Daisy De La Hoya Celebrates Her Birthday In Chicago



Daisy de la Hoya celebrated her birthday in Chicago on Oct. 22, 2009. VH1 Blog’s correspondent Cindy Barrymore (responsible for the pictures of Daisy of Love contestant Sinister dancing on stage with Hammmer) was on hand to snap some shots and fill us in on the scene. Below is her account.

The night was much hyped as a birthday celebration for VH1’s Daisy of Love goddess, realty TV star Daisy de la Hoya. The venue in question was Enclave, a nightclub sporting a warehouse-like facade nestled in Chicago’s trendy River North district. There are some sources that say Daisy turned either 26 or 33 on October 21, 2009. What’s known for sure is that she hit Enclave for a paid appearance the day after…

Doors initially opened at 10 PM to host a private hour-long cocktail reception, for which she was absent. To honor the permanently tattooed sexpot, the folks at Enclave hired Mario INK’s to brand guests with temporary tattoos.


Mostly, women partook, getting breasts, bare backs, arms and whole legs slathered with colorful body paint meticulously outlined in Sharpie, while the guys ogled the mysterious, scantily clad silhouette who wearing stiletto heels danced salaciously behind a hot-pink spotlighted scrim.


The testosterone concentrated there until dancing girls “Madam Valerie” and “Jenny” took to their pedestals gyrating in full view.

Although the party didn’t start jumping until 11:30, it’s hard to tell just how much of a draw Daisy was since she slipped in rather surreptitiously without raising the crowd’s attention. For much of the evening, I watched her from afar along with the rest of the club, feeling like a mouse scouring the maze in pursuit of that untouchable wedge of cheese. She remained huddled in a cordoned-off section of the club surrounded by a small group of handlers and bodyguards who refused to let patrons casually snap her picture. The “highlight” of the evening was watching her drink (presumably from a bottle of Veuve Clicquot chilling in its namesake ice bucket), check her cell phone or take long drags from a cigarette, her eyes closed as if savoring the taste.

At first, I thought club management was holding off on letting folks take photos of her until she got settled in; but after waiting nearly half an hour, I grew impatient, so I broke off a couple frames of her posing for pictures with those whose table was reserved next to hers—go figure.

In response to my flash, the main gatekeeper, a stout but imposing figure, drew his hand across his neck, signaling me to “cut,” so I did what any self-respecting journalist would do: I pouted and stamped my foot…

I then went to complain to the security guard stationed at the door. Fortunately, someone from her clique noticed my disgruntlement and figuring it was for good reason—and probably because I had a professional camera slung across my shoulder—followed me to ask what my beef was. When I told him that I had permission from the club’s publicist to photo Daisy and hadn’t crashed the party to pose as her voyeur, he let me into her circle.

Still, the hype belied the actual evening because Daisy took to center stage only once. Standing in front of the DJ booth a few feet from her table, she didn’t really speak but allowed the crowd to witness her blow out a few sparkles and to dig her fingers into a multilayered cake that she later ignored. She left at approximately 1:45 AM, clearing out the club, which closed at 2. Some patrons followed her as she and her entourage made their way to Spy Bar about a half-block down. By then, I was cast from her circle and again relegated to watching her whoop it up since Enclave management, not wanting to promote her appearance at a rival club, refused to let me and other “regular” patrons take her picture.

- Cindy Barrymore

Check out more shots of Daisy and the bash below, and hit up Cindy on Facebook.

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