My Antonio Recap – Episode 5 – 10 Things We Loved About This Week’s Show



In the great race of fruit, we have just one thing to say: go banana!

The first thing we loved about this week’s show was the first thing that really happened on this week’s show:

- Christi’s outburst


S*** gets real when a crying girl is willing to expose her breasts for her cause.


Well, most girls at least. Since Christi has posed for Playboy, this probably means a little less. But it’s still funny!

Anyway, the fight started because Christi was mad at Miranda telling her to calm down as she flipped out about Antonio “abandoning” them at dinner last week after Jen’s outburst. This show is outbursting at the seams. In this confrontation, Miranda played the straight woman to hilarious effect, asking, “Does anyone know how to work this oven?”


Domestic sisterhood is apparently too strong a bond for Christi to ignore the request for help, so she fiddled with the oven and berated Miranda at the same time (“Listen, I don’t know what’s going on between me and you…”).


Miranda explained that all she was trying to do was keep Christi from making an ass of herself. “You had a lot to drink tonight,” added Miranda. “No I didn’t,” said Christi who at this point was clearly too drunk to remember how drunk she was just moments before. This face-to-face ended with Miranda calling Christi “sloppy drunk.” As if interested to prove just that, Christi then ranted and flashed her boobs and slurred, “How daaaaare her!” and threatened violence (“I wanna knock that bitch out right now! I wanna knock that f***ing bitch out right now!”). Meanwhile…


…Miranda let everyone know how much she had invested in this silliness. Leftover turkey was more exciting. Classic.

Christi was finally calmed down by the perpetually level-headed Brooke…


Brooke later interviewed, “It’s all so bizarre.” Indeed. That’s the point, right?

Continuing on, the next thing we loved about this episode was…

- Antonio referring to himself as “Papa”


…as in “Hello, Papa’s home!” Lucky for them, the girls would later in the episode get to see just how big Papa is.

- Tony Says


The only thing more absurd than a “Simon Says knock-off” (according to Brooke) forming the basis of a reality TV challenge is that it worked! One-by-one the girls were eliminated because he didn’t say, “Tony says.” Absolutely amazing.

But let’s not chortle too much — this is serious, per Antonio’s all of a sudden serious expression when he informed them, “You’re gonna have to do what I say.”


This childhood throwback isn’t kids’ stuff, OK?

In the end, it came down to Tully and Brooke, and for Brooke’s reluctance to grunt while running and punching the air, she ended up losing it to Tully. Tully attributed her success thusly: “It’s ’cause I still know how to follow your directions!” It’s really nice that we were able to get a snapshot of their former marriage via a game typically played by kindergarteners.

Fittingly, Tully’s reward was a mini-game of house:


She told him she’s grown up and he said he saw the change. Also featured:


Dimple violation. But it was mature dimple violation. That’s the difference.

- The contagiousness of spying


You know how Christi was put up by Yvonne to get the dirt on Tully, and ever since than she’s been “Go-go gadget endearment!” and, like, peeking around corners and stuff? Yeah, it’s caught on, as the other girls got an eyeful of Antonio’s hammock date with Tully:


At one point, Brooke seemed to grow bored at the reality show unfolding before her eyes: “By now, he woulda kissed me 10 times, so this needs to hurry up.” I feel bad for her that she didn’t have a TV screen in front of her to throw something at. That’s a drawback of the medium of live performance, I guess.

But, on the other hand, thanks to the spying, we were privileged to some inspired commentary:




I don’t think anyone could have said it better than that.

In the end, Autumn told Tully about the spying. Why, you ask? Uh, why does anyone do anything? That isn’t even hypothetical. I’d really like to know. Why, everyone? Why?

Tully said that she wasn’t crazy about being spied on. “I didn’t have any privacy on my date? That kinda sucks.”


Shhh! Nobody tell her that her date was filmed for TV broadcast. Seriously, I don’t think she could handle it.

- Letting your heart guide your hands


Forever, we will refer to this episode as “the one where the girls got to sculpt Antonio’s pee-pee.” Christi found the prospect delicious.


As a result of this challenge, of course…


…hilarity ensued. It’s probably doubtful that Antonio had exposed his actual prosciutto, as there was a stray shot of him adjusting…


…what? A Speedo? A thong? A micro-jock strap? Some kind of fabric. But you know, sometimes creating the illusion of nudity is just as effective as actual nudity. I learned that from America’s Next Top Model.

