Eddie And His Boys Hit The Gym, Hit On Ladies


Check out this bonus clip from this week’s episode of Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke, in which Eddie uses the whole no-sex-before-boxing rule to his great advantage. It’s quite masterful, really — he’s flowing like a butterfly and he isn’t even in the ring.

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  1. V. Barbara says:

    We adore Eddie, but we REALLY love his Mom. She is hilarious and it was a great idea to have her on the show. Love seeing her get all in Eddie’s business, grill his dates, etc…but what we also love Eddie is the respect you show her as your Mom. You are grown, but you still show your Mom respect, and we love that. Hope this show stays on air. Wonderful concept.

  2. MAN UP says:

    man the girl was fine but u see her n the vido the girl was not looking at the fat boy thay was look at eddie.by the way the fat boy lost the mach he did not get a hit in he got his ~&`_*#**_$@(~&^ kick because of the girls and eddie