The T.O. Show Is Returning For Season 2!



The first season of The T.O. Show wrapped up last week, but it won’t be gone for long. The second season is already on the way. Check the press release below:

Hot on the heels of wrapping up his first season of The T.O. Show, VH1 has picked up Terrell Owens‘ option for a second go-around of his hit series. It seems Terrell will have a successful career off the football field too as the The T.O. Show has been a ratings hit for VH1 with an average of over 1.5 million viewers per episode.

As this is a show about Terrell’s off-season life, the series will resume production shortly after his 2009 football season ends with the Buffalo Bills. Season Two will begin as his one-year contract with the Buffalo Bills expires and he will once again be faced with the question of – will he back with the Bills or will he be looking for a new team in the off-season? He will also be exploring business opportunities for life after football and dealing with the women in his life.

Kita Williams and Monique Jackson, Terrell’s two best friends as well as his marketing and publicity team, are also returning to the series. In addition to molding Terrell’s image off the field they are also a formidable duo in his personal life that do their best to guide him in his personal life with sound sisterly advice.

“Terrell has been a great asset to the VH1 team and we’re thrilled to have him back for another season,” stated Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming and Production, VH1. “He is a compelling figure to watch both on and off the field and we hope to continue to watch his life evolve beyond football for many seasons to come.”

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  1. Paula says:

    Can’t wait! I hope his grandmother continues to have breakthroughs with her Alzheimer’s disease. That was truly heartbreaking to watch.

  2. JESS says:

    Oh jeez, T.O. Show wasn’t that great.

  3. T.O Equals Boring says:

    Well..I’ll be changing my channel everytime T.O. Show 1 airs–he doesn’t seem like a bad person–after seeing only few minutes of the first season show–it made me want to fall asleep! I hate slow documentarieis like these, and I hope VH1 doesn’t go back to their old ways of boring has-been documents and music that just sucks and “I Love 80s, 70s, etc.” marathon craps! I like the new “Jerry Springer” reality shows that you’ve done; since VH1 introduce us first to Surreal Life…follow late by Flavor of Love!

  4. Shelly says:

    Bring it on…yay!!! Delishousness to the highest…

  5. Tureana says:

    TO I hope you have a good season with the Bills,,,,I’m from Roch, NY and the we need any excitement …LOL

    Well since Bills are not playing redskins this year…that sucks. I guess I have to come into the snow. I plan on being there…I’m stuck in the middle of Redskins, Cowboys, Ravens and Eagles territory…But I have always supported the Bills no matter how ???well lets just say I have been a fan since I was stationed overseas in Germany.

    Enjoyed the show especially with your grandma, I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer so I feel your pain on that. However I was able to see another side of you that was never portrayed by the media.

    Always an arrogant man was shown…loved Kita and Monique, but the ^)#@$&(^+*@^+*) for tat thing was over the top.

    Lastly, enjoyed the show if you’re ever in DC stop by and say HAY!!!

  6. Lenita says:

    T.O. was great this first season! I watched it with my daughter who’s 10 and we spent time discussing how someone so famous can be a great role model at the same time. T. O. has heart, struggles like everyone else, and knows how to be a true friend. When he finds the right woman he will know it. My 10 year old says he just hasn’t met her yet. Have a great football season T.O!!!!! Take it one day at a time and do your best!

  7. tiffany says:


  8. PamM says:

    The first season was awesome! It was refreshing to see T.O. mature into the man his grandmother raised him to be. It was surreal to see him react to his relationship with his publicists (Monique and Kita), his father, his family especially his grandmother, and to realize you can’t truly love more than one woman. I’m praying God will bless him with the “right” woman for him because the two on the show, Kari and the “crazy woman who got in his place” are certainly after his money. That’s obvious with the pressures of commitment in a short period of time. Pray and ask God to send you the woman he will bless you with and not allow anything to make that decision for you other than God.

  9. Kristy says:

    I can’t wait for new season I love the show

  10. Kim says:

    I’m all for it!!!! I think it was a good choice on the season 1….it showed that there is another side of a person once they step off the field and most important it showed that even tho a person might have millions at any moment their life can change just like that….BRING ON SEASON 2…Go Bills!!!!

