The Celebreality Interview – Blonde Baller



Blonde Baller left behind plenty of unanswered questions when she was booted from Real Chance of Love 2: Why was she so eager to talk about her competitors? Why was she so upset when she was eliminated? Why was she targeted by the other girls? And who the hell is Dale? We attempt to get to the bottom of them in the in the interview below…

Usually the first question I ask is, “How was your time on the show?” But via your Twitter, and elsewhere, I think I already know the answer.

My time was not positive at all.

What leaves you the most unsettled?

The editing. They made me look like I snitched on Flirty. They didn’t show the date before that, when she was dancing with Real and sitting with Real at dinner. Flirty was talking about me for 35 minutes about how she wanted to take a Real chain. She told me she liked Chance as a friend. I told her to use her next date to get to know Real, that way if she got kicked off, she got kicked off trying for the guy she was originally there for.

We did see her specifically say that she wasn’t going to take a Real chain, though.

She said that she wanted to get to know him, but she didn’t want to take his chain and be a flip-flopper. That’s when I said, “Well, Mamacita did it.” And she said, “Oh!” After that, in the room, I told her, “Flirty, don’t back out,” she said she wouldn’t, that she was going to get to know Real. Then the next day on the bus, she said, “Oh, I like Chance again!” Whatever, dude. They just don’t show a lot of stuff, like Hot Wings’ dude calling and saying, “Tell her that her car payment is paid.” They brought that up in court and she said, “Well, it’s still in his name. We were together two years. We’re still best friends.” She didn’t pack up one time, she packed up three times.

What about the snitching issue?

We’re taped 24/7. How am I snitching on you when you told national television your business? The only reason I know your business is because you were open with it and you were open with it in front of a camera.

What struck me as odd about the situation with Classy is that it was OK for Chance to talk about her, but it wasn’t OK for you to talk about Chance talking about her.

Exactly. And the reason I talked to Classy about her ankles comes from the zoo date, when PS made a really nasty comment to me about my eyebrows. She said, “Who the hell does them?” I didn’t know there was anything wrong with them. If you watch, toward the end of the show, my eyebrows are colored in because Classy started doing that for me to help me out. And now that’s how I shape them. So I figured that if she helped me with my eyebrows, why couldn’t I help her with her ankles? I wanted to help her look nice for her man.

Although, you talked a lot about playing the game, and however you want to label it, if you talk so openly about the other girls, you run the risk of being called a snitch or made out to be the show’s villain. I mean, that’s the bigger game at hand.

The funny thing is that Mamacita’s up in her room talking to Chance about how she doesn’t like me, “BB said this, BB said that.” Hot Wings is telling him she doesn’t like me. Baker is telling him she doesn’t like me. So when they’re talking crap, it’s OK. Bu the minute I open my mouth, I’m snitching.

Yeah, and I guess that brings up the point that these shows thrive off of people talking about people. It’s like, the way you prove you’re the best, is by proving other people are the worst.

I don’t think that I was the worst, because I didn’t get a tattoo to impress a guy. I kept my morals. I’m not sleeping with someone to get ahead. I’m pretty sure I could have slept with Chance and stayed for the remainder of the season, but I just wasn’t willing to do that.

You’re one of the only girls we saw with Chance in his room.

Chance invited me up there. They made it look like I went up there on my own accord. He’s been criticizing me on Twitter, too, saying I have a flat booty. But if you look at the Chelsea Lately segment with them, he says, “Blonde Baller has a bangin’ body.” So now my body’s bad? He was feeling me, I just think it’s funny that he’s making it seem like he wasn’t.

After this week’s episode, you went on Twitter and unleashed. Had you felt sort of bottled up with resentment up to this point?

What I was more pissed off about than even being edited to look like a liar, is that when Chance and I were sitting at dinner, he asked me about Flirty and I told him that I didn’t want to talk about her, and he said again, “Girl, I asked you a question, you gotta answer it.” I told him I didn’t want to again, he asked me again and I said, “Well, Flirty…” and was made to look like I did it by myself, when he was screaming at me to answer the question.

