Megan: I Want To Continue Doing TV



Here’s probably the least surprising quote you’ll read today (via Megan Hauserman): “I really enjoy being on TV and I love my fans. I want to continue doing TV work.” That’s what she told People when the mag caught up with her during a recent appearance in Las Vegas. That’s not to confirm a recent rumor suggesting she has a new non-dating show lined up (that rumor is, in fact, untrue — we’ll post here if/when such news is official), just to tell you what you already knew. So there you go. You’re welcome.

Megan’s been laying low since the Ryan Jenkins/Jasmine Fiore tragedy that resulted in the cancellation of Megan Wants a Millionaire, at least as far as the media is concerned. On those harrowing events, Megan said: “It’s been a very challenging time. I’m happy to move forward at this point. It’s been a very upsetting, sad, tragic situation that nobody could have expected.” Indeed.

On the subject of moving forward, more shots of Megan partying with BFF Cecille Larsen in Vegas are below. [People]

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  1. Kelly says:

    What? Does she have to be wallowing in self pity? If she was doing that, you’d be complaining that she’s being selfish and over dramatic.

  2. Kiwi says:

    Give her another show, VH1 Reality Shows are boring without her..

  3. colt45 says:


  4. Sara says:

    WOW Megan Looks HOT!

  5. Sara says:

    Megan looks hotter than ever!

  6. angel says:

    no one said she should wallow in self pity no one wants to c her on tv her show was dumb and a disgrace to women

  7. Carrie says:

    So tell us what happened with the rest of the show then. Elimination order at least. VH1 owes it to its viewers.

  8. ad says:

    im so happy and can’t wait for her new shows! i hope her new show is about hot millionaire again.

  9. kristina says:

    oh megan, you are so brave, so so so very brave to be able to move back into the limelight after the whole murder suicide thing.

  10. Colby says:

    Well i’ll tell one thing. That I wasn’t done watching Megan wants a millionaire!!

    I bet you all TJ won. cause come on! Look at him!!

  11. LACEY says:

    The ryan jenkins tragedy was the BEST thing that could have happened to that ugly fake (+*+(%*~`(~*($##% Nobody wants to watch her spoiled ~(!%*&$~`(#!(%^ be handed down money from millionaires. how about the millionaires hand out the money to people who actually NEED IT, not for her bar tab that night. SHe is a rude tramp and i would be happy to NEVER see her on TV again, NEVER. shes a waste of time and your productions money, i cant even believe people sit here and say the girl has talent and they want to see her back. im embarrassed for ya’ll. what kind of people live in the US, REALLY. You guys are *`&))(@_!&_^_`$^ ing morons, no wonder the stupid ho got her own show. get her off the air.. seriously i will stop watchin vh1 all together if that worthless flussy gets another show.

  12. Booby Jones says:

    When Megan is a contestant, then she is fine because you don’t have to focus on her the entire time. When she is the star then she is horrible. She can not carry a show by herself. She’s one of the most awkward people who has ever been on VH1. I was excited about her show, but then gave up 1/2 way through the first episode because I just couldn’t take her.

  13. Evelyn says:

    We love u all u can …enjoy the fun life and the hell with the haters!

  14. mari says:

    Give her another show with Brandy they are funny something like the simple life

  15. paulina says:

    Funny – I saw a different recent interview with her where she said she was ready to “retire” now. Please, Megan, retire from TV!
    Go chase rich men, but not on our Tvs.

  16. patisfiner says:


  17. thht says:

    put her back on the I Love Money 3 show…. then maybe she could get at least money

  18. maidenUSA says:

    megan should not get her own show period, she has bad karma and it would just get canceled once again. Vh1 just put her on i love money and maybe this time she can win some money and shut up after it

  19. Cinnamom says:

    Did he win ILM3?

  20. damiansheats says:

    Give her another show, VH1 Reality Shows are boring without her..

  21. Travone Robinson says:


  22. erica says:

    Vh1 are you reading this?? we want to see the show. At least let us see it online. We have never had a show cancelled ever. We are generation X let us choose for ourselves please.