  11. Shaunta says:

    I do like the T.O show. I’m dating a basketball player and sometimes I don’t know where his head is. I watched the show with him abut 3 weeks ago and he wanted me to turn it off. But I told him I really like it, so we watched it. I saw him looking at me as I watched the show. Mainly because every since he signed it’s been alittle weird, but not much he’s still his same self just that pratice seems to be very important to him that he forgets little things about me. So this show helps me alot, I’m still hanging in there, but it’s not easy cause where in different states and I’ve been travel with him alot. But I quess we will see what happens within the next year with us. Is he worth the fight or should I just walk away??????????///

  12. Kleigh says:


    I love you…will you please be my big papa…lol

    Go Bills!!!!!!

    xoxo K

  13. Kleigh says:

    You haven’t met the right woman yet because the right woman is me…email me back…

  14. Jamie says:

    I am a 45 year old stay-at-home mom and I live in one of the towns south of Chicago. I would say that I have led a pretty sheltered life, however, I would profoundly embarrassed by the actions of many of the people of my race – I believe that there should be harmony between all Americans, especially right now.

    What I would like to express is this – I admire the whole entire staff of the T.O. Show, although, I would greatly appreciate if in the future you would recognize that almost all Americans who are not blessed to have a carrer such as T.O., so, please take that into consideration before champagne is thrown around and expense gifts are bought.

    Love all of you,

    God Bless

  15. Nicole Carroll says:

    I am a 67 year old disabled woman, tv is my life as I am home 24/7. I really have enjoyed getting to know T.O., I think that he is a fine young man, very handsome with a good heart. I will be waiting for the second season and I will also be watching more football this season and that is including the Buffalo Bills.
    I am still a Dallas Cowboy fan and wish that he was still here.
    Thanks for the good tv
    Nicole Carroll

  16. redgirl says:

    I truly enjoyed the T.O. Show. Terrell is a truly nice guy. I wish him all the best and just cannot wait for season 2. I just hope that the show continues to be classy. I watched the MTV awards tonight and watched Kanye West be a total _+@`^@@&^)`(&$& I thought to myself that i cannot wait until the T.O. show. A show where i can watch an african american male with money and class. Kanye is such an attention seeking _+@`^@@&^)`(&$& hole. Hurry back T.O. Hurry!!!!

  17. Kassi says:

    I am glad that the T.O. show will be returning! I, myself, am an Alabama native-not far from his hometown. Because of this “small town” connection as well as how genuine of a person he seemed to be from the first season of his show, I look forward to supporting him in this endeavor as well as all of his future adventures! To hell with what my husband and many others think about him!!!

  18. Evelyn says:

    T.O. we miss you here in Dallas, and so many of us feel that you got a bum rap from Jerry. We love the show and can’t wait for the new season. Good luck in Buffalo

  19. Orgil says:

    All the ppl here that say the show wasn’t good or interesting,why bother printing it here? then go watch something else.I really wanna applaud VH1 for this show cuz the episode with his Grandma was so touching I litteraly cried and I really like and fell in love with the person Terrel Owens himself outside the football field,he’s a really nice guy and please bring on season 2 as quickly as possible.Thank you VH1.

  20. foxcmoma says:

    I’m lookin forward to seeing the next season! I hope T.O Finds love but only he himself has to be ready to make that final call my his self. I was glad to see another side of T.O and not just what I heard, that’s why its always 2 sides to every story and u can’t always believe what people say. I enjoy watching the show n between running behind my 3kids(1of the kids is my husband). thats why the re-runs gave me an opportunity to catch. Have a good season T.O!!!!
    We love in Flint Michigan!!!!!

  21. krazy says:

    I love the T.O. Show, and glad to hear that it’s returning for a second season. After seeing him outside of football, I really like this guy. I hope him and Jessica get back together. They seem to really click. She is beautiful and independant. Love ya Mo and Kita.

  22. Jack says:

    Great in one way, but kinda sucky in another. I would like to see the drama, the good, the bad, and the ugly in him playing at Buffalo.

  23. Stephanie says:

    Its cool, I cant stand Mo and Kita. They are always in his business, let the man live. You cant tell him what to do and what not to do. Like last night I was watching the show and TO was out at the club chillin like you are supposed to at a club and they were seriously hatin! Get a life both of you!

  24. Renee Young says:

    TO is cool!

  25. T says:

    HATERS! T.O. was a hot way to show the realities of a celebrity football player and the real people that surround him. I don’t care what you say, I was hooked. Can’t wait for season 2.

