Tool Academy 2 Recap – Episode 7 – Sleeping Dogs Lie


Q: How can you tell when a tool is lying?

A: His lips are moving…and he isn’t strapped to one of these things:


Because, really, most of the guys were honest this week. Bizarre!

Before we get to the lie detectors, let’s pause for a moment to examine Stew’s plan for this show’s $100,000 prize, should he receive it. The plan is, in a word, trailers. Fixing them up and selling them.


“You can buy a used trailer for like $5,000,” he explained. “So for $100,000, I could probably buy 200 trailers if I want to.” Probably not, though. And look, a calculator costs less than $5, so he should probably invest in one of those up first.

Stew also voiced concern when Trina announced the guys were to undergo lie-detector tests as part of today’s therapy. “I tried faking a breathalyzer before and that s*** didn’t work,” he explained. Indeed, sucking on all the pennies in the world won’t help you outsmart a lie detector. Quite the contrary, actually.

Frank was, well, frank regarding the therapy:


“I just hate the truth!” Gee, can’t imagine why he failed this challenge/show.

The guys were strapped in…


…and they unleashed. And in all but one example, they told the truth. This was wise, of course, given that the machine would most likely pick up on any falsehoods. But since when do these guys do anything that could be described as wise?


The question: “Does Amanda’s body disgust you when you two have sex?”
Stew’s answer: No.
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

The question: “Do you want to spend the rest of your life with Amanda?”
Stew’s answer: Yes.
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

This outcome pleased Amanda, who exclaimed through tears, “We’re so cute together. And I feel like that’s being in love!” Mmmm, close enough for VH1, I guess.


The question: “Do you resent Christina for bringing you to the Tool Academy?”
Frank’s answer: No.
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

The question: “Do you have any long-term lies you haven’t admitted to Christina?”
Frank’s answer: Yes
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

…But! He wouldn’t admit what those lies were, chalking them up to white lies that he couldn’t remember specifically, much to Christina’s frustration.


Given that it leads to their breakup (spoiler!), he’ll probably remember his supposed forgetting for the rest of his life. Irony: ain’t it grand?


The question: “Are you comfortable in your relationship with Shea?”
Tyler’s answer: Yes
The verdict: He was lying.

He said that this came out as a lie because of the revelations in Tool Academy, and how such revelations have thrust their relationship into uncertainty. As a result of this, Trina suggested that maybe it was too soon to bring promise rings into the picture, so Shealyn ended up giving them back to Tyler for a second time.


They need to attach strings to those rings, because they seem more like yo-yos with all the back-and-forth.


The question: “Are you in love with Andrea?”
Charm’s answer: Yes
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

The question: “While dating Andrea, have you hooked up with girls that you have not told Andrea about?”
Charm’s answer: Yes
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

And telling times 10. Charm admitted to having slept with at least 10 girls since beginning his relationship with Andrea. You know he at one point bragged about that number, too. It’s funny, the thin line between pride and shame. It’s thinner than even the one between love and hate, as Charm undoubtedly is now aware.


The question: “Have you ever cheated on Nicole?”
T Shaw’s answer: Yes
The verdict: He was telling the truth.

This proved devastating to Nicole, probably because Terry wasn’t part of the giant wave of confessing that went down in Episode 2.


It’s really sad to see her so upset. I post the following picture not to mock her eye makeup that’s running amok…


…but as a cautionary tale: boyfriends, do not cheat on your girlfriends or she will take you on TV and end up looking like this, displaying what you’ve put her through all over her face.

After all of the confessing, the last thing most of the girlfriends wanted to do was put complete and place absolute trust in their boyfriends, and yet, that’s exactly what the challenge asked. The girls were blindfolded and had to make it through an obstacle course using only instructions from their men…


It was all about crawling…


…and sliding…


…and ratting…



Then, when they were finally reunited…


…they had to both jump in a car, and the still-blindfolded women had to drive them to the finish line. Hijinks, of course, ensued.



The most infuriating of said hijinks involved Charm telling Andrea to push the red button, and then to push the middle button, except this meant nothing to her, as she was blindfolded and could not possibly differentiate between buttons in that manner. Duh. Oh well, at least Charm’s consistent in his egocentrism. Consistency counts as a positive trait, right?

In the end, Stew and Amanda ended up winning the challenge.


