Ryan Jenkins Found Dead



TMZ is reporting that Ryan Jenkins, the Megan Wants a Millionaire contestant accused of killing his wife Jasmine Fiore, has been found dead in an apparent suicide. They say he was in a hotel in British Columbia, where staff found him hanging.

There’s not really much to add to that by way of commentary. Tragedy begets tragedy. Of course, our sympathy goes out to the friends and families of Jasmine Fiore and Ryan Jenkins, as it has for the past several days.

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  1. Aven says:

    Unfortunately, for all in this situation, the amount of tragedy in this case in overwhelming. Sympathy goes to everyone involved, including Jasmine’s and Ryan’s family. I can’t imagine what either family is going through right now. I can’t help but also think about Megan and what she must be going through right now as well, to have so much controversy surrounding her as well as dating someone as dangerous as Ryan.

  2. J-Roc says:

    I don’t even know what to say. There are no words…

  3. JoAnna says:

    Tragedy begets tragedy? Are you serious? This guy’s family wasn’t saying ++_)!*&~`%!*&@%# on where he was!! That’s aiding and abetting, last I checked, and they can be in a whole WORLD of trouble for that. This guy murdered someone…yes he was someone’s son, brother, husband [or not], uncle, cousin, what have you…but come on now Vh1.

    It will be the last straw if MWAM comes back on the air and when Ryan is eliminated there is something about his death. If there is, you’ve lost at least one viewer.

  4. THIS IS SO SAD says:

    Theres closure on the case now, i say put the shows on vspot. A Shot at Love 3 did it for a girl that died. They took out any bad actions and still aired the show. Please consider this along with airing it with a disclaimer

  5. Karen Johnson says:

    not much more to be said? how about, “vh1, tell us your reality show contestant vetting procedure, please… we’ve supported you all these years…” or, what the heck is this glam photo of alleged perpetrator doing on this blog site?

  6. Drew says:

    Wow…this is so crazy.

  7. Jen says:

    I don’t know how I saw that coming.

  8. Shelley says:

    Wow…crazy…but after a few days, I think everyone knew he was going to be found dead…the whole situation is very sad…I pray for her family and his…

  9. Elliot says:

    I cannot believe the insane turn of events these past days have brought to the VH1 community and the familes involved in this tragedy. Reality television may be all about drama, but reality is so much sadder and truly dramatic in a way that mainstream programming can never duplicate. Who could’ve forseen that all this could be spurred from a television show as seemingly harmless-guilty-pleasure as “Megan Wants a Millionaire”? Truly, the only positive that can be gleaned from the entire ordeal is a hopefully more acute awareness in the public’s eye of crime and not to hold anyone on TV to a certain status. I also think VH1/51 Minds showed their true colors during this dreadful time by taking the correct path in the cancellation of “Megan Wants…” (at least for the time being.) How this will affect the future of that show and “I Love Money 3″ remains to be seen, but for the time being I believe we should focus on all those persons affected by the deaths of Jasmine and Ryan. There really is nothing more to say.

  10. Rach says:

    The only tragedy to come from his death is that justice will not be served and that the victim’s family will not be given the closure of seeing the case go to trial. Whether he was guilty or not, it is unfair that they will never be able to hear all the evidence and have the murderer sentenced.

    I supported VH1 in their decision to take MWAM off the air, and I hope that in the future they will properly screen contestants so no one else with domestic violence in their past ends up a celebreality star.

  11. Lisa says:

    This is extremely tragic.

    But I still want MWAM to come back on the air.

    I am even more curious to see it after this whole debacle.

  12. karen b says:

    Put the show back on. VH1 will get major ratings for it and I wanna see what happens. You cant start a show like that then just pull the plug… finish it. I hope he gets eliminated and Megan humiliates him.

  13. Lisa says:

    Tragic. I was sort of rooting for him to get away.

    But now that he’s dead I think VH1 should continue airing MWAM. I am even more eager to watch it now that this tragedy has occurred. It will add a layer of irony to it every time that Ryan is on screen, poignant and heartbreaking, because we know what past Ryan does not: that there is no happy ending in store for him. This will take VH1 to Shakespearean levels!

  14. jewsus says:

    man… this has been one messed up situation…….

  15. Frances says:

    Very sad. Im in shock.No one really was going to know this was going to unfold and i dont think anyone should be blamed. Megan im really sorry cant say i know what you feel right now, but for waht is worth you have my respect and apreciation hun. Take care. And to the family of both victims my prayers.

