My Antonio Recap – Episode 3 – 10 Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


Yvonne is watching you.


(And you love it!)

Our list of the things we loved about this week’s My Antonio kicks off with one of the first things that happened:

- Tully’s reaction to Yvonne’s request to speak with her:


Amazing! It’s as though she is studied in the art of face falling.

- The ensuing discussion


My Antonio is unmistakably gentler than typical VH1 fare, and yet it’s hard to recall a more savage conversation taking place than the one between Antonio’s ex-wife, Tully, and his mother (who does not want his ex-wife back in the running for his heart). Maybe it’s because there wasn’t screaming and interrupting so you could actually understand every brutal word that was said. Among Yvonne’s take-downs:

“You old news!”

“You make us all miserable!”

“I don’t trust you whatsoever!”


They were all delivered as stand-alone declarations, each thrown like a single dagger.


Has Hawaii ever felt this cold?

- Fitness!

Hey everyone? Antonio wants to pump (clap)…


you up.

While watching this, I couldn’t help but wonder who this was for? The girls, who got…closer to their competitors…


…or Antonio, who got to show off the bod some more?


The answer?


All of the above!




- The directive: “I want you guys to write a love letter to me.”

Um, does it really count as a love letter if you ask for it? Isn’t that being like, “Pay me a compliment” and then accepting it gladly? “I want them to write to me because when you write something, it comes from the heart,” explained Antonio. It’s especially from the heart if it’s via fuzzy pen…




It’s also important to note that Miranda seemed to employ the help of a crystal for this exercise…


Maybe she was gazing into it to see the future because how the hell do you write a love letter to someone you’ve known for only two reality show episodes?!?

The girls, of course, realized this (especially Brooke, who seemed flabbergasted by the idea from the start), and many of them noted that Tully was really the only one who had the experience necessary for the task…


Not that she wrote one because that would make too much sense!

Here’s some sampling of the letters so that you can help get your voyeur on:




After Antonio received the letters, he read them on a cliff.


He could have fallen off while reading. I hope that’s some indication as to how seriously he takes written declarations of two reality show episodes worth of love. He almost died for them.

In the end, three letters touched his heart the most: those of Autumn, Christi and Tania. Autum’s spoke of love for Antonio she’s held since she was 12. I just got Rock of Love deja vu. Christi’s included the line, “I would walk mountains for you,” which sort of undersells the enormity of the task (everyone can walk, and mountains aren’t parks, you know?). No matter, when Christi got to that very line, Antonio said, “I can’t take this right now!” And then he turned and cried.


In an interview, Christi said her letter expressed her desire to laugh and cry with Antonio.”We already cried together already and that was so cute,” she added. Yes. Cute is exactly the word for it.

Tania’s letter read in part: “Enclosed in this envelope is the key to my heart. You’ll find that it’s a little rusty and a little beat up, you can only use it when and if the time is right.” And this sounds figurative…


…but it wasn’t.

Christi and Tania went on to win the challenge. At dinner that night, before a boatload of sushi, Antonio raved about Tani’s letter by saying, “I couldn’t put it down!” Was it that long and engrossing? Tania sounds like a regular Sue Grafton. K is for Key.

- This shot of Antonio


I don’t know why. He just looks so enlightened.

- The first kiss!

This happened on his following date with Christi. Look at how many angles of it we were treated to:







Fair enough, though. Your first reality show kiss really is a momentous occasion. Aerial shots justified.

- Christi’s willingness to put it all out there

On Christi, Antonio noted, “She’s not shy about being sexy.” Cut to…


…censored nipples! Yes, indeed, Antonio. We know exactly what you mean.


- Tully’s antics

Obviously, this recap has been light on the Tully thus far, despite the fact that she dominated the episode. It’s just because we wanted to save the best for almost-last.

Tully, Tully, Tully. Where to start?


She fell to pieces when Antonio rebuffed her request for wine.


Sample exchange:

Antonio: Are you crying again?
Tully: You know what? F*** you.

Playing hard to get, are ya? She added that, “That’s just life. I like crying.” In that case, she’s definitely found her medium.

To go along with her heart injury, she suffered a head injury during the post-workout slipping and sliding.





Head trauma:


When Antonio comforted her during her time of attention-need, she told him, “I just need the instant impact pain to go away, and then I’ll be OK,” The fact that she’s carrying a torch for her ex-husband 18 years later, however, suggests otherwise.

And lest you think no one else is onto her…


…they are. That said, it’s airtime well spent. Tully’s shining moment emerged in the wake of Antonio announcing he was going to take Christi on a boat ride. From the minute it sprung from his lips, Tully was pissed:


And pisseder:


And pissedest:


She then “hired” a jet ski to interrupt their date.


She interviewed, “I went out on a jet ski and I hate jet skis.” However, the jet ski, much like the camera, loves her.

Once aboard…


…Tully requested 10 minutes of Antonio’s time from Christi, “woman to woman, mom to mom.” Sure, bring motherhood into it. Watch how they crumble.


