My Antonio Recap – Episode 4 – 10 Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


First of all…


…how ’bout that hat? Huh? Huh? It blew us away!



But the first real thing we loved about this episode was, of course:

- Sully Suckerson (Jennifer™)

First, it was confusing…



…then it branched out into a daisy chain…


…and then it became totally clear that it was the alcohol that was doing the sucking…


No, but really, it was mostly confusing. Even Tully, who has thus far come off as nothing less than completely shameless, felt remorse later when she (finally!) got a real one-on-one with Antonio.


“Did you used to do that?” wondered Antonio, hearkening back to the extremity-sucking days of their marriage. “I think I sucked on pretty much everything of yours,” said Tully. Well, suck on that one, everybody!

The other great quote from this exchange was, “I married you, man.” And was it just me, or was Tully’s reason for joining this competition actually plausible? She said, “I know that I was selfish, and didn’t know how to love you. And I know that I am capable of that kind of love now to give to someone. But I also would want that love back.” Kinda touching, right? Like the way saliva touches your ex-husband’s hand when you’re leisurely sucking on it? It’s at least touching in that way, right?

Moving on, our next favorite thing was…

- “Authentic Hawaiian culture” (Antonio™)


Remember when Antonio told the girls last episode, “I want you guys to write a love letter to me”? Well, in this episode, by asking for a hula dance, he basically said, “I want you guys to dance a love letter to me, you beautiful flowers.” Seriously, why was everyone a flower in their interpretive hulas? Special blossoms, beautiful flowers, flowers…


…to be sipped and kissed…


How do you talk to a florist in hula? They’d be so confused: “I’m sorry, ma’am, I am not a woman-arranger!”

Also, this last “sipped and kissed” instruction came after Christi asked, “What if you wanted to be naughty?” The instructor above assured her that dancing, “I’m the flower to be sipped and kissed” is “very sexual.” This is VH1 — metaphor is not sexual enough! Good thing Christi’s rendition of it was all…


…”Eat me!” Well, that’s more like it!

Oh, and in addition to being completely literal, hula dancing is also, “very painful,” according to the instructor, in the wake of Jennifer’s spontaneous tears.


Luckily, our girl Tully has another interpretation:


“I’m assuming [Jennifer] didn’t double up on her testosterone shot that morning.” That’s good and nasty, but since we’re speaking in hula, allow me to translate: “I’m assuming cropped yellow flower wasn’t twice blessed with her man pollen delivery upon sunrise.” Again, that’s more like it.

- The actual hula dances

They provided this screenshot…


…and for that, we will always be grateful.

Also, despite (or, I guess, because of) Miranda’s poor showing, she rocked this shirt in her interview:


And we fell in love with ironic T-shirts all over again.

Brooke and Jessica ended up winning the competition…


…but not for Tully’s lack of trying groveling…



She gets so into this stuff. My Antonio is totally the game she was born to play. Miranda says that Tully treats Antonio “like he’s a Pharaoh or a king,” to which Tully would probably say, “…And?”

- This gesturing:

Christi says that Brooke and Antonio are getting like this…


…and she has to make it like this…


That’s another invite to sip and kiss her flower, right?

- Jumping out of a plane:


When Antonio announced on his whirlwind date with Brooke that, “Any opportunity I have in my life to do something crazy, I say let’s go, and I just want to see if Brooke is brave enough to try it,” and we saw this shot, all I could think was, “This show isn’t called My Dead Body-o.” Because seriously, that’s high. And dangerous. And danger is fun, but a broken neck isn’t.

Even these shots made it seem horrifying:



But you know how this show loves its angles, and it was finally revealed that the jump wasn’t so bad at all:


Kid stuff. A flower could do it!

- Jumping off a plane to be hand-fed prosciutto


Because cold cuts are hot and sexy. Especially when the woman you’re feeding them to goes on to spit them out into your hand!


This is so hot, I think we’re gonna need to slap this with a MA rating. Meat Advisory, I’m putting it out there. Explaining her need to reject the prosciutto, Brooke said, “It’s a little warm,” which Antonio found positively hysterical:


Hey, man, whatever floats your boat, be it sliced meat or…jokes about sliced meat. Or not even jokes: statements. Whatever. It’s your show.

- Uno!


- The dolphin trainer

Why the hell did she want everyone to kiss everything?



She kept saying, “smooch,” which: gross.


Really, what the hell? Is she so good at dolphin-training that she feels she’s been instilled with the self-confidence to take on people-training? They should have hula danced for her. Try taming flowers, lady! They’re wild! Wiiiild!