  23. KATHY says:

    Vh1 should write a story or page about megan wants a millionaire since they cancelled it.Vh1 should post it on their website as a blog or something. They should atleast let us read what happened throughout the show. And same goes with I LOVE MONEY 3. If you agree post a comment saying “I AGREE.”

  24. Aa says:

    Megan must have another show and vh1 you should play I love Money 3 and Megan wants a Millionaire ,,, com on are aleast tell us there is another show in the works .. I Love Megan

  25. Aa says:

    Megan must have another show and vh1 you should play I love Money 3 and Megan wants a Millionaire ,,, com on are aleast tell us there is another show in the works .. I Love Megan…

  26. Calihotgirl says:


  27. Diana says:

    When MWAM first aired…I despised Megan. But, she has shone graciousness, tact, intelligence, strength and empathy..Which just proves she is as beautiful inside, as she is outside. Kudos Megan! I wish you only the best, health, love, peace and happiness. You truly have a beautiful soul.

  28. Brenda B says:

    I have to agree with half the people’s comments…we deserve to at least know who won MWAM…at least post it on your website so we know…

  29. JeffFromLansing says:

    Man does she have a butter face. Although it does look like in this picture that she really enjoys licking certain things placed in her mouth – big surprise there huh?

  30. kate says:

    cecille looks pretty busted

  31. Mary says:

    I agree with Lacey and all the pplz that r against dis show she is so corny. I cant blieve VH1 did it, I thought after NY goes to hollywood nothing couldnt beat the stupidity of a show n how they spend $ in stupid shows like dis…I hope they dont do dis show again…

  32. jazz_low says:

    Megan looks so pretty on this picture she rocks i love your show! lol:)

  33. Sweet 1 says:

    Yeah she does look different. Probably had Plastic Surgery after her Million $ show. Haha wouldn’t suprise me. Nice double chin in that one pic meg.

  34. brittany says:

    i am so tierd of her i dont even like her at all. SO i only like watching her show sometimes. haha ya she likes her fans because that is all she gots. She needs to grow up and get a life and stop being on tv. Well ya i am so done with her. :(

  35. ana says:

    I was very upset with the cancelation on the show I love her shes fun to watch and I hope she gets another shot at filming another tv show

  36. Jessica says:

    wow i was woundering what happened to the show i was just starting to get into the show and then it was gone i cant believe it. I do hope that the show comes back onit was great.

  37. Paulina says:

    VH1 why are you censoring perfectly legitimate comments???

  38. Alisha says:

    wow, megan looks old and unattractive…shes also getting pretty chunky…tv must work wonders!

  39. lucinda beldin says:

    I loved your show. I was hoping you would find what you were looking for I would love a millionaire myself, but I am much older and don’t have a body like yours. Throw the extra ones my way. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing you in other shows.

  40. gracie says:

    omg i so luv meGan ..
    PPL need to stop wit the HAtiN

  41. kristen says:

    give her, her show back! yea its sad and very uncalled for! but i loved the show! or jus give her anotha one…she hott and gud for tv….

  42. christina says:

    I wish they let us know that they were cancelling Megans show and why….

  43. jacque says:

    tell us who won and who won I LOVE MONEY 3. Why is vh1 not telling anyone and please don’t make another Megan show I can’t stand her. The Entertainer deserves a show. Instead of New York needs a job, Frank needed a job. Help him get out his parents basement vh1.

  44. Raquan says:

    she should countinue every body knows wat happend COUNTINUE THR SHOW

  45. Paul says:

    the order of elimination is on wikipedia i believe i think sex toy won that ryan jenkins guy was runner up

  46. grrr says:

    im sooo mad the show is cancelled all tbecuz of that damn ryan jenkins !

  47. chasity says:


  48. dudebro420 says:

    If you think she is hot then you must live in a town of really ugly women.

  49. joann says:

    I understand why your show was pulled.It devastated many fans.I hope to see you soon on another show.Best of luck to you.