Here’s how the resulting sculptures turned out:


That’s Jessica’s.


That’s Tania’s. On his interesting platform, she said, “This is a pyramid and you’re my pharaoh on the top.” Last episode, Tully was accused of treating Antonio like he’s her pharaoh. Are we being set up for something here? Could it be that the My Antonios are going to Egypt? Please?


That’s Autumn’s, which got props for its inclusion of the bed and, thus, completeness.


And that’s Tully’s. The mound on top of him is supposedly her riding him. Kind of unflattering on her part. I hope this is a reflection of poor sculpting and not self-image.



She’s the only one who did sculpt Antonio’s pee-pee. I guess she’s the authority. Thanks for the (considerable!) scoop, Tulls!


That’s Brooke’s.


And that’s Christi’s. In the end Autumn won, and so did Christi. I think the abs pushed her over the edge. Antonio announced that they’d share a “two-on-one” date with him. So, basically, he’s the real winner in all this, yet again!

- Tony Sabato’s Disco Party Tonight™


I’m slightly disappointed that he didn’t rock a leisure suit or even so much as a butterfly collar. But, at least his ladies were more than happy to get down (tonight).


The back-biting for just minutes with Antonio in this very public space was reminiscent of that which happens on a dating-show premiere. Which is to say that no one’s any the wiser since they started filming this show. Not surprising, but notable all the same.

Anyway, Christi came knocking on Tully’s door…


And then she found herself in the position of having to defend herself when Autumn wanted to do the exact same thing…


And then, awesomely, she both trashed…



and praised Autumn…


And then, most awesomely, Tania called her out for being two-faced:


That Christi. She’s a busy reality bee. Always into something. Especially throwing Tully under the bus, as she did when Yvonne arrived to get the dirt.


Christi told her about Tully still living with her parents, and surmised that she was pursuing Antonio again for his money. Mama Sabato seemed very pleased with this information. Christi seems to have mistaken that for genuine affection, but I think this screen shot says everything you need to know about how Yvonne feels for Christi:



- “You can’t be on the red carpet with Antonio and say, ‘I’m down with dat.’”


Tully’s criticism to Jessica was sort of standard reality TV nastiness, although it did give the opportunity for Jessica to unleash on Tully (and, I guess, let her know that Christi’s been spreading her business)…


“You live with your parents. How old are you? You don’t have a real job!” Jessica let her know.

But best of all was how it all ended:


Best argument post script ever!

- The fact that Christi and Antonio are looking forward to a life on boats…


At least, if their two dates are any indication. Oh, and what’s up with Autumn being so squeamish about kissing?


“Oh here we go again with this kissing stuff,” is how she put it. How…young of her. I wonder if a feisty one-on-one game of Tony Says could do wonders in catching her up to speed.

- Dessert!


For the first time, it was actually served!


And Antonio loved it!


Well, he probably loved the idea of it, at least. I can’t imagine those abs allow much room for tiramisu.

- Yvonne vs. the spider bite

So, Miranda sat out most of this episode because she was contending with a spider bite.


And, like, fine. It’s a tropical location, whatever. Not so unbelievable. Yvonne, however, seemed to imply that Miranda was being a wimp.


“Did you have surgery? What if you got bit by something really serious? I’m wondering?” I don’t know, a spider bite sounds pretty damn serious to me. What is she even asking here? What if Miranda were bit by a cobra? Then she’d be paralyzed. What if she were bit by a shark? Then she’d be missing a limb. I mean, I don’t even get what Yvonne was getting at, and I’m a big supporter of her routine ball-busting.


So Miranda actually said, “Like what?” Yvonne responded, “I don’t know. Maybe a beeeeee?” She sounded a little like Mrs. Garrett, truthfully. I think someone’s tiramisu was a little more soaked than everyone else’s, if you get my drift.

- Jessica


Not only did she give us, “Tully, she’s naturally a bitch,” but she also handled being eliminated with extraordinary grace. Antonio told her, “I don’t think there’s a connection between us and I feel like you might be too young for me.” And what did Jessica do? She hugged him…


…told him, “Good luck, I hope you’re happy,” and left without any seeming resentment. She may be young, but her display was anything but. Maturity, what’s that? Who’s he?

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    This is the stupidest show ever. Take it off the air!!


  2. Jo says:

    “LINDA”, you fail at life.
    Awesomeness. I love that Antonio faked the naked thing!
    Christi’s such a $%&!^&@&*!@$^!“^ Good for Tania for calling her out.