  26. Tambi says:

    Can’t wait for season 2! LOVED every episode. All you haters out there. Don’t hate congratulate T.O. and his crew on a show well done!!!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    The fight between Kita and MO: Mo seemed unappreciative of Kita attempts to have a good weekend which led Kita to say it was “tacky”. i woulda said the same thing. dont do anything else for her Kita. Mo dont appreciate it AT ALL!

  28. Deborah says:


  29. Sandy says:

    T.O. reminds me of my youngest brother. I’m a girl with four younger brothers. The youngest boy and I got along very well, mainly because we didn’t know our fathers either and we were always playing dumb games just to past the time. Kyle (my youngest brother) was a star football player that never got the chance until his senior year in high school. That year he rocked hard core, always doing what no one else would do, Flying through the air just catch that ball and if he caught it before he was tackled he was like the wind, running as far as he could. Damn, it was a few years ago, but it still makes me excited and it makes me cry.

  30. tyquariusturner says:

    i love man me and you is ni love

  31. Sherry says:

    I am totally stoked that his show got picked up for another season!!!! Can’t wait! TO is da bomb. Nothing but love for the man!

  32. Michelle says:

    Whoooo hooo!!! Tell Terrell that he has fans in Trinidad and Tobago. Please don’t EVER let this show go away VH1.

    Mr. T.O. is so tall and chocolatey….mmmmmmm. Anyway, but seriously, he needs to stop playing the field (love-wise) and getting himself into messes with ingenuine girls. Find a girl who has some substance, is down-to-earth and understands your lifestyle.

  33. pg says:

    what is the name to the song on the episode on “what happens in vegas” when the male stripper strips for the women but what is the song in the background.

  34. Adam says:

    Love the T.O. Show!! It will be an even bigger season, dealing with his struggle for the Bills terrible season, finding a woman..but I wanna see more of his kids on the show. Show America he a family man.

  35. YoQueen says:

    Good idea I would love love love to see more of T.O.

  36. holly says:

    I think T.O and Kita should get together and see where it goes and just be a ware of the relationship already but I think they would be good

  37. squirel says:

    I can’t wait for the new season!!! T.O. is great on and off the field!!!

  38. deb says:

    I will no longer support any show that shows stereotypes of the black man with a white woman. It is a shame that our own men feel a need to justify their successes and feed their ego’s by selecting an uneducated, trailer park , docile white girl. Here he is from the deep south, where all the hanging took place and of course he goes out and gets the masters leftovers. please do not think in this day and age that as black women we are still considered the least desirable. Our men prove it everyday when they reach for the milk because they prefer it over the chocolate. They have been brainwashed to believe it is better. Black men wake up and black people wake up. If a white guy brought a black woman on his show, the ratings would drop, you know why? White people love themselves enough to not support outside their race. When will e be loved? Can I be a bartender and get a date with Terrell Owens?

  39. Emoney says:

    you should pick both of the girls. you like ice cream right. one white girl and one black girl. flavor flavor.
    show is great.

  40. krystal says:

    wats good how are u doing.

  41. Lady D. says:

    I am so excitedl, I am forever grateful for the show with your grandmother my mom also suffers with Alzheimer’s and we are always there to see her and remind her of the things we use to do. this was so touching to me.

  42. yadira says:

    yes!!! i loved the first season cant wait for the new one!

  43. hazmac says:

    When Does It Air.!? But I Cant Wait.!!

  44. Adrienne says:

    I think T.O. is a fine black man who I’d love to meet one day. I watched every episode of season 1 over and over and can’t wait for season 2.

  45. librachick says:

    The T.O. Show was excellent. Prior to watching the show I prejudged Terrell. Yes there is the T.O. element but I now know there is another side to this man. Looking forward to watching Season 2! BTW Love Kita and Mo!!!!

  46. BOOger says:


  47. hln051305 says:

    I can’t wait… I feel that T.O. deserves to have some good thing happen in his life. I love this show, T.O. has a very good heart and Kita Williams and Monique Jackson also are good for the show as well. Good Job VH1!!!!

  48. Shaken Not Stirred says:

    On the Episode where TO reconnects with his father in Alabama I could relate. My father mainly raise me but my biological mother neglected me throughout childhood… and now at 25 I strive to build a relationship with her… it’s hard… very hard but I commend you for doing that. First time watching the show today but I like it!