Oh, and P.S.:


Tully totally put the dolphin up to that.

- Christi’s espionage.


Speaking of being instilled with a sense of power, after Christi was pulled aside by Yvonne to help get rid of Tully, she’s acting like she’s ascended to the throne of Master Manipulator. Too bad she doesn’t get to wear the crown…


There’s only room for one of those…in the frame.

This poolside Operation: Topple Tully pow-wow included a hilarious exchange:

Christi: I don’t know, she says she’s here for Antonio 100 percent.
Yvonne: Oh, I’m sure she is. But for why?

Christi then conceded that is the question. Indeed. “But for why,” is the central question of My Antonio, and most everything that’s on VH1 for that matter.

This led to some highly intimate snuggling…


…in which Christi got Tully to admit that she doesn’t work, and when she faces financial problems, she’s supported by her parents. Meanwhile, Tully’s interviewing, “Christi’s really nice!”


Pretty sneaky, sis.

And finally:

- Jennifer’s burning out, not fading away.


After being admonished by Antonio for smoking at dinner, Jennifer told him, “Ooh, shut your face, I’m not smoking.” Ballsy. The broken-up rant that snowballed into a self-elimination, also included, “At this point right now, I don’t want to be with you because I don’t know anything about you,” “I don’t want to be the fourth or fifth person to kiss you,” referring to Tully as “homechick,” and saying “f***” in front of Yvonne, whose eyes grow wide enough to touch her neck and clutch her pearls (or lei, I guess, technically).


And while I love this reaction on a superficial level, something tells me that Yvonne has dropped an F-bomb or two in her day.

In the end, after threatening to do so about 5,000 times, Jennifer walked off.


“It’s frickin’ drainin’ mah soul,” she explained before shouting for somebody, anybody to get her a cigarette. Previously in the episode, she told Antonio, “I want to do something with a waterfall. Jump off a waterfall, be under a waterfall…somethin’.” Here’s hoping she doesn’t go chasing ‘em.

Anyway, Jennifer’s self-elimination sucks for us because she was bold enough to bring the drama. If she was capable of this display in Episode 4, who knows the levels of histrionics she could have brought by, say, Episode 8? Thankfully, someone has stepped to the plate in the drama department:


Just another day on the master-manipulator grind! But for why? Why, our entertainment, of course!

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  1. goddess power says:

    For a grown man with kids of his own to include his mother in his dating decisions is absolutely RIDICULOUS. I would NOT want to be with that mama’s boy at all. It’s one thing if Antonion were a teenager, or even a very young man, but he’s not. He has a life time of experience having been wed, traveled, being a Father. It’s just a dating show. His Mother does not need to be involved. And where did they find these women? The man is a model.

  2. Sharita says:

    Antonio is a LOSER. Every time you look up he is walking out because he is soooo upset. He’s worse than a girl.

    Second, why would he put his ex-wife through a competition with a bunch of groupies? Seriously. Even if she wanted to be there what kind of man would be that pathetic? Work it out with her in private, moron…

  3. tom says:

    This is some of the most contrived ‘scripted’reality yet. Of course Tully will win or worse come in second to set up “My Antonio” 2

  4. JC Spiegel says:

    This show is trashy, but watchable. Of course it’s all pseudo-staged and prearranged, but it’s all in good fun. ASJ’s body is phenomenal. He is also charming. Spoiled, but charming. The women leave a lot to be desired. The only one who seems to earn a living is Brooke. She’s also the only one with a brain. The researcher is likely an intern with no credentials. The model, the makeup artist, the playmate and the bartender – all flakes, really. The other nice thing about the show is its location in Hawaii. Gorgeous scenery and weather.

  5. ezdancer says:

    From what I have seen Tully needs to move on. She had her chance with Antonio and for what ever reason it didn’t work. Get a grip there are to many fish in the sea. Tully is just hanging on for nothing. She know that Antonio will keep her on. Cause he doesn’t want to hurt her. He really needs to move past her. And start looking for someone that really wants to be with him for him.

  6. Belle says:

    Antonio, act your age not your shoe size. I think he’s the kind that wants women to be submissive towards him…
    He’s just another pretty face..

  7. Cher says:

    The Jennifer-Antonio situation is a classic REAL date from hell situation. Who has not had to date a person they would never want to see in their life ?! This is the reality of dating hell.

    Antonio is an extinct breed, a classy and complete gentleman. Yvonne is the icing on the cake on the show. Love you Antonio !!

