wants A Millionaire, and I Love Money 3.

  5. Jeremy says:

    C’mon VH1 i pray you put the shows back on….ILM 3 and MWAM

  6. Supermodel4u305 says:

    Ugh this sux sooooooo bad. I hope that if end up never showing they show, they sell the seasons on dvd or atleast tell us who won. Something, Anything!!!

  7. Sam says:

    This was a terrible situation and my prays go out to jasmine’s family, but the show must go on. There has been enough negative results, let something good come out of this and put the show back on the air. We love Megan and MWAM. Its not fair to her and her fans.

  8. Dawn says:

    I understand why vh1 canceled the show, but honestly I feel it was the wrong decision.

    If they are looking for him in a manhunt, then it only makes sense that we, the public, should be on the lookout for him as well, to help in this manhunt. The show should continue showing as a means to “get his face stuck in our heads” really well so that we will KNOW him when/if we see him and can turn in his whereabouts. (America’s Most Wanted Style)

  9. Kristy says:

    While I have enjoyed the show thus far, it amazes me how some complain that they’ve taken it off the air for the time being rather than sympathize with a family that has lost someone. To those who seem to not care the woman lost her life, if it was YOUR family member, would you want to see the person that may be responsible for her death on television everyday? I think not. Believe me, I’d like to know who won as well, but not at the emotional expense it would cause the family.

  10. Andrea says:

    This is truly a catastrophe for Jasmine Fiore and her family. Simulateneously, it is also a huge letdown for VH1 fans such as myself who watch Megan Wants a Millionarie and have been anticipating I Love Money 3. The whole situation is unbelievable.

  11. Vh1access says:

    He needs to be locked up

  12. taz says:

    I just started to like this show. It was very funny, which I did not expect it to be. Now because of this VH1 have to take it off the air. They finally got a show worth watching and it’s gone. The other shows they have is just a waste of time and very boring.

  13. JOEY says:



    they should of called the show Megan wants a murderer

  15. Diva Dee says:

    If ILM3 gets cancelled cause of this guy police gonna have to start lookin for ME because i will literally hunt down and murder that guy if my favorite reality show gets cancelled cause of him.

  16. QV says:

    I want to start by saying my thoughts go out to Jasmine’s family..

    I think RJ won MWM… get it? Why else would they discontinue airing the show? Hopefully my girl New York comes out and has a New York Wants a Millionare.

  17. Stacy says:

    I agree with everyone else, the show must go on.

  18. Dayne says:

    Are you fuxkin kidding me? Megan Wants a Millionaire has been cancelled and I Love Money 3 won’t be aired becuz Ryan Jenkins is wanted for murdering his ex-wife. My deepest concerns go out to Jasmine Fiore and her family, but it’s not fair to cancel both shows becuz he was on there. VH1 is making me mad!

  19. Essie rerun Berry says:

    Come on VH1 are we doing reality shows are we hunting for killers,Why are these people backgrounds not being check.I am sure Megam wanted a millionaire not a killer,So what happen how did this clown slip threw the cracks,was it his money.Did you know that you was putting Megan and other in harms way?Don’t get me wrong,I love reality shows but at what cost and for who’s life.Essie Rerun Berry(spititout1@yahoo.com)

  20. Christiana says:

    No background checks on these people?!?! As in regards to stopping future airings of the shows he was one, it is in respect for the family of the murder victim.

  21. hope says:

    VH1, just air the rest of the episodes, you’ll probably have more viewers than ever

  22. Christine Lester says:

    Isn’t it so scary that the only one Megan was compatiable with was the killer.

  23. Leona909 says:

    i hope this sick “insert vulgar language here” gets put away for life… when a womans body has to be identified by the serial number on her implants, all you can do is pray that man is captured and gets what he deserved… scary this is that i thought he was definatly a front runner on the show! i thought he was very smooth and good looking, freaky how its not guys like Donald that do this kinda thing… oh well, im happy Megan is safe at least, and hope this show will go back on the air, and maybe even show girls that you have to be careful of everyone, even good looking millionaires can be killers!

  24. kevin says:

    i think they shouldnt stop airing megan reality show they should keep it goin. megan is ok he didnt cause any harm to her. thanks god it was found out when it was cuz im pretty sure he wood of won the competition. then after god only knows what could of happened. however i think they should continue to air regular time great publicity to me. now you more audience who never even knew who she was wanting to tune in to see what her opinion is on the matter and how she is feeling. is this not wat a reality show is about reality the real and is never stop rollin because its wat the ppl want. the guy probably long gone in canada he will be caught eventually. my blessings go out to the family for the lost, but i dont think its fair to megan nor her fans to post pone the airing of the show because of some breaking news. its not like she was involved. real world kept airing there reality show thru a hurricane. so keep it rolling im anxious to see wats gonna happen next.

  25. BlakeD says:

    Can Ryan not be edited out of the shows? I mean the only way he couldn’t is if he won either show. But even if he did, VH1 could just edit and claim that the runner-up won. I hope? ):

  26. DK says:

    now watch how many wierdoes VH1 would usually love to have on their shows are gonna get rejected because of bad records… the whole situation is well, _&+)!(%`~!%!(!%( ed i hope that he gets raped in the bum when he gets caught. no matta fact.. ima see 2 dat

  27. Kristen says:

    I agree with Kristy. Although I have enjoyed the show thus far, given the circumstances and the apparent guilt since he’s in hiding, I think it’s best to cancel the show due to respect to the Fiore family.

    You can put perfume on a pig, but it’s still a pig!

    My prayers go out to the family & friends of Jasmine.

  28. Katie says:

    There is something seriously wrong with the people who think they should continue airing the show, parading a potential murderer around on a dating show. How selfish can you be? Your entertainment is more important than respect for the family of a woman who was brutally killed and mutilated? If the show ever goes back on the air, they’re going to have to heavily edit him out of it. I would like to see the rest of the show, but not at the expense of the victims family.

  29. Nicole says:

    I’m glad that the show is cancelled. Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, Rock of Love 2, Rock of Love Bus, New York anything and Ray J should have all been cancelled. How stupid do these people and vh1 look for allowing such a show to be viewed. Just Plain Ignorant!!! The “reality tv” has no morales, just taking up time and air waves with this non-sense. Just one big a** orgy.

  30. Pat says:

    PUT THE SHOWS BACK ON! and take any money Ryan would have won and give it to Jasmines family!

  31. peter says:

    Air the show, we love and miss it> Sorry for Jasmine, but don’t blame the rest of us, and let Ryan win.

  32. Julia says:

    The filming ended in March…what if Megan picked him?

  33. roger says:

    Even in all this tragedy, people are still hating on Megan. Grow up! We all love her, and love to watch her. Prayers and thoughts to the victims family, but support to Megan and her hilarious show. Bring MWAM back on air!

  34. henry says:

    This Is Not $)_#`)((&@)@!()! ing Fair
    Yes I Feel Bad For For The Death
    But This Show Was Recorded Months Ago And The Murder Happened Last Weekend
    Megan Is One Of My Idols And I Love Her
    She Shouldnt Be Penalized For That ^`)&@&!`$*`(*%! Hole Wrong Doing
    Originally This Show Was Called “Trophy Wife” And They Started Taping After I Love Money. Not After Charmed School, Stop Trying To Say That She Got It The Show Because She Was Going To Sue. If She Sued It Would Of Only Effected Sharon.
    Bottom Line Is They Need To Put Her Show Back On The Air Or Start Another One
    They Gave That +!`^)+)*~(++(!&+( Daisy A Show And Her %(##*$%*+&`*&&*_ Was ^`)&@&!`$*`(*%! SSSSS
    Megan Needs A Chance

  35. sw says:

    This is a shocking & terrible thing to hear about the models death at the hands of this monster who was on this show. First of all, MWAM is a god awful show to watch or even hear about & I cannot believe that VH1 or any channel at that has offered her a show of her own. I pray that the show just doesnt finish airing. Second of all, reality tv crews need to do more extensive background checks. If this were done to this man before he appeared on the show, they would have found a list of violent acts he committed on multiple women. Being that this show is all about finding a man for dumbass Megan, I would think that a man with his violent background would be a def. no no.
    Prayers go out to the family of Jasmine. No one should have to suffer this kind of ordeal, or have to relive it through broadcasts on tv & other media. I pray that this monster, Jenkins, if apprehended as quickly as possible & without any further damage.

  36. Timmy says:

    “thanks god it was found out when it was cuz im pretty sure he wood of won the competition.”
    “how do u kill someone than go on a show”
    do some people think that the show happens live? it was all taped long before the murder.

