Tool Academy 2 Recap – Episode 8 – Eighth Time’s A Charm



And what a charm he is!

To that point, there was this:


This started when Stew stated that he didn’t understand how Charm remained in the competition. Charm, in turn said, “I don’t understand how you so ugly!” This is a hideous thing to say, but Charm is probably allowed it since, as he told us in Episode 2


“This is all money right here. This is money. Money in the bank right there.” Where beauty is concerned, Charm’s obviously an expert.

Anyway, in response, Stew threw some stuff and things got so heated that he and Charm had to be forcibly separated.


All’s well that ends without breaking the facial bank, right?

This week’s therapy session was all about romance. And what’s more romantic than masks attached to sticks?


A lot of things, according to Amanda’s expression.

Anyway, this was the couples’ opportunity to discuss their sex lives and any problems they may have with them (the masks were to hide behind if it got too difficult).


Amanda said she wants to have sex with Stew all the time, but he revealed that he is reluctant to do so, since they live with her parents. Also, sometimes it takes Amanda too long to get off. Amanda wondered if they should be using condoms to help slow Stew down. No, they should be using condoms because if you can’t afford to move out of your parents’ house, you PROBABLY CAN’T AFFORD TO ADEQUATELY PROVIDE FOR THE CHILD THAT YOU’RE A SLIP OF THE HIP AWAY FROM MAKING.

(Those caps should be read in the style of Judge Judy.)


Nicole likes role playing, specifically scenarios involving physical examinations, but T Shaw thinks it’s weird to eroticize the old, “Turn your head and cough.” Fair enough! During their talk, T Shaw realized that he’s never been particularly romantic with her and he broke down…


He used the mask to hide behind, which seemed particularly ridiculous given that T Shaw has never seemed to have a problem with weeping openly.


Tyler takes a hit-it-and-quit-it approach to sex — he’s not too into foreplay or cuddling afterward.


According to Charm, everything is all good with his and Andrea’s sex life. She feels like she doesn’t get enough attention and that romance is about being “like, sensual.” Charm, however is on a “tight schedule,” what with his modeling career and all. Trina pointed out that he had plenty of time to bang other girls. Oooh! Burn. Haha. Trina’s rad.

And then, it was the annual Tool Academy tattoo-getting mistakey thing.


There’s probably nothing like unzipping a dude’s pants to find the words “Tool Academy” tattooed above his pubic hair. If I saw that, I’d expect to find a whole classroom of penises below. Intimidating and pointed to say the least.


Anyway, more tattoos:



Once T Shaw revealed his to Nicole, she hilariously called it “gross.”


I love the tattoos’ underlying suggestion that toolishness is forever. I think Nicole hates the tattoo for the same reason.

This week’s challenge was a camping one that required the couples to put up a tent, and then visit three different supply stations (a fire station, a water station and a comfort station). Whichever team got back to their tent and got their fire going first would win. Highlights (or lowlights or just…lights) of the challenge included an encounter with a cow…


…Amanda breaking down from fatigue and Stew being entirely unsympathetic in response…


(He actually told her that her windedness from jogging shows that she needs to exercise. And then a hammer, a screwdriver and table saw fell out of his mouth.)

…and Charm being completely unable to assemble a tent.


In the end, Mike and Shea won and were treated to a “four-star” camping package that included steak, champagne and massage oil.


Second-place winners Stew and Amanda shared the three-star prize of white wine…


…which Amanda claimed not to like, but had a fine time stumbling around as a result of.

T-Shaw and Nicole got the two-star prize of beer and hot dogs…


…and Nicole didn’t even pretend not to enjoy those.

And finally, Charm and Andrea got some punch.


And in addition to the challenge, Charm struck out in the sack, too.


In the end, it came down to Stew and Charm.


Stew and Amanda couldn’t stop fighting even during romance week, while Charm disregards romance and gave up on the challenge. When Jordan told Charm the words that we knew all along (“I’m sorry, you’re just a tool”), instead of hanging up his coat, Charm dropped it on the floor and stormed out, thus underlining Jordan’s weekly point.