  16. Andrew says:

    Somehow I saw it coming. The show should not air along with I Love Money 3, but VH1 does owe it to the fans of her show and to the fans of I Love Money 3 to know who the winners were at least. come on executives at MTV/VH1 and 51 minds. As for the tragedy itself there are no words to say about it. My sympathies for Jasmine, her family, and friends as well as for Ryan’s friends and family. Jasmine: Rest in Piece. Ryan: Rot in Pieces.

  17. MEREDITH says:

    Since he is dead can you PLEASE bring back Megan wants a Millionare?? I LOVED IT!!!!!

  18. renee_renee says:

    what he did to his wife was horrible just horrible so i feel nothing for this animal. i think in some way we all new what the out come was going to be. so this want happen again please vh1 screen these people u put on your shows i love vh1

  19. maria says:

    wowww i cantt believe this..its craziii

    but now that its all over i think vh1 should put MWAM back on the air it has a lot of fans and you cant air a show and have people watch it and enjoy it den pull the plug on it everyone is eager to see who is going to win.. this is not fair for the viewers

  20. Gary says:

    omg… this has been the craziest horriblest week ever. No words for this.

  21. Kristin says:

    Am I the only one curious to know how Megan feels about this situation?

  22. Kristin says:

    Am I the only one curious to know how Megan feels right now?

  23. ReBecca says:

    Put Megan back on!!! It’s not her fault and I wanna see what happens! Don’t act like the show never existed.

  24. Vh1access says:

    RIP to Jazmine

    this whole thing is tragic

  25. maria says:

    thats what guilt would do to ya’…

  26. yeayea says:

    I am sad for her friends and family, but as for him.. why would you wanna do such a thing to someone..

    Anyways, VH1.. at least let us know who won, unless it was him..

  27. megan lover says:

    OMG i cant believe he killed himself dat is so gay u kno he killed his wife cause he killed HIMSELF connection???

  28. kidd says:

    this whole story was so sad there are no words to describe it…i hope ryan rots in hell he killed an innocent person for nothing..coward. my prayers go out to jasmines family and frienda

  29. stacy says:

    I am floored by the news! i was devistated when i didn’t seen megan’s show on this morning! i was totally waiting for the next episode! i looked forward to the show!!! It was my favorite!! I am also cerious to know how megan is reacting to the news!
    To air the show again i can see as being disrespectful fot the dead. BUT! Its truely not fair to just cancel that show because it has so many fans! VH1 please put that show back on! I feel as tho i am going insane with antisipation just wonder what happened!???!?!?!?

  30. Tiffany says:

    This truly is tragedy for all involved, I can’t imagine how their families must feel or how Megan must feel for that matter. It must be scary to think that you were that close to a cold blooded psychopath.

  31. Donna says:

    I think VH1 owes it the viewers to put MWAM back on..I loved that show! We wouldn’t be in this predicament if VH1 had done a background check. Why punish the viewers? So unfair! As much as I feel bad for the Fiore family, at the same time their daughter was not the smartest cookie in the box. Who marries a person after two days of knowing them? Yes her death was horrific but please, throw me a bone.

  32. Christina says:

    I really feel bad for the families, but I don’t understand why VH1 has decided to not continue showing MWAM. I think they should just skip the episode where Ryan is eliminated. It’s not like he did this WHILE they were filming it.
    As for ‘I Love Money 3′ They should still air it, but since it has already been stated that Ryan DID WIN it’s almost pointless to watch it now.

  33. sk says:

    Really Gary, ever? Even more horrible than the day Kennedy was shot? More horrible than 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing or Pearl Harbor? How about the Challenger explosion?

    Seriously people, get a grip!

    Gary Says:

    August 23rd, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    omg… this has been the craziest horriblest week ever. No words for this.

  34. Amanda says:

    Wow-ie. I never thought Megan should have been given a show to begin with, but whatever. However, if not aired it seems like alot of wasted time and money (for both the men and producers). & Im not going to comment on the situation itself, because whose to know what really happened.

  35. lala09 says:

    o.k. got it he’s been found dead, he killed his ex wife but its been said on the news that megan is dead is that true????

  36. Rich says:

    I am shocked beyond words. I was down the beach and saw a thing on the news looking for him, but in the photograph he had no beard. I recognized the face and finally realized who it was and I was so shocked, but nobody believed me lol. Then I got on the computer to see a Comcast News artical about this and it blew my mind. Thank God Megan wasn’t hurt.

