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Just to help fill in some details for the two people visiting this blog who don’t know what’s going on: Ryan Jenkins of Megan Wants a Millionaire has been charged with killing his ex-wife Jasmine Fiore, whom he met earlier this year, after he filmed Millionaire. Ryan’s whereabouts are unknown at this time, although it is suspected that he fled to his home country of Canada. There is a manhunt currently underway.

VH1 released a statement on the matter Wednesday. 51 Minds, the company that produces Megan Wants a Millionaire, also released a statement. They told TMZ:

51Minds was not aware of Ryan Jenkins’ record when it cast him on Megan Wants a Millionaire. Obviously, if the company had been given a full picture of his background, he would never have been allowed on the show.

The company did have in place what it thought was a thorough vetting process that involved complete background checks by an outside company for all contestants on its shows. Clearly, the process did not work properly in this case.

Although up till now we have remained silent regarding this matter besides the official statement, we will do our best to report developments going forward. The enormity of this tragedy barely can be expressed, so please bear with us. As we said before, our thoughts go out to Jasmine Fiore’s family, and more so with every saddening development we receive. There are plenty of places you can look for more details and speculation and speculative details. Here’s the A.P.’s latest take.

Clearly, our comments box is overflowing and there are very few questions that we’re able to answer at this point. Regardless of what other sources say (including websites maintained by on-air talent), no announcement has been made about the fate of any future programming, besides Megan Wants a Millionaire, which currently is postponed (as is its VH1.com online coverage). We will update you officially if and when anything changes. Some people also seemed confused regarding Megan Hauserman’s well-being. Rest assured that Megan is healthy and safe.

More when we can…

Update: We’re sad to announce that both Megan Wants a Millionaire and I Love Money 3 officially have been canceled.

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