  3. Desiree says:

    First I just wanted to say I love Antonio, but tonight when i watched the show with my mom. She and I got upset when the subject came up about a spider bite. When Antonio and his mom laughed, like it wasn’t serious. First of all there are people out there who are deadly allergic to bug bites. Some have to carry shots around with them in case their bitten. If they don’t, they can die. My sister is one of them. So please don’t make fun of it because it offends people, when they watch the show..



  4. vinny says:

    the only reason i watch this stupid show is 1. my girl thinks antino is hot and 2. i wanna see one of these girls boobs fall out. otherwise i’d rather eat broken glass.

  5. Tina from California says:

    I love Antonio, he is so hot. And may the best lady win. If only it were me.

  6. BettyAnne says:

    I watch the Rock of Love shows, and loved them so there I was hooked on reality (never cared for the Bachelor) but this show makes me question if Antonio, his mother and his ex wife brought something together…I watched an interview today online for VH1, and Antonio said he has not reviewed/watched the show yet, has he seen how Tully really comes across? Or is that object of the game…Yeah I watch it, but I feel sorry for the gurls who actually might stand a chance and are honest…good tv lol

  7. BettyAnne says:

    I feel for these ladies, it is so obviouse that Antonio and Tully are making bank at the girls expense, I mean really who has heard of them lately? and for what?
    But, it makes GREAT reality tv! I love it! (cause I have no life lol)

  8. Daniel massie says:

    I THANK VH1 SUCKS WITH SHOWS BECAUSE ACTORS AN SINGERS AN COMDYS HAVE USE THEM LIKE A NETWOK TO FINE WOMEN . WHAT TO OLD VH1 ? An as far as antonio sabato jr goes him stupid hard rock you had on there if look love they save them money they to matchmaker internatonal find someone two love ! I think vh1 is just sucks any more do lack think an programing when do shows like this ! What to the music? Let the singers an the actors an comdys an who everelse go fine love someelse stop DIRT UP CABLE TV WRITH WRITH STUPID SHOWS !.

  9. BBEB says:

    I think Antonio is hot but there is no brain. 1. Why would u even allow ur ex wife to come back, i would’ve kick her as from day one, She’s a manipulator who is running low on funds and need money.

  10. Linda says:

    I really, really love Autumn. She’s my favorite character. I think it is hilarious when she tells Tully about the spying and I love how she handles herself on the date. Clearly not desperate and so down to earth! If I knew her she’d be my homegirl.

  11. Kat says:

    Just choose your mother….
    I can’t believe her spider remarks. Obviously she doesn’t know anything about bug bites. Spiders can be just as deadly as poisonous snakes….just sayin’.

  12. Carla says:

    Christi is such a child! I’m ready for her fake boobs and injected lips to leave. I’m rooting for Brooke, though I do have a soft spot for Tully. And I agree- spider bites can be a big deal- mom was out of line!

  13. Shayla says:

    The casting is extremely underrated for this show. It is great! Tully is great, the girls are all fun (and sort of crazy!) in their own ways, and Yvonne is absolutely evil and I love it.

    And Rich, I don’t know if you will answer, but who are your top 5 Vh1 contestants of all time? You always have interesting opinions. And how is Megan doing?

  14. Becky says:

    I just want to say that I think it is B.S. that Antonio allowed 2 women to win the sculpting challenge. Autumn obviously won, and Christi did not deserve a second date. She is a manipulator and she needs to go home. Same goes for Tully. She should be gone. She is getting better as the show goes on, but her reasons for being there are not certain. It may be for love, or it may be for money…I am glad that Tania said something to Christi too. Can someone let me know why sloppy drunk Christi was mad at the blonde with the spider bite. She was only trying to help her not make a fool of herself and she was all mad. That girl is nuts and should be next to go. I also agree with the comment about spider bites. Everyone reacts differently, and for them to make a joke of it was not cool. The Mom is a trouble maker.

  15. Andrea says:

    1 question…. Seriously where do you find these fruit cakes???? These “women” are not like anyone I have ever known.
    Oh…and I had to add… Antonio seems to be a sweet,sincere, thoughtful guy…..I hope Christi is the next one (LoL) voted off the island…hahahaha ….ooooopppssss wrong show!!!!!!

  16. JENNY says:

    Rich you are great! LMAO!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I think Antonio is so hot. But what is up with the blotches on his chest. Does anyone one know what this is?

