A Musical Preview Of Sex Rehab


This isn’t a supertrailer, per se, but a video for Carolina Liar’s song “Coming to Terms” that includes footage from Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, premiering Sunday, Nov. 1 at 10/9c. This is basically a montage of crying. Sex rehab looks hard, guys.

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  1. Laurie says:

    I was wondering why VH1 has a sshow caled:”Real Houswives of Atlanta” when 3 of the women are not even married? They should have a show called:”Real Moms of Atlanta” The Moms that don’t have money or bling to flash around but instead trying to make ends meet. Call Me…………….I’ll show you what a real mom/housewife really is

  2. people says:

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  3. Einhell says:

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  4. Coppermine says:

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  5. ????????? says:

    moskvasoset i ne ebet!

  6. Randy Bailey says:

    I saw the Celebrity Rehab show seasons ago regarding drug and alcohol addiction, which I felt was a disaster. Out of curiosity, regarding the topic of sex and love addiction, I peeked again. The good doctor Drew just may meander into a 12 step meeting and see just how the wounded healers recover for free, with wonderful results and freedom from addiction. Yep, for free. The celebs that came into meetings a few times seemed drugged and chained to that hospital atmosphere. I am saddened that Drew seems to be an opportunist that may have never grasped the therapy that aids the inflicted. Peace and freedom is promised and can be achieved from Bill Wilson’s good old reliable steps. Call me or email me sometime Drew, and I will meet you for coffee and maybe help straighten out some misconceptions regarding the walking ‘miracles’ that for a “buck in the basket” and an hour or 2 per day can relieve their torment. Do our community a favor and stretch your knowledge base. Of course when found out, you may just be on the unemployment line, like many of us. Until then…..

    For those who are afflicted by Sex and Love Addiction, go to http://www.slaalosangeles.org/ and read about the characteristics of addiction. Then find a meeting to walk into in your area and surrender. It costs nothing and no drugs to ‘calm’ you down while you a going through your withdrawal, which is a real “green” recovery solution. This process of “identification” is the amazing healing force that Carl Jung and other doctors describe. You will find that this Dr. Drew show just may be for entertainment purposes. If you don’t find relief and a Higher Power, we will refund your misery. Namaste