Instead of, I don’t know, pushing Tully overboard, Antonio stated that he was intrigued by her. Not intrigued enough to keep her out of the bottom two…


…being included in which, by the way, produced a single tear from Tully’s eye…


But Antonio was intrigued enough to keep her around for another week. Monique, who spent much of this episode complaining about her lack of time with Antonio…


…now certainly won’t get any time with him. Oh well.

- The reactions to Antonio keeping Tully again:




And once again, in the game of reactions…


…mother does best.

- The plan that’s been set:

During a private conversation, Yvonne gave Christi a mission:


Are you as excited…



…as they are?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to dry land.


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  1. Kim says:

    I thought this show would be cute. This stupid stuff with the ex, Tully, is ridiculous. Maybe Antonio should move over to Tool Academy, because he is one for letting her on the show. I think I’m done with it!

  2. Lisa says:

    Does anyone else think Antonio and Tully are paying back his mother?
    It would serve his controlling bullying mother right to watch Antonio go back to Tully. I mean how could they have ever tried at having a relationship with that third wheel bullying ever woman he’s been with. It’s not hard for a mom to be right that “all the girls are wrong for you” when she is the witch running them off. What a JERK. Get a life lady! I would interested to know if his mother has a man. I’ll bet she doesn’t because she’s still tied to her son by her umbelical cord.

  3. Elisa says:

    I am totally turned off by today’s episode (08/30/09)! Antonio sucks for keeping his wife on the show after her crashing his date with the red head. I think Antonio is being very unfair by keeping Tully there, she is already damaging any future possibile relationships with any of the women on the show. If I were one of the women on the show I would have left already because I wouldn’t want to start a relationship with someone who has OLD baggage lingering!!!

    two upset sisters

  4. Colleen says:

    I think that you should get rid of Tully she is trying to get between him and the other girls who may have real feeling for him. I have learned one thing about relationship you must like the person and also trust them. tully can not be trusted

  5. curious says:

    I think Tully might have figured out she screwed up but thanks again everyone for reminding her. You Go GIRL! Going after what a woman wants always gets criticism. (usually from people too weak to do it) Get off of her. She just is being ballsy.

  6. Liz says:

    Antonio has repeatedly said that he was 18 and Tully was 28 when they married. Since he claimed on-camera to be 36 now and her online bio claims she’s 44, we really should congratulate her – the time machine works!

  7. susan kounalis says:

    i think tully should go home. she is such a fake!! there are others there that are better for you. tully needs to get over you and move on. it took me 20 years to get over my love and when i did i became a better person. yvonne is right in that tully has not changed for the better.
    love your show.

  8. Anne says:

    Interfering mothers can be difficult for serious gf’s, and worse if become brides and become part of the family. This one is coldy coniving,manipulating and it is *her* heart that is stone; she is possesive of her son, instead of allowing him true love. The other girls haven’t shown maturity yet. And despite Tully’s crying constantly, she does express openly for being an older woman, who has been through alot. The good and the bad times. IMHO, she is strong for coming back to try; Antonio is looking for romance like the movies; think of the Notebook (mother thinks she knows best?) – true love doesn’t die…!!!

  9. Rach says:

    Not like their arrangement re: Tully would keep Yvonne from throwing Christy under the bus. After the discussion they had in the first episode about her still modeling for Playboy, I’d think Yvonne wants her gone, too.

  10. Angel says:

    Just which one of these ???? is better for Antonio then Tully. Christi is a former Playboy bunny & an EX GF of Hugh Hefner…..she’s another one with fake boobs that loves to show her naked body off to the world! AND, Tully is, only, 8 yrs. older then Antonio…..he can’t count….he’s got all the numbers wrong….in every interview, the numbers are different. He is 37 [2/29/1972]. She is 45 [12/2/1963]. The casting began, before Tully’s BD & the show was filmed before Antonio’s. As for his mother, we all know by now, that she’s the reason he’s, still, single! As for Mama having a man…..Antonio’s Dad is out of the picture. She had a second husband, but he hasn’t been seen for a VERY long time. If I were guessing, she drove them both away. I can’t find anything on her relationships with these men on the internet.

  11. Daniella says:

    Tully is a pain in the _*^^~%@_&&$($!^ She needs to go. This show is absolutely rediculous… What is the point of having a show to find love if your gonna have your annoying ex crash it. I will no longer be watching it.. SUCKS!

  12. h.t. says:

    I think Tully has some underlined issues that we cant see through the TV. She is very emotional and her personality is very shaky. She is a unemployed single parent that is all used up and burned out and she is making her last ditch effort to get some money from Antonio. Tully is trash…(Antonio needs a young women like the nurse or the Nasa cutie. The playmate trash used-up Heff junk. The bartender is all used-up hello club h*&…And all the others are ok …

  13. Mally says:

    That is so true. At first the show seemed interesting but now its bs, one for antonio keeping Tully on the show and being 2 faced by one critizing her and then still keeping her. I dont think its fair to the other girls who came looking for love not 2 watch his love be renewed by Tully. Shes wrong in everyway for being there hes “moved on”!?…..Hes moving backward not forward.