  8. cougarrette says:

    this is like a classic soap opera having a mama’s boy who leans on her mother for help in choosing for love.
    “mama knows best i guess.” Always a problematic situation.
    Remember, Antonio it is you who will live with the person “you will hopefully choose,” and not your mother.

  9. Debra says:

    I think Antonio is a great guy. He is old school Italian,and so what if his Mother is there!!! I think he will def make his own decision in the end! I Absolutely love Tully, I don”t know why, just that she seems like she is truly in love with him! everyone deserves a second chance, and she seems like such a sweet person! The Red head is soooo not for him, and the only other one I would say could be a match is Brooke. But I think he should just get back with Tully, She is a doll!!! Her and Brooke are real people. Good Luck Antonio and if it doesnt work out with any of them, Hit me up LOL I am Italian, single and free hahaha!!! Ciao for now

  10. Jenn says:

    She walked off after it was made clear she had no choice. She kept threatening to do it and being melodramatic because she expected Antonio to give her attention and beg her to stay. That blew up in her face.

  11. SYLVIA says:


  12. Brina says:

    Sometimes I think this show is real and others I think it is all phony but for some reason it must be the dimples I keep coming back….I don’t want to see him with the cheap bimbo red head playmate…I would like to see him with Brooke the blond nurse I think she is sweet and real….Oh Tooly give up already u had your chance, if he was smart he would see nothing good comes out of repeating the past….

  13. golden girl says:

    No question that he is hot but, I wonder what is wrong with him. He married Tully and had no children with her. He then went on to have 2 children by 2 different women. Why didn’t marry either one of his children’s mothers? I think he has some major issues. What is up with him telling a grown _)^)`&^_&$((!!_ woman to stop smoking? He sounds like a control freak. He needs all the luck he can get! He is a package deal witht a lot of baggage….tell mom to take a hike!

  14. armandoinmontana says:

    Brooke is the only winner here! She has a career and is kind!

  15. ladydoll says:

    My Antonio suck. I mean it sucks for one thing why would you have a show where you are looking for love and have your xs on the show we can all see that you are still into the you are no way going to pick a black women I dont know why she borther to show up.The reason why shows like this one dont get high rateings its because every one can see that you are a raciest. shows like flavor, newyork, and real and chance rated so high is because there are more races of people on the show and no one is being treated vh1 you need to think about that the next time you give someone a show.

  16. DeeDee says:

    Someone tell me why is the African American, NASA Researcher still on the show? Antonio does not spend any time with her and she looks like she is wondering, ‘Why am I here?” Come man, let her go. You know you have no intentions of being with someone of her race.

  17. Yanna says:

    One of the dumbest shows on TV. Total disgrace to woman’s kind.
    Doormats fighting over an ugly and self centered dude. Poor, poor girls. :)
    Whole show is totally white trash. Anyone who jumps out of the airplane for a guy she barely knows (and dressed like a clown), IS a clown. Ridiculous, just hope that young kids are not watching this crap, can scar them for life, you know? :)))

  18. Claire says:

    I think the NASA researcher (Autumn) is still there because she is absolutely gorgeous! And from reading the message boards it seems like a lot of people like her- so probably for the show. And JC Spiegel- Autumn has more credentials than Brooke- she went to Princeton- they were talking about on a thread on the message boards if you want to check it out. I love this show!

  19. Doris says:

    DeeDee in this day and time you need to learn to embrace the beautiful ladies of color too. I wonder if the people around you know of your prejudice? It’s very sad that you would have these negative comments and for some strange reason if you happen to be an african american making comments like that I would say SHAME ON YOU!

  20. kenzie says:

    ANTONIO- I too understand that as the years pass so does the availability to find love. It does become more of a challenge to see ones soul in its honest form amist all of the superimposed shells that human life can cause a person to carry. I myself am a european women whos upbringning was surrounded by both italian and portuguese culture. As I find myself getting older I am more drawn back to my roots. I have no doubt that you will find true happiness with someone who you find yourself smiling about during the day in the middle of a hectic afternoon. Good luck to you.