  49. Kay says:

    I am proud of Terrell he has really grown into a fine man, he’s matured. And I think it has a lot to do with his surroundings, Mo and Kita. They are a good influence on him. I would especially like to see he and Kita get together (date for real, establish a real relationship. She’s pretty and is intelligent and they have good chemistry together. Take it from me there’s nothing like BLACK LOVE, there’s nothing more passionate. Much success on season 2.

  50. donna says:

    Hi , I caught the episode where Terrell went home to talk to his dad. I am so proud of you ! It takes a real man to confront your past.. I am a grown woman in my late 40s …and oh my God…you are one sexy sexy man !! You can cry on my shoulder anytime!! I look forward to your next season on VH 1 ….keep them coming…mmmmmmmmm

  51. debra says:

    I am so sick of these DUMB BLACK MEN and trashy white, latino, mexican, asian and women of mixed race. They have no respect for Black Women and they Use black People to support their endeavors. I wish that people would not support them i.e Michael Jordan, RayJ, Kobe Bryant, T.O, Tiger Woods etc…

  52. Aon says:

    I just found out about Terrell’s show and I LOVE IT! I like the whole idea that he has two African American women working for him. Excellent idea. Since Terrell likes to date white women, it balances the show. LOVE IT. Plus, Mo and Kita are professional and classy women, however, Mo didn’t have to snap on Kita. Well, it could have been scripted. You can’t believe everything you see on these reality shows. I especially enjoyed the Bachelorette show. Funny. I like when Terrell busted up the party. Loved it. I was never a fan of Terrell Owens. I will now try to catch his games and TV shows. Keep the format.

  53. Denise Long says:

    The show looks good, great concept. To the ladies, Monique and Kita, you guys look good and you both compliment each other in your business. Also, hi to Monique and Victor, from the best sales %!*)$_`$^&%_`&! istant from the Bel Age Hotel, me Denise Long. Take care you guys and god bless each and everyone of you.

  54. La Tanya says:

    I’m glad that there will be a season two. I just hope he finds the right woman for himself thats going to be there for him and not for what he has. As we all know Money can’t by LOVE or HAPPINESS. Its all about the friendship, Trust, Faith in God, and believing in one another and working things out for the best. So Good Luck Mr. T.O

  55. Megan says:

    I love this show and I’m really hoping they have a second season. I think that he’s a very sensitive guy and he’s super cute :)

  56. Pri Kanwal says:

    Check out the above link- TO tweeted with Skunkpost this morning about the Bentley issue!

  57. 1badsteel says:

    Look T.O.I enjoyed your show and I know that you have been looking for love.This what I that feel and think ok.You and kita seem to be amatch in the making.Look man what better person too have that can deal with all of your flaws,history of background has a kid,relationships the whoooole thing.Sounds Perfect to me.But whoever and whatever man its your happiness.I think she would love too go that hi level with you.Peace upon you!

  58. Gina says:

    My husband and I love the T.O. show and are so glad that it’s coming back for another season. We are hoping to meet Terrell at the Drew Rosenhaus Super Bowl party next Friday night at the Hard Rock!

  59. veronica says:

    i love the show he is so real good & bad i am glad it is coming back his girls keep him grounded or at lease they try

  60. melissa williams says:

    i would like to know when terrells seson 2 will began.
    i just cant wait.


  61. KAWANISD says:

    T.O I love you show and you smile when ever you come to Cleveland Ohio email me I woul love to me you and see that sexxxy smile inperson


  62. Michelle says:

    When is T. O coming back on? The wait is killng me.

  63. Michelle says:

    I think it would be interesting for the show to include an episode with his children or at least where he talks about his kids, such as what he likes to do with them and how often he sees them. I understand some celebrities want their kids to stay out of the public eye, but famous people always seem more down to earth when they’re with their kids. I know he has at least two kids (Terique and a daughter), and I have seen websites claiming that he has another son, Atlin. He tweeted about spending time with his daughter and posted pictures. I look forward to season 2 of the show!

  64. bmac says:

    81 coming back for season 2 &_~^_+_“&#^!#`)% ya i am so so glad to here that get your popcorn ready

  65. Paul says:

    Thank you for giving your viewers an opportunity to express their views and opinions on your show’s content. But there is one thing that is a little difficult to understand about some of the viewers comments such as the viewer who commented on 12/21/09 who stated she is sick and tired, etc. If she has a higher intellect maybe she shouldn’t watch programming she considers beneath her. Does she really know Terrell Owens or any of the other athletes she mentions? Has she lived their life, or does what she know about them come from the media’s persepective. You may have a right to criticize if you had something to do with molding their character and not just buying a ticket or watching a television show.

