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Tully started her run on My Antonio as the villain, but she ended up endearing herself to viewers (if the majority of comments on this blog can be believed) as the girl who was really, truly there for Antonio. It helps that they have a history that stretches back to the early ’90s, when they were married. Just a minor tidbit, that. Below, Tully talks about rekindling things with her ex in front of cameras, her feelings on Yvonne and her competitors, and whether her heart will go on after parting ways with Antonio yet again.

How have you been emotionally since shooting the show?

After coming home, going through a three-month recuperation for my injury took my mind off things a little bit. But then watching the show brought up every single emotion that I had during the experience. The final show was like ripping a scab off the wound.

What did you think of Antonio’s reasoning for letting you go: you make him feel like a kid, but he’s no longer a kid?

I don’t think of him as a kid. I felt like he was running again. I felt like he was running away from his emotions.

What do you think about his final two of Brooke and Miranda?

I love Miranda. I like Brooke. But no. Neither one of them is right for Antonio. His lifestyle is different from what they think. They look at him like fans, or they wonder what he can to for them, in one girl’s case. Antonio isn’t a partier. His kids come first. He needs someone who will completely accept the fact that he’s got an entire family that’s involved in his life. He’s not going to be out dancing or clubbing or drinking. He’s very quiet, and if they don’t like home life and just want the glitz and glamor, they’re going to be disappointed.

Tell me about your history with Antonio.

Antonio chased me from the time he was 17. I didn’t give in until he was 20, when he took me to a beach and said, “I’m serious. I want to marry you. It’s all I ever wanted. You’ve known that. I can’t do [General Hospital] without you. I need to know I have love and support at home.” We were in Vegas the next day, and that’s where we got married. He had lied and told me he was 21. I saw him filling out “20″ on the form, and called him out on it. He said, “I knew you wouldn’t date me if you knew I was younger.” And he was right.

And you were married to him for how long?

Two years, two months, too long. We got married in May of ’92, and we were divorced in July ’94.

So about 15 years pass, and you’re carrying a torch for him the entire time?

I went on with my life. I was dating someone and I had a child during that time. But then I heard that Antonio was single again, and looking for love, and I thought, “Why not me?”

Were you apprehensive to give it another go in front of cameras?

I’m so used to cameras on me, they were easy to tune out. At the beginning it was more difficult, but as we moved deeper into it, I would forget that cameras were around.

But just the entire situation of having show challenges and restrictions and a house full of women you were living with must have made this very different from the first time you were romantically involved with Antonio.

It was completely different. To be around these women who were brutal to me and so wrong for Antonio, and watching him have to sort through them and taking a backseat to that and trust him, that was all difficult. But I had to prove to him that I was willing to take that role.

Now that you’ve attempted to find love with Antonio both in private and in front of cameras, do you think finding love on reality TV is possible?

It’s more difficult because of the cameras, but if two people come in there with honest intentions in their hearts, I would say that it is a possibility. If the motives are pure.

You talk about the girls being brutal, but you had some choice words for them as well.

If I ever said anything about someone, it was only because I was brutally attacked over and over and over again in the house. There’s a point where your back is so up against the wall that you feel like you have to defend yourself as a person, and not just be a punching bag. So every once in a while I would vocalize the truth.

What did you think of Christi’s betrayal?

I was clueless about that till I watched the show. She’d been brutal to me and she came up to me one day and said she wanted to be friends and we should talk. I’m so frickin’ naïve, that I was like, “OK! Yeah!” I think women, as a whole, should have each other’s backs completely. I took her at face value, and was shocked when I saw her intentions weren’t pure. And then I had this devastating injury where I had internal bleeding, and went into hypovolemic shock because I jumped off my horse to help her. And then to watch her come back and say, “Me me me me me,” had me floored. There was no general sympathy from her at all.

Yvonne had even less sympathy. She didn’t even think that you were injured.

It was almost funny that she was insisting I wasn’t even hurt. I was amazed that she could be so brutal.

Why does she resent you so much? I know you asked her that question, but do you have any theories?

Antonio loves me, and in her head, that’s always a concern. With other women, she can control him, but with me she can’t. He has this underlying, deep love for me, and I think her fear is that she’d lose control of her son if we were to fall in love and get back together again.

Do you hate her?

I don’t. I feel sorry for her, and I feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for her that she doesn’t have someone who she feels puts her first and she has to take all that from Antonio. And I feel sorry for him that he has a mother who won’t let go and puts so much pressure on him.

Do you at least appreciate her as a character on this show when you watch it?

When I can understand her. But I think a lot of women are appalled that a 37-year-old man lets his mother have so much say in his life. I understand that as a mom, my son will always be my baby boy, but there comes a time that you have to trust that you’ve given them skills that will allow them to fend for themselves and make decisions on their own. Your job as a parent is to love them and back them. It’s not to micromanage.

Your behavior was deemed “desperate” by your fellow contestants. What do you think of that?

I think that was Brooke’s word over and over again. I thought it was interesting that “desperate” was the word they came up with and not “loving” or “100 percent here for him” or “vulnerable.” To love a man and to open up completely show him that you love him, that’s desperate? I would not want a relationship where I couldn’t be open 100 percent.

You did take some extreme measures, though, like when you interrupted his date with Christi via Jet Ski.

All I can say about that is that I thought he was going to send me home, and I just wanted him to give me a chance.

What about the wedding dress?

Well, like you said in your blog, wasn’t everyone else in a wedding dress a few days ago? Why is it such a shock when Tully turns up in one? Antonio even said that he was sorry that he didn’t get to see me in a wedding dress.

Any thoughts on Antonio’s foot fetish?

Antonio loves my feet. He used to love cracking my toes, but he also liked sucking on them. A lot of people jumped on me, saying I was disgusting for sucking on his fingers, but we always used to do that kind of stuff. We used to suck on each other’s fingers, hands, ears, feet…you name it. I don’t need to go any further. Plus, by doing that, I was kind of egging the girls on. If I love somebody, yeah, I’m sucking on their fingers.

As you were sailing off on the Ciao Bella, you were sending Antonio one last hula message, right?

Yes. It was, “Here’s my heart, I leave it with you.”

So where are you with that? Is your heart with him?

I think a piece of my heart is always going to be with Antonio, but Max, my son, takes up the rest of it. I just put on my Facebook: “Life has a way of keeping going, even when you feel like your heart has stopped beating.” Really, I feel like I’m in a good space right now. My life is very full with my son. I cut a little bit of the umbilical cord everyday so that I won’t ever be like Yvonne.

Keep up with Tully via her Facebook, MySpace and official site.

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  1. mila says:

    so che e’ stata dura eliminarla ma hai fatto la scelta migliore!

  2. Mary says:

    I found myself rooting for Tully at the end, though I think she’s better off without him, because at least now she won’t have to deal with that hachetface Yvonne. She’s the desperate one.

    “But I think a lot of women are appalled that a 37-year-old man lets his mother have so much say in his life.”

    Yes! Its a bit pathetic.

  3. niccole says:

    Love it!5 stars!

  4. rachel says:

    I was amazed when Tully walked on the set. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first. As the show progressed I absolutely fell in love with her. I SO wanted him to pick her! I don’t know the whole story, but I do believe in second chances and that people can change.