  18. terrie98531 says:

    To me it looks like Antonio isn’t completely over Tully.
    How many guys do you know try to get into a relationship with another woman with their ex- wife hanging around?
    (with the exception of children being involved, which isnt the case here)
    IF Antoinio is sincere about ‘finding a new love’ he would have booted Tully off the first minute she showed up.
    Christie is a fool to trust Yvonne.
    I hope Brook ‘wins’.
    As for Autumn? Jessica was MUCH more mature that Autumn is. If kissing makes Autumn uncomfortabe and squeemish..imagine what sex would do to her.
    Seems to me that Antoinio’s and Tully’s careers are in the dumps and they are using this show to get their names back in headlines.
    Sadly, it is at the girls expense. If it were me, I would have rallied up the ladies and told Antonio that Real Chance of Love 2 is much more entertaining.

  19. Natalie says:

    I love Tully.I didn’t like her at first, but she seems more sincere to me than some of the other girls. She also carries herself better. Tania would be my second choice.I love that she called Christi out for being two faced. I hope Autumn and Tully buddy up. It would give her one friend in the house. I HATE Christi.I almost don’t want to watch the show listening to her. Hello! Mom hates you too,lol.

  20. Charline says:

    I hope Antoino does not pick Tully she is not the one 4 him. She doesnt have a job and now that she has a kid she needs the money to take care of her kid. I hope Antoino eliminates Tully A.S.A.P!!!!

  21. Sand says:

    Antonio should tell his mom not to be so rude. Spider bites can be very serious. I know someone who almost died from one. Mom is not so bright, a tad ignorant on the subject of spiders.

  22. Tori Lyn says:

    I dont know about the rest of you but I seriously hope antonio doesnt choose tully. I can see right through that game-playing women!

  23. Tori Lyn says:

    OK, I dont know about the rest of you but I seriously hope and pray that antonio does not choose tully!!! I can see right through that game-playing women!!! Antonio deserves alot better!! He is such a sweetie!!

  24. Amy says:

    I love the show! Go Tully!! Christi has got to GO, hes to good for her!

  25. GeorgiaRuleSamLover says:

    I like Tully

  26. Ceekay says:

    This is such a waste of TV time; each and every episode includes a substantial segment with Antonio and Tully. What a waste for all the sincere and beautiful other ladies. They really should rally and do a total walk-off! Just as Meagan’s show was canceled, the producers of this show should cancel, as we all KNOW it is going to end with Antonio and Tully together. He may “choose” another woman in the end, but he will, a week later, say that they don’t really “mesh” and get with Tully and all the cash they and his mother made per episode.Isn’t he short and kinda stumpy, anyway?

  27. Rhonda Lalonde says:

    I found an article where Frank Howarth, an entomologist (which is a person who studies insects) discusses the highly venomous spiders of Hawaii.

    Howarth said there are four venomous species of spiders on the Hawaiian Islands. 3 are from the Black Widow family. The fourth is the Brown Violin Spider or Mediterranean Recluse. Widow venom, is a neurotoxin that affects the nervous system while the Brown Violin venom attacks cell tissue. Medical attention is required in the event of a spider bite. If one is unsure of what bit them, Howarth recommends airing on the side of caution and seeing a Physician “just in case.”

    My point is Yvonne should get her facts straight and do a little research before cutting Miranda down at the dinner table. She mocked Miranda for seeing physician about her spider bite when Miranda did the right thing and was not being a suck, a neurotic freak, a slacker, or anal-retentive as Yvonne seemed to imply with her condescending.

    Miranda was simply acting responsibly and with self-respect by honoring herself and taking care of her health. Good for her. She probably uses condoms too! What dignified woman would have the audacity to find fault with that? Yvonne failed here on two counts: based on proper etiquette, dinner table conversation is supposed to be light and convivial! With a dinner companion like her, I’d drop a quick 10!

    Yvonne owes Miranda an apology for being so disrespectful and that her rude behavior was derived from her blatant ignorance about the venomous spiders of the Hawaiian Islands. Own it Yvonne!