  14. Randy says:

    I agree with Liz,

    “Antonio has repeatedly said that he was 18 and Tully was 28 when they married. Since he claimed on-camera to be 36 now and her online bio claims she’s 44, we really should congratulate her – the time machine works!”

    If Tully is really that much older, she really has done a FANTASTIC job at aging.

    I agree, it is a little ballsy comming to his show to “win” him back after 18 years. And it really makes the show on the uncomfortable and personal side…

    Antonio and Tully had a past…and he has an irresistible charm…he’s like my ex bf…I still can’t get him out of my system completely, and I’m practically engaged to the love of my life.
    I guess there’s just something about the “bad” boy that all of us girls can’t resist. Antonio is the ultimate bad boy, and sometimes makes me wish I was on the show. (lol…husshhhhh…hehe ;-p)

    But note to Tully…Read “He’s Just Not That Into You”…I read it and it helped me get over my portuguese lover, who tormented me like Antonio torment’s you. Isn’t your true happiness worth giving up someone you can never change…He will NEVER change…he’ll always make you feel jealous, and ALWAYS craving for more…he’ll never be there when you want him, only when it’s convenient for him.

    True love takes time, and you know as much as I do…that Antonio isn’t the one if he makes you cry that way. You deserve someone that makes you feel confident and beautiful like you are, not cry because he is toying with your heart strings…

    I know it’s hard to be strong when you’re alone…but you have to…because once you let go of the past and move on to the future…you’ll see that your days will be happier and that healthier people will come into your life…and possibly Mr. Right…who’s name ISN’T Antonio…I’d settle with someone less exotic…someone that appreciates you for you.

    Have a Super Day, and I hope Tully feels better…and makes the right decision…a choice of happiness and self love…You Go Girl


  15. Shayla says:

    I am loving Yvonne! She is the HBIC of My Antonio.

  16. CARMEN says:


    I been married for 40 years to my high school sweetheart.I see a lot of Antonio ‘s feelings in us.
    Tully lost a good man. I hope Antonio let her go, .I do not believe in her tears.
    I adore Antonios’s honesty and desire to feel love and happy with a real person who feel like him.
    Every day I treasure more my relationship with my husband and he show me he feel the same about me.
    Stiil we disagree,nothing is perfect, but we compromise and meet half way.
    Antonio pick someone else , Tully is not for you.
    I like to know what happened in your relationship with Tully 18 years ago .I do not understand her.she is a lost soul.
    Love ,Carmen

  17. Sunflower says:

    I know one thing, if they are going to have Antonio pick Tully and then come back and say it didn’t work so they can have an Antonio “Two” I’m not going to watch. Tully has been the only entertaining part of this show. As far as the mother goes, the show Dallas was over two decades ago, maybe three, so get a new wardrobe. And that evil stare she does, how embarrassing for Antonio! Calvin, you need to get a new model, one that doesn’t suck his thumb!

  18. Lisa Wadsworth Fl says:

    I have a good idea for you VH1… instead of having an Antonio 2, why don’t you have a “Help Antonio’s Mom Find A Life,” and have her go to a shrink and then have family days where Antonio comes and he gets counseled too about how to run his own life. Now THAT would be a hoot!

  19. Jaime says:

    I think that this show is beyond words….I don’t know who I am most embarrassed for-myself for actually trying to sit through it or the woman on the show for having to try to write a love letter to someone that seems to have little consistency. He hasn’t had dates with all the woman and he then “cries” for a love letter that “touches” him! Please you told the woman to write the letters-I can write the same BS about someone I have just met. I don’t think that his acting abilities are what his bio make them out to be….Quite frankly I can’t believe this show is still on the air!

  20. ch says:

    if Tully is so in love with him, then why did she wait all these years to get back together with him. I think it was a set up to bring drama to the show but it’s really annoying and makes me not want to watch. the redhead better be careful. trying to get rid of Tully may backfire on her.

  21. ch says:

    Tully is an idiot and a set up to add more drama to the show. Makes me not want to watch it. The redhead better be careful. Trying to get rid of Tully may backfire on her.

  22. Sesy says:

    Credo che Antontio di provare compassione per Tully. Sweety tutti che il pianto non sta andando per aiutare + avete bisogno di un qualche tipo di lifting. Mamma di Antonio è lì per fare episodi emozionanti, in fondo io penso che dentro farebbe una madre eccellente in legge. Lei è un attore. Antonio si è così caldo!
    I think Antontio feels sorry for Tully. Sweety all that crying ain’t going to help + you need some kind of facelift. Antonio’s mom is there to make episodes exciting, deep down inside i think she would make an excellent mother in law. She is such an actor.

