Tough Love, Rehab, Diddy Premiere Dates Announced



The second-season premiere dates of Tough Love and I Want To Work for Diddy have been announced, as have the third-season premiere date of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and the first season premiere of its offshoot Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew. Get the entire scoop in the press release below…

As the leaves turn and the evenings cool, VH1 still sizzles with a slew of fall 2009 series and season premieres. The lineup kicks off on September 17th with the long-awaited return of VH1’s Divas Live, then continues with the 6th annual Hip Hop Honors 2009, a star-studded celebration of hip hop’s most influential artists.

In Fall 2009, VH1 continues to deliver the shows that are sure to whet your appetite for all things pop culture.


Tough Love: Season 2 (Premieres Sunday, November 15)

What do you wear on that first date? Are you coming on too strong? Is he into you…or more interested in your best friend? Matchmaking guru Steve Ward is back to school a new group of ladies on the ins and outs of the dating world. With the help of his relationship-savvy mom JoAnn Ward, Steve will place these ladies though the ringer as he gives them unprecedented insight into the male perspective. From appropriate first date wardrobe to how to tone down “the tease,” Steve Ward’s infamous Tough Love boot camp will give these women much-needed tips on how to fall in love, and more importantly, how to love themselves.

Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew (Premieres Sunday, Nov. 1)

Dr. Drew Pinsky is briefly leaving the drug-driven woes of celebrities behind to explore one of society’s most taboo topics: sex addiction. Affecting approximately 6% of the population, sex addiction can severely cripple the social, psychological and physiological aspects of a person. During this eight-episode documentary, Dr. Drew will work to rehabilitate ordinary people plagued with this very real and very dangerous disorder.

I Want To Work for Diddy: Season 2 (Premieres Monday, November 2)

The economy may be in the tank but at least one person is still hiring…Diddy. The music mogul is back with a new batch of hopefuls vying to win one of the toughest yet most rewarding jobs in the business—Diddy’s personal assistant. However, this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill hiring process. Through a rigorous series of physical, mental and entrepreneurial tests, one of hip-hop’s most high profile CEO’s will whittle down contestants until one proves themselves to be worthy of the title.

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew: Season 3 (Premieres Sunday, January 10)

Sometimes celebrities take “living the high life” to the ultimate extreme. Dr. Drew Pinsky is back for a third season to rehabilitate celebrities whose families, careers and lives are at stake due to addiction. VH1 will document the lives of Mackensie Phillips, Heidi Fleiss, Dennis Rodman, Mindy McCready, Lisa D’Amato (America’s Next Top Model), Mike Starr (Alice in Chains), and Joey Kovar (Real World: Hollywood) as they attempt rehabilitation through Dr. Drew’s intense 21-day treatment program.

Behind the Music (Premieres Thursday, September 10)

They’re at the top of their game, they’re role models in the industry, and some of their careers can easily span the legal drinking age. VH1’s Behind the Music is back to narrate the journeys of some of music’s most influential artists. For six consecutive weeks, the critically acclaimed series will delve into the lives of Lil Wayne, Pink, Bobby Brown, Bret Michaels, T.I. and 50 Cent. Each week you’ll hear a different story with the same ending—success. From hip hop hustlers to hard core rockers, the re-vamped Behind the Music is sure to give you the most intimate look into the lives of today’s most popular musicians.

Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke (Premieres Monday, September 14 at 10/9c)

From his sitcom Malcolm and Eddie, his hit movies like Undercover Brother to his sold out stand-up tours, comedian Eddie Griffin is one of the hardest working men in comedy… and he better be. He has eight children, five exes and an entourage of family and friends who make his life complete. The series introduces the rest of his lovable family like his mother Doris, 70-year old Uncle Curtis (who is an amateur porn star, looking to turn pro), Eddie Junior, an aspiring singer whose studio costs are staggering, and JC, the gargantuan Ex NFL pro – turned boxer, who Eddie hopes to take to the top. Of course, all of them are bleeding Eddie dry as he works himself to death, trying to help them realize their own dreams. At the heart of the series is Eddie’s struggle to get his own life under control and deal with the incredible pressure he puts on himself to support his whole family.

VH1 Divas (Premieres Thursday, September 17 at 9/8c)

After a four year hiatus, VH1’s popular Divas concert is back and bigger than ever. Preceded by legendary artists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, this year’s extravaganza will be a showcase of pop music’s most talented rising stars. Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks (additional talent to be announced shortly) will perform at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House in Brooklyn, New York. Paula Abdul will host the live concert event.

The Sixth Annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors (Premieres Tuesday, October 13 at 9/8c)

Dust off that old gold chain and break out your oversized boom box because VH1 is celebrating Def Jam’s 25th Anniversary at the 6th annual VH1’s Hip Hop Honors. For a quarter century, Def Jam has been the hip hop hub for some of the genre’s most iconic and influential artists. This fall, VH1 will honor the architects of the label including Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, Lyor Cohen, Julie Greenwald, Kevin Lyles and L.A. Reid—the extraordinary men and women behind the label that helped to define hip hop. For its 3rd year, Saturday Night Live alum and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan will host the ceremony at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Howard Gilman Opera House.