    I was floored that she was sent home. Antonio seems like a great guy, but I think he’s made a bad choice. It’s great that he’s so close to his mother but come on. She seems like a very unhappy person. Maybe it’s for the best that Tully won’t have to deal with her.

  5. JoAnna says:

    “We used to suck on each other’s fingers, hands, ears, feet…you name it. I don’t need to go any further.”

    HA! :D

    “I cut a little bit of the umbilical cord everyday so that I won’t ever be like Yvonne.”

    BEST.LINE.EVER! Tully had me in tears this entire interview but I was about to die laughing reading that last line.

  6. jan says:

    I loved Tully. I think she is only one there who really loved Antonio. When you love someone you give it 100% and sometimes ack patheric and crazy. You cant control yourself unless you know that he loves you back. Hope Tully will find her true love

  7. leline says:


  8. Lisa says:

    Tully was the show. She is the most energetic and prettiest girl on the show. Brooke seemed to be not there for the right reason and although she is cute, Tully is a truly beautiful woman.
    I found lots of parallels with my love story. I’m a mom, I carried a torch for 6 years then I got him back…we had a similar story, life went on I had a baby… But it was finally the right time for us. You will also find the right time. I will pray for you Tully girl!

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Antonio & his Mother make a big mistake by letting Tully go. They should be so lucky to have such a beautiful, intelligent, passionate women in there lives. BIG MISTAKE, HUGE MISTAKE. Hopefully, Antonio will follow his heart and take Tully back.

  10. Tev says:

    Sad thing is, even if Tully was the right match for Antonio, it never would have worked out.


    He’s a complete mama’s boy. And Yvonne would have found ways to make them separate.

  11. marie says:


  12. Jason L. Scarborough says:

    There has been one time in my entire life a woman has ever fought for me, and she is now and forever my wife. We knew each other for 10 years before we got married, and now have been married for 2 years. Most of that 2 years I have been in Iraq and as a soldier, and since I have been injured I am back in the states. My wife visits me on the weekends, and drives 3 hours to get here every weekend. My prayer for Antonio is that the love I saw through Tulle is real and he doesn’t get blinded by the other women for the same amount of time that it took me to realize the love I have with my wife is similar to what I saw in Tulle for him. My heart hurts that Tulle has to experience the separation of her soul mate as well hurts for Antonio. I pray for both of you and ask the Lord to mend and reignite your relationship. Take care, Jason S.

  13. Lena says:

    Antonio’s kiss with Tully was the only one that was passionate. Combined with his love for her, the way he looks at her, the emotions that she stirs up – that says everything. They belong together. Neither of the other girls are going to work. Not quite sure why Brooke is in the final and Miranda is too much of a diva. I was truly shocked when he sent Tully home. She’s the only one that belongs with him.

  14. mimi says:

    i agree with tully i cried with her too, i was in her shoes once. i was rooting for her all the way. the mom is coming in between her sons future eternal happiness. sometimes the guy has to grow a backbone and tell his mom to stand down and not be afraid of the comments the peers and other people say, fight for that person you love and don’t let the negative things take over your whole love life. Remove negative people from your life so that the TRUE LOVE may remain.

  15. Tina says:

    Dearest Tully:
    You are a beautiful person. Love will come your way someday! It will be WAY better than what you HAD! Hang in there from a Jensen to a Jensen!!! God Bless You and Max!!

  16. linda says:

    How can anyone date Brooke? She can’t eat prosciutto!

    Miranda will probably get bored with Antonio after a while. I don’t have to look at angel cards to know that.

  17. Ladyinred says:

    Mary: Antonio didnt just go by what is mother say in his life, he has a valid reason himself why he didnt pick Tully. He chose to move on with his life and he was an emotional wreck during the show. He wants healthy relationship and thats how it should be.

  18. sally says:

    I have never taken the time to write about a show but I really was pulling for Tully. She was honest and real. It was so sad to see then say good-bye to one another. I can’t believe that Tully is not on the show. I watched the show because of her. I’m not interested in the show anymore. Who cares about Brooke and Miranda .They are so fake and Brooke needs a boob job.Big mistake Antonio!!!

  19. Shannon B. says:

    Love will come for you someday and god will bless you and your beautiful son. He did for me as he will for you.
    Stay Strong!

  20. catrina says:

    I am another person who thinks Antoinio and tully should be together!..Tully girl you need to show up at the end dont let him end up with anyone else bc he doesnt have you out of his system yet!Show him what a real woman is made of!..i Love ya Tully!.

  21. hawaiigirl says:

    are you all blind? tully was unhealthily obsessed with him. a controlling, manipulative, negative person. of course she seems more genuine, she knows him from history, and it didn’t work out FOR A REASON. did you not observe the frown and wrinkles in his face everytime she was around? he is borderline addicted to her misery and need for him. thank goodness he’s smart enough to realize that life moves FORWARD and not back. whether or not brooke or miranda are the ones for him, at least they are a breath of fresh air. he will have NO problem finding love, even if it ends up one day being with that pyscho ex. mom knows best, go mom! she is the best part of this show!

  22. save the world says:

    …You go, girl. I wish you all the happiness in the world, Tully. You are a mature, beautiful and poised woman who deserves a whole lot better than Antonio’s aloofness. I hope some amazing man scoops you up and reciprocates all the love you have in your heart. Your doe eyes don’t lie– you have a lot of love to give! I personally don’t think Antonio is deserving of your love. –I believe there is someone out there who will mirror everything you have to offer, and more

  23. Michael says:

    Gawd that man is fool! Tully was so sweet and strong to handle all the brutality from those second rate women. This is so sad.

  24. save the world says:

    ummm…. i think hawaiigirl who posted the comment below must be from the cast of the show, because you sound like antonio’s mom, or a girl who got the boot. you’re an idiot, hawaiigirl!!! and clearly, you’re single, ‘cuz you don’t know what love looks like when you see it!

  25. AJ says:

    I can relate to Tully in a way. Ever since my graduation in 2006 and before that. There was this girl who was very pretty named Alexis Tarr who I met in my English Class. One look at her and I saw beauty in the world. I tried asking her to my prom, but she had to be at work. At graduation she gave me a ride back home and she hugged me for a while. Was that a sign that she would of liked to go with me? I ask myself that question everyday. Since then I have not heard from her last I heard she was going to University of Arizona. I have been carrying a torch for her since then. I try to move on, but it is hard to do that. What do you all think? Anyways Tully was perfect for Antonio WTF Antonio? I think his Yvonne looks like she is auditioning to be in the next Godfather movie with a woman as the Don with the way she acts.

  26. Viveca says:

    I fell for Tully. When I married my husbend, My mother was very controlling and didn’t like him. Un like Antonio (Whom I have Loved for years) I stood up to her and this passed March we made 25 years. It was hard we seperated once but found our way back to eachother. I hope when Antonio see how his mother treated Tully, HE WAKES UP AND SMELLS THE COFFEE, until he does that I think Tully is better off with out him and YVONNE!!! Antonio Be a MAN love your mother, respect, and this to advace, but make your mimd up. Had I listen to my Mother whom I love more then life, I would not have 4 beautiful children, 5 grandchildren and a husbend who worships me. I thank God for the strength to tell my mom this is my life let me live. Try doing the same.

  27. Jodie says:

    Tully knew she wouldn’t get Antonio, but she will get a TV show out of this….which I think was her agenda all along.