  37. erin says:

    i believe it megan wants a millionaire was taped PRIOR to his charges it should be shown. i also read that i love money 3 is not going to be aired because of this too. VH1 will lose lots of viewers by cancelling great reaity tv. i love money is an ongoing series. the whole megan show is kinda lame but tv for everyone shouldn’t be cancelled. does this mean that every time a person who is charged with crime who has a PREVIOUS tv appearance will NO be shown???? that doesn’t make any since at all…………VH1 should definitely reconsider that decision.

  38. Tracy says:

    Well- taking Megan off the air isn’t a big tragedy – but I will miss my weekly dose of “smut-tv”. I do have a suggestion (which I hope you will take). Let Flex (from Daisy of Love) have a chance …. I bet you’d have women falling over themselves to get on that show!!!

  39. MsRita says:

    This is personal issue since the show has ended. You can’t expect your viewes to take this and not want to protest in front of 51 Minds on Wilshire and MTV in Santa Monica where you office is located.

    How about you give us an update about when we can see new episodes. To just take everything away after watching is heartless.

    This has nothing to do with Megan or the other men who were on the show. What happend to “SHOW MUST GO ON”
    This is still HOLLYWOOD RIGTH?

  40. im right says:

    Please bring back Megan Wants a Millionaire. You left a lot of us fans hanging. This is truly unfair. At Least post the remaining shows online for the time being.

  41. ANON says:

    I just hope that you guys can start screening your actors/celebrities more closely now. I find it really creepy this guy was on two of your shows. Of course if he committed no previous crime there’s no way you could know, but this has been a problem with the reality programming, and I would like VH1 to strive for a higher standard.

    I feel Vh1 made the right decision in not continuing to air this show, and I hope that you can prevent people like this (or who commit any sort of violent crime) from making it onto your show.

  42. ANON says:

    Also, you people who are complaining are selfish. There is a grieving family right now who doesn’t want to see some ^~@`()*~_)_+^+) hole getting his rocks off on a millionaire show. Vh1 has dozens of other shows for you to watch, so get over it. The man MURDERED a woman. Be real and think of her family. Not to mention how bad PR it is for VH1 to continue airing a show with a murderer on it.

  43. Roberto V says:

    This show has been canceled!!

    Just kill me now!

  44. ACorley says:

    So, had Megan’s show been cancelled? Will it start all over with a new cast? Or pick up where it left off? This is so crazy! I hope that VH1 will start doing more extensive background checks in the future.

  45. JAI says:

    This is so tragic…YET I am grateful it came out!


    There are MANY people going through domestic violence issues, heterosexual couple(married and unmarried),gay man, lesbian woman, men abused by their woman and are too ashamed to admit it, women who are abused by their man who are embarrassed to be a statistic! REALITY TV is fake and produced but at the same time….its REAL! For entertainment purposes these producers put people on these shows knowing their history or just not giving a #))!&~*@~$`%`%#@ Because people in general all over the world, are sick #))!&~*@~$`%`%#@ s who like to see others suffer worse than them!!!!

    Honestly I have to be included in my statement, because when I see drama on TV I’m glad there are no cameras around me!!!!

    Sorry I had to be candid!

  46. Damon says:

    I was trying to post this to the official statement link. However; after reading it and trying to make my post either they broke the link or took it down. So I am posting it here.

    This is totally whacked. My sympathy to the family. However; to VH1 we waited and waited from the time this show was announced for it to air. We haven’t missed an episode and now you mean to tell me that we are not even going to have a clue as to what happens! That is so ****ed up. I watch VH1 religously and this is complete B.S. If the idiot won just tell us, and I will not really have a desire to watch the rest, but if he didn’t then re-edit and cut his ~*&%_%`&!!+^^`^ out. Hello it only airs once a week, and its an hour per show. I am pretty sure they should be able to edit it fairly easily even if it is week by week.

  47. carrie says:

    What I want to know is who Megan ended up with at the end. If the show is going to be cut, atleast share with the viewers who was chosen. I want to know.

  48. bebe says:

    good grief people. they probably eventually will edit ryan’s loser self out of the show and put it back on tv. if you are TRULY a fan of megan’s you need to be grateful she is still alive.

    what this ryan person did to jasmine fiore was horribly sick and violent. everyone who was around him, particularly women, were risking their lives. THAT IS WHY THE SHOW IS NOT ON TV.

    personally, I am glad the show is gone. it makes me sick to see this smug lowlife and I surely do not want to watch him for entertainment purposes. I don’t want to see him talking to megan or brandi or cecile or any other women!

    poor jasmine suffered terribly. her family is enduring not only the loss of their loved one, but knowledge someone arrogantly and cruelly took her life and threw her in the trash… it breaks my heart. then, to get justice, they will have to endure jasmine being torn apart in the court and in the press. ryan did wrong, but jasmine and her family are having to pay. have some respect. but if you have to blame someone, BLAME RYAN.

    ryan DID have a record BEFORE mwam. he had a 2005 ~@)___$(+^^_%($ ault conviction in canada. he never ought to have been allowed on tv. if you love megan, why would you want her in a house with someone like that? I know the show is taped and, fortunately, she is all right, but still. they can always just make another show for her.

  49. Vicente says:

    I’m so disappointed that they have stopped the show. I have be waiting for this show since January, when they first had the casting call. I had watch the show each week and really enjoyed it. I was really getting into. My heart goes out to the womans family, but I do not see why they did this. She has nothing to do with the show, and it not like he killed her before or in the show. And I was looking forward to I Love Money 3, ever since I saw that interview with Brittanya on YouTube. I can only hope that the network can do a favor to it loyal fans and continue the air of the show, and show I Love Money 3. I really want to see Lacy Conner on a show again! But if they do not show it on Tv I hope maybe a DVD will be released for both shows. You would think that their ratings would be though the roof with all this going on. But please Vh1 continue both shows. I feel like one of the best parts of Tv has died.

  50. Ariel says:

    Please consider airing “Megan Wants A Millionaire” and “I Love Money 3″ at some point. These are both great shows, although it is a tragic stuation I feel like the show souldn’t be taken away from the viewers. VH1 is my favorite channel and I’m always looking forward to new shows, so please don’t let your loyal viewers down because something really bad happened that we had no control over :(

  51. magis says:

    i was told a diffrent story i was told megan was the one that got murdered and when i heard that my heart just dropped because i love megan and not in the weirdo way i just admire the she is and i am so glad it wasnt her

  52. Eryn says:

    I think VH1 did the right thing by stopping the show. It would show incredibly poor taste if they had not. I could hardly believe it when I heard the news of what Ryan did to Jasmine. I cringe when I think about Megan’s date with him and what a sleazebag he appeared to be. I hope Megan is doing OK and not too grossed out that she spent time with such a demented man. Hopefully VH1 can edit out all scenes of Ryan and air the show in the future.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Jasmine’s loved ones.

  53. Anne says:

    You people are making me physically ill, you really are. “ARMAGADS, YOU CANCELLED MY SHOW! DIE VH1 DIE!!1~~” Come on… I know some of you must have brain cells to rub together, right? Did you ever think that, oh, by not running the show, not only is it respectful to the family of the victim, but they may be in fact complying with the wishes of law enforcement? We watch these ridiculous reality shows to escape our own reality for an hour or so, but this? This is real life. Kudos to VH1 for showing respect to Jasmine Fiore and her family.

  54. PUT IT BACK ON says:


  55. TeraMarie says:

    cant believe that this happened iam glad megans well but how was he able to pass n why postpone the show? well obviously we can figure that megan didnt choose him unless he did win n thats why postponed. so does that mean megan gets screwed on this because of some psycho not only did she get knock the beep out by sharon o. by the way was great but now this shes gonna have a field day with law suits towards vh1 for mental anguish can she?

  56. Caro says:

    Wow. Really people? Why would anybody WANT to watch the show KNOWING there is a murderer on it? Thats all anyone would focus on, and if the rumors are true that he won ILM3, then that is sending a completely wrong message. I hope they DONT air either show, or, if possible, they edit ILM3 and completely take out all footage of Jenkins.

    SOMEONE DIED PEOPLE. Megan, or this show, is not more important that this woman’s life.

  57. meg says:

    you all need a life! I too watched the (meaningless) show and thought it was somewhat entertaining. However, you would not want a constant remider of this duche bag if you were one of the victims family members.

    p.s. Megan is a worthless tool and VHI did the right thing to pull it.

  58. Katy says:

    omg so you cancel the show becuz some idiot makes a mockery of himself so you take it out of the public it may not be good publicity but from what i hear no publicity is bad publicity and for those of us who actually enjoyed watching the show this just sucks

    but i guess you have to do what you have to do please consider airing the show

  59. JR says:

    The show must go on. I agree he can’t hurt us through the TV. Don’t leave us hanging wondering what happens on “megan”. I could go without another I Love Money show.