  50. pam says:

    I’m one of thoes people who loved to hate this show. I love my reality shows, BUT there was something about her that I just couldn’t stand. however i do think it is bull that VH1 has now cancelled the show and also has cancelled I LOVE MONEY 3. We should at least know what has all happend… I dont know about you all, but I have always looked forward to all my shows on Sunday and Mondays….. i feel robed. lol

  51. joyce says:

    i hear ya, pam. my friends and i have been getting together the last couple years sunday nights to watch our shows. i am pretty much obsessed with vh1 reality tv. its genius. i’m so sad it got ruined by some moron. :(

  52. sara says:

    Did they cancel her show and I love Money 3 becasue he won them?

  53. Cro says:

    I praise god and jesus the show got cancelled . Sucked though that it had to cost a guy his life . But use this as a sign that even god doesnt want megan ever to have any show.

  54. Amber says:

    You know, based on all the past shows she was on, I never really liked Megan all that much. But her show was one of the only entertaining reality shows that Vh1 was playing recently. Obviously she is still single. Maybe she should give it another try. (I doubt they will let her but they should). It’s not her fault some freak went balistic. I do wonder if VH1 was still obligated to pay her for the whole season even though they axed it. (No pun intended). lol. So yea VH1 give Megan another dating show… they are the only ones that are really worth watching, even if they are fake we all love them!

  55. Kristi says:

    I liked watching Megan Wants a Millionaire. The show was entertaining and fun. I also understand the importance of placing recent events ahead and giving the respect and space needed to cool things down….however I really want to know who she chose. It is killing me…just when the show was getting good….poof gone and left hanging. So did she choose someone or were the gentlemen pushed to the side like a piece of trash?

  56. sheila says:

    can you at least tell us who won the competition and if Megan is still with the winner?

  57. Chalko says:

    Youth people need to get a life if you watch this garbage!!!! Read a book or talk with your family. Don’t watch a bunch of fake drunk chics on TV and make them famous, it’s so pathetic! Pam, learn how to spell! Maybe all this crap television has made you stupid! Joyce, find new friends, yours are lame!

  58. monica says:

    Why continue to give a show to such a shallow person. If any of the reality women who deserve a television show then look at the real ones who arent looking to dig into a man’s pocket. It’s not like she is pretty. She is an average looking woman who acts if she doesn’t want to work but can make something due to the ratings. Well good luck on the next show because just like the first one I will’t be watching the next one(if there is one).

  59. HBICIM says:

    Pam, I think anyone with a 3 digit I.Q. will agree with u may be not the same words but same meaning, u go girl. Please e-mail me so we can talk deeper, instead of this censorship, I would like to talk with u in other catergories of reality shows.

  60. nichole says:

    lets not forget a murderer was on these shows, so stop crying about not being able to watch these “reality shows”. lets all sit around on sunday and watch a guy who cuts off fingers and pulls peoples teeth out!!! sounds like sunday to me, buy a book dumb +(^+%(*@%%)*`+$@+ es!!!

  61. dee says:

    He won I money 3 and was the runner up on Megan Wants A millionaire at least thats what I ve heard.

  62. taylor says:

    im glad that show was canceled.. go to work ~$*~*!@*(_%`^$^)(

  63. katie says:

    i agree with you pam! i loved to hate this show as well and was sorely disappointed when it was cancelled. megan is a complete moron and she’s not even that pretty. everyone i know says she has an OK body but her face looks like her dogs face. she always looks annoyed and bored. what man would want to be with her anyway? especially if all she wants is money? stupid…

  64. Strawberryga says:

    Megan deserves to have another show after hers was taken off air! Please being back Megan in another Millionaire dating show! I loved the one that you stopped airing!

  65. Qb Reports says:

    She is so dumb, What can she do with a million dollars? But I’ll watch her show.

  66. Lauren says:

    why was he even on i love money? if hes already millionaire he doesnt really need to win more..

