Master P Extends His Outreach To VH1



Master P is set to help a former gang banger reform his life in the half-hour special No Excuses, premiering Monday, Oct. 26 at 10:30/9:30c on VH1. Details are in the press release:

Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur Percy Miller – aka Master P – teams up with VH1 in a half hour special to turn one former gang member’s life around.

After growing up in the projects of New Orleans, Master P is no stranger to the dangerous life of a hustler. Having overcome various obstacles, he reached his dreams by selling millions of CDs and establishing his successful music label No Limit. Master P is now on VH1 to implement his “work hard and never make excuses” philosophy to help others achieve their goals.

No Excuses, a 30-minute special airing Monday, October 26th at 10:30PM* on VH1, features Master P’s intervention of Torrie Jackson – a former gang banger in Los Angeles. Torrie won’t step up, get a legitimate job and be a role model for his son as his excuses have held him back. His complaints of having no money, no car, and no way of getting to job interviews have led girlfriend Keisha to make a desperate plea to Master P for help. Keisha fears that Torrie’s unemployment and lack of motivation will leave them broke and homeless. If Torrie can’t get his act together, Keisha will be through with him for good.

Enter Master P, Torrie’s only hope to improve his life and learn how to make something of himself. After completing various activities, from handing out fliers in a lobster suit to cleaning kitchens, Master P begins to show Torrie the amazing things you can do when you stop making excuses. Master P proves that anyone can succeed with hard work and that nobody can hold you back but yourself.

Will Torrie be able to leave his gang life behind and start a new life with Keisha and his family? Tune in to No Excuses on Monday, October 26th at 10:30PM on VH1 to find out.

This is but one of Master P’s charitable initiatives. Check below for info on his work with

Businessman BBTV Chairman, P. Miller, teams up with by donating his money and volunteering his time to help accomplish the great mission for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, which will be to feed and clothe at least 1 million of our world’s less fortunate. is a hands-on organization that sincerely cares about the community; ordinary people doing extraordinary things by connecting with families in need across the world. A large number of those being assisted are children and their parents who lack education, are homeless, have mental or physical disabilities, have life threatening illnesses, have parents facing addiction or come from single family homes or the foster care system.

P. Miller states, “Growing up in poverty made me realize that most crimes are committed during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not only will we feed and clothe one million but also we can help prevent a lot of those in need from committing crimes like robbing and stealing the food or gifts they can’t afford during the holidays. Our mission is to bring hope to families by offering programs that help educate and rehabilitate families back into society. My personal goal is to get everybody involved. Even with the current downfall of the economy, each one of us can help make a difference by volunteering or donating. I’m also reaching out personally to corporations, entrepreneurs, pro-athletes, entertainers, churches, foundations, radio stations, online media, TV stations, Oprah, Dr.Phil, and others that can help bring awareness to this great cause. Eight years ago, I realized that education saves lives and being charitable and helping those in need has given me a profound happiness in my life, as there is nothing more rewarding than bringing smiles to children who are less fortunate. specializes in these areas. Therefore, I’m honored to be a part of this team.”

You too can make a real difference this holiday. For more information, go to:

Remember, No Excuses premieres Monday, October 26th at 10:30/9:30c.

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  1. LIL says:


  2. Annie says:

    As long as he isn’t dancing I’ll watch. LOL. Sounds like an uplifting show. Can’t wait to see it.

  3. MRS. DAVIS says:

    I am so glad that this show is on. P our black men need this and I wish that more Rappers would do something to help our black men, I will watch the show cause I want to see a change in someones life. my husband was taken in May 09, because of the street life. Our men dont know how hard it is to live that lifestyle and to love them so much and to want it back. Cause the street dont love you and it surly didnt love my husband. I did and our kids did. Im happy to see the show and I hope that whoever he tries to help our their eyes, mind and hearts and just think about what it does to the families, when their gone to jail or death, it rips your heart, kids and all. my heart was buried May 2009. God Bless the show, and the people that it does help.