  60. Gail Baker says:

    My hearts and prayers go out to the family of Jasmine Fiore, what a horrible loss and tragedy….. I think VH1 showed tact and class by TEMPORARILY pulling the show, however what good does it do Jasmine and her family to cancel the show? Why should Meghan and her fans have to suffer because some &%“(`$^(~%_(_` hole may or may not have killed his wife (remember he has not even been found yet) Let the cops do their job, let the family bury their child, and THEN let AMERICA decide wether or not they want to tune in. PS I love the show and can’t wait to watch it again, how could anyone know when someone will snap clearly this guy was a nut before he ever met Meghan. Meghan rocks!!! BALTIMORE BAILBONDSWOMEN LOVE U MEGHAN HANG IN THERE GIRL!!!

  61. Gail Baker says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Jasmine Fiore, what a horrible tragedy. I think VH-1 showed tact and class by TEMPORARILY postponing any airing’s of the show. Give the police time to catch this guy and let the family bury their child in peace. However, I don’t see where it would do anyone any good to cancel the show or unseen episodes permanently. Megan got this far on her own, she suffered publicly when Brett didn’t pick her, she should have the right to have her showed aired, I ‘am sorry his happened to Jasmine, but honestly don’t see what this has to do with the show. VH-1 shouldn’t feel bad about casting a psycho, how could they have known, no one else did, and isn’t everyone innocent till proven guilty (though I really do think he did it and should fry!!) Baltimore bailbondswomen love you Meghan, keep your head up, and VH-1…. Let America decide wether or not they want to watch “Megan wants a millionaire” everyone knows how to turn the channel if they don’t like the programing!!! (but my TV will be locked on VH-1′s Megan wants a millionaire evry Sunday night @ 9:00)It was never about Psycho boy anyway.

  62. Wifey2B says:

    you know people are selfish. I liked the show too, but if that was one of my family members that was murdered i would not want the face of the man who did it to be all over a reality show making out with some other girl and acting all high and mighty. That is really sad that you people would even think that it is cool to tell them “please don’t let your loyal viewers down because something really bad happened that we had no control over ” How would you feel honestly? i know i would feel offended if VH1 decided to keep going with the show during the investigation

  63. Vh1 fan says:

    I am a Vh1 Fan and I’m addicted to I love $$, Charm School, Daisy of Love and I love NY. I’m glad Megan is Safe:) I’ve been a Loyal Fan. I’m always looking forward to all the “Love” shows. Vh1…PLEASE edit out Ryan from all the shows and air them. PLEASE show “I LOVE $$$ 3–I’m DEVASTATED. I’m sure Megan is as DISAPPOINTED as her fans and she doesn’t deserve this tragedy to affect her show. Please do “I Love New York 3″..those were her Best shows.

  64. kristen says:

    as addicting as these shows can be, someone was murdered, and all you psycho reality tv fans care about is whos gonna be the lucky guy to win some money hungry bimbo. the only reason for leaving the show on the air is so people can see this guys face and help get him caught. and do you really care who she ends up with? shes gonna pick some loser, marry him and take him for all hes worth. thats how the show ends……

  65. Elyse says:

    You should continue airing the program with messages throughout the program for the audience to be on the lookout for Ryan Jenkins. What better way for the people in Canada & the USA to find this guy than to have constant video on television that shows this guy to a huge audience? Airing the 2 shows would also show the audience some psychological documentation of how to detect someone who has these hidden behaviors. As a woman with a 21 year old daughter, I would now like to see all the shows with this guy as an educational tool for myself and my daughter to detect an abnormal personality.You should not bury these 2 programs. Or at least offer them on DVD so that they can be used as psychological analysis tools.

  66. Mr. Sal T. says:

    My regards to the victims family. It’s hard to lose a loved one especially in that manner. In regards to show fans, maybe it would be a good idea to keep the show going but cut all footage of Ryan Jenkins. As for how I feel: This is some crazy $#1t!

  67. rita says:

    Never fall for a look! this guy turned out to be a murderer, what a fake! trying to come up all classy , hope he’ll get caught soon and get what he deserves…

  68. kyle says:

    Pulling the show is a bad choice in my opinion., the show has nothing to do with the crime that was committed. Nobdoy likes what happened, but it doesen’t make sense to pull the show after viewers got hooked..

  69. Jennifer says:

    I bet they cancelled the show because this loser won…that would just show how fake these shows are. She picks him in March and by the end of March he is married to someone else…give me a break. And to the people out there who admire Megan…WHAT…please tell me what there is to admire about this half naked, gold digging, back stabbing B***h. There are lots of great role models out there….she’s not one of them.

  70. carly says:

    If you are pulling the show at least tell us how it ends?

  71. Katie says:

    I love VH1 reality shows as much as anyone and am a huge fan of your series, but it is sickening to think that people want to see Ryan Jenkins on television seeking the affection of Megan after hearing how he allegedly BRUTALLY murdered his ex-wife. Although you have had to halt airing of two hit TV shows, the families affected by this tragedy undoubtedly are grateful for your decision. I applaud you VH1, for having the decency and respect to stop airing this show, as well as I Love Money 3, until further facts are confirmed on his involvement.

  72. AZ says:

    I agree – please consider airing the shows Megan wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3. Much of the public live for these guilty pleasure shows which are far from our reality! Many loyal VH1 fans will be disappointed. If you don’t air the shows, at least tell us what happened….

  73. amy says:

    This is the only reason I want to watch this show. Please bring it back.

  74. dondoca says:

    Out of respect for friends and family of Jasmine Fiore, please do not air I Love Money 3. Just a tragic situation. Its not fair to the other contestants, but its the right thing to do.

  75. Ann Cunningham says:

    I really do hope you guys decide to put megan wants a millionaire and i love money 3 on at some point because i always look forward to these shows and while this is an enormous tragedy i would love to see the outcomes of these shows. i think ryan jenkins will get what he deserves as soon as he is caught and with all the coverage that will hopefully be soon. i have to say though i did think he was creepy from the first time i saw him.

  76. Melissa says:

    Datz crazy…. ryan waz my favorite millionaire he seemed 2 be the most normal one 2 …. well anywayz my heart goes out 2 Jasmine’s family

  77. Icy Gurl says:

    Ryan seemed a little weird 2 me but i kinda took a liking 2 him but now i consider him 2 be a crazy weirdo like who does dat really doe anywayz i just want 2 say dat i feel really bad 4 Jasmine’s family and i wish them da best

  78. hilary says:

    someone suggested airing the episodes with a notification in the beginning to be on the lookout for ryan. that is an excellent idea. i’m sure the family appreciates the effort you’re making now but i can’t help but think using the show’s publicity to try to find him will be much more meaningful to them.

  79. delited 1 says:

    My condolences go out to the Fiore family for this unfortunate act. I am hoping in time that MWAM will return and if they havent already…perhaps they can blur out his face in scenes and delete any of his jackass comments etc. on the show. If it is true that he did go to the end then just show us the real winner cause I know it wasnt that “psycho-punk !&@_@_~_%`_`%#* that won. Thanks

  80. Kristen says:

    I totally agree with Anne. I cannot believe some peoples flat out selfishness in some of these previous posts. It would be in complete and utter poor taste if VH1 continued to air MWAM & ILM3. They can always re-tape people!!! It would be the last time my tv would ever be turned to VH1 had they continued to air the show. Please think how you would feel if Ms. Fiore was a part of your family. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family, along with bringing that douchebag Ryan to justice!

    You can put a pig in makeup…but it’s still a pig!

  81. Linda says:

    such a tragedy, I’m thankful that Megan wasn’t abused in any way by this man. It’s horrific to say the least. I’m not a big fan of Megan, but I don’t want to see any woman abused, let alone end up the way poor Miss Fiore did. I do hope they find this animal and that he is punished appropriately.

  82. ShannonM123 says:

    I read in one post that ryan did win!
    I am really sad they took Megan wants a millionaire and I love Money 3 off…
    but i understand why they did it. He’s f@#$%ing sick.
    did any of you google how his ex wife was found dead. Just plain sick….

  83. Adrienne says:

    F. mindless Megan and her murderous millionaire. I Love Money sucks too! At least there’s always Tool Academy to look forward to. OMG! I hope Megan’s dog is okay! Whatev – my mind is spinning from all this reality drivel… Where’s Joel McHale when I need him? Thanks VH1 – never a dull moment. x0x0

  84. N/A says:

    R.I.P Jasmine my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.