  28. Keli says:

    Tully…Tears fell for you, with you. That was a blessing in disguise for you. I know you will find the perfect man for yourself. Wait, you have your son…You’ve already found your perfect little man! No, but, you are so sweet, pretty, and loving…You deserve the best! Obviously, Antonio made a HUGE mistake. I was waiting for him to stop the show because he found love with you, again. Then, he goes and lets you go…(sigh)

  29. Katie says:

    I cant stand tully i think she is an old women who needs help….i think she needs to stop being pathetic and be a better mom….i was so happy when he sent her home….

    HAHAHA sucks to be tully

  30. jenny says:

    Tully, I wish you would have been his choice. The other one will last a while when the sex dies then he will call you.

  31. sandi says:

    I hope he calls you after the show and says he made a mistake. Tully should have won.

  32. kelly says:

    Tully is still a winner. Good luck Tully and I hoped that you would have beat out those girls. He needs to change his mind at the end of the show and call you back!

  33. Penny says:

    OMG, I cried soo much that I got my husband, who doesn’t watch shows like this, to watch the show the next day. I was so hurt when Tully had to do. Antonio so loves Tully so much, u can see it. He’s just playing with these two other girls. They both said that they THINK they are falling for him. Tully already loves him. It’s a game for them to see who stands at the end. I wish VH1 would bring Tully back and make Antonio rethink his stand again.

  34. Cherise says:

    I have to admit that Tully has been playing the part of the victim, she has not been truly honest 100%, she chooses to discuss certain things that are going to be positive towards her motives, but honestly, she is a bit lunatic, she has not told that she has married two twin brothers, and went to a sperm bank to have a child, that she used to be psychotic when she used to date Antonio, and she used to threaten other people around her, basically it is easy to tell lies, and choosing not to tell the entire story.

  35. Cherise says:

    I had to admit that Tully has not been totally honest on the show, and that she has alternative motives.
    She has painted a very bad picture of his mom, but she has omitted certain things from her life, she was married to 2 twin brothers, she had a child from a sperm bank, she leaves at home with her parents, and most likely she will end up having a show on VH1. When she was with Antonio, she was very possesive and jealous, and she used to threaten other people around, she has painted a very evil picture of Antonio’s mother, and she is a classy lady who did not go into any details on the show, furthermore discussing her bad behavior. She plays the victim role! Time to grow up and move on, and owning your own errors, it has been 20 years, Antonio is not a boy, he is a man!

  36. just saying girl says:

    Tully is so full of crap!!! she talks about how they want him for the fame but she does too.she wanted him back to him take care of her and her child.all she kept saying is are you ready for his lifestyle,your not fit to walk down the red carpet with him….and she was.The women is over forty lives with her parents has a child and no job.She might still have love for him but it was more a less she needs that stability

  37. swift285381 says:

    Seriously!!!!! I can NOT believe all the Tully fans. Antonio has been single for quite a long time and now she shows up…. living at home with mommy and daddy, has no child support as her child is a sperm bank baby, and you all think she is STILL in love with him… MONEY, MONEY, MONEY…. get a clue!!! At least these other 2 women have a JOB! The other 2 women dont have her horrible past baggage, Antonio knows her baggage, and knows his life would change from it..and not for the better. I think he is physically attracted to her, but IN LOVE with her? NO, he is much to good a man for her.

  38. Sean says:

    This blog makes me laugh. Most of the Tully lovers are women. Y would he in his prime want a chick that is 1. not a cute face or body. 2lives at home with her parents. C. had once already. It is kinda similar to the Jon Kate thing. Everyone loves Kate because her heart was broken. Hey sexist ladies riddle me this? Y is Antonio too close to his mother but its ok the Tully lives with her parents. Sexism!!!! is alive and weel just reversed!

  39. LILY says:


  40. lilnique0018 says:

    i was so upset that antonio sent tully home i absolutely think he made the wrong decision but i don’t think brooke is good for him. Antonio pick miranda she’s the better choice.

  41. colleen says:

    After awhile I really understood Tully. I felt the hurt she felt on her last day and in all honesty I liked Tully. She may have had a bad past but I think she has changed and should have been treated with a little respect by Antonio’s mom.

  42. Chulada says:


  43. Mary Mac says:

    Tully too me is FAKE!! So what if they had history with Antonio and they married in 1992 and was married for two years! She had her chance and it didn’t work! Move On Aiready! When she was talking with Christi , Tully said she stay with her parents and she don’t have to work! OH REALLY!!! What a 40 yr old woman doing living with her parents with child!! She wanted Antonio back for his Money and Fame!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! People get divorce for REASONS!!!

  44. Lodarot says:

    Tully you are Nasty, sucking fingers in public is nasty! Interupting anothers date is way wrong! and your a nut case for the wedding dress that challenge is over just like Antonio is about you! Your faking injury is way wrong, glad MOM called you out on that. You are a fruit cake. But i still Question Antonio’s mental capacity for even keeping you as long as he did! He might be a bit nuts too.

  45. ointna says:

    good job Antonio getting rid of Tully finaly what took so long?????

  46. ointna says:

    Tully you are Nasty, sucking fingers in public is nasty! Interupting anothers date is way wrong! and your a nut case for the wedding dress that challenge is over just like Antonio is about you! Your faking injury is way wrong, glad MOM called you out on that. You are a fruit cake. But i still Question Antonio’s mental capacity for even keeping you as long as he did! He might be a bit nuts too.

  47. Joe says:

    hawaiigirl is right!

  48. Lynette says:

    Hey VH1-What do you mean if the majority of these comments can be believed???What are you so stupid you think all these people who support Tully are lying? BUMP YOU. I am beginning to wonder about the minds that are running vh1., like this show for instance. It caused a lot of people to be mad at Antonio Sabato and it’s shown his Mother for what she really is. Obviously VH1 staff are TULLY HATERS. And lets not forget about putting a PSYCHO on Megan wants a Millionaire. Maybe we all need to skip your channel.

  49. Donna Shaffer says:

    Tully right! Antonio ran away from feelings he never confront or dealt with which is aways going to be a wedge that won’t let him have any relationship. He needed to work out those emotions with Tully before moving on.

    Brooke is too involved with status. Miranda will always be @ Antonio bacon call and doesn’t have a backbone.

    Tully had a right to participate in his Mother’s challenge concerning the wedding dress. I just wish she would of finished the challenge by reading her wedding vous to him and started off telling his mom since I wasn’t able to participate earlier I wanted to fulfill this challenage.

    Antonio doesn’t know what’s best for him even if it’s looking him right in the face.

    Antonio wise up!

  50. Norma says:

    Tully I love you so very much! I was rooting for you since the very begining! I could tell you were indeed sincere. You could see it in your eyes. But its ok he’ll relize that you are the only woman for him.

  51. Gloria says:

    I think Tully & Antonio had more chemistry & passion than Brooke or Miranda

  52. BEVERLY says:

    Antonio needs to “man-up” to mommy dearest and let her know he needs to make his own decisions (or mistakes) without her influence. She should be so embarassed of her behavior. Tully showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was really there for him and loves him. So if he was looking for love, he found it. The other girls do not know what they are in for with a man in a position like his. Tully already does. I understand his need to search and see if there is something out there, but if what he wants is a true love that will be there for him through thick-n-thin, til death do they part, looks like he better call Tully and patch things up. His face when they were together spoke volumes and he difinitely still has feelings for her. I think if they spent a weekend together, he would be able to make the decision for himself.