  37. Lauren Howell says:

    I feel only sadness for Jasmine and her family as well as for Ryans family, but not for him. He was most likey going to get the death penalty anyway.. to have mutalated a body the way hers was and carlessly left in trash. he deserved what he brought upon himself… the ultimate punishment.I could tell he was a creep from the show… something was obviously not right with him then and it showed. he had that american psycho type charm about him.

  38. Adare says:


  39. Mel says:

    VH1 should at least air the show after Ryan was kicked off, or somehow just edit him out. Or they should at least do a finale’ show, because I’m pretty sure he was not chosen by Megan, although I feel he probably made it pretty far.

  40. kc says:

    omg! this is crazy!!! i never thought this guy would do that. and she really likes this guy…man :O

  41. Roberto says:

    Sad & Horrific!

    BUT.. The reality is the show must go on..

    This IS REALITY TV.. Why is VH1 taking such a self-protective stance with this issue?? This could happen to anyone, at anytime, on any show!.. This is life.. And we the viewers have all signed ourselves up for this.. VH1, aquit yourself from an action that another human(Ryan) made that naturally was beyond your jurisdiction of control..

    I think that removing the show is actually setting a Dangerous precedent for the Future of the Reality Tv industry.. All involved are adults.. And any action is possible from any human at anytime.. If the Reality TV industry is to survive, you must get with the program and accept that alot will ALWAYS be beyond your control.. The stance to “eradicate” the show at all cost, and pretend that it never existed exposes a very deep flaw.. Are the actions of your reality stars, especially outside of your production space your responsibility??

    Please set appropriate precedent in this instance, for it is GUARANTEED to happen again in one form or another in the future..

    This is clearly insane..

    & Lilly too;)

    Megan, I am SO SORRY this has happened to your show.. I was DEVASTATED to see it off air tonight.. And of course, the tradegic circumstances surrounding it…

    VH1- PLEASE!! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!>>>>>>>>>

  42. bebe says:

    I was afraid he’d get away. the police must have been really close. I don’t think he expected poor jasmine to be found and for murder warrants in the u.s. and canada to be issued as quickly as they were. for the way everyone went after him, they had some STRONG evidence that ryan murdered jasmine. he was going to california to sit in jail on a $10 million bond, so I guess that didn’t sound fun to him.

    I am glad he didn’t get away. although I wish the police could have gotten to him before he killed himself. but otoh, murder trials are extremely vicious toward the victim. having been through it, it’s pretty hard to hear horrible lies about a friend or to hear her called mean names.

    as far as the TV shows… I guess they could just edit him out completely and post whatever’s left online. I don’t want to see him on my tv ever again. I hate murderers.

    rest in peace, jasmine.

  43. Allyson Yarberry says:

    Is it just me, or do the majority of people posting comments here not know how to spell?

  44. Veronica of VA says:

    This is awful! A family loses the people they love and the public loses Megan! Can’t you tell us who did win with Megan?

  45. Jess says:

    I was extremely shocked when I saw this. I still can’t believe this. So, I guess he did kill her. He probably figured they find him and sentence him to death.

    This was a pretty horrible tragedy. Big moment in Reality history as well.

    I’m not sure what you will do about the show, but I hope that it continues to air or will be available online.

  46. Matt Hagen says:

    I feel bad for the poor guy. Everybody’s been piling on Ryan, but only he knew the pain he was experiencing that drove him to this. I heard he was a nice person and I can only imagine that Jasmine forced him into doing something he really didn’t want to do. Don’t blame him for this; it wasn’t his fault.

  47. ANGEL says:

    This is crazy I didn’t connect the two until I looked through the guide and didn’t see Megan Wants a Millionaire on the grid at all. Wow, I can imgagine your all in a hard place on what to do with the show. But it was what I looked forward to the most on sunday nights, She dedicated a chunk of time to the show, and now her show isn’t going to air for the ‘time being’ Please please let us know whats happening, we invested our evenings into watching her show and much others, if you can’t air it on t.v. please put it on the internet so that we can watch the show.

  48. kriz says:

    so who won megan??

  49. Janelle says:

    That poor Fiore girl…

    I can’t even speak on Ryan, that disgusting man, except that I wish they had his mug shot and not his glamor shot up.

    I understand why VH1 put the show on pause, and I even understand why they are not talking about putting MWAM and ILM3 back on the schedule, but out of sheer curiosity I wish they would put the episodes online.

    Maybe there is a legal reason it won’t happen.

  50. are_you_serious says:

    @Matt Hagen:
    I find it hard to believe she did something to warrant being mutilated and stuffed in a suit case. He was obviously a creep, and of course this is his fault! He’s a `@+%`@)+_#%@)$@^ ing murderer! Where did you “hear” he was a nice person? Did you know him? No, I didn’t think so.