    I am SO glad they took the show off the air! I would hope that they ended up doing it for the right reasons out of respect of Jasmine and her family and even maybe Ryan’s family as well. They also probably pulled it cause if he is found guilty of murder and it is proven he did kill her no one wants to see his face on t.v. and a black spot covering his face isn’t going to help they’ll still hear his voice! Plus I didn’t like the show either because she just treats everyone like crap.

    And everyone keeps saying “Bring the t.v. show back”. So your telling me if this guy Ryan is found guilty of murdering his wife your STILL going to want to watch the two t.v shows? You’ll want to see him win $250,00? What if you’re best friend, bf/gf etc were murdered by him? Your telling me that if he killed ur best friend and took their life away you’re best friends life and you know you’ll NEVER see them again because of this guy..you’d still want to see him and watch the show?
    I wouldn’t even want to watch the show I’d be totally disgusted. Maybe even the contestants or even Megan herself would find it creepy to watch him on there knowing he was there with him the whole time.

    It’s gross that people care more about who won some stupid reality t.v. show then the fact that someone was brutally killed!!!! You should all be ashamed and disgusted w/yourselfs. You can replace a STUPID love reality t.v show by doing another one. You CAN’T replace someones life!!!

  85. Ryan says:

    I think this situation is a very tragic event but I hope you review your decision to postpone and/or cancel Megan wants a millionaire. With all due respect to the Fiore family, Ryan was just one of many people cast on the show. I feel the show should should return to the air. I don’t believe VH1 has given proper consideration to our judical systems motto, innocent until proven guilty. Ryan Jenkins has been charged with his ex-wife murder but in no way has he been tried in a court of law. I’m not saying he is innocent but VH1 is jumping to conclusions. Please take this fact into consideration and reair Megan wants a millionaire.

  86. Crystal says:


  87. hoodie says:

    barring any unlawful act by airing the show, i see no reason not to continue to air the season. I understand being respectful to the victums family, but what happpened to innocent til proven guilty? everyone has already seemed to have convitced this guy. We don’t know the whole story.i watch a few news casts and nancy grace adn tehy were talking like hewas tried convicted and in prision already. I dont think it would be glorifiyng Jenkins at all. Not airing the rest would be pro wrestling not airing any of The Cripplers matches ever again. people make poor choices, people commit crimes, we are all human. the only thing that seperates Jenkins from a lot of people, he has money. So did O.J. though too! We all had him convivted for his wife’s murder and guess what, he was found innocent. did we pull all his NFL highlights from the books, no.
    If jenkins is found gulty, maybe the producers should sue him for all teh moeny they lost because of this

  88. sam says:

    Well my confidence level in VH1 and every other reality show doing the necessary research to protect their contestants has completely dropped. Obviously the company who conducted the background checks should not be in business. Way to go on that one.
    As far as postponing the show airing- I look forward ot watching this show every week however I totally agree that for the sake of the victim’s family, the show should not be aired.
    Just make an announcement as to who Megan chose…

  89. WOW says:


    Ok, so this is what i just heard from a pretty credible source…

    Megan Wants a Millionaire..

    Its not airing anymore. It will be canceled BUT the full season will be put up online for everyone to watch. There will be a disclaimer on the online episodes BUT ryan will not be edited out or be given any less attention then he was supposed to before this whole situation occured. This announcment should occur between now and next sunday. There will be plenty of Celebreality interviews and bonus fotages and stuff that we’d normally see if a show was airing normally. No reunion will be scheduled and the whole website, message board, and everything on it will pretty much have a disclaimer and something showing respect to Jasmines family.

    I Love Money 3…

    It will MOST likely not air. Details are sketchy on what there going to do because its still undecided. I Love Money 4 will but in order for the fourth season to make sense (and since the house was decorated with the number 4 everywhere, and the team uniforms say 4 and all that +#)(^_*_+!#`#+@% the third season will also premiere online (most likely). How they are going to do it is undecided. They are thinking of putting the whole thing up or doing it week by week but are unsure. Ryan will be edited out but not to the point where you don’t notice his existence since he does win. Ryan is NOT getting the money and the prize is going to the runner-up. Ryan will be cut out of it only a little, because well hes a MAJOR part of the show. Him and Lacey pretty much run the game. These shows will also be shown with a disclaimer along with the message board and all that stuff. There will most likely be no celebreality interviews, def. no reunion. This is of course all depending on how the situation is by the time RCOL2 is done airing. ILM3 is set and ready to air, but is currently being touched up because of Ryan. There will most likely be no DVD, but both shows will be sold on iTunes/Amazon etc. This announcement will most likely not be made for a while (September/October ish)

    Either way Vh1/51Minds is coming to an understanding that they want to keep their viewers and try to not destroy their reputation with the fate of these shows. They are trying to come up with the best solution possible. They are trying to come up with something to please both sides of the case (air the show who gives a $_##&%`&`*$^)%&^ vs. dont air the show its disrespectful)

    I really hope this is all true.

  90. LISTEN TO ME says:


  91. JoAnna says:

    PLEASE people, STOP saying that you want MWAM back. I do too, but not at the expense of Jasmine’s family and friends who would have to see this selfish pig of a murderer up until he was eliminated — COME ON now, you can’t honestly believe that the smooth-talking front-runner from the start of the show would win, right?

    Also, for people reporting on I Love Money 3, did you all NOT read this?

    “Regardless of what other sources say (including websites maintained by on-air talent), no announcement has been made about the fate of any future programming, besides Megan Wants a Millionaire, which currently is postponed (as is its VH1.com online coverage). We will update you officially if and when anything changes.”

    MWAM is POSTPONED, NOT CANCELED. There is nothing in there about ILM3, and Vh1 is trying to work on getting things straight. With Ryan obviously not cooperating and running off to Canada or even Honduras at this point, possibly undergoing the Witness Protection Program, possibly having changed his look and personality…him being caught will be a miracle and a relief to the Fiore family and her friends. However, with this news about Ryan being cast worldwide, he is bound to be caught at some point. Then and maybe only then will Vh1 release a statement on whether MWAM is to be continued and whether ILM3 will be reairing.

    JUST BE PATIENT! Vh1 is doing all they can to ensure that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again and all most of you can say is “ZOMG I WANT MWAM BACK!!!!” with no regards to the Fiore family at all. They have lost a daughter, a friend, a sister, an aunt…well, not sure on those two, but how would you feel if it was YOUR family member?

    Quit ragging on the network. Ryan was apparently such a smooth operator he went over the heads of Vh1, Megan, and Jasmine (and possibly her family). This incident is no one’s fault but Ryan’s. Quit speculating that ILM3 will be canceled, I don’t give a shizz if Lacey wrote a blog (which has since been deleted) — NO ONE KNOWS AT THIS POINT.

  92. John says:

    Ok what has transended isnt megan fault nor her fans so by canceling her show being that VH1 is wrong with the back round check is really upsetting because over all we should see what happens megan is great her luck love you

  93. Crys says:

    That was really shocking & tragic to hear that one of the contestants on the show is possibly a murderer. I was enjoying watching the show and was surprised to see that it wasn’t coming on tonight until I was watching E! News Weekend and found out why. Even though I would like to see the entire season, it would definitely be in bad taste to the victim’s family to air it just for ratings sake. It’s not like your channel doesn’t have any more reality shows to watch–A new season of “I Love New York” would be great right about now; just do better background checks on your contestants in the future.

  94. Amy says:

    haha wow i mean it is in no way funny what has happend but wow is all i can say megan sure knows how to pick em. i really wish they would put the show back on the air or at least fill the spot with something else for the time being. so im guessing Ryan didnt get picked at the end way to ruin it RYAN JENKINS!!!

  95. Justin O'Malley says:


    Please use the link above to sign a petition that will let Vh1 & 51 Minds that there loyal fans deserve their show back!!!

  96. Justin O'Malley says:


    Sign this petition and show Vh1 and 51 Minds that they shouldn’t turn their back on their loyal fans!!!

    I for one will not be watching Vh1 until ‘Megan Wants A Millionaire’ is shown at least on the internet or available for purchase online or DVD!

  97. Annie says:

    VH1 is showing real class for once. Thanks for removing the show from the air….the whiners who are complaining about not getting to watch Megan sitting on this guy’s lap, kissing, whatever else she does, are selfish people and a sad commentary on how insensitive we have become to the feelings of others. Jasmine’s loved ones do not need a constant reminder of this creep’s face. Although I enjoyed watching the show, if it returns I intend to skip the remainder of the season out of respect….and I will not be viewing “I Love Money 3″ either. Whiners….GROW UP.

