I Want To Work For Diddy 2: Watch The Supertrailer


Above is an extended look at the hands-on, foot-in-ass, all-over-your-brain second season of I Want To Work For Diddy (premiering Monday, Nov. 2 at 10/9c). Apparently, many people will be screaming this season, including Sean “Diddy” Combs himself. Should be fun!

By the way, the quote of the year comes from Diddy: “I’m gonna mindf*** them till they orgasm.” Like I said: should be fun.

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  1. Tev says:

    “Because I am, and I’m the Queen ~(&`*`#$#!~(+`&`! Looks like we have another HBIC on our hands…

  2. EWW Yuck says:

    I just want to say that this show is going to be so boring and thank god I am not going to watch this show. Didn’t see the first season, and well…who the f&ck wants to work with P. Diddy; he’s not talented nor is he a fawkin God. He’s a joke, so I don’t know why white people or any people give him the time of day because he can’t rap and the only money is making is remix of music, and the people love it?! Are we that stupid—only in America right!

  3. Anna says:

    I loved the first season..Was so damn funny and so much drama and #~`_#@)@@@_~)#_~ Will watch it again !!!

  4. DaYmAn says:

    These 2 dudes think they the &@#(!~(`##^!^!)* n f****in Ray J!?!?! i had no clue who he was until the 4th episode VH1 doesnt kno wtf everyone wants and these spinoffs of spinoffs of spinoffs … etc etc.. are gettin ridiculus .. They had flavor of love and New York was on that then she had her own show(S).. AND then real and chance from New York get there own show people just wanna be on tv half of these broads “Make Apperances” at all these clubs n get paid … And Diddy! yea hes had his moments LIKE TEN G*D D*MN YEARS AGO! I just like these shows cause of the drama aint nobody can fall in love on a reality show. The girls/guys on the shows spend like a total of 10 hours a week .. If that .. but my lazy +`$&“$%_~($$%+ has nothing better to do soooo i will prob. watch both shows .. Damn I’ll sit here n get twisted while watchin diddy wakin up ppl at 3am while im smokin an L n thinkin F*** That im good right here.

  5. solaura says:

    I met Sean P Diddy In Rhode Island I am a Realtor I would like the chance to work for Sean the sky is the limit.


  6. vg says:

    i missed the ending to the first episode of i want to work for diddy 2. who got the boot? the asian girl or the black girl?

  7. 2462644 says:

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  8. 4055750 says:

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