  51. Vicente says:

    The saddest thing about this is he will not go on trial for the horrible things he did to that poor woman. Even now I still think Vh1 should still air Megan Wants A Millionaire. The only thing that connects this with the show is a contestant. He did not kill her on or before the show. Vh1 should still show it, and put a thing at the end of each show. Not about Ryan, but about Jasmine. On a Double Shot of Love one of the contestants died before the show aired and they still showed that.

  52. julie says:

    I think MWAM/VH1 should bow out gracefully and show respect to all those involved. To continue with the show just condones the level of violence we all have to live with this world.

  53. vanessa says:

    to matt:

    you obviously don’t understand what abuse is. ryan jenkins’ history demonstrates a history of physically abusive behavior in previous relationships. that is not something that can be blamed on the victim. also, blaming someone for their own murder is shameful.

    i feel sorry for the guy in that obviously his soul was tortured, and i hope that he is able to find peace and rest now. my heart goes out to both families as they are not to blame for what happened, and while the fiore family has lost someone they loved dearly to a heinous crime, i can only imagine that ryan’s family is struggling more, as they have to deal with the knowledge of what their son did, AND for the fact that his life was cut short as well.

    none of us know either of them personally, but don’t blame someone for their own demise regardless of what you may or may not speculate to have happened.

    i’ve been in an abusive relationship before, and what i had to endure was NOT my fault. in fact, i became very reserved and quiet as a result of the abuse, in an effort to not say or do anything that might upset him. i can also ((@$^#`+%`^(`#( ure you that abuse is the fault of the abuser. it is a PROBLEM that the abuser has, whether behavioral, mental, emotional, or substance usage related. regardless it is something within the abuser and not something that the victim does.

    so, matt, i recommend, given your stance on it all, that you spend a day in a shelter for abused women, and listen to their stories about what transpired. i highly doubt that you would walk out of there blaming any of them for what they had to endure.

  54. vanessa says:

    to matt:

    you obviously don’t understand what abuse is. ryan jenkins’ history demonstrates a history of physically abusive behavior in previous relationships. that is not something that can be blamed on the victim. also, blaming someone for their own murder is shameful.

    i feel sorry for the guy in that obviously his soul was tortured, and i hope that he is able to find peace and rest now. my heart goes out to both families as they are not to blame for what happened, and while the fiore family has lost someone they loved dearly to a heinous crime, i can only imagine that ryan’s family is struggling more, as they have to deal with the knowledge of what their son did, AND for the fact that his life was cut short as well.

    none of us know either of them personally, but don’t blame someone for their own demise regardless of what you may or may not speculate to have happened.

    so, matt, i recommend, given your stance on it all, that you spend a day in a shelter for abused women, and listen to their stories about what transpired. i highly doubt that you would walk out of there blaming any of them for what they had to endure.

  55. Jo-Ann says:

    Put Megan back on so we can see how ryan goes off the show,also who won on Megan.

  56. M. Petersen says:

    He will always be known as the VH1 killer. shame on you!

  57. Cinema says:

    Matt Hagen, how is murdering your wife, stuffing her into a suitcase after cutting off her fingers and pulling her teeth out, then fleeing to another country to eventually just hang himself NOT his fault?

    And other people, What would the family have to sue over? This is an individual committing an act off camera, in his own time.

  58. Alana says:


  59. Shelie says:

    How can you say that she provoked him to murder her Matt … you must be high! No one deserves to be murdered!!

  60. Shelie says:

    How can you say that she forced him into doing something he didn’t want to do …. She deserved to be murdered? No one has the right to take someone elses life … Matt you are nuts!!

  61. Alain Remi says:

    Dumb shows need dumbs “actors” , money loving producers, dumbs spectators etc… Helas dumb people get killed… also!The only silver lining is the postponement (forever hopefully) of yet another dumb production for the masses. What will you find next to sell to dumbs Americans* what they don’t need with the money they don’t have (When an American earns $1000, he’ll spend $2000…When a Chinese earns $1000, he’ll spend $200 & lend $800 to Americans ! How long can it last before the USA belongs the China ?) * or dumbs Canadians, dumbs Germans etc…

  62. Annie says:

    I have no pity for Ryan Jenkins. He brutally murdered his wife and then desecrated her body in an effort to avoid being caught….and when backed into a corner, he took the easy way out. What a piece of trash. I hope VH1 decides against airing the remainder of “Megan Wants a Millionaire”….what a painful reminder to friends and family of the victim.