  98. Stacie says:

    I’m not surprised – the caliber of people wrapped up in the superficial/plastic aspect of our society has finally been exposed….Fake boobs can not buy love ladies, and he appears to be a spoiled brat.

  99. Jamie k. Stewart says:

    first thing, my prayers and thoughts are with that gurls family…i completely understand to postpone the show for a while…but i dont want the show to be jerked off aire for good…im probably one of the biggest vh1 fans…their hasn’t been a show i dislike..and i make sure im home on sunday and monday, and in some shows thursday (soberhouse.) to watch these…ive never missed an episode..its such a tradegy that this has happened.im sure from now on, background checks will be takin seriously, instead of just flying through them…but i just wanted to say, im sorry for the loss, and id love to finish watching the show soon as possible….if possible..lookin forward to a new sober house and i love money…and maybe a show for the entertainer….lots of luv….Jamie.

  100. Bobbie says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary to take Megan Wants A Millionaire off the air. I would like to see the rest of the season. Please bring it back!!

  101. Megan says:

    I agree with Bobbie, it was a cool show, and I wish that you would bring it back!!

  102. Nancy says:

    Unfortunately, I caught myself watching “Megan Wants a Millionare”, against my better judgement, but did so anyway. I didn’t like Ryan from the start. He seemed too cool, and there was an air about him that gave me the creeps. I watch these shows because I like to see if my people skills are still around. Some of the other guys bugged me as well, but not as much as Ryan. I hope, that if he is guilty and is convicted that he is convicted here in CA because we have the death penalty, which is what he deserves IF he is guilty.

  103. dianna says:

    why isn’t megan releasing a statement?

  104. Deborah Dream says:

    The whole thing is very sad in so many ways, My Heart goes out to the family and friends of Jasmine Fiore.
    I would also as a fan of Megan’s like to know how she is doing and did she find what she was looking for at the end of the show?
    Love an Peace to All

  105. carm says:

    WHAT THE HECK…..I was enjoying that show…I can understand if the show needs to be cancelled for a few weeks. WHAT ABOUT MEGAN….does she get her man…I WANT TO SEE THE REST OF THE SHOW PLEASE…EVEN IF ITS ONLINE…GIVE US THAT MUCH!!! what do i do with my sunday nights…what are u gonna put in that slot…

  106. D says:

    It’s completely oblivious to me why anyone would wanna watch some Gold Digger. Why anyone would be jealous would be insane! As for continuing to air the show it’s pointless it wouldn’t help catch this guy any faster than they are trying to now it would only make his head grown that much more. I saw something typed earlier about VH1 not doing background checks on these people, I’d hope this county was smart enough to know that the taping of this ‘show’ ended in March and he just recently murdered that poor girl what a week ago? Can’t we give her family some sympathy instead of losing her daughter instead of whining about not being able to get off on this show? What would this background check do? It wouldn’t do anything…because if he had killed anyone before no one would have cared because he hadn’t had his two episodes of fame or whatever. What is this world coming to when we get upset about a show being canceled?

  107. BritneyP says:

    Please bring Megan back on!! I love this show…or give Megan another show to do! My Antonio and Real Chance of Love SUCK!! Bring back Megan!!!!

  108. caroline says:

    and i heard they also arent airing i love money 3 because he is on it…? Thats not fair to the other contestants. Damn I cant spell :P Poor girl, wanted Ryan to win Megan… Thats !!*&###`)^%(%~^& ed up how someone can take anothers life then be shortly smilinghaving good old time on reality tv…

  109. hiya says:

    Great this just means there will be more damn reruns on this dumb network

  110. Anthony says:

    What a sad story!!! I believe we all watch reality TV because we love to see a train wreck, although not of this magnitude. This guy was a narcissistic idiot that was abusive and couldn’t handle so this much rejection in one year. He was also controlling and insecure, see his articles on TMZ, USA today, and other publishings. In the end when he’s found I believe that VH1 will resume the program, this is clearly out of respect to the Law Enforcement, Mrs. Fiori’s family, and even Meagan for that matter(although she is an idiot). I support the decision just bring it back when appropriate.

  111. Kimberly says:

    I just can’t believe he would do that to that poor girl =( And to think that could have easily have been Megan that he did that to. It’s creepy, and disturbing. I too feel so bad for Jasmines parents. To lose their daughter in such a violent way must be devastation! I think they’re not airing the show because they don’t want to give him publicity. But it does suck, I liked watching the show as well.

  112. Sam says:

    I just want to know who she ended up with. Who won in the end (since we’ll never see it now). Thanks a lot Ryan.

  113. Cameron H says:

    Great well apparentyl theyre just gonna air last weeks Real Chance of Love instead of meagan.Oh yeah and i have also heard that i love money 3 might get pulled before its even been aired and i have also heard ryan jenkins wins the $250,000 if so this is really bad i love oney is my absolute favorite of all these VH1 reality shows

  114. sucker says:

    Hey for all you crying about not having your show to watch why not try reading a book or something instead of watching this mind numbing garbage lol. gg vh1

  115. karolina says:

    he gave me the creeps right when i saw him..eww

  116. Autumn says:

    I think that the show should go on as long as Ryan was not the winner. It would be really wrong to show the winner as being a killer and a winner of a gullible girl. Like I said if he didnt win, bring it back.

  117. Caro says:

    Jenkins has been found dead.

    It would be in extremely bad taste for VH1 to continue airing either MWAM or ILM3. I cant believe people have such little regard for the seriousness of the crime and a human life.

  118. Dee says:

    Ryan Jenkins has been found dead. He killed himself. http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/Story?id=8396125&page=2

  119. sam says:

    i am sadden by this tradegy and my sympathy goes out to jasmine’s family. i hope that there is some way to show megan’s show because the incident is so unfair to her especially into the third week. thats why editing was created.

  120. Zoe says:

    Canadian Police have confirmed that Ryan Jenkins took his own life.

    He was find in a Motel room in Canada.

    Apparently he took his own life.


    I feel badly for all the families involved.

  121. stephanie says:

    Ryan Jenkins found dead

  122. Maria says:

    I am torn between wanting to see the rest of MWAM or not. I understand if it is not brought back. I think it would be hard for the families involved to know that this guy was on TV. But at the same time, Megan is that girl I love to hate and can’t stop watching. I would watch if it returned.

    And if they cancel Megans show, will they cancel I Love Money 3. I hear he was in that show too….

  123. Mike says:

    I bet Sharon Osborne wishes it was Megan!

  124. april zole says:

    To the victims family I am so very sorry for your loss. Dont worry RYAN JENKINS WILL ROT IN HELL FOR ALL OF ETERNITY! he will be caught within 47 days

  125. april zole says:

    47 days

  126. Red Dawn3 says:

    The whole situation regarding Ryan is a real wake-up call. In regards to what Ms. Ashley said, at this point, you have to take into consideration what Megan may be going through right now. Ryan brutally killed his wife. Then killed himself. Megan obviously was attracted to this man (emotionally & physically. She didn’t know then, that this man was married or that he had “psycho” tendancies. Right now, she’s probably in hiding somewhere with her family, trying to cope with the severity of the situation at hand. I commend Vh1 for taking the show off the air out of respect for her, the victim’s family, and the family of Ryan Jenkins.VH1, 51 minds, megan, and the viewers definately didn’t see this coming. For all the women out there, this is another scenario in which psychos come in all shapes and colors. We need to look out for ourselves and each other. There are alot more maniacs out there……. we just need to be cautious!

  127. winner says:

    winner is Tj Diab, he wins megan, the vodka dude

  128. bee says:

    personally, i thought the show was horrible. its about a gold digger looking for a guy to buy her things so she doesn’t have to work for them like the rest of us. who would want to watch that?
    and its sad what ryan did to that poor girl. hasnt he ever heard of divorce?

  129. Brett says:

    I’m guna be honest megan wants a millionare blew anyway so they should just leave it off the air and send the gold digging @*_)*$%*)&$&&^$@# home

  130. Jeff says:

    I hope they reconsider and air all of the shows. I can not imagine anyone that the show might offend, watching it anyway. If anything, they may want to edit Ryans time on the show and focus eslewhere as much as appropriate. The world being what it is. Probably would be a VH1 most watched show because of this. If we are allowed to watch O.J. Simpson trials. I think the world can handle Megan wants a Millionaire.

  131. Florinda says:

    Je je Just air the damned thing. Bet u anything that people who werent even interested in this crappy little show will watch now, if anything just for the morbosity. Yeah yeah he killed a girl and killed himself, sad, but it happens a lot, everywhere, everyday in the world, why the F is this crime more important than the ones ocurring everyday, even right this freaking moment. This is a @%)!$^+~*)$+!`(+ ing entertainment network, so entertain. Leave the news for news channel and the prayers to the church. What if someone subscribed to cable just to watch your crap? Are reimbursments coming? We are a sad culture, give us our vice, @%)!$^+~*)$+!`(+ political correctness.

