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Jennifer gave it to Antonio straight, and she does us just the same. Below, she discusses her sharp tongue, her thoughts on Tully’s disparaging interviews and why by the time she left My Antonio, she was already over it.

How was your time on the show?

It was good. Some of the girls I met were cool, I still keep in contact with some of them. But I don’t like being told what to do, so being trapped in a suite for 16 days was nerve-wracking. It drove me crazy. It was a controlled environment, and I couldn’t leave and do anything as freely as I wanted to. It was always, “Hurry up and wait.” We’d be laying out, I’d have to go to put my makeup on and then wait for three hours for my interview.

You weren’t expecting that?

I guess I didn’t really know what to expect. When you’re in a house without phones and TVs and magazines and just a camera in front of your face, it’s just kinda…I don’t know, I was over it soon after getting there.

How did you feel about Antonio going into the show? Were you a fan?

I was open to meeting him. He was kinda good-looking, but I didn’t know anything about him.

It was gutsy of you to stand up to him before you left.

It wasn’t really standing up to him, that was just me. He was cool when the camera wasn’t around, but Antonio and I kinda got along more as a buddy-buddy type level.

Did you feel like your time was up?

No. I’m sure I probably would have stayed till the end. I had the personality to carry the show. I just couldn’t fake the funk. I didn’t want to be the fourth or fifth girl to make out with him. I think that s*** looks kinda trashy. The night before, I kinda flipped out on camera. You’re not supposed to look into the camera, but I did and I said, “I’m set. I want to go home. I don’t want to do this s***. I’m over it.” They told me to get some rest, and I was able to get a massage that day and work out. And then we had dinner, and even that was going well until Antonio told me to relax. That irritated me. Then I coughed and he called me a smoker. That wasn’t the day to push my buttons, and they put me right up next to him and his mom. I asked him, “You wanna keep going with this?” I was letting him know I wasn’t in the mood. Was it my time to leave? No, but I definitely didn’t want to be there anymore.

You seemed to really get to him during your exchange.

Because he’s Italian. I mean, I ‘m Italian, too, but plus he’s a man, and he’s probably not used to any woman talking to him like that. If you look at Tully and her pathetic ass begging to be with him, getting on her knees and s***, I mean, that’s just not the kind of person that I am. Maybe he’s used to that. So heck yeah, that pushed his buttons. Not that I was trying to. I was trying to get my point across.

What do you think of Tully and the choice words she had for you in interviews?

Man, that bitch…if I was to see her, I’d want to punch her in the face. Talking about me being a man? She’s a hatin’-ass bitch. She’s 46, looking like s***, getting on her f***in’ knees, just looking pathetic. Are you kidding me? Get a f***ing grip on reality. Saying I look like a man? Has she lost her mind? She’s crazy. Take your extra shot of testosterone? Yeah, that’s cool.

A lot of that stuff she said in interviews. How was it dealing with her in the house?

I didn’t like her, but I wasn’t hateful to her. I was nice to everybody, even that little girl Sarah. She was kinda freaking out. I was nice to everybody, but I was real with everybody. If I was having a conversation about you and you walked into the room, I let you know that I was having a conversation about you. Tully got on my nerves, so I let her know that. I couldn’t stand her then, I can’t stand her now. It’s so hard not to change the channel when she’s on the show, because she’s so ugh.

Speaking of Sarah, I loved the waffle argument.

I was drinking, so I was hungry. I made a waffle with cream cheese and syrup and that s*** tasted good. It might have sounded like it didn’t, but it did and I wanted to share it.

Did you have a sense that Christi was hired by Yvonne to bring down Tully?

Oh yeah, Christi was my girl. Brooke was my girl. Monique was my girl. And then Tania ended up moving over to our side as well. They didn’t show any of that, but yeah.

You cried during the hula challenge. Why was that?

Before we walked out there, they were explaining what we were going to have to do and that we should think about a story that happened in our lives, and that we were going to have to tell that. I didn’t know what kind of story that they wanted. Maybe it was going to be something I didn’t want to tell. I was a little bit emotional even before that. So it had nothing to do with Antonio. I was just freaked out.

Any regrets?

Yes, I swore on my mother about me being the nicest person in the house to Sarah. I was, but I swore on my mother and I shouldn’t have done that. Other than that, no, I don’t f***in’ take any of that back. That was 100 percent me.

What do you think about Antonio today? Any resentment?

Uh…no. To be honest, I really don’t give a f***.

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