  53. Holly says:

    I think this is one of the few reality shows that could have had an ending where 2 people actually do fall in love.
    I’m not sure what’s going on in Antonio’s head to make him run but hopefully he will come to his senses. Hopefully VH1 sees the overwhelming support for Tully and will consider having her as part of another show. Maybe they will think about a “My Antonio 2″ and get it right this time! Let’s hope!!

  54. C says:

    I think He did the right thing. He was taking a step forward not a step back.

  55. C says:

    He did what he knew was right. He needed to move forward not take a step back. Its hard to let go of your past, but absolutely necessary if you want to move forward.

  56. C says:

    He did what he knew was right in his heart. He needed to move forward not take a step backward. Its hard to let go of your past, but absolutely necessary if you want to move forward.

  57. C says:

    Antonio did what he knew was right in his heart. He needed to move forward not take a step backward. Its hard to let go of your past, but absolutely necessary if you want to move forward.

  58. C says:

    Antonio did what he knew was right in his heart. Its hard to let go of your past, but absolutely necessary if you want to move forward.

  59. C says:

    Antonio did what he knew was right in his heart. Its hard to let go of your past, but absolutely necessary if you want to keep moving forward.

  60. C says:

    Antonio did what he knew was right in his heart. Its hard to let go of your past, but absolutely necessary if you want to keep moving forward. He doesnt want to go back to wear he started and I dont blame him. Whats behind you is only good to look back on, not to live on.

  61. Rhonda Gutierrez says:

    I was sad to see Tully leave cause it was not a time that went by that she did-not try to show her ex-husband that she still had love for him she were very sincerely and honest about her felling for him it were very heartbreaking to see her go Antonio has made a big mistake letting go Brooke or Miranda don’t love him cause brooke even told him him she could not tell him that but he will see what a mistake he made

  62. marie says:

    Tulley, I’m sorry he broke your heart but with the disgusting connection he has with his mother I truly think you are better off without him. I used to think Antonio was an attractive man but now I am totally turned off by him. I bet the only reason those other women are still there is cuz they just want to win and see what all they can get out of this experience… Obviously they aren’t there to find a real man.

  63. faith~centeno says:


  64. pam says:

    you gave the show a whole other detention. The last two girls will not go the distance with Antonio. We all have been in a situation where we tried to drink from the same well twice. Very few of us walk away with the man.
    I hope your heart heals. Love your son. Be Antonio’s friend. He is not going to find love on a game show. Try getting on My Antonio Two… I’ll watch.

  65. Amanda says:

    I cried the entire time Tully was crying, was so sad to see her go. You guys belong together. Keep your head up true love always find their way back together. He will never stay with Miranda or Broke.

  66. pam says:

    you gave the show a whole other detention. The last two girls will not go the distance with Antonio. I think you weird-ed him out with your wedding dress probably because of some past memory. We all have been in a situation where we tried to drink from the same well twice. Very few of us walk away with the man. Try getting on My Antonio Two… I’ll watch.

  67. patricia says:

    i think tully is the only one that truly loved him and antonio will find out soon enough.

  68. Miss V says:

    I wanted him to choose Tully. The other girls seem kind of fake. Like after the show are they going to be happy just hanging out with him at his house with his mother ?? lol.. i dunno… we’ll all just have to wait for the reunion show ; )

  69. Kristi says:

    Tully is the ONLY perfect one for Antonio…I totally understand how Tully feels about him and she has a real,honest kind of love for Antonio that NO ONE else could EVER replace.
    Brook is a *_$`(&`%~*+~~`&$( and if he picks her I believe they will be fighting more than making love..
    Miranda…OMG! She is so GUFFY! She is not even cute~! WTF! I can’t stand how she smiles and how you can see All of her teeth and half of her gums..I don’t even see how she got on the show!
    Antonio needs to drop those two *_$`(&`%~*+~~`&$( es and haul !**#%_%#(!$&&_^ to find Tully and tell his mother to mind her own damn business!!!

  70. elyssa says:

    I truly think that antonio should tell his mom to back up a lil an let him make his own decisions not her.I also truly feel that tully should not give up on somthing she can not go a day with out thinking about.

  71. Sara Carlson says:

    I think Antonio belongs with Tully. I don’t think he can trust and have a long lasting relationship with the two girls that he kept on the show.

  72. Kim West says:

    I want Tully to know that for the first time i cried watching one of these shows. I really felt her pain. I been with my husband for 16 years and i didn’t always get along with his Mother till before she passed away. I think no one will ever be good enough for Antonio in his mothers eyes. But I think Tully you should of went back when he was picking the girl and interrupted it and tried again to win him. If he doesnt want Tully who is smart, beautiful and was there for all the right reasons than he was not worth it. I do hope he sees the episode where Antonio’s , Mom comes to the hospital and how mean she was. Good luck Tully i wish you all the best life has to offer. You are alot like me. Take care Kim West

  73. sherri says:

    I love the show it is like watching a romance novel come to life. I really feel like Tully and Antonio are sould mates. I went through a similar situation with my husband and almost lost him forever but I never gave up and probably did things that may have seemed crazy to other people but it was all worth it because I am married to my soulmate and most people will never have that. I hope there is a happy ending to this story.

  74. V says:

    I really feel Tully was there for Antonio. From the clips of the season finale, Brooke seems possessive and Miranda seems fake…. I really feel that Tully was genuine and sincere. He should not have dismissed her from the show. He is in fact running from his feelings. Okay, we all get you don’t want to make the same mistake twice, but I feel if there is anyone making a mistake it is Tully. To have to put up with his mother for a second time (hhhhhmmmmmmm), that alone would tells me that she really LOVES Antonio. Tully, you just might be better off without him. Its hard but you will eventually get over him (I hope).

    My Antonio 2 to come.

    Tully, don’t waist your time. Remember what happend to New York on Flavor of Love. Two season shows and the same end result, “getting sent home.” If you’re going to get paid for the My Antonio 2 go for it, if not don’t even entertain the thought.

    Good luck to you.

  75. Andrea Kollars says:

    Oh, Tully, this made me cry……………..“Life has a way of keeping going, even when you feel like your heart has stopped beating.” Love U, girl, Andrea

  76. AJ says:

    Hmm.. I guess the bashers finally came out of hiding. I get what you are trying to say about Tully. Interrupting the date ok that was messed up. Finger sucking gross, but it is her thing. People make mistakes, but hers were not that bad, and plus with the economy the way it is, Tully had a reason to go move back in with her parents. She could of moved on, but she did not. Anyways you bashers got your wish anyways she is gone.

  77. Amanda says:

    I think Tully was the better choice for him. I think Miranda is just there to further her acting and get publicity. I think Brook is a bad choice because she really does not have faith in his acting jobs. She wants someone who has a steady paycheck. So it is all about money with her. I think he made a wrong decision giving Tully the boot.