  66. Maritza says:

    Can’t wait…Gots to be that smile!

  67. mizze says:

    I have to admit,I neva knew who T.O was till I moved to the US.I just adore this guy he looks so much like the guy I was seeing b4 I came to the US and their personalities are the same.I’m so thrilled about the new season I can’t wait.

  68. Sylvia says:


  69. tamika huff says:

    I love watching his show.Please vh1 , bring it back!!!

  70. Roe says:

    I can’t wait for season “2″ we miss seeing u T.O.

  71. Jama says:

    Why do people want T.O. to find love? He is a grown man who is very immature. That is why there is such a high divorce rate in this country. Marriage is thought of by many as a fantasy, when it actually involves two people working at nurturing a relationship through good and bad times.

  72. Melly Mel says:

    i love this showw….i wood really like to meet him and see how me click

  73. Carla Z. says:

    Wow I must say I had a dream with you that we were locked in a long passionate kiss and I must say I didn’t want to wake up, My God if you kiss anything like that in real LIFE may our path’s cross, cause I can’t get it out of my mind the way You reached for me and held me near. Anyway God Bless and be Good

  74. O.B says:

    Who is the the Juels a very beautiful woman. Will there me more of her in up coming shows?

  75. PAULA TURKSON says:


  76. Yolanda says:

    Yeah he has two black women working for him but want date one–F these uncle tom as nig—//I will not show my kids this bull—- that black men still are chasing the white women–maybe their mothers should havent–well I want say that–learn to love yourself–now i have no problem with people dating whom ever they want to–but over and over again the same show–majority white and two blacks–to end up with a white women–well you want get any ratings on this tv–

  77. Yolanda says:

    In 2010 Sale out nigga still exist-this is why the owner of the clev. cavs were so upset bc he knows that they still own niggas like ocho and TO so they thought Lebron was the same–wrong he has a mind of his own and clearly willing to use it—–I have never seen a white reality show with all blacks or asian or puerto ricans with only two whites–this screams I hate my color and myself–no ratings again–I watch last season to give my support but look what the black women get–black women we must stand for somethng or we will continue to fall for anything!

  78. Deb says:

    does anyone know what song plays during the season trailer that was featured at the end of the first episode?

  79. Mel says:

    I cried after watching Ocho and TO last night, as a black woman I feel so betrayed by our few brothers who are successful. They seem to literally hate black women, thus hating themselves and who they are. It’s so sad and embarrassing.

    …where did we go wrong?

  80. Joy says:


  81. TEE says:


  82. Duke says:

    U r a great baller, I never really liked your swagger, but seeing another side of you on your show, u seem like good people.
    Do yourself s HUGE favor, lose Kitas big mouth and Karis immature attitude from your life.
    Bet u good money, things will fall in place for u. Good Luck with your kids
    Peace !

  83. redlioness says:

    ok if both you and carried cheated she keeps thinking yur cheating and so how come she isnt the one cheating what makes her think that shes perfect she can cheat again too. I say something is not right about her, i dont care abt her color but i think you could find someone else that’s not on some game type stuff. i dont think shes the one for T.O

  84. renetta aka devus says:

    wow i think mo is obsessed of t.o i mean he did a good job baby sitting and she comes in being really rude to his friend she was just a friend and i dont know dude personally but i think hes a classy guy he was just getting some advice mo was wrongshe acts like t.o. is her man i wonder do she have sex with her huband and think about t.o because u can see hes picky and i dont think he would hve sex with th the kids and cameras there i dont understand her just because shes not that cute dont hate on the pretty girls the ohter girl is kinda cute she dont go hard like mo but but come on hes a chocolate hersey with nuts who can say no to that sexxyness!!!!!!

  85. Melinda Juhasz says:

    Hey There, I don’t know if you guys ever read this stuff but I thik you are Better off with Kari, dont let anyone tell you diferrent!
    Melinda Mariah Juhasz

  86. Nesha White says:

    I have never blogged before…ever, but I think the first episode of the T.O. show on season 2 is hilarious, so I got up out my bed to blog this. I was literally laughing my @_%)+__##%+!!`! off(LLM*AO! VH1 make sure you get to see the episodes with the re-runs and everytime I see the part where Terrell and Monique are arguing I burst out laughing! I guess I was in Afghanistan when the first season came out so I did not get to see that one. I hope to find it on this VH1 site. Thanx for the laughs!