Critics’ Choice Movie Awards (Premieres Friday, January 15)

The 15th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards gala will air live for the third straight year on the network. The awards are bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) to honor the finest in cinematic achievement. The awards are bestowed annually by the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) to honor the finest in cinematic achievement.

With its notable history of picking the most deserving nominees and winners, it provides television viewers with their first opportunity to see all the top awards season contenders in one place. Nominations for the 15th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards will be announced on Monday, December 14, 2009.

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  1. john says:

    Where is ILM >:-[

  2. ryan says:

    just incase you didnt know john, i love money 3 is not airing because of the whole ryan jenkins situation and him winning the money. There for i love money 4 is taking the place of 3 =/

  3. Lane says:

    These shows look like total and complete crap Tough Love
    is OKAY… but Celebrity Rehab is BORING! And Diddy OH MY GOD SO BORING! VH1 said they wanna get less love shows but the more love shows that go away the more rating do DOWN THE DRAIN!

  4. Rach says:

    Please tell me there will be episode recaps for Celeb Rehab.

  5. CaitlinCarolyn says:

    No Rich of Love? Dang.

  6. Brittany says:

    no more for love shoes this sucks! Wat can I was besides Tough love wat kinds bs line up is dis

  7. spoilsport says:

    Not fair! I want celeb rehab before 2010. booooo.

  8. chiquita says:

    i think VH1 should come out with a show called wonted to be a star or hot mess or something call reality hooked up lol

  9. Gem says:

    I don’t want to watch any of this!!!!! Tough love sucks, isn’t fun and the host/whatever guy is annoying, Dr.Drew is depressing and monotone and I just have no interest in Diddy. Bye bye ratings! Give Farrah and Ashley a show! Now that’s entertaining!!!!
    My Antonio and TO suck sooooo much! I will never watch any of this. Shoot America’s most Smartest model 2! Anything but the crap that’s coming up. Why does Meagan Want a Millionaire have to be canceled?!?! :(

  10. daniel says:

    everything i just read i could care less about those shows. i wont be watching any of them! i hope by the end of real chance of love and that pathetic my antonio that for the love of ray j 2 premieres and then what about the entertainer of love? wasnt he getting a show?

  11. sherry says:

    i am very glad tough love is back. i was keepin my fingers crossed for it. it is a lot of fun to watch. as for the other 2 shows, i couldn’t care less.

  12. MPossible09 says:


  13. Lisa says:

    I enjoy watching rehab with my 12 year old daughter. She is able to see what drugs and alcohol can do to a person and messed up their lives become. It’s a great learning show!

  14. Laura says:

    I cant believe this Silver Fox!

  15. andi says:

    I was really disappointed with the way Tough Love ended its first season. It was very anticlimactic…..boring! Maybe the second season will be better….but can we PLEASE get a second season of Megan?! A couple of years ago there was a show that sent stars into haunted places with cameras so that we could watch them freak out….THAT was brilliant!

  16. Barbara Harris says:

    I am a 35 year old widow and i am looking for the casting call for season three of tough love. ELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. skee01love says:

    Hey tough Love fans if you watched Sunday episode please join me in the let Jenna know she is gorgeous campaign!!!!!!!! So whenever you watch an episode be sure to blog that she is so cute and that she has to get over the past because she’s not fat anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You

  18. Leslie King says:

    Hey why don’t you help someone my age 53 Like Me…Hello older women need help too…thanks.

  19. Jill says:

    TOUGH LOVE Season 2: I’m really disappointed to see someone who is so obviously a media junky – Rocky DeMarco – take a spot on the show. Is there NOT one other single woman more deserving ? This person has pandered both herself and her daughter in a misquided and pathetic quest for attention and fame. Rocky needs to go on a retreat with Kanye and do some deep introspection as to why they are both completely self-absorbed human beings that need to upgrade their souls. Two weeks on a deserted island in each other’s company might serve as therapy for their toxic personalities. Kanye would probably lose his attitude & start building a one man raft by day four.
    I can’t think of anyone I dislike enough that I would set up on a date with Rocky DeMarco – Is Ted Bundy still available?

  20. DirtTruthNC93 says:

    In terms of the girl Kanisha (if that’s spelled right) on the show. 1st of she’s not even “fine”, the girls next door to me have more leverage to be superficial than she does, literally. 2nd, with women like this are always funny, she obviously delusional because she thinks that men think she is too forward and controlling when in reality she doesn’t control anything. Women can’t play men games so sizing a man up get you sized up and that’s more than likely what has happened to all of her so called relationships. 3rd, she wants certain things but has no ambition about herself, her only ambition is based on the ambition of the next person, she’s a property manager for christ sakes! If she were in a 6 or 7 figure salary position, it might make since to want someone who at least makes what she does, but she wants someone bringing 100 to 200 times more than her. Thats not just superficial, all jokes aside, for any female or male to think like this calls for a pysch eval, it is in order.