Junk was eliminated for talking about you all the time. Did that make you even consider changing your behavior?

Well, I in no way like Junk at all, but it makes me wonder if Chance did the same thing to her. She did come down and apologize to me at one point. I was on the phone and she said, “I really apologize if your friend did die.” She had a heart, and I thought that was cool. So I wonder if Chance had her up in the room, asking, “So what do you think about Blonde Baller?” It’s not natural to continue talking about someone like she did. He could have been leading her the whole time. So I don’t get mad at her for that.

When did you stop being into Chance? Was it after you were eliminated? Because you cried…

During my exit interview, they asked me, “Why did you think you got eliminated?” And I just kept saying over and over, “’Cause I didn’t want to sleep with him.” After that, I realized that I could have someone so much better, and because so many guys are like that, they’ll break up with you when you don’t want to sleep with them, I started crying and said, “All guys are the same.” It wasn’t because I was leaving. I wasn’t feeling him after the tennis date. That’s when I really said to myself, “This dude is a total douchebag.”

You alluded to it before, but can you please explain the Dale/Courtney/dead friend thing?

They take your phone at the beginning of shooting, so I gave them a fake one and I gave my friend my real phone. We had a code word for when we were on the phone, “Disneyland” or something, and it meant “turn on my phone.” She turned it on, and said, “Oh, you got a text from Martha. Courtney got shot.” Courtney is a guy that I didn’t really know. That’s why he’s referred to as “Courtney from the shop.” We had played Pictionary at one point. I said, “Can you text her back? I’m really sorry to hear that.” We hung up after that. The Sunday before that, I had seen my best friend Brandon. He had lung cancer but didn’t tell us for a long time, and at this point, it had spread to 75 percent of his lung. I get another call saying Martha just texted me back, and did I know that Brandon died on the same day as Courtney. I started bawling. He was my best friend. Courtney was shot in L.A., he got buried in L.A. Brandon died in Orange County, he got buried in Michigan, where he was from. My friend Kat, who told me about both, also told me that her friend’s dad got shot in a Taco Bell, and since she believes that death comes in threes, she said we were going to be OK. So, basically, they show me answering the phone call about Courtney, crying for Brandon, and then later when I was talking to Junk, I told her that my friend’s dad got shot in an upper-class Taco Bell, my friend Brandon died of cancer, my friend from the shop got shot. It was all edited to make it seem like I was lying.

But who’s Dale?

I have all guy friends, so Brandon thought it was a bad idea to have my five really good guy friends – Sincere, Brandon, Jereese, Adam and Dale – all calling the house for me. So they decided that they’d all just say their names were Dale to make it seem like it was just one guy. Anybody I talked to was “Dale.” Brandon was the one you hear on the show telling me not to let the girls get to me.

Do you have any theories as to why you got such a raw deal?

I wasn’t like any of the other girls. You’ll never catch me naked or dressing like them. I don’t ever have my stomach showing. I’m not a stripper. I’m educated. I actually missed my college graduation to be there. I wasn’t an industry girl. The only one I did have anything in common with was Sassy, because she’s real. She’s been ganged up on before, and she saw that I was the one Chance would pick. It was like, what could they get on me? I wasn’t a stripper or industry, so what was there to pick on other than my words?

But why did that extend into the editing?

I don’t know. I hope it’s for a good reason. I hope I get the chance to go on Charm School and show that I can make a 100 percent turnaround.

So even after all of this, you would consider appearing on another VH1 reality show?

I have learned my lesson. I would love to go to Charm School and win $100,000 for not snitching. It would not be hard. I could not do the talking that I did and look like I made a 180.

Was there anything positive to be gained from this experience?