  87. indigo says:

    T.O. I like you as a person and even more after seeing you with your girls on the past episode. I bit of advice from a professional mother and wife – who use to date successful men. You need to focus on your career and your children – skip the drama the ex-girlfriends are causing you — particular Kara. Kara is negative for you and not anyone that would stay committed to you. She is young and need more time to experience life and relationships while she is rushing you to make decisions. Your focus and decisions should be your children and career. The rest will come later. She does not encourage you on set or really say anything nice to you. And those tow publist or negative energy and give you bad advice — they just seem like groupies. I suggest getting a life coach and the publicity will come to you just by the positivity that you convey, after you get things in perspective.

  88. Sharina says:

    I just like to say I love the show! I just like to ask a question for Terrell Owens, which is relevant to our cultural because I am African American. Why do all black me that becomes successful and talented start dating white or Hispanic women? Terrell you can find a beautiful African American lady and it is difficult enough for great black women to find great black guy’s like you. Then intelligent, talented, and respectful guy’s such as yourself let those women come along and use sex appeal and innocent charm to get the wedding ring. Then when the relationship does not go their way,however, those ladies divorce men like yourself and take all of your funds in court. Why is it black men has a high rating of dating outside of their race after becoming successful? Do you feel insecure if you do not marry a white or Hispanic cultural female? This is not to insult anyone white or Hispanic, nor yourself and I am just a beautiful African American woman that is tired of biting her tongue. Sincerely, Sharina
    Sincerely, Sharina

  89. Hmmmm says:

    T.O. and Ocho choose women who would never choose them if they were not rich ballplayers. Stick with those who are sticking with you, not the ones the brainwashing media tells you to.

  90. Avery says:

    T.O. you’ve got to be kidding me! It’s obvious that you don’t know a good thing when it’s staring you in the face! The skinny sista that’s your publicist or whatever is the right woman for you. That Keri chick is a total loser. She has nothing going for her, and all she does is @@!$&@%**`))`$_!# and moan. Why am I upset though, you have a bad attitude, and I don’t think you’re a gift to any sista, so date all the ding bats your heart desires. You deserve the kind of losers you date! Grow the hell up!!!!

  91. beebee says:

    Hello Terrell I am a football fan also a fan of the show. i wish you the best in all that you do,try GOD in your decisions first in prayer for children and these women that you see also, God will see you thru all of this in life. i have a son in the football business so looking at you we are learning the ropes thanks.

  92. shantee says:

    Terrell i dont like your girlfriend i dont think she is good for you all you do is argue i do think you should date kita she is beautiful and i think you have chemistry sometimes what your looking for is already in your back yard

  93. Mark says:

    This is a great show. Mo and Kita are classy women. I think you and Kita should get together. You two are made for each other. Kita is so fine!

  94. Chen says:

    I love the T.O. show but everytime I see T.O. and his girl friend, they are always fighting or arguing. T.O. should dump that girl because she doesn’t really understant T.O. He is a changed man now and she need to be more patient and understanding. If she can’t do it so leave then. T.O. can find a better girl that her

  95. TISHA says:


  96. Tiffany Hill says:

    I enjoyed the 1st season of the T.O. Show and I am enjoying the 2nd season so far. The bottomline is this, Kari, needs to go, her game is the oldest game in the book. She wants a ring and marriage and it will not last. All he and Kari do is argue and a relationship like that will never work because their is no trust, no foundation and constant conflict.

    Terrell needs to continue his talks with his therapist because she is working thru some of his concerns. Complete himself and continue a beautiful relationship with his daughters because they keep him grounded and it shows the other side of him and how he wants to improve his relationship with his kids. Once he gets his issues with himself complete, then he will be able to commit himself to a relationship that is healthy and not full of drama and constant arguing like he has with Kari.

    Like Mo and Kita, they are perfect for him because they keep him straight. I also like his new )~_~_(^)!&&(`~# istant. She is exactly what he needs.

