Six More Reality Stars Who Want(ed) to Be Singers


Last week, Movieline posted a list of “the six most egregious reality-stars-turned-singers,” and while it included two VH1-rooted personalities (Brooke Hogan and Celebrity Rehab‘s Jeff Conway), not one member of the …Of Love universe popped up. For shame! The aspiring singers and rappers have provided some of the best musical entertainment VH1 has offered since…well, since VH1 regularly played music. (Just kidding! We still do! Sometimes!) Six of our favorites are below starting with…

Lacey Conner (Rock of Love) “This Thing Called Love”

Within minutes of the first episode of Rock of Love, Lacey jumped behind a drum kit and commenced annoying her fellow Bret-lovers with her infernal racket. But not even that could have prepared us for this synth-pop ditty and its curiously…curious video (directed by Lacey’s dad, Otis). Lacey’s played with industrial mega-band Pigface, which is kinda a big deal. The fact that this video has almost 10 times as many YouTube views as Pigface’s most popular video makes Lacey kinda a bigger deal…I guess?

Trendz (I Love New York) “I Still Love New York”

Trendz left I Love New York after just two episodes, because Tiffany suspected he was there to further his music career (Pootie had let her know that Trendz was handing out his demo to the guys in the house). He then went on to write a song “in response to New York calling me a burnt crispy black Twizzler.” And again, most likely, to further his music career. There’s a distinct “Roxanne, Roxanne,” vibe to the drums in that track, and that’s actually kind of respectable if it’s intentional (it probably isn’t).

Shy (Flavor of Love 3) “What’s Your Reality?”

Shy was put through the ringer on Flavor of Love 3 (she’s the girl with the bad breath — a designation most likely tattooed on her for life), so the least the producers could do was let her perform one of her songs at the reunion. Funnily enough, the totally competent hip-house throwback, was about…being on reality TV! Go figure. Reality TV, you giveth and taketh away (but not always in that order and sometimes you do both a bunch of times and sometimes it’s to a throbbing house beat).

The Stallionaires (Real Chance of Love 2) “I See You Walkin’”

We couldn’t forget that Real and Chance make music if we tried, thanks to various plot points on both seasons of Real Chance of Love. There’s the theme song (admit it, it’s catchy), Bubbles rapping in the recording studio, and frequent mentions of their fast-lane lifestyle. And then there’s “I See You Walkin’,” which provided the Season 2 girls with a challenge and the chance for the guys to say the phrase “viral video” several hundred times. It also allowed us to see the girls jigglin’, but in a new context. So that counts for something, right?

Daisy de la Hoya (Daisy of Love) “Heartbreaker”


Krazy (Flavor of Love 2) “???”

Perhaps the most singingest of all Celebreality contestants, Krazy was, in a word, crazy for music. And oh my god was it amusing. I might be the only person in the world to experience this, but both of her heavily featured songs (“Think of All the Lives She Saved” or whatever the socially conscious-esque one above is called, and the reality-TV referencing laid-back midtempo below) got stuck in my head and would not leave for about six months after Flavor of Love 2 aired. That bleating is hard to shake, trust. In the clip below, Krazy talks about her major-label aspirations. I, for one, hope she never gave up that dream. I want this stuff on CD, dammit!

Addendum: Commenters have pointed out two extremely regrettable oversights. One is Flavor of Love‘s Hottie/Schatar:

(She’s been compared to BeyoncĂ©, you know.)

And then, there was I Know My Kid’s a Star’s Rocky. True that she wasn’t part of the …Of Love universe, but she touched us in a way we previously thought only Rock of Love girls could.

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  1. ryan says:

    u forget britney stars lol

  2. Precious says:

    If you dont like what they do then why do you put them on your station VH1. You cant laugh at your own product. I just hope people realize when they do these shows that VH1 and America is laughing at you NOt WITH YOU!!!!

  3. blondeberg says:

    lol lol lol!! omg i totally forgot how ridiculous Krazy was! She could almost talent witht he appropriate people helping her get over her being tone deaf! hahahaha! Daisy is cute regardless could never crack on her! Lastley omg P.S. in chance and reals video lol what a funny !)_&++`_)@($&#% little booty shake thats not sexy that looked so stupid!!!! Ok Im done being mean and spiteful

  4. Lex says:

    All of these are soooo painful to watch. Although I find it funny I that I am just starting to be embarrassed for them when really I should have been a while ago when they were on air…

  5. hellfusionx says:

    WTF??????? Lacey songs rocks!!!!!!!! I love Lacey she is cool and Daisy songs is great too GO ROL GIRLS!!!!!!

  6. Alex says:

    They also forgot Rocky from I know my child’s a star

  7. stasi says:

    they seem to be forgetting HOTTIE from FLAVOR OF LOVE 1

  8. Channie says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT JUST MADE MY DAY!! For some reason, with Lacey’s video, I got this image of her father acting like a pagent father, and mimicking how she should rub herself to look sexy in the video. I do have to say, that I did sort of like Trends (with a s, apparently) song. It DID remind of “Roxanne, Roxanne.” Good job, “-of Love,” cast off!! Schatar’s?? I think I have a new ring tone!!

  9. jasmin says:

    oh my god

    these are freakin hilarious cuz they all think they are amazing when they suck donkey balls. hah!

  10. ophelia says:

    OMG that Lacey video was terrible. Gross, to think about her dad watching her in lingerie and rubbing herself like that… EW!

  11. Cindy says:

    They’re all so lame you can’t help but laugh at them.

  12. FrankieFlave says:

    I love Lacey! Hot, sweet, and bad! It would be great to see some killer producers get ahold of that song and video. Less processing on her voice; and script a video for what is really a song with potential. If I were Brett Michaels, there would have never been “Rock of Love” as during the filming of the first episode, I would have send everyone home and flew away with Lacey. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

  13. Legal Music says:

    I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!