So Wait, Bobby Brown Survived A Drive-By Shooting?


Above is an extended interview segment from Bobby Brown‘s Behind the Music (premiering tonight at 9/8c), in which Bobby recounts a harrowing time he was caught in the cross-fire of a drive-by shooting. He wasn’t just the King of R&B that day — he was the king of good fortune. Expect many more crazy stories like this on the show. It’s Bobby Brown we’re talking about — how could his stories not be crazy?

Also, don’t forget that you can chat with Bobby via your mobile device tonight at 12/11c.

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  1. rosetta fuller says:

    bobby i don’t care what anyone say u went through a lot we all do know one has a right to judge u but god u must have a praying gradmother or mother cause god got your back he loves u as 4 whitney she need to stop blaming u 4 everything that happen to her know like the drugs see we as a people got to blame our spouses 4 what we did wrong blame your self for what we put in our mouth bodies the relationship we choose get intomay god blessing u and new wife and the baby i’m so happy 4 u i pray u will get your reality show again lets together bobby good luck.

  2. Lisa Coleman says:

    First of all, I have to say that I love you as a performer (Bobby Brown).Before and while you were with Whitney, I prayed for you both because I loved her as well. But I don’t believe that there was a time that I tried to judge you guys because everyone goes through something in life and I’m just excited that the prayers prevailed and you and Whitney are getting your lives together. Keep going strong and the first concert you have in Florida-I’m there. One of your biggest fans!!!

  3. Globals says:

    all good things