Eddie Griffin: Going For Broke – Watch The Premiere!


Comedian/actor Eddie Griffin’s reality series Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke will premiere on air Monday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c, but you can watch the entire episode right now above. The premiere sets up this riches-to-rags tale, explaining how spending got Eddie in what his accountant calls “deep s***.”

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  1. flygemini says:

    I love Eddie Griffin sooooooooooo much!!! He is my favorite! Eddie u da best at everythang. U should hit me up. I will be watchin ur show, can’t wait!!

  2. flygemini says:

    I love Eddie Griffin sooooooooooo much!!! He is my favorite! Eddie u da best at everythang. U should hit me up. I will be watchin ur show, can’t wait!! I am so in luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvv!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TRUEth_B_told says:


    I’m hoping that you will view blogs about your series. Just wanted to say you sure were not related cause your mom is like mine in a respectiful way a Pit Bull in a skirt! taking no prisoners I wish you and your family much respect….I have had a few opportunitie to ee you live in AC…Love it cause you’re real and it is a bout carrying your weight…I probably would have a few realatives on the books as well so that shows your big heart…I still have photos of you climbimg up the curtain at the Tropicana you’re a talented man…May the most high continue to bless your efforts… TRUEth B Told!

  4. rosetta says:

    ilove eddie pray god will bless u and your mother

  5. cattina says:


  6. ms k says:

    if youre looking for love let it find you i have always been told love will meet you at your mailbox if its meant to be and as far as mom she just looking out for your best interest and i dont blame her one bit keep drilling moms

  7. adrian m says:

    yo, eddie what is wrong with you man !!!! i know you love your fam but man do you have to go broke for the fam?? set them up and them leave them alone. i know its hard to do but damn it eddie wake up dude!! look at what happened to HAMMER…at the rate your going your gonna be filling for bankrupty..i dont wish bad luck on nobody but if i had what you got, i would be alot wiser and smarter.. i feel like i know you, like your my brother from another mother. im in bankrupty now losing my home and i work from paycheck to paycheck.. bills, child support, the whole nine. i feel you but eddie your doing it all wrong.. please dont get affended im just trying to help a good man out with my wisdom..

  8. SheShe says:

    About Eddie Griffin, I am like your Mom, I am glad you had a vascectomy, and anything else from now own pay cash. Interest rates make items higher in the long run. Eddie your cute little girl that you were playing ball with Mom should have understood that you have to work and make your money. You can not pay for things sitting down looking at her. I hope you are viewing this, and whoever you choose to marry or be with it is going to have to be someone that does not want to have anymore kids, and someone that loves kids. Your Mom has good advice. Eddie I like you and hope you will get some stress off of you ($). Remember to pay cash and you will not have your pretty cars repoed, or anything else. I think you are a good father and a good person. Take care

  9. Robert Calzada says:

    Wat up Eddie, Just want to say I love ur show. Finally, a real star with a real reality show. You kick all of the other reality shows A$$. Keep up da good fight. Can’t wait for ur show to come out on DVD. PEACE

  10. stephanie goode says:

    i love the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mike says:

    does anyone know the name of the song in the background during the fight. GOING FOR BROKE
    rap song about 11.50min into the show –
    if anyone knows please post or email me miked@equitascap.com


  12. Mary says:

    Eddie’s mom is cool. I’m so glad she’s classy and not a loud mouth cursing projects lady. It is commendable to take care of your people; I know it’s hard when you’re the first to really do well in the family. Do like Oprah and help folks only after they’ve put in the hard work and done most of it themselves.Otherwise, you’ll go broke and your mama will have work until she drops. That would break your heart.

    Let me get this straight, a heart attack at 30 and you still smoking and drinking?! Okay, you trying to do something about the smoking, but you know the drinking gotta go to, right?

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