Antonio Rocks Buzz Cut, Megan And Daisy Fox Reality Awards



Antonio Sabato Jr., revealed that his head is shaped just as perfectly as his abs when he sported a freshly shorn dome at the Fox Reality Channel’s Really Awards on Tuesday in Los Angeles (the show is set to premiere Saturday at 10/9c). The VH1 set attended in droves — what other event gives them the opportunity to be rewarded by their on-air behavior? Check the gallery below for red-carpet shots of attendees Megan Hauserman, Daisy De La Hoya, Rock of Love Bus‘ Ashley and Farrah, I Want To Work for Diddy’s Poprah, Glam God‘s Vivica A. Fox, Rock of Love 2‘s Aubry and Adrianne Curry.

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  1. Rach says:

    Wow, Farrah’s lost a lot of weight. The belt was a nice choice to show it off, since (as she’s said) it’s hard to tell when people lose weight if they’ve got big boobs. A-bomb looks fantastic as always.

  2. Katie says:

    It also looks like Farrah got her implants taken out, or at least traded them in for smaller ones. I think she looks awesome.

  3. ME2 says:

    This poor girl has to show EVERTHING to get some attention…Look at her face…she is butterface…lol!!!


    they must have miss lot of Star on red carpet bc Frenchy,Becky ,Britannia,Paris, kim,girl next door ton of others were there 2!???

  5. miguel says:

    uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff mami, te quiero megan..i love megan..oh dios mio q rica.

  6. Sam says:

    Megan looks so pretty. I hope she is doing well

  7. really says:

    wow! we have to give awards to fake reality talentless losers. What have they contribute? Making out with girls or guys, getting drunk, stripping off their clothes, and fighting…and having has-been coming back on vh1 when they should just be greatful and move on with their lives……..



  9. princess says:

    ashley is still pretty an it looks like she lost more weight n so did farrah .

    they both look so pretty and prettyer then all the dirls or most

    i luv ull (asley n farrah :D :D )

  10. towelie/vanessa says:

    RELLY.were is magin anyways……she is one crazy $+%^&“!@`^#$~~ _^+$+@_^&&!`(!$^! pure evil….AND daisy well i use too like her but the that dumb $+%^&“!@`^#$~~ _^+$+@_^&&!`(!$^! just had too pick that one guy over 12pac or flex.She must relly like losers…And i love antonios show I just hope he gets back with tully all those girls are fake anyways.but thank god kristys gone.she desurved evry thing she got.THAT WAS THE BOMB>>>>>>>

  11. Sara says:

    Farrah’s legs – what the hell!

  12. Sara says:

    Farrah’s legs – what the hell! Is she on crack?

  13. Araceli says:

    he is just too yummy.

  14. henry says:

    Megan!!! super sexy, i love megan!!!

  15. kirstie says:

    it’s nice to see megan wearing clothes

  16. laura! says:

    farrahh’ss legss, look,
    theyy r weirdd =/ , & ashley’s
    head is like an egg jajajaj lol

  17. nregnice says:

    i love megan love you meg

  18. Vinny says:

    So many hot guys on these shows!!! I love Flex, I wana eat his ~^!(##@@%!*_#!+ out

  19. juiceemo says:

    Damn yalll!!!! awwww (&_*&+#)^^!%&*_~ hold on let me catch my breath! This is one fine white guy! The things i would do to you antonio!

  20. OMG says:

    OH MY GOD… First of all Megan looks HORRIBLE.. SHe has a basketball head. Its just gross. Farrah looks beautiful for sure. Better then ever. Daisy darling do your roots before you go to a gig like this. Maybe change your weave. And WHY was Curry there? She is looking OLD OLD OLD. She has def lost her looks. Marriage does NOT agree with her that is for sure. She should just have babies now Her career is in the crap#er.

  21. xBenji65 says:

    you can see wrinkles on her boobs.

  22. A says:

    Megan really needs to lay off the tanning booths shes starting to look like an old leather bag.

  23. Tino says:

    Dear 51 Minds,

    I have been a viewer of various vh1 shows, mostly produced by your company. I would like to thank you for making the shows but also plead that many fans are disappointed that ‘I Love Money 3′ will not be available to us. We completely understand that the Ryan Jenkins and Jasmine Fiore Tragedy affected future programming. I also would like to point out that it wasn’t your fault, it was his and his personal situation and mental state. Please don’t let fans be affected by the tragedy. 51 minds’ reality shows have had huge progress within the last two to three year. It will continue if you release various seasons of shows to dvd and be in tune with the loyal viewers. ‘I Love Money 3′ is definitely a must see for fans and should be released along with an ‘I Love Money’ dvd set. All three or four seasons in one package will sell. If it will be advertised, the third season can be quietly included. Thank you for reading this email that i personally wrote with my single opinion.



  24. Pantyhose Hollywood says:

    Seriously, take a good look at the women’s LEGS in all of these pictures. None of them have perfect legs. Some are better than others, but seriously none of them have perfect legs. Look at them! Seriously people, PLEASE BRING BACK STOCKINGS AND PANTYHOSE! The fake bakes cannot cover the leg flaws. Not even the younger girls legs are perfect. My legs aren’t perfect either so I shy away from dresses because Hollywood won’t bring back STOCKINGS! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, BRING BACK THE HOSE! Thank you.

  25. Whatsmyname says:

    Megan’s eyes are the darkest brown. She has very very dark eyes. Her bleached blonde hair is way to light for her. She would be just as pretty if she were her natural brunette self. Or even a darker golden blonde. She doesn’t need to go that light. It’s ridiculous.

  26. Come on Vh1!!! says:

    we’ll be waitin for the “lost seasons” dvd! I love money 3, best cast ever, and “Megan wants…”

  27. confused in mi. says:

    I have heard that VH 1 is not going to be airing any more or making any new reality shows like, Megan wants a millionaire, daisy of love or I love new york? Please can anyone tell me if this is true or not?

  28. kp says:

    Megan looks better in far away shots. Hope that person is not given another reality show. Please don’t for the rest of humanity.

  29. chuy says:

    you hot daisy keep it up…

  30. Rachel says:

    Totally a cute guy but I like men with hair!!

  31. cristhatgirl says:

    eww look at her legs

  32. Yuck says:

    That’s not a dress, IT’S LINGERIE!!!! She is a total scank!

  33. cassb says:

    this girl is going to have some serious skin problems if she doesnt chill out with the tanning. I think its terrible that she thinks her looks makes her what type of person she is. i mean what is she going to do when she isnt hot anymore? maybe its an act but she is so shallow.

  34. Shaylynn deconolaejai says:

    I think Megan Wants a millioniare should totally be back on and that’s a gaurante!! Megan rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ED says:


  36. nee nee says:

    poprah was the perfect example for plus size women

  37. gela roper says:

    i like the way u work keep it up