Never being one to pass up the opportunity of handing a tool his ass, Jordan then threw the coat out after Charm…


And then, Charm returned to the room to tell everyone what he thought of them:


I would reiterate, but really, do you care?

Outside, Charm promised Andrea that he’s going to change.


He was heckled by the guys from the balcony…


…and told Stew, whom he seemed to have the biggest problem with, “When I see you out in the real world…out in the streets, you gonna get f***ed up.” Very, very smart to commit that threat of physical violence on tape.

Amanda summed up the general attitude of the group nicely:


In the car, Andrea told Charm to calm down because, “You’re making me look stupid.”


Frankly, it’s not the first time. In fact, that seems to be what Charm does best.

(Although, to be fair, I haven’t seen any of his modeling, so I guess I can’t say for sure what he does best.)

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  1. Double L says:

    Why did the producers allow someone who has mental %*+(&$&_%)`&+#!$~% ation on the show (Charm)?

  2. unknown says:

    Charm Charm Charm you play a good game now it’s time for your ninja turtle _!%_(*%(#*`*(`~ to leave Dre P should of stayed and charm should of been gone way back and the first pic reminds me of Mr.Boston.

  3. B says:

    Do any of these guys honestly deserve to win? I think the least toolish of the three remaining guys is T-Shaw (ugh, what a name). Stew has explicitly stated that he’s just there for the money and I hope he’s sent home next. Tattooed Tool just got busted for being a drunken mess, so if he won, he surely didn’t take the lessons to heart and was just in it for the money as well. So good luck to the least toolish tool, T-Shaw.

  4. Tev says:

    50 bucks says Stew goes home next.

    Oh, and Rich, you called Tyler “Mike” at one point.

  5. Jo says:

    Wait, when did Tyler get busted for drunkenness? And how is just being drunk toolish?

  6. Raci says:

    “In the end, Mike and Shea won and were treated to a “four-star” camping package that included steak, champagne and massage oil.”


  7. chris says:

    this is a perfect example of T.N.B ( typical ^()&^~)*#(++(%@&&~ behavior )

  8. chris says:

    this is a perfect example of T.N.B ( typical #$+^)*+_*$@*(`&+^+ behavior )

  9. chris says:

    this is a perfect example of T.N.B ( typical nig**r behavior )

  10. ashamed says:

    There are so few black men on television and even fewer interracial relationships. Charm violenetly attacked a man who hadn’t even threatened him. Charm choked out a man who wasn’t even facing him. Charm took yet another step backwards for black men everywhere. Another sterotypical image of a black man being violent. Charm, you are a disgrace. You should be ashamed. Every image of a black man trying to kill someone for no reason, every image of a black man suddenly violently attacking and trying to kill someone just gives ammunition to racists. It also teaches children watching the show how to think, that you are not safe and should not be hired, should not be allowed to date their sister etc. There are people out there who have do not know any black men, and their only image is of YOU violently, suddenly, unpredictably, and without any reason attacking an innocent man, severely injuring him and trying to kill him. You bred fear and hate with your actions. You proved that you are unsafe to be around and that you’re a criminal. Watch, next year there will be no black men on this show, BECAUSE OF YOU CHARM, and because of your violent, criminal actions.

  11. Amy says:

    it’s about Time Charm FINALLY went home now okay we all know it should have happened a long time ago but you know what at least she did it now you know he oozed fakeness and not only that he virtually tried to choke poor Stew What man does that? it’s obvious Andrea he’s not into her he’s just a self-absorbed fool. It’s a shame that limo just didn’t take off without him vh1 could have had an awesome moment on there hands you know a guy in defeat oh well. I found the fact that Amanda and Stew don’t use protection disturbing and I Think Trina did too I mean they are 22 be responsible if you know your not ready to have children the pulling out method never works out didn’t they have sex education classes? lol I have a feeling the next episode with the parents will be really intersting I have a feeling that the biggest problem would be T Shaw and Stew Tyler I think will be okay just as long as he steers clear of acting like an idiot in public and yeah those tattoos do look corny i Mean who wants a tool thing on them?