  23. Chris K says:

    Kristy definitely needs to be careful if she intends to win Antonio’s heart. She is already being sneaky and kaniving behind Antonio’s back which is going to completley backfire. Also, the upcoming episode shows Kristy outraged when Antonio leaves the girls at dinner. I think with the secret she’s keeping from Antonio about getting rid of Tully, and her high maintenance issues, she should be gone in the next few episodes.

  24. Just Me says:

    I think the mother is up to something with the redhead. I can’t imagine that she approves of her and getting her to help in getting rid of Tully is a setup…..Just watch. I’m sure it will backfire and Miss Playboy will be outsted eventually. It’s all about the drama.

  25. Anthony says:


    This is coming from a fellow Italian. Tully is a remarkable looking woman. She seems like she has strong traditional values and truly loves you. Forget all these shallow extacy dropping chicks.

  26. jenny says:

    you wanted aboy you got a boy now he is a man leave him are pitiful sad and your face is tough.

  27. Peepants says:

    Oh God PLEASE let his mom wear a silk turban and giant ring filled with poison at some point during the show!

  28. J says:

    so far.. this is the worst show on vh1.. cant even watch the first 5 minutes

  29. Jess says:

    The redhead’s lips piss me off. How people think that is attractive is beyond me.

  30. BayouPrincess says:


  31. kimberly sam says:

    antonio please let tully go.she is your past.u need a future wife. let her go

  32. George Kabouchy says:

    To Angel:

    I’m George Kabouchy Yvonne Sabato’s second husband. I am alive, well and still married to Yvonne (Antonio Sabato’s Mom). I can be seen as Chairman and CEO of TeleTran Tek Services and a Consultant in the Technology Industry. We’ve been married for 15 years. Try harder!

  33. helene says:

    please ,reassure me that this show might be probably fake….

  34. suzahnna says:

    Antonio, come on brotha get the ex out of there. she beats the purpose of the show she’s your old flame that burnt out and she needs to move on! and so do you…my advice get rid of her…..start new!

  35. Cinema says:

    This show would be one of the best dating shows VH1 has had in a while if Tully weren’t on it. Instead, its one of the worst because its so obvious not even Antonio wants her there.

    vh1, we’re not all idiots! We can see the producer’s behind the scene pulling the strings. You should try and hide it better.

  36. Nicki says:

    I have a theory…it may be ridiculous, but hey…it’s possible. Antonio is a soap opera actor, I can’t help but feel that this is a soap opera story line, I mean look at the facts: Tully arrives “unexpectedly” on the show pronouncing her love for Antonio, she goes around proclaiming her love for Antonio, his mother holds nothing back when it comes to her distaste for Tully, and Antonio does not care, she gets hurt, then she goes to extreme to interrupt the date (don’t you think the producers would have stopped this?), I see on later episodes Tully ends up in the hospital as another bid for attention. This all smacks of a written soap opera.

  37. crystal says:

    I am actually a fan of Tully. I would love nothing more for Antonio and her to get back together. i think it takes a lot for Tully to step up and admit to her faults. I praise her for not blaming everything all on Antonio. Maybe she just needed all the years apart to figure some things out for herself and for him to have the same. Besides, none of us truley knows ALL the details of their relationship. However if Tully doesn’t win,….I’m hoping the playmate does. we will see what happens though since the mother will be sure to cause a rivalry between them.

  38. jewels says:

    Antonio is an idiot for keeping Tully around.

    1) She’s old news and the past should stay in the past. She’s ruining the competetion for all the other girls.
    2) She’s nothing but a drama queen and a constant complainer. She sucks the fun out of everything and everyone. Antonio’s partying w/ the other girls and when she came into the room demaning wine, he was ready to “hit the hay”. When they were watersliding, she had a “head injury”. At last, she is classless. I mean I had never seen anyone who interrupted somebody else’s date just to have some alone time with a dude like Tully did. I may be wrong, but I don’t think even New York did that and she’s very classless.

    BTW, I hope Yvonne’s plan to get rid of Tully works.

  39. shannen says:

    Tully is just there to steal the limelight. Her looks are pretty groass. She’s uglier than a COYOTE UGLY. I hope 2 god she wasn’t that homely when she was married to Antonio ? YUCK?EW. Wwhy would anyone want to root/ or think it’s best for ANTONIO TO REUNITE WITH HIS EX ? HIS MOTHER ONLY HAS HIS BEST INTEREST AT HEART. SHE’S WISER.I hope christi does get rid of this loser,she don’t even have a job, she still lives at home ? what a winner. YOU GUYS ARE PRETTY SHALLOW IF YOUR ROOTING FOR TERRIBLE TULLY. TULLY GET A F** JOB!

  40. Jan says:

    Antonio is a control freak. He says jump they ask how high. He is the pack leader and loves it !!! Personally, these women should do a 360 and run the other way. No man is worth crying over. Antonio’s mom is tooo involved in her sons life. I love the show though !!!!