  21. hill says:

    Antonio is the exec producer on the show, does this not mean that you are in charge of the talent that is to be on the show? He has only been married once, to Tully, and then went on to have 2 children with 2 different women, does this not mean that Tully totally scared him off marriage or committment? (The age difference is still there). In most italian families, the mother calls the shots, and the males always follow, the most time heed to what mama has to say. I believe they have already shown a preview of the “proposed hawaiian marriage ceremony” and Yvonne stands up and speaks her mind with a “NO” switch to Antonio, surprised shocked expression. As with any family, if you plan to marry, introduce the partner to the family to see if they get along, this will save hardship down the line, because as Antonio has already stated, “My mother has always been there for me whenever I made the wrong decision, she supports me totally”. He may make the original decision/error but mama tells him about it. (as any parent would do). I think that some of the silicon has reached Christi’s brain(?is there one), what is she thinking that Yvonne will be at her back, she is being used and can’t see it and if she does succeed in getting Tully off the show, this will back fire once Antonio finds out. He believes in honesty and no negativity to bring him down. This would be a deal breaker for him and his mother would definetely point this out.
    A couple of years ago I had to chance to meet Antonio at a Formula 1 event, and he is that genuinely nice and polite, his smile is infectious.

  22. jellybean13 says:

    Christi is going to eventually get herself eliminated by conspiring with his mother. Unless his mother is so up his butt it doesn’t matter to him. She is evil for going along with it. She should no that’s a deal breaker. If Tully going to be eliminated it should be his choice. This may be her true colors coming through. She wants to be on the show for her career not Antonio.

  23. Sandy says:

    I’m not sure how or why some of the women on this show got there! The drama queens, the fake everything just not getting the choices. Brooke seems to be the only true person not sure she would fit into the Hollywood way of life. This show amuses me! And yes of course Antonio is hot but this show is for the money and exposure not true love…

  24. Johanna says:

    I think Antonio has some feelings for Tully. The red hair girl looks just like Antonio’s mom. Antonio’s mom is just using this chick to get rid of Tully.What a ($^+$^^@%__@$()_& but she deserves it anywayzz.

    Antonio is hotttttttttttttttt.

  25. Mousetime says:

    I’m not sure what to think of the whole situation. Not really liking how his mom can be an evil person by recruiting Christi to do her dirty work. But then again, I can’t stand Christi, either. I’m really hoping Antonio finds out what his mother is up to, and sends Christi %$%!+!#+`(~&)^$~) ng. She’s so stupid to think that Antonio’s mother is bonding with her. Wake up stupid! She’s using you. If she liked you, she would be having a conversation with you that doesn’t have anything to do with Tully and any dirt from the woman. I feel for Tully. She must have realized what she lost. I almost have a feeling that Antonio will keep her around for a while, and then he’ll probaby let her go. He may end up saying he still loves her, but he’s not in love with her. As for Christi – I would be seriously disgusted if I was a guy and had her as a girlfriend. Anybody that slept with Hugh Hefner just tells me she’ll sleep with anything. And let’s not forget how many thousands of women the guy probably slept with.

  26. Janet says:

    For Antonio being a grown man why does he need his mother’s approval, there is something wrong here. This so unhealthy. Besides, no man is worth crying over. If I was on this panel I would leave and find a real man !!!

  27. Cricket says:

    Belle – I’m in agreement with you. He’s a male #)*@!@_`@#)@+&%~* This show is disgusting.

  28. Kira PS says:

    DeeDee sounds like she is a member of the KKK.The african american lady I think (inter-racial) is their because she is beautiful and also smart.Smart enough not to be all over Antonio like some of those crazy ladies namely Christi and Brooke who just want to make out and have sex. Even Jennifer the he/she didn’t want to fall in line behind all the kissing and making out let alone Tully with her sucking!The african american lady has class and is truly beautiful even if she is not choosen by Antonio.His prejudice will only be his lost.How immature!

  29. Ken says:

    This is a stupid show! Antonio better marry to Asian culture woman not with any American coz they’re behavior is just nasty.

  30. Sherri JM says:

    Antonio, I’ve always adored you and thought you were special but I’ve now seen your true self and the way you feel about women of color. You have several beautiful ladies of color their and you either dismiss them or ignore them for women like Christi and Brooke who will do anything.I will never feel the same way about you anymore because your closed minded vision will not allow you to see what is truly beautiful even if it not white or Italian.This really saddens me about you.

  31. Tomme Hilton says:

    When you let that girl go bc of her fingers and toes. I was disgusted at the shallowness of your being. I decided at that moment the show wasn’t worthy of my time. VOMIT.

  32. xiomy says:

    I felt Soooooooooooo bad for Antonio when Jennifer unloaded on him. Whether anyone has heard the word before,It is still very rude in Mixed company. I am delighted she is gone,because Antonio deserves better than a Controlling, egotistical,manipulative,and selfish
    woman like her. (note I did not call her a lady) Good riddance.I am old enough to be Antonio’s mother so I just watch him because he is so charming and cute.Many of the girls are in it to get on a TV show and couldn’t care less about Antonio.