  78. TAMIKA says:


  79. Monica says:

    It’s so difficult to watch these reality television shows without getting involved, honestly Tully was the only reason I tuned in every week. I am a PSYC major and there was a study done on first loves, it stated after a period of seperation when people reunite with their “first love” their success rate will be higher than meeting a new person and trying to fall in love. Whether Antonio chooses Miranda or Brooke it won’t last, not to imply their not good women, but just from watching the show that chemistry is absent. The history between Antonio and Tully provided that instant chemistry on screen you could almost feel it. I was sad to see her go, but who knows you can’t underestimate the forces of love, and there’s always that crazy reunion so who knows what will go down!

  80. Dana says:

    I was really saddened to see Antonio not seize the chance at recapturing love with Tully – I won’t even bother with watching the finale because their rekindled feelings for one another was the “real” in this reality show for me. Too bad he was apparently swayed by the constant negativity his mother kept infusing the situation with, I thought they really had a chance at reclaiming something special that would have defied the odds. Even her classy & gracious departure spoke volumes as to her sincerity and deep love for the man. Antonio, so sorry you missed your second chance at true love!

  81. marcy says:

    I totally did not like Tully at the beginning.But as the show went on I could see that she really did love him.I could see he loved her to espeically when she got out of the hospital.I thought he was going to choose her and got dissapointed when he sent her home.And I so knew Yvonne was going to throw Cristi under the bus and ohhhh it was so funny when it finally happened.

  82. Courtney says:

    In the beginning when Tully showed up, I wasn’t sure if I liked herm but as the show went on, I could tell how much she loves and cares for Antonio. And I truly believe she was there for him. I feel for Tully and I think Antonio made a HUGE mistake and I think he will regret his decision. Miranda has come a long way on the show and I think she would make Antonio happy but I believe Tully is the right one for Antonio. And for Brooke… she is completely wrong for him and I think she is fake and is there just to win.

  83. brooke says:

    I loved Tully on the show and was rooting for her. I wont be watching the finale. The person who loved him left last week. Tully was treated badly by almost everyone and had to deal with the most crap. HIs mother is very controlling, mean and I wouldnt want her as a mothet in law.

  84. Linda says:

    Dude! What’s wrong with you, Tully is THE ONE!

  85. Deborah says:

    Tully needs her own show to try and find love. Antonio looks like a little boy. Why did he have his mother on the show? Whatever!

  86. JMB says:

    If Antonio picked his former wife they would probably break up again. Felt sorry for her, but hopefully she moves forward.

    Miranda almost looks like his former girlfriend Virginia Madsen. She may be the best choice. Brooke is not right for him.

    They never mentioned his father, is he still alive?

    His mother should mind her own business. She needs to let go and let him make his own decisions.

    Good luck Antonio, hope you find your soulmate.

  87. donna atkinson says:

    i think antonio is foolish to let tully go, she was and still is the best for him. i just think he is afraid and want to please his mother, i creied when he sent tolly home.

  88. donna says:

    i think antonio is foolish to let tully go, she was and still is the best for him. i just think he is afraid and want to please his mother, i creied when he sent tully home.

  89. momo says:

    Long story short,I thought this show was gonna be cool and I’ve stuck with it and watched all the episodes but YAAAAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!! This crap is so boring and the last chicks left are SUPER boring! Antonio just kept his ex wife around for that long just for ratings!

  90. Jenny says:

    I REALLY wanted her to win! She’s the only one that was 100% real. It was heartbreaking to see her go. I cried! He made a stupid move but it was pretty obvious. Why would he really accept the woman he loves?!?! He wouldn’t get a My Antonio 2.. And I think Yvonne is pretty pathetic and shes a bad representation of a mother. Your child is not your robot. He has to find his own way in life. With you or without you. I hope you heally Tully. He’s an idiot. NOBODY in that house had more chemistry than Tully and Antonio. I truly thought I was watchin a fairy tale. I almost forgot that is was just another disappointing reality show!

  91. Veronica says:

    Really the only reason I watched the show was because it had this twist where he could have rekindled an old flame. Very smart to get rid of her at the end because it would have been another washed up celebrity looking for fame, I mean love. I really felt bad for her and I was a bit emotional. What they need to do is have Tully have her own show looking for love with hot nearly naked men, why not.

  92. Katie says:

    She is so full of it. She said that she is so used to having cameras around all the time. What bull sh it that is. She hasnt been with Antonio for 15 YEARS, so I call BS. She is a disgusting human being. She is NOT attractive at all and she needs mental help STAT!!!

  93. SweetNSad says:


    It seems most of us were brought up to respect and cherish our Mothers. If what you want in life is going to cause hurt to your Mother then you dont do it. This sounds crazy but it is what some families are taught. Maybe if he were to choose Tully his Mother would have felt that was disrespecting her and her love for him was taken for granted. That could possibly bring an end to his realationship with his Mother. As I see it he saved himself from loosing his Mother and he saved his and Tullys love for each other. Most people cant understand this and are thinking just tell your Mother off! But when you are raised a certain way thats not an option. So beleive me what he did for Tully is true love. He gave up his own happiness for the sake of his Mothers love. And saved Tully his true love years of being mistreated. If Tully stayed they would have lost their love in time. That would have happened after years of Tully being mistreated by his Mother. He would have not stood up for Tully being he wouldnt want to hurt or possibly loose his Mother. In the years ahead it would have caused nothing but hurt and heart ache for him and Tully. Eventually they would have lost thier love for each other as it would have turned into regret. As I see it he saved his true love to keep with him in his heart through out life. Most people dont understand but truly loving someone, sometimes means letting them go. He chose to hurt now to save his loved ones from hurting later. If my thinking on the reson for Antonios decision is at all or in any way correct. You are more than just a good man. I only wish my husband of ten years would have done the same for us. Ten years of being mistreated by my Mother in law has destroyed our true love. If I had only known prior what we were in for. I would have let my true love go. At least we would still have that love for each other in our hearts today. Life isnt always what it seems.

  94. DrugDoc says:

    He made the wrong choice. First time I ever cried watching a reality show. The connection between Tully and Antonio is obvious and undeniable. It is a pity he made the decision he did. I won’t watch the finale either.

  95. f.p says:

    My Antonio! im very dissapointed with your poor decision. I really believe Tully was really the one for you, Brooke and Miranda are just cute but Tully is a beautiful woman who put her pride to the side for you. If only you did the same for her.I dont want to c another My Antonio i hope Tully gets her very own My Tully with men who dont let mommy make decisions for them and are not scared and ready to love and give it their all. “My Tully” will Antonio show up to win her back??????Go get her Antonio…

  96. missy says:

    Antonio will be knocking on your door soon, and u better not open it. You were the only 1 there for him, any1 could see that. Antonio is just hurt, he will relise he made a mistake, I just hope he made that decision on his own, and not from his mother. His mom is a @@@@@, she must not have a man in her life. Keep ur head up, there is plenty of men out there

  97. bigjudi says:

    Tully, i love you. You are my favorite since the begining, just stay the way you are and love will come to you. You are a wonderful person, we could see it in your eyes. I’m sorry for Antonio for not following his feelings. I’s ok he put his mother first, may be you are better off without her in the rest of your life. May Gog bless you.

  98. krista says:

    VH1- PLEASE give Tully her own reality dating show. Seeing her leave was the most heartbreaking thing ever. It was so real and I think she has earned a lot of fans. Seriously- give her her own show so she can find a new love besides lame Antonio. Let’s find someone else for Tully.