  4. Andy says:

    Hey Master P, first time im watching your show…and i dont drink i dont do durgs no gangs im clean but my problem is me my mom would want me to become a man just to scared…please e-mail me and help me

  5. Mz.D says:

    I loved the new show, it had me crying. Everybody says Im a big baby, but to see you helping another brother make positive changes in his life for the benefit of his family and hisself was GREAT. Keep up the good work Master P, and I hope other fathers watched and learned something from it, like my children’s father. ;)


  6. Joy says:

    I love Master P he is so inspirational! He deserves some kind of award for his kindness. He has helped so many people. I can’t wait until the next episode ( hey hey hey hey)! Keep inspiring us P.

  7. Anthony says:

    GOOD JOB!!! This show is SSOOO positive. Excellent show. Master P has made a BIG change and its so good that he’s helping people in our community get the job they want and helps them become better people. That’s reality TV!!!! He’s gonna inspire a lot of people. I hope to see season after season of this show. Very touching.There really are no excuses..

  8. John C says:

    Thank God for sending us a good dude like P. This is a show that VH1 needed. Sending positive messages, for people who needs to see. We should stop making excuses with how life is going, when we really should take control and realize what P is saying, there are no excuses. I really can’t wait for more episodes.

  9. NOLA Eastbank says:

    GREAT SHOW!!Im also glad to see Bozwell in the show too. Give him some more rolls. I see him riding in the 600 dr Benz (throwback) but its clean and at least he kept it. I know its been hard with C’s trial and the way Jefferson Parish handled it. He also could have helped himself a little more too. Get silk a roll for the show too. He has been spoon-feed but he should still have some positive to bring just by knowing were he could have been. Please, whatever you do, get VH1 to let you come to NOLA and help one of these brothers steer right B4 its too late. You have to do this!!!!

  10. peaches793 says:

    I really give big ups to Master P for doing positive things like this. I had just watched the “dead beat dad” episode, more outreach to our young men who did not have a father figure needs this. I live in Gulfport,MS and this type of outreach program for our young men and adult men needs this. And also thank you for not doing a “I love” reality show or something stupid, this is very up lifting. I have been a big fan of Master P since , I’m Bout it, the underground movie.

  11. Jeffrey Baker says:

    I just saw No Excuses and it brought tears out of me.I was pulling for the young brother and I thought about the many guys that I taught and coached who were from low income and high crime communities. Many have been going through the same experiences. I noticed that there was no Partner listed for One Milion Gifts.I would like that opportunity.To my knowledge, I’m the only Black who makes car wax.The car wax industry is a $500 million dollar a year business.There are 43 million Hip-Hoppers from the ages of 18 to 34, who spends over $50 million dollars a year. If Master P is interested in his own line of car wax and etc. I’ m the person for him.My web site is http://www.ezshine .com Thank You

  12. Jeffrey Baker says:

    I just saw No Excuses and it brought tears out of me.I was pulling for the young brother and I thought about the many guys that I taught and coached who were from low income and high crime communities. Many have been going through the same experiences. I noticed that there was no Partner listed for One Milion Gifts.To my knowledge, I’m the only Black who makes car wax.The car wax industry is a $500 million dollar a year business. If Master P is interested in his own line of car wax and etc., I’m the person who have a passion for wanting to give back.

  13. Chris Forde says:

    I am 40 years old and i have seen alot in my life, and have watched alot of tv but this reality show about helping people is one of the best shows i have seen in a long time. I feel that your station has been full of stupid love shows but you must keep this show on your schedule and anyway I can help to keep it on please let me know I manage a restaurant in Coney Island Brooklyn.