  33. mia says:

    i love your recap of my antoino because im a fan of the show i watch it on the internet and so far i think christi is a fake $`$*%%`%+))+(`& backstaper and i hope antoino sees that later and i think he is over looking the colored eye girl not the tall one the short one who is really pretty and lastly i think he should give tully another chance cause she really loves him.

  34. Charity says:

    I love Tully. I think he loves Antonio. Her confessions to him are real and i love watching them together. ASJ still has feelings for her. Love the show. Don’t break Autumn’s heart. If you do not like african-americans Antonio,let her go. You keep breaking her heart. Each time you reject her, it shows in her eyes. She seems like a really sweet girl.Autumn, have as much fun as you can until you are rejected.

  35. Angel says:

    I agree with most of these posts. Antonio IS a Mama’s boy, he IS very egotistical, immature for 37, a HUGE control freak, admits to having a BAD temper, IS a perfectionist, etc, etc. He has said many times that he wants a woman who doesn’t smoke or DRINK & that HE DOESN’T. Every time he turns around, he’s telling them to ‘come on, let’s go have some drinks’! So, he IS, also, a big BS’r! He does have a lot of issues, & yes, a lot of baggage! AND, I don’t think he’s ready to settle down anytime, soon! He has, too, much fun PLAYING!!!!

    NOW…..I have to come to his defense! When it comes to being a racist, I beg to differ with you! Antonio’s VERY best longtime friend is a black man, & he has dated black women! I have many black friends, but I prefer to date men of my own race. Most of my black friends feel the same….they love their black men & women. SOOOOOOOO, what’s wrong with that??? What’s wrong with having a preference to whom you like to date & marry or you like cats better then dogs, or tulips over roses or large women over skinny women? Why do people always have to play the race card! I know men who prefer Asian women over white or black! What’s wrong with that??? Get my drift??? Why can’t we all, just, get along??

  36. Mye-Eva says:

    Antonio need to send Tully home just like his mother said she’s old news she was an adult when she was married to him, what will change, she doesn’t work and her parents are supporting at her age she need a man to take care of her and she feel as though Antonio can be that man, she need to go.

  37. armandoinmontana says:

    I am telling everyone, Brooke is the winner in this contest! Yes, its cheesy at times but Brooke is the only one that really has a chance…shes ALL REAL…

  38. Cinnamom says:

    I think Antonio is hot (way hot and, my favorite flavor) but, he reminds me of this shell of a human I used to hang with for a lost minute.
    Did you see that dolphin part when she gets splashed is the face you can tell it got her good and even the instructor puts her hands over her mouth and was looking at the girl.
    Antonio is smiling his silly “*$#&^*++&!@%% off and looking at the dolphin! He didn`t even glance at the girl to see if she was ok!

  39. gentry says:

    Im getting irritated with this show. WHY is Tully still there?!! The reason for the show is for him to find love else where & not with an ex. I was loving this show but his actions are just irritating. Like when Tully was sucking on fingers, WHY couldnt he tell her to stop! How can you not know what someones doing when they do that! They keep bringing up their PAST! WHO Cares about their PAST, IT DIDNT WORK! so on with the show. Im gonna watch it one more time and if Tully is still there no more for me & i will tell my other friends not to watch it either!!!

  40. livelaughlove38 says:

    first the tully suckin all over his hand yes it was gross eww.. come on then what made it worse is when tully says..i think i sucked on everything of yours..ok just nasty and way to much info we didnt care to know!!! that is so gross and low class tully!!!Now to the hula danceing first he showed everyone dance except for tania and autumn…whats that abt????that is wrong!!but for who he did show jessica was the best…brook didnt even keep eye contact…OK and i cant wait for all to backfire on christy and it will LOL……NOW THE BEST OF THIS EPISODE…jennifer at dinner you go girl abt time one of these girls stood up for thereselves and quit letting him make them look like fools!!!i mean come on she cleared her throat and he sarcastically says quit smokin…so yeah she got upset i would have too since 2 other girls said they smoke but he singled out jennifer…she just stood up for herself i would have done the same…and how he asks the girls how much do you want to be here for me? and he acts like jennifer hurts his feelings when she says ..NO I DONT KNOW YOU….ok come on antonio you dont give these girls any one on one time at all and then he expects them to say at dinner oh you are the one….come on if you going to do a dateing show to find love..then do it right..and give each girl a chance to know yeah winners of challenges go on special date.. but then do a date with the other girls and leave the challenge winners out of that date..thats why these lookin for love shows never work out mby the grl u let go because she never one a challenge is the one…..and come on wiyh the mommys boy stuff GROW UP and the boo hoo hoo walkin out all the time…BE A MAN NOT A BOY!!!!