  99. Cassie says:

    tully i think you were the one et the only one for Antonio, he couldn’t see that, he needs to man up, he’s 37 not 18 what in the world a 37 years old man let his mom control his life like that, for Yvonne the only thing i’m ganna say i’m so sorry for her, she needs to learn how to let go. please…..any way….tully u r beautiful, smart. guess what loves will come to u. love u girl, be strong.

  100. Angelica says:

    Hello Tully, I just want to say that i would have love to see you win .. I mean only you and antonio know what happened during the show.. but hope you get better soon and i want to wish you all the best and keep strong.. and now give your 100percent to your baby boy..stay strong and god bless you and your family..

  101. Sally Alvarez says:

    I love the way you express yourself and the honesty in your words is so heart warming. I am glad that you have your son because you know what true love is by having him in your life. God has blessed you!!!xoxoxo

  102. Jeanie says:


    As you can see, Tully has captured many of the viewer’s hearts and attention. It would be great to see her on TV again so work your magic please and get a show for her started soon =)

  103. skull says:

    Antonio made a big mistake everyone can see that he should have picked tully. He blongs with her his loss. bad move. Hopefully he can come to his sences and realize this. You can tell that he loves tully too never looked at or acted with the others as he did with tully. still have hope for these two somehow.

  104. Heather C says:

    Tully – It was clear that you were the only one that genuinely loved Antonio. I think we all know that Brooke & Miranda, as appealing as they may be (though Brooke comes across fake – getting by for now on her looks and good acting), will not be the love of Antonio’s life – which clearly you will always be. Your courage was remarkable. Your openness and vulnerability is not something seen frequently in such a beautiful woman. I could not see those two women having the same courage, loss of pride, and tenacity of the heart, to go back to a man they loved so dearly. I weeped at your love and actions.

  105. Heather C says:

    btw – I am also one who will not being watching the final show – it ended last week. I hope in a small way we can back up our blog talk and VH1 will see a significant drop in tomorrow night’s viewing numbers.

  106. Teri says:

    I hope he picks YOU on the final show. You are a beautiful girl and the only one worthy of his love.

  107. martha says:

    Tully i think Antonio is runnng from you to! you are perfect for him! the other 2 sren’t real as you!!! so hang in there even though you are not there, i have a feeling it isn’t over for you and Antonio!!! i love you!! you such a diva!!! you are passionate 4 Antonio too!!!

  108. Karen says:

    Bring Tully back !!! She is awsome and she loves you ! Everyone deserves a 2nd chance !

  109. Heather says:


    Vh1 should have a show called ” For the love of Tully”, I would watch that one.

  110. yoshy says:

    whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou let her gooooooooooooooooooooooooo i think that she sure have another chance thos two girll nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi dont tink sooooo you sure go back to tully

  111. dasha says:

    i feel for her it was clear that she loved him and wanted to start over but his mom was too much in this relationship however she made a mistake when they broke off i guess ,but he loves her and can forgive her at least it seems that way but the mother she needs to let him make his choice because at the end of the day its his life ,mom stay out

  112. Jaylynn says:

    Tully, I was hoping you would win Antonio’s heart in the end;I believe you did. I wish you the best and I think he’ll be back!

  113. karla M. says:

    Awww Tully i cried when u cried:( I wish u had won.All the emotions u were going thru i have been there and back and i wish u lots of happiness from one woman to another, and ur soo right all girls shoud have each others baks instead of stabbimg them

  114. Beatriz says:

    I believe that Antonio should find Tully and marry her. I understand that he loves his mother, but for the best, he should part with her and let her move on and find a significant other. She is the reason being why husbands leave their wifes and find younger women. She is NOT a nice lady, though she is Antonio’s mother. Antonio, please uncover your eyes and realize that Tully is your true love and your mother has you TOTALLY brainwashed.

  115. Melvin Ellison says:

    Did you realize Antonio and his dotting mother kept repleting the hurt he had suffer in his marriage to Tully. Not once was it mentioned that maybe Tulley may have been hurt also by a young Antonio in their marriage. What we the viewers experienced was an undying love attempting to overcome alledged hurt expressed continuously by Antonio and mother. It would be short-sighted to believe it was all Tully and none Antonio, and mother in the dissolution of the marriage. Antonio ran, mother blocked and Tully lost. Tully was in a no win situation, against the constant reminder of Antonio’s brokenheart, mother’s hatred, and much younger women electing to bash Tully every opportunity presented them for fear of the history Antonio shared with Tully. But they should not have feared, Antonio never really opened up to Tully and mother undercurrent schemes to get rid of her and of course younger, fresher women to sample, Tully days were numbered when she showed up on the show first episode and revealed who she was to Antonio. No Antonio, mother, take some of the marriage breakup upon yourselves because I bet they both did things together that help put an end to the marriage, Tully should not be the solidary villian. I will not watch this last episode, the heart of the show has been ripped out, but I will watch the last few minutes of it to discover if Antonio comes to his senses and walk away from both remaining women and go after Tully, now that’s worth watching, that’s pure romance, I’ll watch the last for…love.

  116. WTF says:

    WTF is wrong with you ppl Tully was so annoying I was Happy when Antonio sent her )#)~!%+@^$*`~`##* ng.

  117. Melvin Ellison says:

    Don’t know if my first comment was posted this Internet and this VH1 site is constantly messing up. Tully was undercut by mother, run from by Antonio, bashed by the younger women, found herself in a no win situation but bravely gave her all for the man she still loves, Antonio. Love can hurt and we experienced that with Tully, Antonio, and mother. Do any of you believe it was totally Tully and no Antonio and mother in breaking up the marriage? Will only watch the last few minutes of the show tonight to see if Antonio finally comes to his senses stop running from Tully, leave the two remaining women standing mother also and go after Tully.

  118. Chris says:

    True love never dies. Here’s my prediction, you and Antonio will end up together. No matter how long it takes, true love can never be stopped. You are beautiful inside and out.

  119. Gretchen says:

    My heart broke along with your’s when Antonio sent you home. He should have always seen you were right there for him, and when he gets to see the tapes of the show, I wouldn’t doubt you get a call, if you haven’t already.
    You two are meant to be together, and I’m hoping you DO show up tonight on the show, and he chooses the only woman he will ever truly love.. you.

  120. Lisa says:

    Sorry Tully I feel if there is a deep true feeling in heart for Antonio there should be nothing in the world to get in the way of true love. Fight for it he didn’t marry yet.

  121. ND says:

    Tully! I cried a couple of times throughout the episodes, especially on the one after you got out of the hospital. It was so sad. I believe you two belong together. It’s nuts! What is he thinking! Hopefully you both will get back together.

  122. Cindee says:

    Tully, I just watched the final episode and read Brookes interview online, I feel that you were the only woman on the show with true intentions with Antonio, I wish he could get over himself and his mom and see that you were everything he was looking for, and that there is really still something there with the two of you. Hope your hearts find their way back to eachother. You are truely the winner, even Brooke knew how Antonio felt about you. God bless you.

  123. Stephanie says:

    tully !!! i wanted you to win ! regardless of his mom and the fact that you married him so young. I would watch the show and i saw how he would lok at you and how he always had a soft spot for you. He was always worried about you and you can tell his heart was still yours..! you should of won

  124. Amanda says:

    Tully is such an inspiration. She is so honest and really a good person. Whatever,,,she broke his heart 15 years ago..people change while their feelings stay the same…she obviously had her reasons when she ended it with him…whatever they may be..Tully is a wonderful, sweet and kind person!!!