  63. joyce brett says:

    Please do not use my real name.

    Vanessa: I think you are the only one who has a handle on what we should really be sorry about; that two people lost their lives. However, I do not know that his background shows a history of abuse. I know he was placed on probation; but do not know exactly for what.

  64. Jamie says:

    Uhhh Matt, you’re just as crazy as that guy. Someone should keep an eye on you. Scary.

  65. Jasmine says:

    I think its really stupid they would cancel the show. They act like murders have never been on television before.

  66. pretty girl says:

    omg you people are dumb. 2 people died and you all keep acting like the real tragedy is taking the show off the air. idiots.

  67. Jillian says:

    This is so crazy.
    I think the right thing to do in this situation would be for VH1 to release this series on DVD only. Even though I watch the show and would like to see the ending, I think it might be painful for the families involved in this tragedy to have to see the show continue to air. The best thing would be a DVD so only those who want to see it can. And to maybe include a note, or a statement of some kind from VH1, Megan and maybe even the other contestants.Or maybe even donate profits to the Fiore family?
    Just a thought. I hope VH1 does the right thing.

  68. daisy says:

    I feel sorry for both families. Its sad he had to do what he did.

    I do have to say a big haha to Megan! I’m glad VH1 pulled her show. I don’t think the numbers where there. Her pushy stuck up attitude made the show dry and boring. I have a feeling Ryan went pretty far in the competition. Someone commented about Double Shot of Love had someone that died before the competition … the issue/difference here that I see …is that he probably made it pretty far in this and out of respect they pulled the plug. Let me say this tho…Karma is a b-ch Megan! Treat others how you want to be treated…you cannot go through life treating others like you do …

  69. DENISE says:


  70. DENISE says:

    I know this is a tragic situation for everyone involved. He took the cowards way out. But I would like to see Vh1. Put the Megan show back on the air so we can see who she picked

  71. L says:

    Megan may get her millionaire after all. Herself…when she sues the network!!!!

  72. Shocked says:

    Are you serious?
    You feel bad for this guy?
    He was a monster! He cut up a woman into pieces and then killed himself. No one can force someone to do this brutal of a crime–and no woman or human deserves it. It was his fault, and he obviously knew it was.

  73. angela says:

    this in itself is trully a tradgedy but what is more tradgic is that noone leaves these people alone when something happens in the media we a people prey on it like vultures and we forget that they are people too the diffence is that they are on camera and may be rich what ever happened top respecting people and their privacy let them deal noone but ryan and jasmine and GOD really know what happened so stop judging and start praying and being a better person. i feel for the friends and family of both of these people and my hearts go out with them and may they rest in peace.

  74. jessica says:

    The whole story is sad. What would drive someone to piss away everything and all the money? Now she is dead and he is dead. Why? That is a sad sad story. Could they have not broken up and he could have went over seas and just got over it?

  75. Anom says:

    What does the Vh1 vetting process have to do with the fact that he allegedly killed this woman? If Vh1 had found out that he had a criminal background, would that have stopped him from meeting and hurting other people that he met in the future? The two met after the show was taped, before the show was aired on national TV, so in what way do justify finding fault with Vh1 and 51 minds? Neither of the two companies play a part in the two meeting each other and getting married. Why are so many people trying to blame Vh1 and 51 Minds for something they clearly had nothing to do with?

  76. rose says:

    All I have to say is give Megan a new show!!! This was my favorite show of all your reality series and I will definitely watch again. I understand why the original episodes are not being aired…that would be extremely disrespectful to Jasmine’s family and you guys requesting that should think about them. Like they want to see her murderer paraded about TV like nothing happened. Just find some new “millionaires” for Megan so we can watch again! And new cast members for ILM 3!!

    Oh and I think 12 Pack/Dave is ready for his own show! I’d watch.

  77. binky says:

    y did they have 2 cancel megan wants a millonaire they better show i love money 3

  78. i love vh1 says:

    A agree; release the shows on the web. The victims won’t have to worry about seeing them on TV and those of us that want to watch them can seek them out.

  79. anon says:

    I hated the “Megan Wants A Millionaire” show. Megan does not have the “star quality” that’s worthy of a TV show. It was a bad idea that should have been filed into the circular file cabinet. I was hoping the show would be canceled but not under these circumstances. I think the quality of VH1 reality shows has declined as they add more of them to the programming schedule. How else would a guy like Ryan Jenkins get on a TV show if basic precautions were followed? The premise of the show just didn’t hold water if you don’t have the right casting. I feel for the victim and her family.