I didn’t have a MySpace before. I put it up like a month ago, and I already have 4,000 people on it. They’re all positive. I’ve had little girls say, “You’re my idol. I can see through the editing. You’re the realest.” So, the fans are a good thing to come from this. The ones who see me, the ones who stop me in the street and say, “Dude, I really, really liked you.” I’m just like, that’s really cool.

Keep up with Blonde Baller on MySpace and follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Jo says:

    I think Blonde Baller is pretty real…but her MySpace worries me.
    She puts this on prominently: (notice she spelled her own nickname wrong…)
    And then she has a banner for a Brittaney Starr thing? Yipes.

  2. Channie says:

    I don’t want to seem uberly critical, but I kinda still don’t buy her story. Something about it does not come off as very genuine. It seems like she’s spending so much time pointing the finger, and making slightly-unbelievable cover-ups than accepting the fault for the things that she did. Because no matter how good a production company edits someone, they CAN’T put words in their mouth, or make their limbs do some extra flailing.

    But, I do believe what she said about Chance, he’s just a douchebag that seems to like to exert his power over women, then degrade them after he’s done with them. I guess thems the breaks in delving into the world of reality TV dating.

  3. Shayla says:

    Blonde Baller is really cool and genuine. If I Love Money isn’t permanently canceled, I hope she’ll be on a future season. She didn’t deserve all the hate she got.

  4. fashion crackhead says:

    LOL….blonde baller whatever with that interview! my only beef with her is that she thinks she’s sooo hott…sorry gurl u gots no A%%!!

  5. jesse says:

    im so mad i don’t even want to watch the show anymore. I loved blonde baller those other girls are resist. And im a brown guy and im not resist from what i was watching all those girls ganged up on her so i hate all those girls.chance should have never sent blonde baller home she was awesome and pretty as heck.Now that blonde baller is gone im just ganna watch another show.

  6. maidenUSA says:

    i have respect for BB because she does seem like she was the only one that acted like a true lady in chance’s girls. I do believe those hoochies were just hating on her because she is white, blonde and backstab them but the thing is they put their personal life on blast and what should they expect when someone can use that against them. This ain’t no sorority house and these idiots need to realize not to trust other girls who are after the same guy. I never like chance, he always came off as a jerk and mistreats women. Good thing BB didn’t stick around and instead kept her morals, good for u girl

  7. avab1984 says:

    Blond baller is a fake person, how could u say that u did not want to sleep with him but then again u were tonguing chance. Girl u lied throughout the whole show and yeah a big %*@!*$`#$*_^&$& snitch is what u are. Who told u that u had a nice body because honey, I know they lied to u big time. Girl quit being a hater and a fake and maybe someone will want u at the end. You are a drama person who wants to talk about everybody and anybody.

  8. Damaris says:

    Dont sweat realor chance bcause reallook like a horse and chance hes just dippy

  9. AJ says:

    Avab. So have you not heard what BB is trying to say. Take Chance’s wiener (can’t say the other word) out of his mouth and listen to her entire interview and not pick out parts for you to hate on about the whole thing. I’m so sorry for what they did to you BB, but in these times you need to make a buck to support the crew’s families. I know that was messed up for what Chance did, but wtf did you expect from the bad boy wannabe of Urkel from Family Matters.

  10. L. Stash says:

    Upper Class Taco Bell?

  11. freda lott says:

    what the *@~&!)`%(!)#`%`( a upper class taco bell

  12. freda lott says:

    what the hell a upper class taco bell

  13. dj says:

    i love BLONDE BALLER!!!! everyone in the house are hating on her cuz shes the best! shes just following in the footsteps of MEGAN AND NEW YORK….lets let he haters help us get BB more famous and the jealous girls from RCOL2 can sit and WATCH!!!!

  14. whatever says:

    really BB you have no idea about the character of people. You said Sassy was real but she is the fakest one on there trust me. She runs around like she is a classy lady when in reality she is a stripper just like the rest of the girls and she tries to act like she isn’t. To make it even worse she isn’t only a stripper she’s a hooker. Ask anyone from Ypsilanti, MI they’ll tell you.

