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This news has been around for a while, but a few comments on yesterday’s post about Daisy de la Hoya‘s recent birthday celebration reminded us of the unsettled resolution of Daisy of Love. So get ready for it, because this stuff is so resolved, it’s like upholstery.

In a MySpace blog post that was deleted and then re-posted, Daisy gives the rundown on her status with London. She says she fell in love with him on the first day of filming, and after the show wrapped, she had high hopes that “we could have been the first ‘real’ couple to actually be in love off of one of these shows.” It all went well…until Daisy found out that London had gotten a girl pregnant recently enough that it was still an issue. Writes Daisy: “He insisted that he was in love, that I was his perfect girl, he would do anything to make it work, that it was all a mistake. And That He was Going To ‘fix’ it. Well Because he’s a broke ass artist he couldn’t ‘fix’ it… then he tells me she had a miscarriage… then he told me she was giving it up for adoption.. the lies just went on and on… But still I stood by hes side…”

(If you couldn’t tell, by the way, these excerpts are unaltered to preserve the authenticity of Daisy’s message.)

Anyway, as of late September, she had resolved to no longer stand by hes side. In conclusion, Daisy wrote:

“The lies and pain are just too much!! He is not truthful and loyal to his words.. and has done NOTHING BUT LIE AND USE ME FOR FAME, JUST TO GAIN SUCCESS FOR HIS BAND!!! Anyone willing to take advantage of someone’s hart(and yes this is how I spell hart!!) in such away is A complete looser!!

Some of you might think.. well duh thats what you get you should of choose ‘Flex’. But I say, I went with what I wanted, and this was a show based on me finding love. And I did. It just wasn’t the right kind of love.”

So there you have it — another Celebreality romance down the drain. At least this one lasted longer than the time it took to shoot the show. That’s something, right?

[Read the full, very long account at Daisy’s MySpace blog.]

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