  80. jay jay chick says:

    Its sad to hear that this piece of S#!* wont pay for what he did to his wife, he deserved much more than just to hang himself. As for the show MWAM im glad Vh1 decided to pull the show because its only out of respect for the family of jasmine. I believe it would only hurt them more if this d0^#&*# bag gained fame while their daughter was murdered by him. As for ilm3 i only ~@_#($$&~!%_@@( ume he was on it????

    I’d still like to know who won the show, if Vh1 could just post the winner that would be gr8.

    My condolences to the Fiore family

  81. Barbara says:

    Please, for the sake of decency, don’t air the shows. Re-cast them, re-shoot them, whatever, but don’t air these shows.

  82. RESEARCHER says:

    canceled!! all of it! go away

  83. Amber North says:

    YOU ARE AN IDIOT MATT HAGEN!! You damn liberals think that its someone elses fault when something like this happens. How dare you blame her for her own murder? are you really that ignorant?!?! It is horrible what happened to her and you need to keep your opinion to yourself cause your f’ing stupid!! (shaking me head in disbelief)

  84. queen reality says:

    megan should sell the show

  85. lobo-abunchathugs says:

    first off i wanna know what megan is thinking and feeling right now this really freaked me out. i was rooting forr the guy i will never forget him sitting on the couch with megan saying “let’s just say you won’t have to sign a pre-nump” it gives me chills was he trying to say don’t worry you wont live long enough to need one? i also remember in a confessional he says he loves the chase and challenge of beautiful women creepy makes me think that this guy has always been a serial killer who unexpectly got caught because of his newfound celebrity!! vh1 if you’re listening at least put the remainder of the show and ILM#3 on the website so that we loyal viewers atleast have the option of watching the rest of the season it can only help the website and i’m ready for that megan exclusive “it could’ve been me”

  86. maria says:

    why did they cancel i love money 3?

  87. maria says:

    why did they cancel i love money 3??

  88. maria says:

    why did they cancel i love money 3????

  89. Bri says:

    Case closed. He is gone now, why do we have to suffer by not getting to watch our shows???

  90. Bri says:

    Case closed. Sad, but…. He is gone now, why do we have to suffer by not getting to watch our shows???

  91. marie00 says:

    that is really sad, but besides that know one knows what really happen? so quit talking (##`!)@%)))_##_~ about a guy you never even got to know. I saw a video on CNN with his “wife” in Mexico with her ex-boyfriend while Ryan was filming I love money3. all I’m saying is we don’t know what was really going she was not in Angel so everyone shut up!

  92. kristi says:

    I believe he killed his beautiful wife & I also believed dat he killed himself just 2 avoid spendin’ da rest of his life n jail on charges of 1st degree murder. My thoughs & prayers go out 2 his family & friends as well as da family & friends of da wife. Hope Megan is safe & sound.

  93. marie says:

    that is really sad, but besides that know one knows what really happen? so quit talking *%&*^@`&*!*(#%*^ about a guy you never even got to know. I saw a video on CNN with his “wife” in Mexico with her ex-boyfriend while Ryan was filming I love money3. all I’m saying is we don’t know what was really going she was not in Angel so everyone shut up!

  94. wondering says:

    so can VH1 atleast annouce who won the damn thing! i hope it was Al the nervous guy!. any how sad circumstances but atleast release who won!!!

  95. Denny says:

    All I got to say is this is stupid why canceld 2 shows that have nothing to do with what happen. Yes true he was on both but come on is not VH1′s falt for him being a crazy dude nor is it the public that watch the shows. There is NOTHING you can do VH1 So stop with the bull cause I want to see I love Money 3. Yes is sad but it isn’t our falt nor the networks of what happen is not like by canceling the show your gonna bring both back.
    If they canceld every show for what crazy people do we wouldn’t have anything to what on tv!! Am real upset about this =(

  96. KattieRawks007 says:

    I thought that Ryan was cute when he shaved his beard…..Gosh just goes to show you that you never know who thaa crazy lunatics are….

  97. mike says:

    wow &`!)“$%)#^^++_& you ryan jenkings,
    you gay (^^@#~`(!(!!@+**_ megan rocks

  98. Brenda says:

    I just want to know who won damit!!!

  99. MCR24 says:

    Please just tell us who won!!!!!! I watch that program and i’m really sad that is cancelled but please just tell us who won!!!!!!!!!!! Is the fair thing to do :(

  100. Gina says:

    marie00, I hope you’re not saying that her not being the picture of fidelity justifies Ryan killing her?

