Tool Academy 2‘s Tyler Busted



Over the weekend, TMZ reported that Tyler Synon of Tool Academy 2 was arrested after a scuffle in an Arizona bar, which ended with him being thrown out and retaliating on a wall and a sign, damaging both when he hit them. The funny thing about this story (or, really, its coverage) is that the police were able to detect that they were in the midst of a reality star via the tattoo of the show’s logo he had on his leg (thus giving TMZ a reason to report it). It was this week’s episode, coincidentally, that Tyler received that tattoo:


And, as you can see from the screen shot of the premiere at the top of this post, his nickname is “Tat-Tool.” Those are some prescient producers right there.

Anyway, the good (“good”) news is that Tyler’s back on the streets and ready to shine more toolishness on the world. He told TMZ:

“I just got out of jail, I don’t like the feeling, the tool is out of his cage and back on the prowl. I’m glad to be out it was a stupid reason, hitting the sign! There were 5 guards trying to hold me down but I’m a beast, they tried to tackle me, I tried to get them off of me.”

Now we can breathe a collective sigh of relief. [TMZ]

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