  125. Lourdes says:

    My daughter who is 10, was disappointed to find out that Antonio let you go. If a 10 year old can see the good person you are, my dear Tully your a blessing from the Lord. You’ve got so much beauty inside and out, a true woman that every man would want. Antonio loves you! His Mother was the problem! But like you said “I feel sorry for her”. We Love You Tully!

  126. carma says:

    I love tully…she should have been one of the final two,too bad antonio let her go again,she seems to really love him

  127. Brittany says:

    I did not like tully through out the whole show. she seemed so fake and it really was horrible the way she did the girls.

  128. Ana says:

    Hi Tully,
    I will admitt at the beginning of the show I took you as a push over. However the more I watched, I could really see you had true and honest feelings for Antonio. I hope you get better and I wish you all the best.

  129. sharon says:

    I read brooks interview she was never there for him just for herself. He is still single honey find him and tell him how you feel about him and tell him how you felt when he kissed you and then walked away. I have been in love with the same person for 19 years and we never gave up no matter what happened so girl get up and go fight for your man he still loves you and everyone can see it and knows it including him.

  130. Krystal Garner says:

    TULLY!! Please don’t give up on Antonio! You are is true love, his only love! You two belong together. I cried so hard when he let you go. My husband and I could not believe he sent you home, after asking you to stay until the bitter end, and saying he loved you. I am still in shock. I am so glad that Brook has said that her and Antonio are no longer even talking on the phone, that they decided to see other people!! WOO-HOO!! I new that no matter who he picked, if it wasn’t Tully, then it was not going to work. You were so right, nobody was right for him, except you. You were the only one who could say you loved him and you were the only one there for the right reasons. Please give him a call, tell him you love him, tell him you wanna try to make things work. I wanna see you with the man you so deserve and he deserves to have a woman in his life as beautiful and loving as you. I will say this as well, I dont think his mother should hold all this anger towards you. Her son was not a child he was 20 yrs old and able to make his own choices. I like his mom, but I think she should let the past go and forgive you already. If she truely wants what is best for her son, then she would see that you are the best for him. You both have grown up, had children, and see things a little diffrent now. I know you are not sorry for marring her son, but maybe if you said you were sorry for how you married her son, and you wish you would have married antonio with her there, with you. I guess if you made her apart of her sons wedding day. Think about it this way, you would want to see your only sons wedding day, weither you agree with it or not. But we were not there, so we dont know everything. This was just a thought, from an outsider. Tully, I will close by saying this…. I love you dearly, I think you are so awsome, and Love only comes once in a life time! Don’t give up on him…keep fighting for him, show him you will always fight for him and his mother, to make things work! If there is an Antonio 2, then please, please, CRASH the set again!! Show him you are willing to keep fighting for him! Good luck to you and your son Max….hand in there chick! You are wonderful!! Stay sweet and Beautiful!! YOUR FRIEND/FAN ALWAYS, Krystal Garner!!

  131. ana says:

    Tully, you should be congratulated for being the only woman in the show who showed true vulnerability. Now that Brooke and Antonio are not together, do you think you and Antonio can have a real go at it again?

  132. MissDisappointed says:

    Tully, I have to admit, when you first came onto this show i was like you’ve got to be kidding me. I didn’t think they should have brought an ex on a show and that he needed to find love with a new woman, a new start on life. As the show moved forward, I began to see things your way, and before i knew it i was a Tully fan. To be honest, the only reason i watched the show week to week is bc i felt that you were going to win back his heart. On the episode that you were sent home a piece of my heart broke with yours. I sat in my bed, crying as if i were you being sent home from my true love on that boat. I think you are a truely amazing woman and i think he made a HUGE mistake. I didnt watch the finale at first, but just got online to watch bc i had to know who won. OMG, NOT BROOKIE…lol she drove me NUTS!!!! I hope you learned from this experience and you are blessed to find love again. And as for Antonio, you deserve what you got, things not working out with Brooke. I could have never been happier to hear that news. =)

  133. Irma Burgos says:

    Tully–You embody the hope of finding lost illusions and experience love again, perhaps love for the first time;a love that doesn’t recognize geographic distance or time. You made me go back to my early thirties, when I trully fell in love with the innocence of the spirit, even though I was a mother already and I resigned to true love. You proved to us that to fall in love is for the brave because you unveil your soul and offer your heart in alls its vulnerability. You infused courage in many of us, who have loved and have not being loved back…You reminded us that is not a returned love what matters but that you know you are capable of feeling and expressing love for another human being. I wish Antonio and you find the opportunity to be together and crystalize that love. You are an extraordinary human being: continue being an example of courage and honesty as a woman and a wonderful mother. Antonio, as you experienced it, love is not found around the corner…embrace it when you find it, especially the second time around. God bless you and help you find each other again.

  134. Team Tully says:

    Tully I love your choice of words especially the way you describe your love for antonio. I also like the fact that you are real and true to yourself. I believe you should be a motivational speaker for women across the world who have experienced mishaps on love, and life and how they can be healed again. There is hope you and antonio will be together I believe soon someday! Go For It Tully I stand with you and support you 100%

  135. lashcole says:

    Tully, I think you are a beautifhul woman and if its meant for you and antonio then it will be he nows that you are his true love thats why he couldnt make a decision right away between brooke amd miranda. i think he is afraid to deal with his feelings for you i love you and wish you the best

  136. bonnie says:

    Hello Tully,sorry you didnt win..our heart goes out to you. Find a new love. you know they are out there. you would not have been happy anyway with his mean mother around..she will always be in the picture when it comes to sonny boy…….. good luck

  137. Liz says:

    Tully. You were great on MY ANTONIO reality show. I think you were the best woman for him, and most defenitively, you were very classy. I admire you for your courage and sincerity. Its written all over your face. You were wonderful. I think the show would not have gotten its ratings if it wasn’t for you. By the way, Antonio will come back to you. You wait and see.He would be a fool if he didn’t know you were there for him 100%. As far as the rest of the girls, there were there to gain publicity. But you were there for him. Good luck to you, and hope you guys get back together. Love, Liz.

  138. TORRIE AZZANO says:


  139. betsy says:

    aww…i REALLY like her!! she grew on me and i think she got a raw deal. i ached to see the reactions of yvonne and some of the other contestants. it’s powerful, the way she made herself so vulnerable. i agree with the person who says she needs her own show, “for the love of tully” or something. she deserves a good quality man who will REALLY take good care of her.

    tully–maturity and grace and a little crazy like most of us are deep down!!

  140. Yasmine says:

    Great Idea! I agree with the comment below…Tully needs her own show. I didn’t care for her much in the beginning. But as the show went on I realized how much she cared about Antonio. I’m sure everyone can relate to her in some way. Maybe we wish we could have done something differently in a past relationship…mistakes we’ve made.
    We’ll I think to see her find love would be great. I would def. watch. : )) PS. no more real chance at love please.