  101. Alena says:

    Ryan WON “I Love Money 3″ and was a finalist in “MWAM”! Now, why are people crying over these shows? Seriously? WHY? I’m embarrassed we’re part of the same species!

    WTF are they going to do when they air the show? Write “RIP Ryan” at the end? That would be a slap in the face to many since the man was a monster!

    You people have no logic… and judging by all your crying over these stupid shows… I’m not surprised. If you’re on the same boat as the “contestants” on these shows, take a shower and read a damn book.

  102. GWAY says:

    Sorry for the deaths but I love those shows. VH1 needs to begin new taping in short term.

  103. colt54 says:

    NOOOOO tell us who won atleast! just edit ryan out of i love money 3!

  104. cccct says:

    I don’t think they should air the rest of the show. However, I think they should show the finale. Announce the two finalist, give a recap of their stay on the show, and then air the last episode. Ryan clearly wasn’t in it because he got married on March 18th, and filming ended March 30th. Everyone wants to know who won, and this would be an easy way to answer that, no one would have to watch the psycho, and the ratings would be through the roof. Everybody wins.

  105. betsy says:

    actually, they got married in March and their marriage was annulled 2 months later. they were not married at the time of her murder.

  106. betsy says:

    If Megan wants her fans to know who she picked, she can announce it herself. I am 99% sure they are not together anymore, LOL.

  107. betsy says:

    For those who are SO concerned about I love Money 3, VH1 has already completed I love Money 4 so they can air that instead. If you are STILL heartbroken, get a life!

  108. betsy says:

    VH1 & 51 Minds obviously don’t care about doing background checks, because in addition to Ryan Jenkins, who clearly had a criminal past, they allowed Brittania on the latest Charm School to appear on 2 shows knowing that she had been charged with attempted murder. Yes, that’s ATTEMPTED MURDER. Saphyri appeared on Flavor of Love, I Love Money 2 and WON Charm school while being wanted by the police (she’s now in jail.) Again, either background checks were not done, or Vh1/51 Minds just don’t care. Please don’t let them get away with this – contact them & let them know this is dangerous and absolutely unacceptable behavior. Much as I detest Megan, she could have chosen Ryan as the winner, not knowing his violent background, and ended up dead.

  109. mybackhurts says:

    Marie00/Yvette/Marie, I do understand your concern over all the speculation involving this atrocious crime; however, I find it horrifying that you would speculate about her behavior just from seeing pictures and reading more juicy internet gossip! I can say she certainly was not an angel at the time she was supposedly in Mexico. She was still breathing then, am I right? Thank you for pointing out the obvious! Jasmine is certainly an angel NOW!

    Jeez, how many different names can you possibly use to post the SAME exact message??

    Just be patient about the future of the show. Who knows, they may release a DVD or something someday… I’m sure VH1 may be a little more humane than I originally thought. Someone will eventually spew the details from what happened on the show… There is no sense in being so hostile considering someone from the show just died in a horrible fashion. Go find something else to do with your time besides drooling at your tv screens. Go cure cancer or something!

  110. ccct says:

    I never said they were married at the time of the murder. I said he wasn’t in the finale because he got married to this girl on the 18th, and MWAM was done taping the 30th. So clearly, if they showed the finale it would be no harm

  111. Daniela says:

    I think that is terrible that this murder happends and involve a participant of the tv shows of vh1, but the show has to continue!

    Veo el programa desde Puerto Rico, y no puedo creer que vallan a sacar del aire a Megan Wants a Millionare
    y que sea cierto que I love Money 3 no lo presentaran. Q mala noticia, me gustaria poder verlos. A Vh1 espero que tomen la mejor decision sobre estos programas de tv y mi pesame para la familia de Jasmine y Ryan.


  112. michael says:

    My heart goes out to Ryans mother, and Jasmines family. Ryan was an only child, his mother loved him and little support for her loss. Let’s remember at this time a mothers loss and what she is going through. It must be so difficult for an intire country to hate your son.

  113. doucher says:

    i really hope these events help kill vh1′s “reailty dating show” programming.

  114. bernice says:

    I can’t believe some of the posts here. This was a TRAGEDY–a woman was murdered, two people are dead and their families and friends are devastated and grieving, and some people are swearing and complaining that they’re suffering because they don’t get to watch their tv shows? What’s the matter with you? I’m really surprised and saddened by the heartlessness of these responses.