  14. Buckndaodds says:

    This is what it will take to turn the ghetto life around. No Excuses. Each generation owes the next to give them a push up the ladder and a point in the right direction. I did not grow up in the ghetto, but came from a poor working class white neighborhood and was given the “dream” of making something of myself and doing something with my life. I spent my life trying, and have been rich and poor and rich and poor again. When you have tried, and tried, and accomplished some small success as a result, you can go on and keep trying. Thats what it is all about…just trying and making or at bare minimum working through the EXCUSES.
    Dreams do come true…..IF

    Great Job Master P

  15. christopher A Henderson sr says:

    How can a person contact master P for business. I loved
    the show and just want to know if I could have just five
    minutes of your it could change my life. I know nothing
    beats a falure but a try. As a musician myself i know I
    have something to show you that no one has yet. Please
    just let me know if you can be reached or how I could
    cntact you. so many people in the business are hard if not impossible to ever see. Are you? Thank you Chris.

  16. Jo F says:

    This show is a great show. I would love to see more of this show, new episodes, more of P trying to help. It’s a wonderful thing!

  17. tina says:

    Fantasic show! Thank you Mister P. Its nice to know even a man of your status and fame can give back to the community. Some people dont understand you have to crawl before you walk. We need more reality shows like this. Love your new show. Keep up the good work.

  18. we da peoples says:


  19. homiejj45 says:

    Man that was a good show, it really inspired me. not taking anything away from other shows but it sure is good to see a show that is giving a great message. keep it Master P
    im looking foward to seeeing some more.

  20. Old Man Dave says:

    Great show Master P, I am encouraged to see there are people who want to make a difference in their community. As a father of 2 sons (now grown) who grew up in East LA, I see how the cycle of life can be negative. But making the effort and taking responsibility is the start to better things. Keep up the good work and thanks to VH1 for showing this kind of positive reality show. Kudos.

  21. ButterflyQueen6969 says:

    I love what Mr. Miller is doing with his project, ‘No More Excuses’. I was a single mother to attempting to show my only son all I could. I was raised with 3 brothers’. To make a long story short, I feel it will be compelling and educational for Mr. Miller aka to review my journey on: youtube, type, Orion71907, in the seach column. I want to help others. I am a Master degreed professional with 2 state licenses in mental health and substance. I worked with all works of life, economic backgrounds, color, etc. With all my vast knowledge, personal/professional. The doors’ of OH have been closed to me. I think Mr. Miller needs me to enhance his crew with the incredible skills needed to see the self worth and self-esteem rise in at risk communities. I am not making any excuses, the system is making them for me. What I am to do, Mr. Miller? I also encourage you to check out my blackplanet page, ButterflyQueen6969. I just want to help people realize their potentional, despite negative school, community, and parenting skills are lacking, due to a generational pattern of miseducation. Please consider me as a casemangement/consult on your team to see our people’s of color succeed to get an equal portion of the pie.


    Ms. Cynthia Darden-Block, MSW, LSW, LCDC III &ICADC

  22. MJ says:

    God Bless you Percy Miller. You just keep giving back to the community.

  23. JBRA says:

    Well CONGRATS to the Miller Fam!!!!! Like father like daughter, she is already making history! She is the youngest female recording artist to be featured on BET. And at the same time she is featured on Radio Disney and Disney Channel as a “Next Big Thing” contestant!!! Not only does she sing, dance, act, kickbox but she is an HONOR STUDENT! That’s amazing! We need more young African American entertainers to set a good example!
    Let’s wish them the best!!!

  24. lyn says:


  25. Lyn says:

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show is off the chain. I love the format of the show and how it flows. The show is sooooooo cool. I will tell everyone to watch,, it is worth it. This is the best self help show.

  26. rob hughes says:

    I think this efford is one of the best thing you can do for people ever. many of the young kid today dont have respect and good leadership.keep up your wonerful objective. thank you very much.

  27. Sol C says:

    I just can’t wait to see a new episode of Master P “No Excuses!” I think VH1 really has a hit! I really think Master P is truly a very generous dude, he keeps trying to give back to the community and the people who is in need!