    When he is truly ready for love and a committed relationship, he will meet the right woman no matter what color she is. It is simply not Kari, not because she is white, but because their relationship is dysfunctional,it will not work and she is too young and will never trust him or accept his lifestyle. Get a lady who is already established in her own right and is comfortable with herself and her life. Get a lady who is not playing games and does not need to depend on you. Get a lady who trust you, no matter if you get have 10 women who say hello, she is comfortable in the fact that she has you and your heart and that she can trust you and you can trust her. And the most important part is that she is honest with you and you are honest with her. Honesty, communication, trust and love and key foundations to a good relationship, once you have those combinations, you will have the right relationship.

    Also, Kita, I do not blame you for dropping Joe, what an idiot. He does not deserve a 2nd chance. You will meet the right man who will be honest with you completely. Good luck girl. I also like the fact that you made him wait, I do that myself, if he is truly interested, he will wait. All women should try that.

  97. dawn says:

    Love the show TO watch it all the time.

  98. Tanya L says:

    I just wanted to say may god bless and keep you TO,i just recently started watching your show and i love it. To i think you and kita would be perfect for each other she is a good women inside and out, when you guys are around each other she makes you glow and you do the same for her.Oh and for all the those haters there is nothing wrong with TO being emotional i love a man thats not scared to show his true feelings

  99. Tanya L says:

    I just started watching the show but i love it,Terrell may god bless you and keep you…i wanted to say i you and kita make a perfect couple she is truly an amazing women inside and out i notice when you guys around each other she makes you glow and you do the same for her i think she would be the perfect women for you..and for all your haters theres nothing wrong with you being so emotional i love a man that shows his true feelings
    Love ya…..

  100. MS J says:

    t.o. please, please look right there in front of you for love. you don’t need to look any further than KITA, KITA, KITA WILLIAMS. she is soooooo perfect for you in so many ways. you all feed off each other. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

  101. dana says:

    Mo is jealous of kita as she should be!! Kita has more class. I cannot stand mo i wish kita had another partner!! Kita go above and beyond for that chick and all she do is crack slick. Please remove her from the show.

  102. Pauline Cunningham says:

    T O you need a real woman who will be able to deal with you and I agree with the other comments Kita would be perfect for you.

  103. real love is blind says:

    Hey TO

    Real love is right in front of you and you don’t even see it. You and Kita make a great couple. The chemistry is there. You both are made for each other. Just open your eyes.

  104. RENELL says:


  105. Bridgette James says:

    T.O. will propose to Kita at the end of the show. The chemistry is perfect. You guys belong together.

  106. Myra says:

    Okay…I thought this was the T.O Show not the KETA Show…she is so fake and dramatic…Everyone that comes in T.O sight she has something to say…I love MO..she is all about family and the welfare of T.O..and why would she say he like only white girls…I don’t get that when he past fiance was Indian…she is so fake and needs to be replaced….

  107. MEME says:

    Hi, T.O. I am also from Alabama, and I really love your show, because I think you keep it real meaning you don’t act fake, or forgot where you came from. I like your style and down home personality, and when you meet the right woman you will know it.

  108. Ms. T says:

    Why is the pregnant one getting in Kita’s business???She is so jealous because she is out of the loop. Nobody told her to keep having those kids! She does not want her to happy for real. She is one of those B’s that thinks she has to be one step ahead of females to be complete. She is trife!

  109. Alicia says:

    I really love this show.I always been a T.O fan.Its really good to see the actual man he really is,cuase he is an awesome football player.I love you too Kita,you guys are truelly close…….

  110. MS. TEE says:

    T.O. i just hope you find that one person that makes you happy!!!You deserve it!!!!!

  111. KRISTI PRATER says:


  112. mzclovely says:

    I am so praying that Kari will not accept T.O.’s proposal. She is so WRONG for him. What was he thinking? He needs to learn to stope making decisions out of pure emotion and looks and look for realistic qualities in his future partner. I don’t know what he is thinking when he proposed to Kari!!!! The person he should be really looking at is KITA… She is perfect for him. She is strong and knows how to deal with him. Besides trying to look pretty and have T.O. follow her like a puppy dog, Kari and T.O mix like oil and water. You can see he is more into her than she is into her. I think he should re-evaluate things and look at the person who has been in his corner and truly cares for him… KITA!!!

  113. TLw says:

    Kita s nt 4 u! an y’all stop hate’n on mo bc i think she a cool person she tell T.O wat he should hear an nt wat he want 2 hear. take care boo bc im here 4 u