  12. Josh says:

    People need to remember that Charm represents himself and not all black men. I love how people constantly say that whenever a black person does something wrong it is a representation of the entire race. Um, no, it is simply a reflection of the individual engaged in the behavior. It is quite fascinating that no one makes these claims when a white person engages in deplorable behavior.

  13. mdrs says:

    yay! the douchebag is gone! andrea is stupid for putting up with him. i can’t believe he stayed on as long as he did, had to be for ratings! caution ladies, this douche is going to be on the prowl with an even larger ego and an ugly _`*_+`!*%~@))!_ tat trying to spread nasty diseases

  14. mdrs says:

    yay! the douchebag is gone! andrea is stupid for putting up with him. i can’t believe he stayed on as long as he did, had to be for ratings! caution ladies, this douche is going to be on the prowl with an even larger ego and an ugly #!$(_`*)(&%)+$@ tat trying to spread nasty diseases

  15. cassie says:

    I couldnt stand Charm he was a show boat, didn’t give a crap about Andrea and it was sad. If he really cared for her he would of ignored the other guys and worried about getting in the car. I really wish she would have drove off with out him. Tyler and Shea are my favorite I really hope they WIN!!!

  16. Michelle says:

    OMG!!! haha, i met Charm the other night, and he asked me and my Gilrlfriend if we wanted to have a threesome… no lie..

  17. lilmama says:

    andrea is soo stupid she should of left charms %_%&`#+%*&#`_`( behind eghhh charm just irratates the crap out of me

  18. lilmama says:

    andrea is soo stupid she should of left charms +~+~(@“**^(*#* behind eghhh charm just irratates the crap out of me

  19. Michelle says:

    “This face is money”? Bless his heart, the boy must not realize he looks like a blowfish.

  20. Michelle says:

    “This face is money”? Bless his heart, the boy must not realize how much he looks like a blowfish.

  21. shannon says:

    amanda and will never make it all he wants is money

  22. Davon says:

    Stupid $)))(%%~+_&%#^*@ ing ~+$*$`#&)+&%)_+#@! he shouldhnt have been there in the first place. The white people should have hung an burned his black $%@(_)_+~#~_&+` I $)))(%%~+_&%#^*@ ing Hate Black People Cuz all of them act just like this ~+$*$`#&)+&%)_+#@! here. $)))(%%~+_&%#^*@ ing Blacks.

  23. sara says:

    chris, you’re a racist douchebag. most of the guys on this show are white, and they are just as stupid as charm…does it make their behavior t.c.b (typical cracker behavior)? you’re making blanket generalizations, and when you do that, you only look ignorant. charm’s race isn’t what makes him a tool, it’s his attitude. and, from the one you’re displaying on here, you must be a tool as well.

  24. Brad says:

    You think Charm is an idiot on TV? Try living with the guy in real life. He was a roommate of mine until his sorry a$$ got kicked-out for bein’ a douchebag. He used to DVR this show sayin how he was tryin to get on the show, etc. He is the perfect tool for this show – total f%$&in douchebag.

  25. yur mom says:

    $@+%(&%`+@+(`!`& you guys Charm is a tool on TV? Try living with the guy – he was my roommate within the last year until his a$$ got kicked-out. His girl is right – he had plenty of time to bang other chicks and did so often. Charm is the perfect candidate for Tool Academy – whether on TV or in real life Charm is a complete ^)`(~%#$!&#%#`*) in tool.

  26. charlee says:

    Tyler and shay better win! Tyler is a changed man and is very very sexy. and Shay is so cute. they are a good couple!!!!!!!!

  27. relentlessprincess says:


    Andrea, you screwed up and stayed with him.

    He needs help… a brain transplant.

  28. Revoluchen says:

    Andrea’s thick, I’d hit

  29. Somebody says:

    I know someone who smashed Andrea recently, she lost a lot of weight too but that dude Charm is a nobody.

  30. Sombody Important says:

    One of my friends just recently smashed this chick, she’s kinda out there but that dude Charm is a nobody.

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