Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke: Watch the Supertrailer!


Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke is set to premiere Monday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c, and will chronicle the comedian/actor’s crazy life and financial woes. Per the preview above, said woes stem from having eight children, two ex-wives, four baby mamas, 12 additional relatives to take care of and a taste for lots and lots of champagne. Also per the preview above, it’s clear that Eddie’s mom, Doris, is a star waiting to happen. We’re excited that she’s getting her chance to shine!

And just as a refresher on Eddie’s work, check out his appearance on Chappelle’s Show, in the “World Series of Dice” segment:

Chappelle's Show
The World Series of Dice
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For a more detailed description of the series, check the press release below:

From his sitcom Malcolm and Eddie, to movies like Undercover Brother to his sold-out stand-up tours, comedian Eddie Griffin is a major player in the comedy game. He’s also one of the hardest working men in the entertainment industry. And he better be because he’s supporting eight children, two ex-wives, four “baby-mamas” and an entourage of family and friends. It’s a large extended family that makes this comedian’s life complete. The problem: they’re also bleeding him dry – and now Eddie Griffin is in danger of going broke.

Premiering Monday, September 14, at 10/9c, Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke is a 30-minute docu-series that will give viewers an intimate look into Eddie’s struggle to support himself and a rather large and complicated extended family. In fact, his generosity and sense of responsibility are what put him in a financial nose dive. Simply put, Eddie’s earnings can’t keep pace with his elaborate lifestyle.

But there is one person who might be able to help him figure it all out. Enter Doris, Eddie’s mom, the one person who can give him a big dose of tough love. Will mom tolerate the blow-out parties and fast Hollywood life that Eddie loves so much? Can she open his eyes to the fact that his life is out of control? That’s up to Eddie.

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  1. Laura says:

    HAHHAHAHAH i love that skit

  2. TheTruth says:

    so sad

  3. Keeta Bear. says:

    I watched this show tonight because I love Eddie Griffin. Eddie is in my eyes the King of comedy I still remember the old routine Eddie did talking about you know the cat who invented the phone was high!!! LOL just thinking about it and I don’t even remember the exact words or the rest of the skit.

    I can honestly say after watching this show, and Mr. Griffin’s commitment to the people who he loves only makes me love Eddie even more.

    Do yo thang Mr. Griffin, don’t let it do you.

    Keeta Bear

  4. Damon Simon says:

    Hey Eddie what’s up first off just wanted to say I like your show, very funny and also wanted to see if you remember me. I grew up with you and went to school also, do you remember when you ask me to go on stage with you at open mic night at the stanford comedy club. We use to act so crazy in school, cracking on people. Those were the good old days. Glad to see your doing your thing and holla sometime. Take care! PS if you ever would like me to be on your show i would love it and i still act just as crazy/funny.

  5. rosetta says:

    love eddie pray come out money troubles i’m goin through it to with 7 children your a good dad may u bless more u have some thing i dont my mother i lost her 2007 i wish pray she was here listen to her shes knows may god bless u both

  6. cattina says:


  7. ms davis says:

    i watched your show for the first time and i enjoyed it very much i wanted to tell you what i was always told you dont have to look for love if its meant to be you’ll meet your soul mate at the mailbox so be patient and it will come as far as your mom is concerned she’s just looking out for you and i dont blame her keep drilling mom you know best so good luck to you and if you just need a friend to chat with on a normal non celeb tip im here

  8. SYLVIA says:

    I like the show and i hope he listen’s to his mom because 4 baby mama’s and 8 kids is not cheap.

  9. JoJo says:

    I love this show. I also love the way Eddie treats him Mom with so much RESPECT. I never knew Eddie was so funny.

  10. Thomas says:

    Eddie should have one of our shirts, it says “Being Broke Is Not An Option” it’s in all crystal stone.

  11. Brandon says:

    What day and time of the week does the Eddie Griffin “Going for Broke” show comes on t.v. I really enjoy the show, I happen to see it late night and was curious about more epidsodes. Thank You.