  67. Alice says:

    I cannot believe this. Most of theese werent her fault, but had something to do with her.
    1. Her show. because of this they canceled I love money 3 and we cant see who won!
    2. I love money 3. One more extra year (I THINK) :(
    3. ALLL reuinion shows. Apperently she got in a fight with sharon osborne or something and now we cant have any more reuinion shows.

    Way to go megan. Way to ruin just about all of VH1.

  68. Tim says:

    i think that megan should continue doing tv, she is good at making good tv and so why shouldnt she. and if you say that no she shouldnt because her shows are dumb and blah blah blah then get a life and dont watch them.

  69. kayla says:

    who did you pick??

  70. Mrs. T.J says:

    I love the dress….now her…ummm not so much!

  71. denise says:

    i was looking forward tothe show but then wondered y it never showed again!!!iv been waiting for shows to come on but then they never ever show again im already going to stop vh1 till they actually stay to the shows that they give!!!

  72. yuli says:

    i have always hated megans show but i did see the first episode cause i wanted to see the champagne get spilled on her face and watch her cry lol but i was really looking forward to watching I Love Money 3

  73. Colleen says:

    Chalko says “‘Youth’ people need to get a life”, yet here he/she is on a vh1 reality site telling people to learn to spell of all things.
    If they were so righteous of a person, why aren’t they spending time making sure their kids don’t wind up psycho freaks or money grubbers. Or better yet, not having any kids and making sure that he/she is a better person, instead of trying to put people down for something they enjoy.
    ps. we’re not all kids, putz

  74. cindy says:

    Cant they atleast tell us who she picked. I miss this show. Bye Megan-

  75. Nancy says:

    who’s her winner? Please tell me! look like Ryan Jenkins won…

  76. a real peson says:

    Is it just me or is she just not an attractive person outside or in?

  77. a concerned citizen says:

    Is it just me or is she just a money grubbing un-attractive person(male or female?)inside and out?

  78. nikki79 says:

    i wanna know who u picked………..

  79. jessica says:

    needs alot more make up for this type of dress and she did not take the Ryan thing serious at all screw her

  80. laurel says:

    I find Megan to be a nasty person. Why a person who is mean and shallow would be rewarded with their own show is beyond me. Who would call themselves her fan? She is not a nice person. Does mean spirited, rude, user and classless ring a bell? Karma has taken the show of the air. I was completely committed to not watching her show and I am glad to say I kept my word. Please do not admire people with such nasty personalities and actions.

  81. faith says:

    Meagan is the most stupidest girl i’ve ever watched on t.v. She is a joke. She is so not pretty knor sexy. She is just an ugly trailer trash girl. ahw! poor thing.

  82. melanie says:

    OMG……. r they serious…… is meagan not the biggest paris hilton wanna be and her friend is a fat ugly version of nicole richie…..lmao!!!!!!!!!!! is society resuting themselves to fake blondes and fake boobs and orange tans its so overated megan u r one of the beautiful people so jus keep it original and youll go big places al luv in opions!!1

  83. melanie knows says:

    OMG……. r they serious is meagan not the biggest paris hilton wanna be and her friend is a fat ugly version of nicole richie…..lmao!!!!!!!!!!! is society resuting themselves to fake blondes and fake boobs and orange tans its so overated megan u r one of the beautiful people so jus keep it original and youll go big places al luv in opions idk about ur friend though not luvin her look idk why maybe its her man chin or orange tan on second ! it could b her weird 4 head.

  84. melanie knows says:

    OMG……. r they serious…… is meagan not the biggest paris hilton wanna be and her friend is a fat ugly version of nicole richie…..lmao!!!!!!!!!!! is society resuting themselves to fake blondes and fake boobs and orange tans its so overated megan u r one of the beautiful people so jus keep it original and youll go big places idk about friend though not luvn her look idk why maybe its her man chin or orange tan on second ! it could b her weird 4head….all luv jus my opinion.

  85. Yvette says:

    OMG, that looks like a man Megan is with? is that her new drag queen friend?

  86. jay says:

    i honestly LOVE megan she was hilarious on all of her shows … im really sad to say this but megan looks really old and bad now D: