VH1′s Changing Face Meets Resistance


In the wake of the Ryan Jenkins/Jasmine Fiore tragedy, there’s been much ado about VH1 changing its act (the network’s president Tom Calderone recently told the L.A. Times that emphasis would be placed on “redemptive” programming because “we don’t want our viewers tuning in and feeling like it’s the same network all the time”). How the future redemption-minded programming will differ from the redemption-minded programming that’s been on VH1 for years (starting with Charm School and running through recent hits like Tough Love and Tool Academy) is anyone’s guess, but there’s one man who’s not going to stand for it. His name is Ben Hoffman, he works for Current and his rant is above. [via Bourgy]

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  1. Joe says:

    This guy speaks the truth!

  2. JennJenn says:

    He’s completely right. You already cancelled 2 of the shows I’d been looking forward to most, so to deprive us LOYAL viewers of what we love most on television, is wrong and ungrateful.

    Your fans are what got you here, VH1, and though something tragic may have happened, it doesn’t mean you have to change everything.

    <3 you VH1, STAY STRONG, and stop freaking out.

  3. Olivv says:

    why would you change vh1? except maybe a gay dating show would be cool.

  4. Olivv says:

    also a guy charm school from i love new york and daisy of love and stuff

  5. Chelle_chell says:

    CHUURCH!!!! I will boycott VH1 if they DARE try to go back to the same boring BS… %&_($~%&`)*@%%~~ HAPPENS!!! LIFE HAPPENS!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON…

  6. AJ says:

    aren’t there people that want VH1 to go back to music videos? Answer me that people.

  7. bonito says:

    Love the reality shows, especially the “of Love”‘s and the “I Love Money”s. Only reason why i’m a VH1 viewer. Hope you stick to the exciting and funny reality shows.

  8. Drayke says:

    I gotta say I agree with him 100%! Yes, the Ryan Jenkins/Jasmine Fiore tragedy was horrific beyond belief but it is in NO WAY the fault of VH1 nor is it even related to the shows he was on! It’s SO irritating when tv and movie execs give in to moral crusaders and start watering down their content.

    As we all know, the movie industry went through a period of a few years where execs insisted that just about every horror movie be pg-13 and that the few R rated films be as inoffensive as possible. Why? Because they thought movies would sell better that way, although they pretended it was because they cared about pleasing concerned parents. Well now the pendulum has swung back the other way and the rule on gore and sex is the more the better. Guess what? The world is no better or worse now in the hard R ‘Saw’ era than it was in the era of the pg-13 +*$`^)))!(!`^(# anese ghost girls.

    I know you know this Mr. Calderone so please don’t patronize us by pretending you have suddenly become concerned with the moral imprint left by your shows. You’re afraid of losing money and so you’re considering selling your viewers short with some banal, boring ‘redemptive’ shows until the heat dies down. At least be upfront about your motives if that’s what you’re going to do. =)

  9. Paul says:

    Seriously VH1 needs to start playing more Music related programming… they used to be a good alternative to MTV that dropped almost all their music related programming in favor of reality, teen trends, and selling a lifestyle… Pop up video was amazing, and so was behind the music and the countdowns they used to play. Now if I want music countdowns or anything music related I have to wait until 4am or the morning hours before noon. However I only agree with half of what was said, they shouldnt get rid of the entire selection of reality because thats the whole new face of VH1 apparently but instead they should take those times of the day and primetime that they play repeat after repeat of their latest “of love” or whatever the reality show of the month is and replace that with music related programming that way we could still have our reality dating shows on during their premiere times and then on demand if we missed it but then the reality on VH1 will be balanced out with some good music related programming and hopefully VH1 can be a good music related alternative again. With their latest few years of programming it feels like VH1 abandoned their roots of being Video Hits 1 and switched everything they started from into being Pop Culture 1… it seriously isnt a bad thing and I like the current list of programming but to anyone at VH1… More music less reality…

    dont rid yourselves of reality but we dont need 5 billion “of love” spinoffs for everyone who got dumped on the original Flavor or Rock of love which were both technically music related in the fact Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels were involved in music.

  10. Renee says:

    Well I thought that they should of picked up It’s and Tailor Made’s pilot show a looooooongggg time ago. I even posted it in a blog….saying that they were becoming too predictable and needed to add some different programming that was still on the lines of reality television. I think what happened in this case was that they just did not do maybe a thorough enough background check on their finalists. They should do that at least for their ultimate finalists for a show. Even have the finalists take psychiatric tests. I don’t know….its a hard call. Because if something like that happens again….people will start looking at Vh1 funny and the reality programming….even though it doesn’t have anything to do with it. It is kind of a hard call.

  11. captain p says:

    why change ! bad move if you do, get ready to join Ford GM, Chrysler… fired this dude before VH 1 ratings go rock bottom

  12. Rodney says:

    I totally agree with him as well, the whole Ryan Jenkins/Jasmine Fiore tragedy was horrible. But it’s not VH1′s responsiblity. If I were him, leave it alone and don’t even change a thing.

  13. Mindy says:

    I am selfish. I just want to see the rest of Megan’s Millionaires Reality Show! Just think the ratings would be huge. At least plant it on the internet. Or is it already there?

  14. Travis says:

    They should absolutely not change,,, by all means if you want to have some more videos that fine,, but the T.O show,, that is a terribly boring show if you want viewers then stick to the platform you got now,,, you dont need 100 percent of these reality spin offs but they are vh1′s new stable and are teh reason why Vh1 actually has viewers besides people tuning in and out in between the music videos they like

  15. Cory says:

    Please don’t change VH1. Your programming is the best on television. I love all of your reality stars and programs.

    Keep producing those great shows. I would actually purchase DVD’s of Megan and I Love Money 3 if possible.

  16. dito says:

    this guy is a genius and i love him!
    next time just make sure yall are a little more selective on casting, but come on! why do you think you switched from boring programming to amazing trashy reality? because your boring musical programming sucked! come on, just make a mwam 2, and lets move on.

  17. dj says:

    this gives up no new news about megan what so ever…SUX..i just want to see megan back on vh1 asap and i know alot of other ppl agree..this channel sux now..

  18. Roberto says:


  19. Dee Dee says:

    AMEN, BROTHER!!!!!!!

  20. Kimber says:

    Exactly what other reason is there to watch on VH1 except for this type of programming…”videos” on TV are no longer relevant, with the easy accesability of the internet, You tube, ETC…..if they had anything else, then they wouldn’t repeat new episodes over and over every day…all they HAVE is reality crapfest TV…that is the only reason they have any ratings at all, and the reason we all love VH1…..just move on already…don’t puss out because of this one tragedy…

  21. Tammy says:

    Atleast let us know who won MWAM if you’re not going to show it. That’s only fair to us, your faithful viewers. Bad things do happen and my heart goes out to the girl and I hope Ryan finds peace. But you should tell us who won. And it’s not fair to the ILM show to cancel it after all they went through. Yeah, Ryan may of been on it, but again, tell us who won and it wouldn’t be fair to not give the money to the person who won. And if, God forbid, Ryan won, it should go to the family of the lady he murdered.

  22. Sam says:

    I completely agree with this guy, don’t change anything. Even though there have been a lot of love shows, that’s not the only thing to watch. Vh1 still has countdowns, videos and music related things. Please don’t change and keep the love coming!