Three Men and a Baby: 10 Reasons Why It’s A Great Movie


The highest grossing movie of 1987, Three Men and a Baby is definitely a film of it’s time and place in history. I’ve picked ten moments that make this comedy starring Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg, worth watching again. It’s airing on VH1 over the next couple of days (check your local listings), so watch, and tell us if this film has stood the test of time.

10) The Party Scene


Any movie with a great party scene is already one to watch. This is where characters live it up, let themselves go, sometimes in triumph, sometimes to the tune of lives ruined (think Weird Science, Say Anything, Married to the Mob etc.). It conveys a sense of ’80s fabulosity perfectly.

9) Exercise As An Excuse to Mack


When folks started donning ridiculously short shorts and running the streets, many were convinced jogging was a fad that would go away. Much like practicioners of the also-maligned fitness craze aerobics (see Perfect starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis), at their origins joggers were trendy, upwardly mobile, and promiscuous.

8 ) The Fashion (The Hair Goes Without Saying)


’80s fashion is back, and if you need a style guide before you hit the shops, watch this film. The woman in the above image sports an animal-print jumpsuit, and emerges from the bedroom and says, “I think Jack stole my hair mousse.” Plus, check out the footwear:


7) It’s Directed by Leonard Nimoy


Ok, is there anyone in Hollywood who has a cooler legacy than that token Vulcan Mr. Spock? Growing up, I thought he was the smartest man in the universe. Years after he left that role, he still had that other-worldly vibe, like we still didn’t really believe he’s just human.

6) The Diaper Changing Scene


There’s nothing better than seeing the mighty brought to their knees by something as innocuous as baby poo. I’ve seen grown men almost go into epileptic fits of disgust when faced with a dirty diaper. If you enjoy watching these types of total overreactions to things that really aren’t that bad, you’ll laugh as much as I did at this scene.

5) Ted Danson


He’s so tall, so desirable, so charming, or so we were told?? I never understood his appeal before, but he’s starring in two, yes two, series on HBO right now, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Bored to Death,” and now I feel the star power. He’s kind of a regular guy who decided to go glamorous, and it totally works.

4) The Baby


Years ago I had a boyfriend who thought it was clever to say, “Did you know that when you see a baby, your pupils dilate?” When you see this baby, your pupils become like black holes whose gravity attracts only cuteness.

3) Obligatory Music Video Sequence


Set to the Peter Cetera song “Daddy’s Girl,” see charming men clown and play frisbee, and watch women flock around baby Mary like she’s the last hope for all of mankind from “Children of Men.” This is where the “baby-as-chick-magnet” myth originated.

2) Three Men Singing


This scene of Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg serenading baby Mary with “Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight” will convince you that the perfect American family should consist of one child and three daddies.

1) The Ghost Kid


Speculation over the story behind the “ghost kid,” who appears to lurk in the background of a scene about an hour into the movie, is all over the internets. Although you can watch it over and over again on YouTube, it’s still inexplicably fun to catch the scene when it happens. Easily entertained no doubt.

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