  132. evett says:

    i know this is sad to say and nobody would ever wish for this but you would think this would bring way more publicity to your show and the ratings would go through the roof so u would want to bring it back….even though it really wasnt a good show i bet peoples curiosity alone would bring so many viewers…..

  133. Florinda says:

    Je je Just air the damned thing. Bet u anything that people who werent even interested in this crappy little show will watch now, if anything just for the morbosity. Yeah yeah he killed a girl and killed himself, sad, but it happens a lot, everywhere, everyday in the world, why the F is this crime more important than the ones ocurring everyday, even right this freaking moment. This is a $!@(**&_#($&#!** ing entertainment network, so entertain. Leave the news for news channel and the prayers to the church. What if someone subscribed to cable just to watch your crap? Are reimbursments coming? We are a sad culture, give us our vice, $!@(**&_#($&#!** political correctness.

  134. Florinda says:

    Je je Just air the damned thing. Bet u anything that people who werent even interested in this crappy little show will watch now, if anything just for the morbosity. Yeah yeah he killed a girl and killed himself, sad, but it happens a lot, everywhere, everyday in the world, why the F is this crime more important than the ones ocurring everyday, even right this freaking moment. This is a &)@$!**$`+~!!)&# ing entertainment network, so entertain. Leave the news for news channel and the prayers to the church. What if someone subscribed to cable just to watch your crap? Are reimbursments coming? We are a sad culture, give us our vice, &)@$!**$`+~!!)&# political correctness.

  135. swift2 says:

    I watched a whole 20 minutes of the first show and thought..really, this is the best you can find for millionairs??? 95 percent are …..flakey at best. There was on 2 guys I thought were even remotely persuable! Then I got to thinking, well its Megan..so ok..VH1 got it right on the choices..idiots for an idiot! When I heard the news on the Ryan guy and the show got cancelled, though my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victim, I was so glad to see the show stopped!!! I laughed…. see Megan….YOUR a the laughing stock of vh1 now~~!!! hahahahaha…I LOVE IT!

  136. Billie says:

    I understand why you would postpone the show. Out of respect for the poor girls family. RIP Jasmine. I was into the show as well as many other viewers so only time will tell if we will see what happened on the show

  137. Tabetha says:

    i cant believe everyone on here whining about this broad and her dumb show…i watched it and i felt like i was going stupid just hearing her talk…seriously get over it, she was never worth watching anyway and most of all you people make me sick that you have no respect for this girl’s (jasmine) family whether she had something to do with the show or not…would you be able to sleep at night knowing the a**hole that murdered your daughter was on t.v. every week because of an ignorant dumb girl named “megan” that wanted a millionaire.

  138. Zie Guzeunt says:

    Did I read this right…A women is Brutally Murdered and her corps MUTILATED and your opening comment is “for the two people visiting this blog who don’t know what’s going on”….
    You chose Jaded and arrogance as your tone….no Sensitivity or compassion for the Victim’s family but boredom and the arrogance delusion that there are only 2! somebody needs a humane prescriptive.

  139. Alain Remi says:

    Dumb show needs dumbs actors , money loving producers, dumbs spectators etc… Helas dumb people get killed… also!The only silver lining is the postponement (forever hopefully) of yet another dumb production for the masses. What will you find next to sell to dumbs Americans* what they don’t need with the money they don’t have (When an American earns $1000, he’ll spend $2000…When a Chinese earns $1000, he’ll spend $200 & lend $800 to Americans ! How long can it last before the USA belongs the China ?) * or dumbs Canadians, dumbs Germans etc…

  140. brit says:

    He Killed himself…he was found hung in a hotel room on a coat rack

  141. angela w says:

    oh please bring back megan wants a millionaire and please oh please show the new I love Money 3 both shows are awesome despite what happened with Ryan.

  142. joann says:

    My sincere condolences to both families.This is a tradegy.

  143. bring back megan and ilm3 says:

    There’s lots of people who have been charged with murder or who have died and their movies are still out. It is a very tragic situation, but the shows were already taped and ready before this happened. If not back on TV, why not release them online? That way the fans can have their shows they enjoy, and the families of the victims aren’t subject to seeing them on TV. That sounds like a fair compromise to me.

  144. Rosie says:

    All the whiners regarding the show. It was `%@`(!`!~%$#$_~# who cares move on.

  145. Curious E says:

    WOW! I was wondering what the status of this would be and I guess now we all know. Personally, I think it is an unfortunte situation for the Ms. Fiore and her family. Regarding the Sauve Ryan – not so much! As for Megan, I guess I’m curious more than anything to hear her feedback concerning this. We’ve heard of the POV of VH1, the wife’s family, but no one has mentioned Megan’s feedback. She after all knew him briefly. Does she have any comment? Has anyone cared to ask her? As for a cancelled show, will VH1 at least announce who the winner was? We all know these shows are not live. Curious E asks ~

  146. Katie says:

    Why are we giving a S*** about this show. I can not believe as Americans, we are allowing a woman, who on numerous occasions said she just is in it for money, doesn’t want love. She was mean, on the all the shows, and she lived it up. I can understand if someone is on a show and is betrayed evil, but she lived up to it. She loved the spotlight so being mean was the only way necessary. Why are we giving someone who is mean a show of her own, just like New York. What are we saying as people to justify these actions of a person, Just because she looks good. Well sorry to break it to you, The only way to look like that after 20 some years is to have plastic surgery, so you pretty much need a millionaire. She will not look like that, and who is she some ditzy blonde. Any relationship she will be in will be doomed from the start. Anyone who is that mean, selfish and narcisstic, will not last and almost got hers in the end. I think its said that the woman is dead but seriously, Megan got a close call, she should re-evaluate her life.

  147. Tasha says:

    What does Megann think about all of this?

  148. Lee says:

    Americans like to know the ending of things be it good or bad, who won Megan, and why yank I love money 3? At least tell us what happened or like the american way put out a DVD and make mad cash from all of us voyuers (smirk)

  149. emily s says:

    is there any sites where i can contact megan?

  150. Shannon says:

    VH1, please release the shows on DVD. I am sure there are millions of viewers like me chomping at the bit to see the rest of the shows.

    This was a terrible tragedy and a PR nightmare, but the revenue lost on filming and Not releasing these two shows can’t be much better.

  151. brittany says:

    wow my heart goes out to his family and friends.
    it is crazy about this hole thing. Well can you please bring back megan wants a millionaire and you can put i love money 3 on now or something like that.

    :) :(

  152. Silkbeauty says:

    This proves that these “Of Love” shows have gone too far in bringing in weird and unstable contestants for ratings purposes. VH1 makes millions of dollars from these shows. It’s all fun and games until somebody get’s hurt- or worse loses their life. Who knows? If this sicko wouldn’t have gotten this type of exposure the young lady who tragically lost her life wouldn’t have known who this man was and probably wouldn’t have been so intrigued with him. I’m not saying that his behavior was VH1 or 51 Mind’s fault but it’s time to stop all these “love and love money connection” shows and get another gig! The bible states “For the Love of Money is the Root of all Evil”. I’ve yet to see the good in these shows.

  153. Gail says:

    What a tragedy for both the Fiore and jenkins families, I believe VH-1 showed good taste in postponing the shows until the families can bury their loved ones but why cancel the shows? What good does it do anyone, for those who don’t want to watch turn the channel!! It seems like Megan and the other “castaways” are losing out on the oppertunity to further their careers!! I think Megan rocks, and I don’t think VH-1 did anything wrong in casting this psycho no background check in the world could have predicted what this guy was capable of, if anything this could be an oppertunity to send a message about domestic violence, how about @ the end of every episode there is some sort of hotline #? (Just a thought) and will we ever be able to find out who Megan did pick, as the choice was made before this terrible crime was commited? “MEGAN… KEEP YOUR HEAD UP GIRL MARYLAND BAIL BOND GIRLS LOVE YOU!!!!!

  154. evening says:

    I just want to know who she picked?

  155. rochelle sanon says:

    i hope miss my show iam see the show i want bring back magen want to millonars and i love money 3 on air.

  156. amber r says:

    I love megan wants a millionaire, its a sad situation but don’t make it even more sad by not letting us enjoy a really great show, I think this might be the best show VH1 has ever done (other than I love New York of course)!

  157. liggy says:

    okok the show got cancelled but who did she choose at the end i know we all want to know

  158. crystal says:

    so then who won at least give us he cant be on all the show

  159. Blake says:

    Well, this is tragic and all but… WHO WON?!?