  115. Patti Myers, Illinois says:

    I couldn’t find a blog for Megan wants a Millionaire, so I am commenting here. I only hope that Ryan Jenkins wasn’t the guy she chose. She would be best off with Al or Big Mike or T.J. Of all the guys on that show, those seemed to be the 3 that she is best suited to be with. I feel really bad for Megan and my heart goes out to her for all that she has been through. She is a beautiful woman with a wonderful, caring heart who deserves better than to be treated like this!

  116. laborie30 says:

    can someone tell me who won

  117. ILOVEMONEYFAN says:

    I honestly dont think Ryan killed her. I think it was a concidence. I hope they find him NOT guilty.

  118. Felicia says:


  119. german says:


  120. kristie says:

    i think that is messed up that they will not air the rest of the show…….

  121. hayleyamber says:

    my heart goes out to jasmine’s family. I just wish the family had answers 2 why he thought he could just take a beautiful woman who was so loved away from so many heartbroken friends&family. His suicide just made things more complicated now. I lost my beautiful 4 yr old daughter in a bad car accident by a hit/n/run road rage driver. I will include this family in my prayers tonight. GOD BLESS!

  122. N/A says:

    To those who are more concerned about the cancellations and finding out the two winners of these two shows MORE then the deaths of these two people, you are seriously disgusting. A LOT of these comments are so ridiculos!I’m seeing more “Who won?! Can you at least tell us who won” comments rather then feeling bad about what’s been going on.
    I like watching ‘I love money’ too but it was the RIGHT decision to cancel both t.v. shows! They did it out of respect for both of the families!! Think about what the family members going through and stop thinking all about yourselfs.

  123. g man says:


  124. JustAThought says:

    Two thoughts 1.) “Innocent until proven guilty” we all (_&+$&$~+$#_(_^ ume he was guilty (and probably was) but since there will be no trial we will never know for sure.
    2.) New reality show idea – a show where the contestants actually make some contribution to the world. We’ll cast all of the losers from the other shows and make them show how unselfish they are before we allow them to be on another self-promoting big money show.

  125. kim says:

    can anybody tell me what ryan jenkins name was that new york gave him on her show?? i can’t remember what is was and cannot find it anywhere!

  126. Andrea says:

    I’m sorry for the tragedy, however why can’t the rest of America finish watching the shows, it won’t change what happened and if someone dosen’t want to watch them they don’t have to.

  127. jessica willis says:

    I am so sorry to here that is so sad because what he did

  128. Vanessa says:

    WoW Betsy! you really did your homework I didn’t even know that! I saw where vh1 said there thoughts went out to the Jenkins family. BS! The Jenkins family helped him escape therefore somewhat responsible for his death. He can rot in Hell for all I care. I’m just glad that Megan did’nt pick him. That could’ve easily been her. It looked like she was really getting to like him too. I hop VH1 gives Megan another chance at finding love she deserves it!

  129. Vanessa says:

    he was on I Love New york too? WHAT??????

  130. Smooth Criminal says:

    The let a killer win I love money 3. I wonder if Buck Wild was on there…

  131. TC says:

    So Do I Still Get To See Ma Shows????????
    Megan Wants A Mill And I Love Money 3?????????

  132. Fabulous! says:

    WOW! what a tragedy… My heart goes to both families affected… I’m out of words. However, canceling the show was THE BEST THING TO DO. No one wants to see that show continue with such tragedy in mind…atleast those who care don’t!

  133. Obloom says:

    Look people, it was a tragedy–but we don’t know them personally and life goes on. Just let us know who Megan picked…..

  134. Peaches says:

    o my goodness. i saw the show a few times. i so sorry to hear of this news. we never can tell by a person appearance what really going on inside. certainly we do need Jesus.

  135. redbone101 says:


  136. Michelle Inscoe says:

    sorry to hear, such a bad thing that as happened,sorry for the wifes family,and for his.

  137. michelleinscoe@yahoo.com says:

    Sorry to hear,such a bad thing has happened and every one should think that we have a good life and think god that you are still hear,all my love and blessings go out to the familys to both. and you people are worried about the shows @&@_*)^*%_@#`%~~ the shows who cares,what if that was your family?

  138. michelle.com says:

    why have back ground checks ?thats what makes these shows so to all that want back ground checks,kiss my )$$^@+%@$^)!^!`

  139. michelle.com says:

    why have back ground checks ?thats what makes these shows so to all that want back ground checks,kiss my _^+(##%$(%_~(*@

  140. Blewin Trevers says:

    Eat some Sturgeon!

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