Eddie Griffin Is Coming Soon To VH1!



The new reality series Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke is set to premiere Monday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c. Info in the press release below:

From his sitcom Malcolm and Eddie, his hit movies like Undercover Brother to his sold out stand-up tours, comedian Eddie Griffin is one of the hardest working men in comedy… and he better be. He has eight children, five exes and an entourage of family and friends who make his life complete. Problem is, he is supporting them all. Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke premiering on VH1 on September 14, 2009 at 10/9c will give viewers a chance to go along for the roller-coaster ride with Eddie as he struggles to manage it all.

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  1. flygemini says:

    I can’t wait!!! I love eddie griffin!!!

  2. evakitten says:

    i love Eddie too!

  3. taybird says:

    My favorite comedian is gettin a reality show. About time. Finally they ready for the real deal. HELL YEAH! Go getum Eddie…!

  4. Foolish Waise says:

    Eddie Griffin is the funniest comedian out there right NOW!!! His stands up’s are legendary, the way he pressents every story (not jokes) and ends them with facts and strong political positions. He is the MAN……I will end with a quote from a vioce in the audience of Voodoo Child “YOU GO EDDIE!”

  5. spark says:

    I cant wait!!!!!! Eddie G. is the man!

  6. tee says:

    im ready to laugh my ~#_+#@%@@##$&*) off, the preview was to funny just cant wait to see the show!

  7. tee says:

    im ready to laugh my ~~~%)+!!)+(_^_` off, the preview was to funny just cant wait to see the show!

  8. tee says:

    im ready to laugh my `~(+**^^+^^(%^$ off, the preview was to funny just cant wait to see the show!an about time to see some funny stuff.

  9. tee says:

    im ready to laugh my $`(@$!(%#(#(&*$ off, the preview was to funny just cant wait to see the show!an about time to see some funny stuff.

  10. misann says:

    This show is going to be real – if there is anything I know about Eddie – he’s real… FUNNY! I’m looking forward to watching the funniest man on the planet and his world!

  11. catwoman says:

    Eddie G is so funny, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!!!

  12. Veronica Hill says:

    I’ve been watching Eddie since Def Jam and anybody that every slept on him before – hollywood included – will have to wake up to a very nice suprise. He’s one of the most talented funny comedians on the stage and screen. I can’t wait to see him in his real life because he will be dealing with his family – and I am always curious as to how celbrities that come into money deal with family and friends that don’t have what they have. from the commercials he seems to want to be generous but to a fault. I hope he doesn’t really go (for) broke trying to keep his family afloat. If his heart is that big and generous he needs to take care of himself first 100% so that his children can benefit. Man I love being nosy and this is the perfect show for it! I will be there front and center Monday Night 10pm woooo! hooo! Go Eddie!!!

  13. kimsam says:


  14. kimsam says:


  15. kimsam says:


  16. TRUEth_B_told says:


    I’m hoping that you will view blogs about your series. Just wanted to say you sure were not related cause your mom is like mine in a respectiful way a Pit Bull in a skirt! taking no prisoners I wish you and your family much respect….I have had a few opportunitie to ee you live in AC…Love it cause you’re real and it is a bout carrying your weight…I probably would have a few realatives on the books as well so that shows your big heart…I still have photos of you climbimg up the curtain at the Tropicana you’re a talented man…May the most high continue to bless your efforts… TRUEth B Told!

  17. Tha Doc says:

    I have been a fan of Mr Griffin since the first time i saw him. I just saw his new reality show and I loved it. He is so real, even the little bit of gray on his chin. The truth always. Golden

  18. Wilneka says:

    I think you are funny and i loved your show malcolm and eddie what ever happen to that show.

  19. Wilneka says:

    I think you are funny and i loved your show malcolm and eddie what ever happen to that show.you can email me and tell me what happen if you want

  20. Pam says:

    I love you Eddie! My words of wisdom for you Eddie are, Remember Hammer!” He tried to take care of everyone and went broke doing it. When went broke, the users went on to use somebody else. Save yourself!

  21. EDWIN says:


  22. khalup says:

    thats my @(_&~!`!)%(%&&+% ing boy funny as _*_%*%~_`~)~#*^+

  23. Mpls says:

    I normally don’t sit down long enough to watch tv, but this show is worth it. Eddie you are so real.

  24. sharon says:

    i am a big fan of eddie griffin. he is very funny. i saw the show and i love it. he’s real and funny. keep up the good work. we love you man.

  25. Annette Hollinger says:

    Hello Eddie, I just found out you had a show,so I dded it to my DVR List so I won’t miss an episode.

    Love you,

    Annette Hollinger(Bert)

  26. Sheila Hayes says:

    I watch your shows quite often. That means the repeated episodes of Going for Broke/Eddie Griffin.
    Good medicine and therapy for me to watch you and your mother on TV. I absouletly recommend this as family entertainment, because you and mom’s “tell it like it is” and so so down to earth. I am your biggest fan because I like the way you can relate to your mom’s and your peeps! Eddie, maybe one day I can meet you maybe play-act. No, I am not a star. I am a student in school and working on my Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration.
    Peace, and Love,

    Sheila Hayes

  27. Sheila Hayes says:

    I love your show and everything about your critical thinking skills. Good therapy! Keep me laughing!

  28. angela jones says:

    I watched 2 episodes of your show and I’m hooked, and his mother had me laughing as well… I am looking forward to the next episodes and they are so funny until I watched them again. Can’t wait for a new episode and told my co-workers and family they need to watch this show

  29. aylica says:

    Freakin Hilarious! seen the first show!, cant wait to watch the rest! hahahaha

  30. Annette says:

    I remember a scene on your show, when you were in the dentist office and you stated” Hey I dont see a picture of an African American family on these walls” I just have one question where are they on your show? In fact do you date African American women? Interesting because your vast supportors are African American women and men. Just thought I’d put that out there, for that reason I find your show to be a bit of a turn off.

  31. Debra Cokley says:


    I think u r too funny. I am a retired senior. If u ever come to chicago, I’d like to take u to the best steakhouse, corned beef, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pizza, (thick or thick crust) in the chicagoland area. I liked your show and your mother. FUNNY!

    Glad to see you have a show, but I love your stand up comedy. An ol’ fan.

  32. Mary says:

    Boyfriend is definitely funny, and I appreciate his honesty, but he’s shameful- 8 kids, 5 ex wives and those perverted uncles of his. Not a good role model or example of black manhood..

  33. Christy inTN says:

    Damn.. I’m goin thru Eddie withdraws!! I can’t take it! Put that man in a show that runs at LEAST once a week!! Please people! Come on!!! I need me some more Eddie!!

  34. JB says:

    Haven’t seen the show. However, Eddie has always been my dude. I hope i can catch up with it. QUESTION: Why come when Black celebrities hit it BIG they take care of everydamnbody??? Well, I have two older children. One 21 and one soon to be 18 years old. I will look out for your dreams and goals family and friends, etc. (help you as you are HELPING YOURSELF) if… 1. you are serious. 2. have a solid belief in yourself. 3. are consistent. So, I’m supposed to go broke to prove my love for my fam and then suffer so you all won’t say I “forgot where I came from”? PLEEZ! IF I AM FAMOUS EVERYONE WILL KNOW AND I PRAY I WILL START OFF RIGHT SO MY PEOPLE WILL NOT GET IT TWISTED OR CONFUSED. But if I hit the lottery or something where I can be discreet…then I won’t tell a soul. I will damn near be in hiding as I donate, sponsor and &#+~^$)+&@“&!( ist in certain things. THEY WON’T GET ME! LOL

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