  141. Sandy Blessing says:

    I couldnt believe that Antiono didnt pick Tully. From watching the show it looked like he would choose her. I was so disappointed…

  142. Carol says:

    Hi Tully,
    I could not beleive the outcome of the whole show!
    You deserve to be Loved by Antonio as much as you love
    him. He is a real sweatheart and seems like a very kind
    person. It seems though, that he has some
    commitment issues, or should I say Yvonne has the
    issues !!! I apologize, but she is a peice of work.
    She runs his whole life, I LOVE my son, more
    than life itself, but I wouldn’t think for one second
    of running his life, like she does.
    I admire you so very much, you were the best person on
    the show. I sincerely wish you good health, I was so
    upset about your injury. Especially because you were
    trying to help Christi. Did she even Thank You? Doubt it, Best Wishes for the future, and if you and Antonio
    were meant to be together , then you will be.

  143. KC says:

    I felt the entire show was a farce but I believe Tully was the most genuine. If Antonio was really searching for love he would have choosen people with traits he was truley intrested in.Many of the contestants were not his cup of tea and it was very,very clear and it made me view him in a new light to see him be phony with them. There were three he would have never looked at on the street much less talked to. I hope his next reality show to boost his career he will remain true but I won’t watch.

  144. devveni cervantes says:

    I wish Antonio would give you another chance.It really seems that, yall have grown and both have kids.Both of yalls life just might meld back into each other.

  145. mychelle says:

    i wanted to say from day one i was rooting for you. You and Antonio were both young when you were first together and like any relationship it’s hard when you have other’s interfering(his mom) and you both equally made mistakes. Who in any relationship can say they haven’t. But it takes a mature strong woman to come back how ever many years later and stand in front of other to fight for the love of your life. Tully many people who were watching were rooting for “true love”. Antonio is the one that needs to grow up and let go of the leash and follow his heart instead of his mommy’s apron. Just turn the true love to the one who will appreciate it.. Your son.. God Bless U

  146. Tara says:


    In the beginning, I can honestly say that your entrance was a bit threatening to the other girls; however my feeling is that the other girls should have been comfortable with themselves and look beyond being extremely “hateful” as you embarked on this type of venture. I believe in my heart that you were in fact the one for Antonio. There is such a thing as starting over or even attempting to face what was lost long ago. I applaud your effort in putting yourself out there so publicly that your heart was laid out on the line to be hurt.

    I believe that Yvonne truly means well; however she should try to understand that she’s done her part to raise her son and it’s “OK” for him to make a decision relative to his future without his mother or family members’ input. She obviously knows nothing about true love and how one can lose it and gain it once again with time. It really is possible.

    You are one tough cookie and with that said, the true “love” that you have and have had for Antonio was not prevalent in any of the other girls on the show. Their motive(s) were to acquire “air-time” and exposure or to literally meet someone that they could have as a token. Your motive was that you’ve grown to know how to be a better, more improved person and sometimes life is what makes it possible to grow. I believe that Antonio, should recognize that he’s done exactly the same thing, yet fails to recognize his faults as well.

    You continue to keep your head up and prosper in life with your son. I still believe that Antonio still does truly love you; however is terribly frightened to delve into a life with someone whom reminds him of past “no-no’s”. I say no problem because he will see that you’re the one sometime very soon, if not, now.

    Warm regards,


  147. lfHEARTlv says:

    Was on vacation the past two weeks…couldn’t see last two episodes until this week. Disappointed with his pick, the show, but watched anyway! Too bad Antonio has only one sister. He could’ve learned more about women by 20! Anyway, all the women were predictable. Yvonne was too, bless her heart. I thought the show entertaining and a momentary pass-time in lite of the “real-world”‘s headlines… Tully, I pray Antonio comes back to his senses; you apologize to Yvonne for your PAST judgments and mistakes (it’s only the right thing to do if you really are sincere about him); and wish you both a fantastic future whatever it may hold. I believe it includes both of you in eachothers life!

  148. rubie says:

    hello tully, Youre such a brave woman for me, going thru all the dramas, hardship , pains, just to win back antonio is not easy honestly. But Im so proud of you…… They say if you really love somebody set it free, If he comes back to you, hes yours. but if he does’nt,….It never meant to be. It touches me coz i experience the same predicament, somehow it truly makes you more stronger person. right? It is better to be in-loved and lost than to have nothing at all. May GOD bless you and your son always. and my Prayers will go on too. Take Care.

  149. Mara says:

    you are beautiful both inside and outside; maybe this was a blessing in disquise. You dont want a man that has his mom in your business 24/7 i do believe you will find the love of your life! .. stay strong sweetie!!

  150. Trish says:

    Tully, I had hoped you would make an entrance on the final show. I was very sad that Antonio could not see what so many of the viewers saw. You really showed your vulnerable side and love. You deserve to find so much happiness. I wish Antonio would change his mind, if not VH1 please give her a show! Good luck to you and your son.

  151. shannon says:

    Tully if you had a reality show finding love and antonio would come on would you leave with him?

  152. tullyNeedsHerOwnShow says:

    Tully is a true woman who speaks from the heart. VH1 needs to give her a show. I love watching reality shows but about all of the relationship never last because they are kept apart from each other. Tully keep on doing what your doing.

  153. Rose says:

    I’d love to see some type of reality show starring Tully and Miranda. They are both down to earth, but different enough to keep things REALLY INTERESTING. Try a feel good show for a change. I turned the channel every time I saw Yvonne on MY ANTONIO. Too damn negative for me. Tully and Miranda could keep it MATURE, and still ENTERTAIN the hell out of people.

  154. eunice garza says:

    tully u are the best for antonio and vh1 tully needs to find love give her a show please

  155. lovely says:

    I was so surprised when you left, I did not want you to go… I balled my eyes out. That first true love is always around and it does not get lost!! I thought you guys were going to be perfect together because you guys have that love for each other and you both have children. You guys could have made a big happy faimly. You were not all about the glitter and gold. You were truely genuine!! Love it.. Keep loving stong, you will find someone, we all do!!!

  156. Laurajo says:

    Tully is bat monkey crazy.

  157. Beth in Richmond Va says:

    Tully, you won me over…at first I thought you were put there for ratings and didn’t believe you at all. Your love for Antonio was so real and by the end, I wanted the two of you to be together more then anything. When he let you go, I cried like an idiot!!! I hope the two of you will find a way to make things work in the future. I wish you nothing but happiness and you are a wonderful person!!! Wherever life takes you, I hope loves comes too! Good luck!!!

  158. Chrisy says:

    I really wish there was a reunion show that shows where everyone is now! I was pulling for Tully the whole time. I saw the love in her eyes for Antonio. I also was impressed by how she went out. Very classy!!!

  159. Kathy says:

    Tully, He will be back! I wouldn’t give his mother the time of day. She is beautiful but posessive of her son. He is a mama’s boy! A hot mama’s boy though. Just remember you will always have his heart no matter how long.

  160. demi says:

    hey Tully my name is Demi i just wanted to say i think you
    should have won oh and how is your son?

  161. Grateful says:

    I don’t think ANYONE would have a good opinion of Tully if they knew her true background. Someone actually did mention something about her history. She actually was involved many years with an “Antonio look alike” who couldn’t deal with her antics either and broke up with her several times, generally taking her back because it was easier. When he passed away, she married his twin brother and then dumped him to go on the show. If you have a high regard for anyone like that, you need your head examined. She’s not a good person.

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