  15. Rodney says:

    Same here, I like Blonde Baller…but the only problem is that I don’t buy her story as well. Maybe she is trying to be the next Megan and New York. However, something tells me that she like the next Brooke Hogan where she disrepected Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

  16. joe says:

    upper class taco bell? restating that all these people got shot and stating it like 20 times that they got shot and 5 nigs been calling her, all her friends on myspace are nigs, she is probably the white girl that gets passed around a group of hungry nigs with money. 15$ for an autographed picture of blonde baller……umm ok. This days economy, her autographed picture ain’t worth it even for free. She would give me 15$ to take it and I still wouldn’t take it.

  17. Monique' says:

    I liked BB and I do believe that some of what she is saying was edited. From what Ive seen on the show chance seems like the type of guy who if you piss him off or dont do what he likes he will spread your business all over the place like a lil girl. What I didnt like was how everybody hated on BB but nobody went after mamacitas retarted ~~**(_*@~)^`%(+ in court. To me that was a deffinate win win and flirty is &(@&@&^+^^^`)%“ eyed as )($$+^+$^$++%`)$ and she really ant even cute. All I can say is BB keep your head up and next time maybe keep your mouth shut and not give a )($$+^+$^$++%`)$ about all those _+%$!+&*(!(^_`!%* es cause in the end like you kept saying it is a competition .

  18. wtf? says:

    No offense, but I couldn’t buy her story at all. It didn’t make much sense to me…

  19. Bre says:

    I do believe that at least some of what she said was twisted by editing. I definitely believe what she said about Chance.
    I wonder who the girls will go after now that BB’s gone. There always has to be that villian.

  20. Jeremy says:

    Upper Class taco bell…maybe where the people with money goes…I dont get her deal…

  21. Rachell says:

    lol upper class taco bell….I guess she meant that it was in a nicer, more posh neighborhood.

    I think Jessie was right, I think there was a certain about of resistism (ha!). BB seemed an easy target because she’s not loud, doesn’t get in people’s faces and I think that some black women (particularly the type that goes on real chance of love) are loud and feel they can easily dominate someone like BB by getting in her face, shouting her down and being just down right belligerent. Sometimes the only way to deal with folks like that is with a nice right hook.

    As far as Chance is concerned, is anyone at all shocked that he is talking trash about BB after her time on the show? This is his M.O… he pretends to be attracted to women for the show, but then demeans them and makes nasty remarks about them when they get booted off. God forbid BB relay a nasty remark that Chance made about Classy’s ankles. If Chance has such a problem with “snitches” then perhaps he should refrain from making mean, disrespectful remarks about these women behind their backs. If BB is a snitch, then Chance is a two-faced, gap-toothed closet case.

  22. skygaston says:

    umm that ^!+@~(`#~+@(@!$_^ is lying she know damn well what she is saying about flirty is not true she just sticking to her storey real good thats all i am a big fan of the show and i dont miss a episode and i know what was said so blonde baller or whatever she wants to be called i sure hope its not kip lmao but if i ever met her in real life i would beat her +)$(^%!`)!_)~#_ my damn self for being such a lier ya heard me ha ha ah ha

  23. jessicalopes says:


  24. DJ says:

    Chance made a mistake by getting rid of BB. Flirty isn’t cute and showed no intelligence on the show. Then she had the nerve to get an attitude when being elimated. I hope he brings BB back to spice things up. If I were Chance, Baker will definitely get my vote!!!

  25. taneisha says:

    I think blonde baller is a fake and she need to realize that she snitch entirely too much! I’m glad she gone. She wasn’t real at all.

  26. mercii says:

    hey blond baller i actually stopped watching the show after u got kicked out.

  27. Jontae says:


  28. Calisha says:

    BB was not fake at all, i love her all d girls in d house hate her because dey c her as a treath. Chance i silly!!!