  160. Colette says:

    Why can’t you put on both shows and just cut out Ryan’s parts (unless of course, the guy won both or was a finalist).. At the very least we deserve to know who won the show. This is really unfair to viewers to cancel the shows because of one person’s poor decision.

  161. Colette says:

    Why can’t you put on both shows and just cut out Ryan’s parts (unless of course, the guy won both or was a finalist).. At the very least we deserve to know who won the show. This is really unfair to viewers and the other contestants to cancel the shows based on one participant’s poor decision.

  162. Alena says:

    Ryan WON I Love Money 3 and was a finalist in MWAM! Now, why are people crying over these shows? Seriously? WHY? I’m embarrassed we’re part of the same species!

    WTF are they going to do when they air the show? Write “RIP Ryan” at the end? That would be a slap in the face to many since the man was a monster!

    You people have no logic… and judging by all your crying over these stupid shows… I’m not surprised. Bunch of losers!

  163. courtney says:


  164. MDladyRN says:

    What a sad situation. I must say MWAM has to be THE best show I’ve watched on VH1. I just wish they’d let us know who she picked….. but I’ve been thinking no wonder in the beginning of the show he told her there would be no pre-nup if she chose him…. that’s because he was psycho. I am just glad Megan is safe and this didn’t happen to her. PLEASE TELL US WHO MEGAN PICKED…!!!!!!!!!

  165. I Love Money Fan says:

    I’m a BIG FAN of the I love money!! I think you should show that and cut the meg wants to be a millionaire it wasnt that great.. but dont cut one of the best show that comes on VH1 bc of what ryan did.. just think of all the vh1 fans… And Megan is just a gold digger kinda glad her show got cut..

  166. Kristin B says:

    I bet Megan is freaked out knowing she kissed and went on dates with a murderer. My heart goes out to the family of the victim and the poor girl who he killed. On another note…this sucks, I really liked this show and I like her too. Maybe they need to do more thorough background check next time.

  167. Joanne says:


  168. Sarah says:

    i think this tv show is horrible and i think megan is hideous and very %_)#*&(%~&+!&@!% y. im glad it is canceled.
    i saw one episode and i will never again watch it. daisy of love was good, but that was it.
    they really need to quit all these weird love shows..
    and if they insist on keeping them make them worth watching and make sure the “contestants” are very well picked and not picked at random and end up being some crazy murderer. great job VH1.
    oh, and i dont understand why would some famous girl like megan go on a tv show to find a “millionaire”? isnt she rich enough all ready? and why would they make a show for her to use rich guys?
    very poorly picked out/put together.

  169. Jana says:

    OMG!!! People, wise up! Ofcoarse Ryan won. Megan picked him. He acted like a psychopath. He had everyone fooled, and Megan isn’t the brightest crayon in the box so it doesn’t take much to fool her. I NEVER liked him, I saw this from a mile away. He seemed like a self centered person with a personality disorder. Oh he probably had the i love $$ folks in the dark too! And he’s not the only guy on the show who seemed like a stalker/murderer, ie: stalker movie maker, or stalker slobbery kissing gay guy. No one screened these men or else they wouldn’t put a GAY guy on to win megans heart, and the movie maker blatently verbalized his stalking of megan and all her friends.

    MORAL OF THE STORY: Money isn’t everything Megan. I knew carma was coming your way!

  170. asmith says:

    You guys suck! Megan is a total c..t; but why not show the end of it. you guys let this psycho through; why not show the outcome? Was she the stupid blonde that checked him in that flea bag hotel. Was he really a millionare or just a faker? Don’t be such pansey’s and finish it!!!

  171. megan hater says:

    Are you all kidding???!!! Did you not see this creep from a mile away?? Sorry Megan; but you deserve this kind of *&*)(+(_+_%@%`@ you goldigger. I hope you live in poverty from now to the end of time & have to walk sunset strip to survive; however, I think there are many women who would make more money than you! You are a materialistic sub-human that I wouldn’t pee on if you were on fire. I’m sure you will figure out some way to turn these comments to a positive. God save your soul!!

  172. Jasmine fan says:

    Megan, how could this production not see & review this guys past? You are very lucky it wasn’t you. Canceling the remainder of the show accomplished nothing; except to piss a lot of people off. Congrat VH1; no one in this household will ever watch again. PS. Megan, try looking for someone with a heart not just money. You will lose and karma is a *~#(%#`~%_`!`*_`*

  173. BriWycherley says:

    NOOO! I can’t believe both shows are being canceled!! Put them on DVD for us that are loyal viewers!? OR Give Frank the Entertainer his own show please! lol

  174. Sarah says:

    i DON’T think that Ryan Jenkins had anything to do with the murder of his ex-wife, and now that he’s deceased, there’s no real way of knowing. So in his memory and religious VH1 fans, please air the shows, Megan and I love money3.. unless there are some unusual behavior or crime clues in them…..then in that respect you should air them when the case is closed… they’ll just end up getting leaked anyways, like everything else

  175. BaRbiZZle says:

    wait, so is it going to be cancelled completely or is it just postponed to be curtious to the families and friends of the losses that have occured??…also, is it ever going out on dvd so that we can watch every episode…sorry but i’m a fanatic

  176. hazel mercury says:

    Good Job VH1!! Thank you for canceling both shows! It was the right thing to do.

  177. dj says:

    he is a ************************

  178. Chantal says:

    Why not turn this huge negative into a positive? Air the shows and donate a portion of the proceeds to help victims of domestic violence. This would be a much better solution than burying these shows!

  179. Chantal says:

    Why not turn this huge negative into a positive? Air the shows and donate a portion of the proceeds to help victims of domestic violence. This would be a much better solution than canceling both shows!

  180. aNGELA says:

    I love money 3 was pulled because Ryan was a contestant on the show.

  181. Jamd says:

    Okay Megan Wants A Millionaire was cancelled because he killed a girl and Im not so mad that the show got cancelled but i still want to know who won because although i didnt enjoy it too well i still watched it! And what the ~###_+(+$@!%#%)) is up with cancelling I Love Money 3?? I heard that Ryan was on that show and that’s why they have to cancel it!! And fine whatever but why the ~###_+(+$@!%#%)) would they even let Megan Wants A Millionaire contestants go on that damn show?? They’re already millionaires how much more ~###_+(+$@!%#%)) ing money do they need???????????????????? Now that is just waaay to ~###_+(+$@!%#%)) ing stupid for him to even go on that show. Thanks a lot…sarcasm

  182. tashina adkins says:

    i agree with all of the other viewers….it’s sad, but why end a great show….put it on dvd or bring it back, i mean at least give us the dvd…..then if anyone doesn’t want to watch it….then they won’t have to!!! not only megan’s but i love money 3 WHAT!?!?!? he’s obviously on that show too, so that’s why it’s cancelled, but really two of your best shows……COME ON VH1!!!! BRING THEM BACK!!!!

  183. maria69 says:

    wow i really liked the show, too bad

  184. dude says:

    i really wanted to see i love money3 and see who was going to be init man that sucks i hate it

  185. reader says:

    Well at least Megan made it clear she wanted his millions.Jasmine played that weirdo and got caught according to the evidence!She had a boyfriend the whole time.while she was happily checking into a luxery hotel room with him and making videos booty dancing for ryan,she was also texting her main man robert how she loved him and was off to be with him right after using and sleeping with weirdo!Jasmine was greedy,Ryan was a Weirdo,and Megan thank goodness you are ok’

  186. ori says:

    im not agreed with the cancellation of both show, i dont understant what does the incident have to do with both shows. please bring back megan wants a millionare and i love money 3 if not vh1 is going to suck….

  187. angela says:

    Megan can still be a millionaire. Sue all these companies involed… can u imagime what she is going thru? she is surely stressed out,,Vh1 needs to run the rest of megans show on vh1 on line also I love of money and pay for all the funeral cost and pay meagan for this mess.

  188. rain96 says:

    I tried to put this comment on Megan’s lil tweet page and it was not allowed for some reason so I am gonna try again on here. I WANT I LOVE MONEY!!!! I thought that show was built around people who don’t really have alot of money to begin with (you know like our friend who live’s in his parents basement) sooo they compete for MONEY correct? So who’s bright idea was it to put a man on I Love Money who has money falling out of his butt to begin with???? Bring back I LOVE MONEY!!! P.S. Thanks Megan you have been nothing but a pain for VH1 and in my opion you need to grow up twit!