  41. Brenda Henderson says:

    I never saw the Aloha dance from the Nasa Researcher, I forgot her name, the little black lady. Did she not do one for Antonio?



  42. Annie says:

    Antonio tells Jennifer that he has to spend time with all the girls but he lies and she knows that.He does not give each girl equal time but yet he expects them to fall all over him.Jennifer was right she should have told him where to go..If he is really looking for love he should give equal time to everyone but frankly I think he is a racist slob.

  43. kenny schwemmer says:

    That girl jennifer i dont understand who it is trying to fool because it has a huge adams apple and whoever didnt see it must be blind. adams apple, mans body, and no %(!*`(($!@)_($@ s, THATS A MAN!I thought antonio liked women. That adams apple freaking pops! I cant believe antonio didnt notice that it was a man! does he like )`%*()^&(~@~**(# too? That tranny should do a better job at impersonating a woman!

  44. TruthBeTold says:

    I know Brooke and I know she is a smoker as a matter of fact we have lit up together many times and we weren’t drinking at all. Brooke you lied to them like you also lied to us about some of your friends. All I have to say..Antonio be careful what you think is gold but in truth is only glitter! Brooke isn’t the angel you think she is. She is a gold digger!

  45. Richard says:

    Brenda Henderson you sound like a racist hater when you refer to the NASA Researcher as “the little black lady” on your comments about the Aloah dance. You are either a jealous and insecure lady or just a hater! That lady is pretty and smart. Bug off and leave her alone because she has it beauty and brains. Who cares if she danced at all.

  46. Jenna F. says:

    Yea, Antonio why don’t you give the ladies of color equal time to compete also. It seems like you dismiss everything they do and take them out the spotlight for a drunk like Christi! I think that is totally unfair.

  47. Tina says:

    Antonio is a Real D-BAG. But he is freaking hot. He acts like a gal. He likes to walk away from problems. Definitely he has got some favorite gals and only wants to around them. He is still in love with Tully and in the end they are gonna be together.
    He is Damn Sexy BUT 100% Arrogant!

  48. Tina says:

    He is Damn Sexy BUT 100% Arrogant!

  49. Heather says:

    I’m in total support of Jennifer!!! She is so right….who is Antonio Sabato that he can line a bunch of woman & have them lick & suck all over him while the others watch like he is some Greek God?!!! First…he is not that famous to have a reality show like Flavor Flav & Bret Michaels…at least they were part of two musical groups that spawned a revolution in the music industry!!! Also they did most of that kind of stuff behind closed doors & not in front of the others as if to flaunt it in thier faces!! Jennifer gives hope to REAL woman in this world….the others allow men like him to do the things they do!! You keep it going for the REAL ladies, Jen & have a “smoke” for me!!!

  50. gina says:

    i dont think just because antonio has his mom on the show makes him a mamas boy…she’s there because she wants the best for her son and thats understandable and there is no harm in that…he doesnt have to have moms approval but it is nice to know that your parents approval you want everyone to get along and be a family and you want to know that the one you love can communicate with the inlaws. His mom can come out blunt but she is only being a mom and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. she wants the best for her son and he deserves the best!

  51. Rach says:

    Did the NASA Researcher/girl with the bangin’ body ever do a hula dance? Is it in the extras? Why has she been pretty much cut out of every episode so far?

  52. janet says:

    love the show but the reruns, not to sure,just when i think the next girl goes home we start over…

  53. sam says:

    big fan of the Twilight books and MUST see Antonio in the upcoming films. what a delicious vampire he wold be:}

  54. pam says:

    christi….. I WANT TO KNOW ONE THING…. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE LIPS???????????? dang looks like the back end of a donkeys arse

  55. frenchie says:

    I Just Really cant stand chrysti.

  56. HawaiiGROWN says:

    Christi is a fake person just like her boobs, lips, and nose. Honey, the world doesn’t revolve around you and never will. Your not the one for Antonio…that’s why you got eliminated.

  57. donique says:

    OMG Antonio is in twilight that is so freekin cool he is going to like a hot chocolate blood sucking hunk of a vampire