  28. Marsha/Marshy says:

    If Christi can’t handle her liquor then she shouldn’t be drinking in the first place,threating to beat up Miranda,when Miranda was doing is trying to help you,I know if she was on Flavor Of Love,Rock Of Love,Real Chance Of Love,and For The Love Of Ray J that she will would have to seriously eat those the words,cause they will come out swinging than any wrestling match that put the fans to sleep.She have told Tania that Autumn needs to back off of Antonio or she will knock her out, I am like Who in the world you think you are, Antonio is being surrounded by women other than you,you need to calm down before you do something that you may regret that may get you kick off the show,so come on down to earth,When Autumn was on her date with Antonio that Christi told Autumn thanks for ruining the kiss,it is like well didn’t you already kiss him on the first date.Just because she is a Playmate doesn’t mean that men should flaunt themselves to her side by leaving one girl to come into your arms.

  29. Kris says:

    I agree that Yvonne was very rude to Miranda concerning the spider bite. She owes her an apology, but we all know that it will never happen. FYI, I thought Antonio should have split the dates like he did with all the others. I like Autumn because she’s being a lady and is not trying to get in his pants! And I don’t feel she got a square deal on that. Especially since that slut Christie had already been on a date with him. And I don’t know what the requirements were to get on the show, but for Tully to just show up and him not IMMEDIATELY getting rid of her butt, really makes me think that this is all just a publicity stunt, at the expense of these other girls!

  30. Michelle Arevalo says:

    I think this is the worst display of how a woman should be treated. I think his dominating attitude is not attractive, and his arrogance is annoying but the girls fit the typical realty I want me to get on TV persona.
    He doesn’t want to find love he wants to boost his career. End up with Tully like you meant and quit lying to you self and those other girls. you obviously have a genuine connection. She is good on reminiscing but you need to focus on why things went wrong and why you are divorced from her.

  31. Kelly Renee says:

    Antonio is so sexy! im curious about his tattoo’s? one looks like a moon with ???. anyway i hope that the best woman gets 2 be with him. just waiting 2 see the rest of the show and of course the end of who he finally chooses what a lucky girl 2 get him! congrats 2 the winner whoever she may be. oh ps, girls please act like your brain works why dont you focus on being kind hate the arguing and do something sweet for antonio go out and buy him a present! maybe he would like that. make the show more better. xoxo
    ps, the sculptures are hard 2 make congrats 2 the two winners i couldnt make anything out of clay or whatever yall used. lol ok bye—bye

  32. iowa says:

    OMG are you kidding me? This Antonio needs to stop at modeling because he sure cant act nor know how to treat woman. I cant believe these woman are acting like this for him on TV. This show is an absolute JOKE… PLEASE take it off the air..

  33. mdrs says:

    go brooke! the only woman with class and looks. i think anotonio is just having a good time. everyone knew what they signed up for. the only difference is this show has a bit more tact and it’s in hawaii – the best place in the world!his ex is pyscho and if he does not see that then i feel sorry for him and mom.

  34. renee robinson says:

    He should take his ex-wife back. The chemistry is still there and she deserves a second chance. it appears that the mother was the cause of the failed marriage.

  35. Jazmin says:

    Antonio, im sorry to say, but you will never find the kind of love you are looking for by making a competition of women fight for you. You are only hurting yourself and hurting those women. You seem like a very great guy, but no one should go through competition for anyone. By watching your show, I can tell that these girls are not what you are looking for. You are making a very big mistake- Jazmin

  36. Lizzie says:

    My gut instinct tells me that this is NOT real – Antonio is definately not looking for love! It is all about making money; and Antonio, Tully, and his mum are in on it! He will pick Tully at the end, and as we saw on a preview, the mum will stop the wedding and/or later we will hear that the two did not work out!

    Anyone wanna make a bet-:)))

  37. ealexander says:

    I believe that tony was not being fair on the double date,he got up and walked away,when autumn came with a snack for all of them.Just because she doesn’t want to kiss without knowing something about him first is so what’s keeping penicillin very good price on the market.He should want someone who at this young age,doesn’t want to rush(then agian he’s not getting any younger? )I still like the show in whole.I hope he really finds someone to start a real happy relationship with and maybe have their wedding for real on t.v,not the fake one.


  38. Cricket says:

    I think this whole show is crap. It’s all a set-up, and Antonio will end up with Tully. As for the spider bite, I got bit by a brown recluse 6 weeks ago, and am going to the emergency room tomorrow because it has invaded my tissues and caused cellulitis. The mom should shut her mouth. It’s very serious and painful.

  39. Marsha/Marshy says:

    There will be a My Antonio 2,cause he has sign on VH1 multiple reality show, mark my words.