  29. ashley says:

    i totally just saw blonde baller on Deal or No Deal…..her name is kip and it was totally her….so she is a f****ing fake, who just wanted some money….all talking about how she wants to be on Charm School, and she was on Deal or No Deal, 6:30pm EST, case number 3…it was totally her.

  30. jam says:

    Blonde baller is a snitch- she got what she wanted, tv time. Charm school and then what? She was on Deal or no deal, thinks she can make a living on tv shows- money hungry snitch.

  31. gr8place says:

    thank you for sending Blonde Baller home.She was the best looking one out of all of them and the other girls knew it. It’s hard being blonde and beautiful. She deserved far better.

  32. Amber says:

    i really think you didnt lie i know shows are like that just to be shows its a show everybody wants to be on tv and i believe that u didnt lie dont worry you will find a great man out there not a doosh names chance hes really weird to i like real though he seems nice

  33. ashley says:

    i know she’s telln the truth because risky from season one said the same thing…they edit and cut scenes out…they dont show what really happened..they make it dramatic because they want ppl to watch it…these shows are so fake!…i believe all them girls have a bf….

  34. MizzJacquetta says:

    I glad she go home but, i not trust her at all

  35. tyzgurl says:

    This is reality tv! All these @$#(~)*@&`#@*`+*& es are fake..including the stars of the show.

  36. Kristy says:

    I don’t know what to really think. I was on blonde ballers side the whole entire time, but then when she was giving to much imformation out and everything was getting flustered. I didnt know what to think. But i’m not there to judge, only God can do that. I did get mad when she was judging girls left and right and not really knowing who they were deep down as a person. Now that was wrong.

  37. Heather Turner says:

    i think blond baller was a good person and the rest of the girls were fake. And i do agree that the guys just wasnted ++##&*%*$!`^+!`

  38. shavonne says:

    Hey! B.B is a real money hungry ressesion tramp. She wasn’t on the show for Chance! At the end of the day she just wanted his money. Should I say, “What she could’ve got out of him. This Blonde broad was on Deal or No Deal trying to get a chance to win 500,000. Im glad “Kip” was eliminated last week. He needs a real women who’s gonna b there for him. Not a Gold digging liar! Yo, B.B. Animals are alsome!

  39. Jenny says:

    BB is lucky she got out, chance seem like a pice of `&*^@#)@`^_@~^+$ of a men. I think all this women go to the show to get a liitle fame n maybe get lucky and fall in love, but when they meet them i think it comes down to a competition and a little fame because the men are jerks, specialy chance.

  40. sweets19 says:

    I read alot of these after elemenation interviews…And alot of these girls are really not as bad as there made out to be. I like chance and all im not a hater at all but he needs to get his priorites straight with his (girl friends)If your going to go on a show to find love good but they dont need to be put down like dirt

  41. Otheltkex says:

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  42. Kathy says:


  43. Tieara says:

    Blonde Baller as know as BB was a white trashy (`%)$~!%^()&((%@` She just wanted the money they boys dont have. And personally if I seen her I would beat her down.

  44. joy says:

    She is a liar! I lived with that hoe bag. She stole so much of my stuff and lied straight to my face. Kip (Blonde Baller) is a B&*$% and Karma will get her.

  45. tica says:

    man I dont care what anyone says…u can look st8 through a fake person….all this %~*)#`~#%%`!_!%` is so FAKE!! My parents always says most of the time stuff on TV isnt real which makes this FAKE!! FAKE!! She FAKE!! Chance and REAL r FAKE!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!! This interview is even fake…{get the #)(+(!#)^$~$@)^+ outta here} {Hot wings words} lol

  46. shoobalicious says:


  47. MizzJacquetta says:

    Blonde baller is fake and a liar

  48. terry says:

    this child bb is crazy. maybe the editing made her look like a liar because ummmmm you are a liar. so sad when you tell so many lies that u cant keep them straight.

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