  189. thelma1432 says:

    I agree ,I am also sorry to all family and friends of the victum.and sorry to the family of Ryan Jenkins.
    But we still want to see both shows it is not fare.People die or are murdered evryday and there movie are still on the air, VH1 this is not cool. Pls put both shows back on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. thelma1432 says:

    I am sorry for all pple involved in this tragedy. But bring back the show MWAM ans I love money 3 so not fare to the viewers

  191. bella says:

    Hello people….. they are not airing I LOVE MONEY 3 obviously because Ryan Jenkins was on that show too. VH1 doesn’t want it to look like they approve of this murderer, it will make people talk bad about them more than they already are. VH1 can at least tell the public who won on MEGAN’s show…. they owe it to all their viewers. Megan seems like she knows more than she is saying about ryan. She was talking to him even after he wed with jazmin. Come on megan and VH1 just tell the truth already!!!

  192. Barbie says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Jasmine’s family. This is a very unfortunate tragedy. Although I don’t wish death on anyone, I’m glad he killed himself.

  193. Me says:

    Whether they were forced to cancel the shows or they made the decision on their own I think it’s a good idea that these shows not be aired. Some people just have nothing better to do with their time than waste it watching a piece of trash murderer on television. What is this society coming to? Peace be with the victim’s family.

  194. Angela says:

    Ryan won I Love Money 3, 20/20 said so and I heard TJ won on Megans show.My heart goes out to these families in this love triangle gone bad. Good luck Megan

  195. realityTVfreak says:

    I thought they cancelled it because it was one of the dumbest shows ever. Sad to hear that it got cancelled for a better reason. This show made me yawn. And does My Antonio. Worst. Sunday night shows. Ever.

  196. Amber says:

    Just because ryan died don’t me you can’t air megan wants a millionaire or i love money 3 look at heath ledger who died when they made batman the dark night and it was the best batman in a while and they still show bernie mac shows even though he passed at least tell us the winner of both shows.

  197. nicholelusn.o says:

    i loved mwam and i love money. i fell bad for both familys no one realy nows what happened through all the evadince it doesnt show the whole pic. of what happened so i dont se how anyone caan pass judgement on anyone. i havent seen thewhole story and i dont want to the world has nothing better to do then snoop through others pain and suffering. and yes i do like the shows, i like to watch everyone try to find love ive had a hard time my self .

    just bring the shows back please.
    and if you have a coment for me look me up on myspace at nikki wofford or nicholejr09@gmx.com or im 17 and live in anniston al.

  198. sugar says:

    i wont Megan Wants a Millionaire back

  199. sarah says:

    Why would they waste thousands of dollars cancelling a show because of one schyco freak. In my opinion, you guys are letting him get the upper hand. You are giving him more publicity than he deserves. You people can take my comment as you will, however, I don’t think that it is very logical cancelling shows because of one person.

  200. maria says:

    this is so `%((^%_~(*$`@*!+)* ed! i want mwam back! like just keep showing it..yall are dumb! it was the only good show i watched! and i was really looking forward for the i love money show! but i guess not! ugh! and that myantonio show is stupid!

  201. Nikki says:

    wtf that is so $#_#_%%$^@)%%*&!!^ i was just getting into that show and it gets canceled. yea it is to bad what happen but still that is %“)“%*++*_)$#! ing sooooo $#_#_%%$^@)%%*&!!^ ed lol

  202. mrs.manning says:

    vh1 should of done a better background check then this wouldent have happen they need to think of the safty of other people but i loved the show hope it comes back on

  203. Fabulous! says:

    I am shock to see whom this person really was. Wow! but I think it was the best thing to do. Cancel the show and maybe in the future start another one. Otherwise, why would we watch a show that some spycho guy not only murded his wife but may cause harm to Megan. Lets be realistic, no one wants to see that. Besides it’ll cause too much caos and conserns. I feel so bad for the Fiore’s family :( Best wishes…

  204. wordpoint says:

    why is i love money 3 ben cancedled wat does it have to do with thts whole thing can somebody help me fir. it out

  205. Frog says:

    Wow holy SH—– I would have never expected that!
    Anyways I tuned in to the show and I was liking it! It seems like she is really smart and knew wht she wanted !
    I would like to see it back on in the future!
    Gook luck Megan

  206. Andrea says:

    OMG!!! my mother and i have been wondering what has happened to megan wants a millionaire and i jus now was able to get online to see!!! i am extremely shocked and saddened that somthing like this accidentally slipped through the fingers of the people at vh1… but i think a little more should have been done to let the viewers aware of whats been going on. i just noticed one day that megan wasn’t coming on and i had to go online to find out why. but u also have to take a hard look at these dating shows… i mean come on! they say they want to find love but it really seems like they want more fame! first they do the dating show then chooses a girl/guy. then u hear their opinions in the reunion show, u dont hear from them for a while then u hear that they didn’t work out so another show has to be made. and if u ever see the behind the scenes stuff, it’s not really reality anyways! they pik the people who are drama starters and sit back and watch dumb guys/girls fight over one person just so after the show is over they’ll get they’re own show! it’s rediculous! reality tv my `%%_&(!&_**%+++

  207. Driedfred says:

    ok tis really sucks because i really wanted to see the MWAM show it was really cool and i wanted to see more of Megan of course! and about the I Love Money 3 i really wanted to see it but that lame Ryan guy had to ruin it and all because he won the third season which sucks i at least want to know who won MWAM!!!

  208. Driedfred says:

    ok tis really sucks because i really wanted to see the MWAM show it was really cool and i wanted to see more of Megan of course! and about the I Love Money 3 i really wanted to see it but that lame Ryan guy had to ruin it and all because he won the third season which sucks i at least want to know who won MWAM!!!!

  209. cheryl says:

    like sarah says why would they waste all that money over 1 schyco freak. bring back megan and the millionaires. that is a great show and if u dont then atleast bring megan back on another show. have her join my antonio, that would really be interesting to see the chicks freak……………………

  210. maria chavera says:

    wow…i was wondering y they hadnt been showing megan wants a millonare. i am a big vh1 fan and i watch almost all the reality shows on there so, i had to find out if the show had finished… i am stunned that this has happend. my heart goes out to megan and of ourse to ryan and his family as well. he was one of my favorites and i was hoping he would have won her heart…well, thanks for giving the viewers an update on this matter.

  211. Nubs says:

    it sucks!!!!!!!1 1. i’m upsad that vh1 canceled MWAM and 2. because they didn’t try to let the public know what was going on. i really liked the show and i was getting so into it. i want the show back or at least do MWAM2 or give the results of who won at the end. it really sucks. hopefully you guys do a new show soon that has something to do with Megan.

  212. Tanisha says:

    What does canceling I Love Money 3 have to do with what happened on Megan Wants a Millionaire? One does not have to do with the other, and who was goin to be on I Love Money 3?

  213. kristina says:

    You people are all so heartless and selfish!!!! It’s really sad that you all can’t just move on and get over that MWAM is OVER!!! How would you feel if someone murdered your friend, sister, mother (whoever) and you had to see this guys face all over TV reminding you of what he did to someone you LOVE! It’s good they cancelled the show because it would have been so rude to the family and friends of Jasmine to show his ugly mug one more week due to fans of the show. She’ll make another show I’m sure…Megan wants to be famous no matter what!

  214. laurel says:

    I can only say after watching Megan on all the previous shows – her nasty behaviour and personna made me committed to not watching her own show when it came out. Now I can say I am glad it is off the air as she should not be rewarded for being a nasty person. Karma

  215. the two people visiting the blog says:

    how did you know that we “two people” would be visiting….creepy

  216. hawaii5-0 says:

    From what I understamd is that Fiore had close “friendships” with multiple ex-boyfriends. Any guy would be jealous. Atleast give your man some respect.

  217. i love money fanatic says:

    This was a tradegy but there are so many live money fans out there that want to watch i love money 3.If it aint ganna be aired it should atleast be sold as a dvd so us fans can watch this great show.

  218. addy says:

    I dont know how to contact VH 1 directly but i was wondering if it was possible to put I love money 3 on dvd. That way we can watch it and we could be in sync with I love money 4. We as americans have the right to watch whatever we in our homes. I understand what happened with the young lady was tragic but if you put the show out on dvd it wouldnt be getting airtime on v.h.1. Just dont advertise him on the ad of the dvd. People make movies like pearl harbor and &#(&)@_$+%`^^~@ anic that shows deaths. Nobody dies in I love money 3. Donate the money to her family or to a domestic violence charity.

  219. jenavecia says:

    what a dooshlord he is he ruined 3 shows. MWAM and I love money 3 and 4. if only these shows can be released on dvd cuz vh1 has dumb boring depressing uninteresting shows now. i wanna see them!

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