  40. Robin says:

    This show BLOWS.. This dude is SO into himself and he wonders why the only kind of women he can get are women like TULLY. That is NO PRIZE. He is all looks and NOTHING ELSE. He and his momma need to run away together and leave VH1 ALONE.. HE wont commit to anyone on the show its clear that the MOMMA doesnt like anyone. HOW dare her for making fun of someone who was bitten by a spider. That is so nasty. That woman is a monster. She is ugly, mean, rude and a narcissist whos in love with her own son. She is GROSS!!!!

  41. yane says:

    tully is the bestttttttttt for you
    i can’t stand christi

  42. VANESSA from tucson says:

    I like this show but you are all nuts. I was with my boyfriend for 12yrs before he left me for some other girl.I know deep down inside if antonio didnt love tully she would of been gone alredy.I got back together with my man so I know whats going to happen Christi is triping if she thinks shes going to win his heart. I know antonio will end up with tully because love never fads when its true love. Thats why shes still there.

  43. Tiffany says:

    I am a very content, career-minded woman, single…but I love a good book. Ladies!! Check out Dark Posession by C Feehan. ANTONIO would make the perfect leading man in this book. This character wants only to please his “life mate”, he is PASSIONATE, OMG don’t make me thing about the love…my keyboard would be sweaty! ANTONIO???? IF YOU EVER WANNA PLAY MY “MANALITO”, FEEL FREE. YOU CAN TAKE ME TO ANY RAIN FOREST. I WOULD BE ABLIGED TO CONFORM AND WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE A PERFECT LIFE MATE CONNECTION. other than that….I’m gonna go clock in now. Pax.

  44. Yoli says:

    Autumn was cheated and mistreated but I don’t think she’s missing much by not being with him. She’s clearly a “good girl”, not his type and never belonged there in the first place. I think we should all be happy that she will not continue to be subjected to living in a house with those horrible women! Especially Christi whom I positively hate! She’s just desperate for a celebrity husband with $$. I think she’s a psycho who’s off of her meds and not his type at all! Tania screwed up by being aggressive! She had him impressed on the first date. She blew it when she whined about not being kissed and forced herself on him. Was I the only one that saw the look on his face?! I have no sympathy for her.

    Men don’t like aggressive women! I don’t see Antonio as a good catch. He has terrible communication and resolution skills. Every time he disagreed with the girls he chose to walk away instead of handling his business. Brooke is a sneaky, 2-faced, back stabbing ~##_)*$+@&+!`~!_` She pretends to be everyone’s friend to gain an angle, and then she talks behind their backs. Think what you will about Tully but she was right, none of them are good for him! His Mom is a major ~##_)*$+@&+!`~!_` too! She’s extremely critical and very shallow! Typical Mom thinking no one is good enough for her son. Antonio is a major Momma’s Boy and way too Hollywood with his ego. None of the dates appealed to me except the boat date with Christi. I wouldn’t do any of the things he considers fun.

    I think he’s subconsciously suicidal. I wonder if he spends any time watching the tapings after the show. To be honest I hope Tully wins just to spite Yvonne because she’s so rude to her and the other girls. Christi is stupid to think Yvonne will like her if she tries to get Tully kicked out. She just told Yvonne what kind of person she is, she will turn on her sooner or later! I plan to watch it to the end because I really want Tully to win. So far she’s playing her cards right but the overly emotional, girly tears needs to stop! I also agree that Jessica was butchering the English language. She was very beautiful but extreme White ghetto!

  45. shenique says:

    i think antonio and his ex-wife should rekindle thier romonace…the chemistry is obviously still there….

  46. US_DOJ_Gov says:

    Antonio seems to be searching for Love, because he never received any Love from his mother, Yvonne, while growing up.

    Yvonne does not have that nurturing quality about her.

    Yvonne seems very cold & distant.

  47. pasha says:

    Dear Antino i hope you read this e-mail. I think that the playboy girl is so fake and you should let her go. Also your mother is to noisey and it is about you and the girls after all your not marrying your mother. I think you should be with tully she has more to offer you and her heart is with you, she needs a second chance. Far as the nurse she needs a corp. man somebody like her daddy. If you really want love and happiness and love Tully is the one i have watched the show. Do not be scared by the past god brought you tully for a reason go for it.

  48. maria from the bronx says:

    i hope antonio choses tully, shes hot! and i know she’s got what it takes to handle yvonne.

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