  28. PJ Carter says:

    Please contact me Master P. My son and his girl are the ULTIMATE EXCUSE people. They have a two year old daughter. They both are unemployed right now. He and his family literally won’t leave my house!!!! All of them are at my house everyday, and his girl has her own place. Please help them to get their acts together. I love them, and love my granddaughter even more, but they need to step up their game and get heck out of my house!! It’s really hard trying to find a DECENT place to live in NY, that’s affordable, but maybe with your help, they will be successful . Please help me!!!!

  29. tinaf says:

    HI Mr.P
    My name is TinaF I live in So.Bend In and Iwould like to be on your show.Because I want to have my own laundry.Mr.P I did watch your show and from watching it let me know.That you do want to help someome that want to help them self.But for what ever the reason they don’t have it. So I say self you need to talk to Mr. P maybe he can help with getting your laundry.So here it goes I would like to know if this is something you can help me .I will show you that when you want something that is in reason you have no excuses. Ms.TinaF.

  30. Heidi says:

    I think it is wonderful on how Master P transformed himself into one of the biggest business men of our time. Now he is Percy Miller, giving back to the communities and always trying to make a difference. I like to say God bless him and may the lord continue to bless Percy it all he does and all the people that he has touched!

  31. Ms Vic "J-ville" says:


  32. Jeffrey Givens says:

    Wats up man holla 469-765-2626. This from an old neighborhood buddy

  33. C Cat says:

    i think survey says this show is a hit! when yall going to put more episodes out vh1.

  34. berrysweetdreamz says:

    well well well….an ex thug doing a show about helping people change their lives and be an ^)`@$^_)#*~&)!$ et to the community and not a menace….THAT’S WHATS UP P! Keep doin yo thang and I WILL keep watching…and vh1 yall need to get wit it and gives us some new episodes. what are u waiting on? it’s not like yall got anything on worth watching anyway……..

  35. berrysweetdreamz says:

    well well well…a show about an ex thug helping people change their lives and be an !&%_~!@!*#`)@#~ et to the community instead of a menace…..THAT’S WHATS UP P! we need shows like this to let people know anybody can change if u just put forth the effort. u keep doin what u do and I WILL keep watching…..and VH1 need to air more episodes cause what yall airing now is straight booty! what are u waiting on vh1?

  36. NICOLE says:


  37. Kev says:

    P put on a great show. It’s good to see something positive for a change, instead of so much negative. This show is what we need. P shows how you can come from nothing/a negative environment, and make a change. There are no excuses why you can’t make it!

  38. PT says:

    What Happened to the show??? I really enjoyed it I hope you (VH1) renews it. This is the type of show we need right now. Positive shows not BS like For the love of Ray J. Yes entertaining but is FAKE I know a cameraman from the show. Good tv tho.

  39. Cedd says:

    Great show. Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  40. Mero says:

    No Excuses was a great show.. and show to show everyone that ppl can use a 2nd chance..

  41. rzarbldrnnr says:

    This was a wonderful show. Thank You Master P.,Your ingenuity has shown through with this episode. I was inspired. I think people tend to give up on their dreams, especially when they keep failing and/or because of their lack of faith in themselves. Waiting, waiting, and waiting for the next episode of real life!

  42. adult dating sex dating single dating says:


  43. Annette Orbamise says:

    How are you today. I would like to know how i can get in contact with Master P. I have lost my home and everything due to a car wreck that caused me to have long time medical treatments and then a major surgery. I was unable to collect anything from the person who caused the accident because the attorney i hired did not file the case on the right person and in court on time before he killed his self after been caught taking money from his clients. Iam unable to do the job i had before the accident and must get new career training and would like to know if Master P could help and once i start working i promise to pay every dime back plus extra Ok thanks for all of your help in this matter and God Bless.

  44. LEONARD GRAHAM says:

    I would like to let Mr.PERCY MILLER,AKA,MASTER P,that the NBA is looking for a buyer to purchase the NEW ORLEANES HORNETS basketball team.I do know that master p would be a great asset and attribute as an owner,business partner,or an affiliate of the hornets and the NBA.