  41. Michelle says:

    I would like to say is that I have watched this show and I am quite amazed. I have been a huge fan of Antonio Sabato Jr for a very long time. I have watched all of his movies/shows and even the music video he did with Janet Jackson. I do understand his values in finding that right person. Family is everything. He values his mother’s opinion/advice. Antonio, I do hope you find that lucky someone. Best of Luck to you for your happiness.

  42. tolu says:

    well antonio sure has hell has got some unresolved emotional issues with his ex-wife…cos she definitely will make him miserable again

  43. tolu says:

    Autumn has been appearin on reality shows…i saw her on battle of the bods on fox reality tv….only God knows if she isnt there for tv sake

  44. Michele says:

    Woo Hoo! ANOTHER chance to watch a man make a grab for big boobs. Huggers!! ANOTHER show giving an ego-centric male lots of female T&A to toy with. Nothing new under the sun here. Let’s see… formula: male who fancies his-self Don Juan Hefner, displays his-self as though someone will want to capture him vis-a-vis a statue, and then male conjures up SOME lame reason to take… surprise!! the big-boob woman. Got boobs? Get a free ride in life, courtesy of males everywhere. IF women selected men based on 1 physical trait, most men would be very lonely. Heart, schmart. Antonio already thinks of his-self as Big Man on Planet (BMOP) and IF Tully wasn’t on the show, I’m guessing his viewership would rival his IQ… Love Letter? Let’s Keep It Real: Boob Letter… yup, that covers all the angles. How LAME!!! But thank goodness, the boob-ness, sex-position, dinner date with Latina and All-Day Boob Fest with her Bigness gave me back some personal time. No mas!!

  45. Nikki Taylor says:

    ok….been watching the show since it started…thought it might be nice to see Antonio on screen again:) I must admit that I have been a fan of his “looks” since I first saw him in the Janet Jackson video back in the early 90′s. I mean at that time, I was very young and if I had the opportunity to be with him then I would have been convinced that I was instantly in love!!! LOL….Here I am 15 or somewhat years later and I still say he’s nice to look at, however the show Antonio has completely destroyed the fantasy of this gorgeous man’s insides matching the outsides. Today, If I were on the show, I would have just walked out once I saw his mother and the influence she has on him. MAJOR TURN OFF!!!…I mean, I might as well be looking at the Hunchback of Italy now! Don’t get me wrong, I believe having respect for your mother is a positive thing…but being a mama’s boy at 36 and having her sit next to you at the head of the table of every elimination is nauseating. From what I have seen from the shows thus far, Mr. Sabato is whipped by his mama and I think she is an evil, jealous, bitter and twisted woman that should allow him to make his own decisions as a real MAN should. I mean not only is this tremendously disapponting but humiliating to even watch.
    Not to mention..what is it with all the busted women that were chosen for him? the only semi-decent one is Brook (the nurse). Oh yeah, and Tully (the ex wife) who has an epiphany and decides she still loves Antonio 18 years later!!!!?? Is this a friekin joke or circus of some sorts? Now if this drama is fabricated and is just for what they “think” will get them great ratings, I can say that it sure will, however it is my belief that it could have been done more cleverly and with a little more taste to allow old fans like me to still respect Antonio. If this show is what they call “all true”…then mama mia…what a turn off and waste of a beautiful looking speciman..but not a man. :-( I think the mama wants to get laid by Antonio..LMAO

  46. mari says:

    I think that girl christy is really pretty but her boobs are too big

  47. christine says:

    This is stupid.. Tully hasn’t talked to Antonio for 19 years..and for those 19 years Antonio has moved on having 2 children with 2 different women..I’m starting to think that there is something wrong with Antonio cause that doesn’t add up..and he is acting like a tool for keeping Tully around because she’s just an emotional wreck and he knows that he wouldn’t spend a day in hell with her so why does he keep her around…. :/ He’s fkn hot but i think he has his head up his (+#$*@$+(~#_`#% O and P.S. Antonio wasn’t 18 when they married he was 21 which i don’t think is to much of a young age to make your own choice, do the math 44-37..He’s just playing the guilt card.

  48. jenn says:

    i think they should make this show more interesting to watch…its kind of boring at times….he should have funny and exciting challenges for the girls, like “REAL CHANCE OF LOVE 2″ and Tully should leave from the show she thinks she has the right to boss him around just because they were inlove once, he should move on with the rest of the girls and find new love.

  49. Kecin says:

    I agree with the people commenting that this is just a bad soap opera. This is the first episode I watched of this show and it will be the last. This show is horrible.

    To all of the people saying Antonio should get rid of Tully: don’t hold your breath. He’s not gonna get rid of her anytime soon. If he did this would be another boring dating show. She is there to provide drama to the show. With out her antics this is just a run of the mill dating show.