  21. Debra says:

    I just watched the new Tough Love 2 show. What was VH1 thinking casting Rocky? She was a pathetic, slutty stage mother on I Want To Make My Kid A Star. I hope Rocky gets kicked off soon. She’s too old and white trash to try to make a living on reality shows.

  22. LindsayF says:

    i never watch this show but i decided to saturday night and the first thing i herd the host say was “single moms dont mention your kids at first” or something to that affect… this made me turn the show off… find a new host!!! Family is what’s most important and my SON is what im most proud of! Im a single mom and i’ll scream it from the mountian tops!

  23. Renne says:

    I truly love watching tough love,i lost my bf and husband to cancer 7yrs ago,i am a singe mom now.and i would love to have been on this show.Why is Rockey on here she was on the show trying to make her daughter a beauty queen.and OMG Taylor she gets on my last flipping nervos thinks the world should just stop for her.and the way she talks kills me.What was U thinking having her back on the show.She is a DRAMA!!!QUEEN,but i must say i love when Steve tells her like it is.shut up or get the hell out.see how fast she shuts that BIG MOUTH!!!!..and poor Jenny you are BEATIFUL!!!!stop putting yourself down you should look at just how far you have came losing all that hold that head up are going to be loved.maybe i well get the chance to be on the show yes im in dreamland

  24. Meagan says:

    I think Tough Love is great!! However, I think that I could be the biggest challenge Steve would ever have, and I think he would fail..

  25. DJ says:

    I’m glad that Tough Love is back on. After the first season of celebrity Rehab, I really lost interest in the show, and I don’t really care for Diddy’s show. I was wondering if they will ever have a season of Tough Love for the men and the gays. After all, the women aren’t the only ones having a hard time finding love out there. And when will they bring back Celebrity Fit Club? That was an awesome show! And I also hope they bring back Charm School and have Monique as the host again. I mean, Ricki Lake was okay, and Sharon Osbourne wasn’t a good host, but Monique was the best.

  26. Coco says:

    I just finished all of the old episodes from Tough Love season 2 for the first time, over winter break. It’s so addicting even thought some of the girls are really annoying like Jenna. Can’t wait for more!

  27. Cara says:

    Can’t wait for more Tough Love!

  28. Cara says:

    <3 Tough Love!

  29. Robbin says:

    When is Diddy hiring again? I need a career!

  30. Dez says:

    You need to do Tough Love 3 with women who are divorced and trying to find Mr. Right….again! Maybe they are doing something wrong and need an expert to help them get back in the game.

  31. Dez says:

    Tough Love 3 should be with women who are divorced and trying to find Mr. Right….again! Maybe those women need an expert to help them get back in the game by pointing out what they are doing wrong while dating.

  32. diana R says:

    when r they gonna do a new casting 4 tough love 3 i need to know the sign up date in Need to find ;)ove

  33. AJ says:

    I’ve been watching Tough Love, and I wanna know when spin off episodes/shows for OLDER people (40-55yrs old) might come to be, and if they could be based out of New York! Reality shows are fun, but it seems people are always between 25 and 35, and they’re really still young enough not to need the controlled environment/situations/guidance of a professional match maker….where as some of us could REALLY benefit, and we’re not as …. “much of a challenge” as Taylor.

  34. beth says:

    For those of you asking, at the end of some of the episodes it said they are doing season 3 of tough love with couples who are trying to decide if they should stay together.

  35. Massvocals says:

    dear dr drew personally I feel your attack on life stiles of the rich and fame seekers is bank roll
    your translation of abuse / ” problems arised by legal ,family , job , ect this is all or are due because of unlawful prohibation laws Dr drew you are in use of programing effect by ” cognitive dissonance’ thease are government values superficial to the system of things the forces you are dealing with are beyond your real control , to wit rehab shows , the unline problem with addicting person is the law making it illegal , if we would allow those addicted to buy legalize produces we would account for the use and control such measures the matter ,is a med just as over eating is no one is criminal or hydro as such , your program concerns me as to teaching tough love ,,, there is no love in this you say you love the person the addiction the cause and effect your treatment is yet you would send someone to jail vs treatment very wrong when you say there sick Your trying to brake them down brake there whole being to accept your title , they then toot that horn the rest of there lives because you make this situation and love money you I shall pray for also your attachment of cannabis as some drug causeing step is bold face lie

  36. Cristy Smith says:

    I absolutely love Diddy…………..omg!!!!!!! I want to meet him sooooo………. bad in person!!!!!

  37. Jenn says:

    Will there be another season of Tough Love? Great show!!!

  38. Jenn says:

    Will there be another season of Tough Love? Great show!!! Would totally want to be part of a divorced and looking for love cast.:)