Stew, who earlier in the episode admitted he cares more about winning the show than rehabilitating his relationship (since, apparently, problems can be fixed at home), also said that should he and Amanda win, he can continue living without a job “for a little while!” Doesn’t flipping trailers count as a job? Should they win, they should invest in a lot of duct tape to keep Stew’s pie hole shut. They can keep the rolls next to the calculator.

In the end, it came down to Charm and Frank, but because Charm was ultimately honest, it was Frank who got the boot…


He was charged with skirting around the issues brought up via his lie-detector test results. Christina, in turn…


…skirted around him, dumping him and leaving on her own.


But don’t cry for her: just take solace in the fact that pain is temporary. Just like bad boyfriends.

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  1. Tev says:

    The blindfold challenge was even more ridiculous this time around.

    I wonder: the more completely flabbergasting the challenge, the more helpful the therapy sessions are? It’s a quandary.

  2. Diane says:

    Frank is correct about one thing, Charm is just there for Charm. It is written all over his face. His smirks, and other facial expressions tell the story. If he does win the 100k, his girl won’t see him until it is all gone. What a tool!

  3. UmjammerL says:

    man, last season was so much better. none of these guys are reformed tools in the least bit.

  4. Ayana says:

    Sometimes I wonder if these tools have truly changed or if they’re just putting on an act on television.

  5. Jenna says:

    The challenge this week was funny. But the ending didnt turn out like i tho it would. Charm should have been the one to go home.

  6. Amy says:

    What exactly was Frank hiding I mean I understand it’s all now on tv but what is he hiding? like is he gay? bi? does he love someone else? did he get another girl pregnant? like seriously? but then again i did check his myspace just for )~^#%*%!@!_&$^~` s and giggles but that looked as though he was still with Christina unless he hasn’t updated his profile in forever and when I checked the school section it looked as though he went to school for CAD drawing so I”m like wtf why was he on show acting as if he didn’t do anything with his life? what a liar? he went to school for construction almost and I date someone in construction and I know that they had to go to school to learn CAD drawing too. So he at least could have mentioned that ya know so he wasn’t acting like Stew who hardly worked and just cares about trailers parks

    but anyways Trina has got to wake up and seriously smell the coffee CHARM HAS GOT TO GO! Sure he told the truth but he acts like a pompous ~(@!^_**!#`!&~$ who doesn’t seem to care about Andrea and he’s constantly trying to start fights with the other dudes in the house TRINA GET ON THIS! he isn’t here for Andrea

    btw does anyone know what exactly Frank is hiding?
    anyone know if he’s still with Christina just curious

  7. Don says:

    I would like this show to know that these “men” are on facebook chatting with teenagers. I have asked one of them to stop chatting with my 14 year old son due to his recommending how much protien powder he should be using!!!

    You should be aware of this and make them stop!!

  8. Don says:

    Please have your “men” stop chatting with teenagers on FaceBook!! I have asked one of the men voted off to stop chatting qwith my 14 year old son. He was recommending how much protein my son should put in his shakes!!!!

  9. Rachel says:

    heey guys, amy how did you find Frank on myspace, haha (:

  10. Lynn says:

    They don’t care about changing! These guys have no conscious!No sense of guilt or remorse. You’d think after the first 3,4, or 5 times they cheated they would have a hint of remorse. Nope…they went on to cheat 10 times!! They just want the money!!

  11. Rena says:

    Amy, they probably are required by VH1 to not change anything that might spoil the show. To be honest, Charm needs to go bad. When he was like “Oh you’re so pretty” in the previous episode to Andrea, it was absolutely fake. To be honest, Charm is not a man, but a little boy, just used to being “mommy’d”. I hope Andrea realizes she doesn’t have a boyfriend, but a big baby to care for since he tends to do immature crap that causes friction.
    “It’s so hard to have a boyfriend that everyone hates.” Well, if everyone hates him, why even bother.. That should be a bit of a redflag you know.