    As for Tully crashing the date. That was so fake it made me laugh. Antonio is on his date on a sailboat somewhere on the Pacific ocean. Tully decides to crash the date. Somehow she finds a jetski to take her to the boat. I asked my self where did she find a jetski? How did she know where the boat was? How did Antonio and his date not hear a jetski pull up? How did Antonio not hear Tully walking up behind him? When Tully tapped Antonio on the shoulder his reaction was so bad it totally gave the whole thing away. Instead of acting surprised he paused for a second then calmly turned around. A normal reaction would have been to turn around as fast as possible and say “What the F*** are you doing here?” It looked like he wanted to yell cut and ask to do another take.

  50. Diana says:

    Waao… …What kind of women accepts to be humiliated in public like that? However, it’s entertaining.

    I do have fun watching ‘drama’ dough. Girls, we can learn something new every day even from those girls.

  51. Liz says:

    I howled at Antonio’s “surprise” at seeing Tully on the boat. First of all, it’s difficult to believe you wouldn’t hear a jet ski coming up next to the boat. I also noticed when Tully (allegedly) came out to the boat on the jet ski, she popped up on the boat completely dry to crash the date, but had to jump into the water and swim back to the jet ski to get back. This show is just too funny!

  52. cita says:

    The whole point of this show is for Antonio to end up with a good DECENT girl. If all he wanted was a bimbo with big boobs and no morals he should have just gone to his local strip club! I seriously hope he has some self respect and doesn’t choose the Playmate.
    As for Tully, she needs to have some self pride and MOVE ON. You seriously MAKE US ALL MISERABLE!! Get a life and get a shrink– it’s been 18 years, woman!!

  53. Katie says:

    I just started watching the show. I think these kind of shows are rediculous, but if it works for him, that’s awsome. You should tell him to tell his ex to stop acting like a baby. Pitty is getting her nowhere. She needs to open up and start anew if she wants any chance at winning him back. He is a stong man and needs a strong woman behind him. As for his mother asking another girl to get rid of her, Antonio should kick her of the show.

  54. Michelle says:

    GO FOR TULLY! She’s so adorable how shes fighting for you I actually teared up watching her almost get eliminated, but then you finally kept her in. And, I see how you look at Tully and I know.
    This could be like the next chick flick movie…ex wife fights so many women and ex-mother in-law to get her man back!

    P.S. Go with your heart…not your mom.

  55. Lanette says:

    Wow…from reading all of the blogs. I have to agree about one thing. This show, good or not, would be BORING if it were not for Tully. I would have never watched another one. The producers were brilliant to bring her in. If she’s off, I’m done watching.

  56. Marie says:

    Hi Tully,

    I just want to extend my ears if you need anyone to talk to. Please, don’t be shy. I don’t judge.

  57. betty says:

    Well I think Tully is full of it she had her chance. She just dose not wan him to be happy, that is why she is doing this she dose not care about him, she is a lier.Get rid of her you’ll be better off!!!!

  58. betty says:

    Well I think Tully is full of it she had her chance. She just dose not want him to be happy, that is why she is doing this she dose not care about him, she is a lier.Get rid of her you’ll be better off!!!!

  59. Jenna says:

    I thnk that antonio is very passionate and so openminded with all th girls and my wishes go out for whom ever this beautiful humanbeing chooses.That woman should be very thankful for GOD giveing her a place in his heart. Good luck to Antonio and theLady he chooses.

  60. nora says:




  61. cj says:

    This show is hilarious!!! I love reality tv but this is the most FAKE show i have ever seen. Tully had to show up “to win he EX HUSBAND’S love back”. And she is still on the show (didn’t see that comin!!!) and for her to interfere in Cristi’s date and not get sent home for that type of psycho behavior – again didn’t see that!! Oh yeah, lets not forget the love letters to boost Antonio’s ego!

  62. lili says:

    hey antonio i love ur showe ur amzing and ur ex wife is very butifule too.

  63. Lisa Wadsworth says:

    You guys are so dumb. Antonio knew his ex was going to be on the show, this is a SHOW people. He’s going to pick Tully, his mother is going to go ape, then he’s going to dump Tully and then they will have Antonio 2. It’s so predictable. We’re catching on VH1… come up with something new. You’re very good at that and thank God for VH1 because all the network shows are soooooo lame anymore!

  64. allison says:

    I hate that he kept Tully again!!!! I absolutely hate this woman,she had her chance with him and it obviously didn’t work.He came to find a new love, not to get back with Tully.I hope he kicks her off next week cuz shes taking time away from the girls who wanna get to know him and she always adds drama to everything!!!He can do so much better than Tully,go for Brooke!!! Tullys ruining everything for everyone and she makes the show irritating because shes on it!

  65. Lorraine says:

    OMG!! I Hate Tully! She reminds me so much of my husbands ex-wife! She needs to realize if Antonio wanted her he wouldn’t have divorced her 18 years ago. Out with the old and in with the new!! That old run down, ugly poor excuse for a woman needs to get a grip on reality and MOVE ON!!!

