Tool Academy 2 Brief-Cap – Episode 6 – Tool Talk


It’s often said of this show that it’s hard to figure out who are the bigger tools on this show, the guys or the girls.


This episode made that virtually impossible.

Oh, Leah. So angry, so full of nonsensical one-liners. One-liners like:


“You need to grow some f***in’ common sense, you stupid-ass bitch.” Common sense doesn’t grow on trees or off bodies, even. Leah’s practically a poster child for this point.


“Bitch, you better get the f*** out of my face, for real,” said Leah during her fight with Amanda (over not being able to talk like mature women — a fight about talking is a wonderful adornment to a Tool Academy episode devoted to communication, right?). Leah said this, “get out my of my face” comment as she charged Amanda, thus inserting herself in Amanda’s face.

But the facial discourse didn’t end there. Amanda then asked Leah why she was in her face, and the response was, “‘Cause I am, bitch. ‘Cause I am.” That’s kind of zen of her, really.

There was also water-throwing…


…and Leah’s proclamation that she’s a “damn good mother,” which was very Leilene of her, and also a helpful reminder, given the circumstances.

Oh, and she also cried when she and Dre P didn’t win a flat-screen in the challenge.



I’m guessing this was because she just wanted to provide high definition for her child.

On the therapy side of things, most people seemed to handle the group lesson well…


Exceptions came in the forms of the marble-mouthed Dan, and the criticism-wary Charm.


When Andrea pointed out that it’s messed up that everything he likes about her exists in relation to him (that she takes care of him, that she’s there for him), he fled.


When he finally calmed down, thanks to Trina, he revealed to Andrea that he didn’t like it when she said he doesn’t get along with anyone. Yeah, how dare she accuse someone who needs to leave the room when his butt isn’t being kissed of not being easy to get along with! How totally off base of her.

The aforementioned challenge, which had the guys dictate to the girls how to assemble a living room without actually helping (and the girls couldn’t look at the directions), was basically a working example not only the problems communication poses in relationships, but also the problems Ikea poses, as well.


In the end, Tyler and Shealyn won the flat-screen and a night in the conjugal room…


Here, Shealyn accepted the promise rings she’d given back to Tyler.


Despite the room looking like a place where you go to get murdered comfortably…


…Tyler and Shealyn seemed to take full use of the room’s services (i.e. a bed bigger than the normal Tool Academy cots)…


Even if you can’t say the word conjugal with your mouth (Tyler had a hell of a time with it in interview), you can with your body. That’s the lesson there.

In the end, for being completely inarticulate, Dan was sent home…


…where he said he looked forward to “a lot of whacking off.”

Shannon wasn’t amused by how smiley and doofy he was about being eliminated…


…and even after he’d been eliminated, he still couldn’t communicate effectively: she asked him, “Why are you smiling? Why are you yelling?” His response? “You look beautiful.”

But whatever, it worked.


Flattery gets you everywhere!

Dre was also sent home for his outbursts and seeming to be more interested in winning than changing.


Being that she shares these traits, it’d be hard for Leah to penalize him for them. They left together.


“I’m progressing too much and they don’t know what else to do with us but kick us off,” is how Dre explained this as they rode away, sounding more toolish than ever. And besides, what does he think this is, Charm School?

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