  12. Marie says:

    I agree with several people here that Charm is a total tool and should’nt have made it this far… poor Andrea… I’m shocked that Trina has let this go by come on Trina watch the tapes again? Please get that $)#$#!@#)*@*!)) off of the show… Frank does need work and he DID NOT deserve to leave… Bring him back and boot Charm… Also thank you very much for expelling Andre and Loud-Mouth Leah WHEW… it was worse than watching and hearing the noise on Supernanny (kids screaming constantly)

  13. Marie says:

    I agree with several people here that Charm is a total tool and shouldn’t have made it this far… poor Andrea… I’m shocked that Trina has let this go by come on Trina watch the tapes again? Please get that &#_$%(%$$*&#$(! off of the show… Frank does need work and he DID NOT deserve to leave… Bring him back and boot Charm… Also thank you very much for expelling Andre and Loud-Mouth Leah WHEW… it was worse than watching and hearing the noise on Supernanny (kids screaming constantly)

  14. Keyonia Shavante says:

    These women are dumb they need to dump they good ~`%@*%^_%`$@+$@ boyfriend they dnt want them ha ha ha

  15. Jason McGuire says:

    I am extremely disturbed that no one has considered the ethical concerns of harming animals, regardless of possibly passing the Screen Actors Guild/Producers Codified Agreement with the American Humane %)%$^`^*!^!$)!! ociation to protect the welfare of animals.

    The rats where in a cage that was about head height of the girlfriend and dropped about that height to the ground below. Two concerns:

    1) The height could injure/break the legs of the rats and/or injure their internal organs.

    2) The women could have become scared enough to blindly have stepped on any number of the rats crushing skulls and/or snapping spines and extremeties.

    It is my hope that the therapist would have had some input on the development of the trust obstacle course and that she would have advocated for the animal safety. However, since it was filmed she either was ignored or didn’t.

    As a person trained in psychotherapy myself, I would have strongly been opposed to this component of the trust challenge.

    VH1 has lost a viewer and this viewer will be discussing it via the net, word of mouth, and any other possible means that present themselves. I will also register my complaint with the American Humane %)%$^`^*!^!$)!! ociation directly.

    This episode was poorly produced in my opinion.

  16. Andrea says:

    I think that Charm should of go rather than Frank….it was sad that his girlfriend didn’t go with him. i think that Charm will be the next one to get the boot.

    By the way Frank is really cute but needs to change his habits to find someone that will be there for him…and i wish him good luck to find the right girl :)

  17. Andrea says:

    It was sad to see Frank… i think that Charm is there to get fame and doesn’t care about his girlfriend…but he will be next to go.

    By the way Frank is really cute but neesds to change his habits to find the right girl i wish him best of luck :)

  18. andrea says:

    it was sad to see frank go.. but i think that charm is there to get fame and does not care about his girlfriend he will be next to get the boot.

    by the way frank is really sweet and needs to change his habits to find the right girl for him.

  19. Alyce says:

    my boyfriends a !@+)(`@`**+#^!*~ ING TOOL!!! does anyone know how to enroll someone into this? if so please…PLEASE email me at alot of the things they have the guys go through on here would really either make or break it…and it’s not that he needs to be put through hell to realize what he has in front of him but if thats what it takes to show him that he needs to straighten up like the rest of the douche-bags on there… cant exactly call them all douche-bags…not yet at least! but if you know how to enroll someone please email the website or link. it will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! thanks.

  20. Cilla says:

    Some of these girls need to be in Tool Academy, they are not innocent either, and for even dating these kind of guys. It says likes attract likes. I think they should also have tool academy for girls, where their boyfriends bring them in, and Leah should definitely enroll in it ASAP. Charm is a tool, and will always be a tool. The reason Frank left before charm, is because he just couldn’t tell the truth, or does he just have problem expressing himself, Christina just wanted him to say something for once, bad or good.

  21. Anieca Munoz says:

    omg i luv this show ssooooo much and i am upsessed with it i dont kno who i will be in the bottem 2 but i think t shaw and nicole will because i think t shaws progressing really well i also think mabey tyler or stew will be the other person i luv this soo much i would die for this show and trina u do a really good job!!!

  22. the truth says:

    stu needs to leave if he doesn’t the show loses all credibility he admitted that he was there for the money not once but twice that should be grounds for expulsion like zero tolerance style i would bet if that were charm he woulda been gone at the end of the episode just sayin….

  23. Peggy says:

    Did Frank and Christina get back together after the show?

  24. zsazsaxxy says:

    some of these somecalled men need to grow up, these girls can do better. charm is a tool who needs toget his *** kicked. frank is really hot so sad to see him go, still he needs to change to find the right girl and treat her well and not fall back into old bad habits.
    frank wish the best.