  66. mdrs says:

    tully needs psychotherapy and is going to stalk him if she hasn’t already. she’s a miserable mess. i think mom should give her some dirty lickins. antonio is keeping her around because the producers probably told him to for ratings

  67. kristine says:

    Tully do what ya gotta do tho get ya MAN back girl, the others are only after him for the $$$$$$ AND AS FOR HIS MOTHER SHE IS NOT THE ONE WHO WILL PLEASE HIM AT HIS TIME OF NEED……. YOU GO GIRL

  68. TullyJensen says:

    ….I think Im in love with Rich Juzwiak!

  69. EFL says:

    Obviously Antonio is still in love with his ex-wife because he has put up with everything that she has done on the show. She is always asking Antonio to give her the same chance that everyone else has, but from what I can tell she puts no effort whatsoever and still gets away with it. I feel bad for the other girls because they are all putting all their efforts to win Antonio’s heart, but the truth is that they really do not stand a chance. Antonio I like your show, it is entertaining, but I really do not think that true love can be found on a fake show.

  70. cassie taylor says:

    i love this show.i think antonoi is very sleek,bashful,and good looking.i really pray he finds the right woman for himself.please dont pick the former play bunny.she might freak him,and he would lose all he stands for.antonio,please be very careful and follow your heart.i hope you have picked the right one.

  71. sldrgirl says:

    I have made a few observations about some of the women on this show, starting with Antonio’s mother. Evonne, I’m sure mothers all around the world can sympathize with you, what mother wouldn’t want the best for their son (any of their children, to be honest), or wouldn’t do anything for them? But sweetie, Antonio is very much a Big boy now. Hell he’s a Man (and a Fine one at that). He can take care of himself, I’m sure. He doesn’t need you to help him pick who he should spend his life with. I think you should be there to support your sons decision(s) (whether you agree with them or not), and most of all love him. Christi, there is no substance to you. My land you are a Playmate! Although you say Ex-playmate, you still use Sex to lure, manipulate and seduce men and get what you want. When you jumped in the water, you made sure Antonio knew your “swim top” came off! Again using sex to manipulate/seduce a man. Is there anything else to you? Brooke, you’re just like all the women on these Reality Shows(The Bachelorette)looking for a man, You want to WIN! Jennifer and Jessica, the two of you are oddballs. Kinda like fifth wheels, neither bring anything to the show really. Both are boring and just there to get 15 minutes of fame. Julann (I know she was kicked off the show…Thank GOD!) but I feel a need to address this nutcase. If ever there was someone who was “needy,” she was IT! Not to mention self-absored, egotistical, manipulative, psychotic, etc., etc. Need I go any further? Sarah, was a bit needy also, very lost…I won’t beat up on her because I think she just had a lot of issues surrounding her past life. Monique, I liked her. A very classy lady, there just wasn’t a connection with her and Antonio. However, under different circumstaces (without the cameras, one-on-one) I think she would be the best fit for the type of relationship Antonio says he wants. She’s obviously, self-sufficient, smart, and have alot of love to give to a man. Autumn, is too young and I think still infactuated with the “actor” Antonio not the man. Miranda, you are too damn “High Maintenance.” Get a freakin’ life girl! But I like the way you tell Christi, “To get control of herself” (or something like that). Tania another oddball out. I guess I saved the best for last…Tully, Tully, Tully, I admire her tenacity and sticktoitiveness. You gotta give the woman props, she doesn’t or better yet won’t give up. Whether she truly is still in love with Antonio and vice versa, there’s History there and like Monique said, “You can’t compete with history.” Not really. If Antonio wanted to really be rid of Tully, he could’ve had her tossed off the show. Surely he knew she would be on there (meaning it wasn’t a surprise when she showed up). Bottomline it’s a “SHOW!” Entertainment…There will definately be a My Antonio 2. We’ve already seen the clip of a wedding taking place and “Mamacita” Sabato objecting to the marriage…
    Antonio, you want the love story like in the movies, well that’s manufactured–it’s the movies but if REAL LOVE is what you want, you won’t find it on a “reality TV Show.” Because that’s TV. Give me a buzz and I can share somethings with you about the REAL LOVE. Love you won’t find on a “reality TV show.” (I don’t want to go into it on here). But what do you have to lose?

  72. Eric says:

    The best part of this show is the location and the props used on the sets. I really dig the hula girls they use in the elimination tiki hut at the end of each episode. I actually found out where you can get them.

  73. LLT says:

    Antonio have a big heart. I hope he will be smart this time around. Christi is a beautiful girl but she is making a name for herself. She wants to market her own name in the web and promote her career. I hope Antonio pick a simple girl who can make her happy. Tully, must move on and save her face. Gee girl you are not bad looking for a 46 yr old but get a man your age, he will appreciate you more and you dont have to compete with this women in their 20′s and make a fool of yourself. Antonio, you mom’s first instinct is always right. christi is not for you in the end. You will see in the end.

  74. Tammy says:

    Tully has no class,,There is a time and a place for everything..The woman needs help.Antonio a train wont run on a torn up track..Get rid of the whack job.All she does is cry,How can anyone be happy with someone so miserable,Grow up,Laugh a little,Get a grip.You have no respect for anyone else or yourself,Quit begging like a helpless rat,,Ur literally pitiful.A real women can show a man she loves him without being so needy,Hold ur head up..and find someone who wants to be miserable with you ,,Let this happy beautiful man find a woman who hasnt already blown it.

  75. Mia LR says:

    honestly Antonio, how could you say you did not have a connection with Monique when you never really tried to spend time with her. You only focused your attention on Tully(the ex-wife) Christi(the sluty playmate) and Brooke(the southern bimbo) because they represented sex to you. They are easy f–ks.The ladies of color like Tania tries to throw herself at you but you only kiss her on the cheek, admire Autumn and dismiss Monique.As for Jennifer (the he/she) she knows you’re only work out buddies.While Miranda lays low waiting for her chance and little mousey Jessica who sounds like “Rocky” tries to show Antonio she has fake boobs too and she is also willing.Antonio you’re a hottie but also a joke.

  76. Mia LR says:

    How can you stand kissing Christi with those blown up lips? They must feel real gushy/yackey. I know that the boobs feel hard( not natural) they also bear serial numbers.You can do so much better than her.What happens after the sex… there is nothing.She does not care what type of life she represents for her child and she will not be the person to resent you.She is a playmate there for all.

  77. Grace Gonzales says:

    I think Antonio is sexy and charming, and would love to meet him in person someday!

  78. donna says:

    I hate the way Christy’s lips are always pouty looking. It looks like she’s doing it on purpose.

  79. Jo says:

    Tully is so mesed up she has like a duble personnality )@_+_)%~+`~*$^~(* and nice. She also seems a little bit deranged. She’s just weird. She’s making a full of herself, she cries every single episode….

  80. Heather says:

    I’m in total support of Jennifer!!! She is so right….who is Antonio Sabato that he can line a bunch of woman & have them lick & suck all over him while the others watch like he is some Greek God?!!! First…he is not that famous to have a reality show like Flavor Flav & Bret Michaels…at least they were part of two musical group that spawned a revolution in the music industry!!! Also they did most of that kind of stuff behind closed doors & not in front of the others as if to flaunt it in thier faces!! Jennifer gives hope to REAL woman in this world….the others allow men like him to do the things they do!! You keep it going for the REAL ladies, Jen & have a “smoke” for me!!!

  81. Louise says:

    Please Antonio, get rid of Tully. She left you before and will do it again. I like Miranda for you, but I’m not picking. Watch those blond girls, they don’t fit you at all. You look to honest and trusting and I do hope your Mom gives her input…a mother can sense a phony a mile away. Think of your future with these girls and think of them as the mother of your children..personally I wish you would go back to Virginia Madsen…you loved each other once…try it again…we love Virginia….what happened????

  82. marie says:


  83. Lisa says:

    Antonio is clearly not looking for love. Interesting TC show though!

  84. Chloe says:

    I want him to pick TULLY!!! It is so obvious that they have always had love for each other, they were just young and it was the wrong moment but I think their hearts have always been with each other! His mother is beyond rude for the things she said to her and the way she acts to people…I hope he sees right through his own mother and is GROSSED out by her actions! UGH!!!!!! GOOO TULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Chloe says:

    I want him to pick TULLY!!! It is so obvious that they have always had love for each other, they were just young and it was the wrong moment but I think their hearts have always been with each other! His mother is beyond rude for the things she said to her and the way she acts to people…I hope he sees right through his own mother and is GROSSED out by her psycho actions! UGH!!!!!! GOOO TULLY!!!!!!!!!!!! TULLY seems to be the only real one on the show other than the NASA chick and he only has a spark with tully so pick her and kick your mom to the curb please!!!

  86. cuchie68 says:

    I think that Tully should be go. In her interview she says it quite clearly “She will make Antonio Fall in love with her again”. Not once did she ever mention in her interview she misses him & thinks of him or even loves Antonio. Never did she say “She made many of mistakes”. She is selfish, thinks only about herself. Besides does she need is money so she can live in Hawaii.

    Love the show. I wish Antonio happiness & his mother, Yvonne happiness when Antonio finds true love.

  87. Paula says:


  88. Melissa says:

    I hope that ANTONIO PICKS TULLY… there love is so amazing:)

  89. Nina says:

    Antonio is an idiot for eliminating Tully. You can obviously tell that he’s still in love with her, HELL he told her he was! He’s just a man for ya…just wants a piece of new a$$! Almost all of the contestants on the show are porn stars, especially Christi. If you look up their full names on google, you’d find a lot of nasty crap. I guess that’s what Antonio asked for…that he wanted nasty porn stars with fake everything on his show! Like I said, that’s a man for ya!! Idiots!!

  90. John says:

    Tully you are a beautiful woman. You deserve better.

  91. angie says:

    wh did yvonne think was the right choice for antonio?

  92. cheeeeseee says:

    who wonn?
    anybody know?

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